10:01 <ochosi> #startmeeting
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10:01 <ochosi> hi everyone, just to know for sure, who's around?
10:01 <knome> o/
10:01 <slickymasterWork> o/
10:01 <bluesabre> \o
10:01 <elfy> o/
10:02 <ochosi> ok, just a small disclaimer, i'm still learning all this bot-business ;)
10:03 <ochosi> let's start with what's left from last time and update those items
10:04 <ochosi> knome: you had quite a few action-items from last time, want me to name them all or just wanna update them now?
10:04 <knome> all are done
10:05 <ochosi> i also ran the call for technical lead, so i guess the only open issue left is systemd ETA
10:07 <ochosi> #topic Open action items
10:09 <elfy> I hate driving the bot too ochosi ;)
10:09 <ochosi> #action Team: When is systemd landing?
10:09 * meetingology Team: When is systemd landing?
10:09 <ochosi> any news on that?
10:09 <Unit193> ochosi: Define "landing"
10:09 <ochosi> elfy: sorry, i should've prepared better
10:09 <ochosi> Unit193: well, i guess there are two interesting aspects
10:10 <elfy> ochosi: now worries - just letting you know I'd not be doing any differently :)
10:10 <elfy> s/no
10:10 <ochosi> 1) when will utopic have a functioning systemd stack that we can test/use
10:10 <ochosi> 2) will utopic already fully switch to systemd
10:10 <elfy> 1 - now
10:10 <ochosi> elfy: please #info ;)
10:10 <Unit193> ochosi: 1. It's in repo and usable.  2. It's not without quirks.  3. Not all service files are there, a couple ubuntu things only have upstart jobs.  4. Might not be default this cycle.
10:11 <ochosi> meh, #info folks :)
10:11 <elfy> :p
10:11 <elfy> #info systemd is in repo and usable - with quirks
10:12 <elfy> #info not all service files are there
10:12 <Unit193> I can name modemmanager and whoopsie.
10:12 <elfy> #info no concrete idea of when it will be default
10:12 <brainwash> but how does this affect xubuntu-desktop?
10:13 <ochosi> i'm not entirely sure
10:13 <ochosi> from what i remember, upstart user-sessions can still be run
10:13 <ochosi> not sure what happens to e.g. the indicators
10:13 <ochosi> brainwash: wanna investigate that?
10:13 <Unit193> user sessions are still upstart.
10:13 <brainwash> isn't it too early?
10:13 <ochosi> (or: does someone else know)
10:14 <ochosi> brainwash: why would it be too early?
10:14 <ochosi> the full stack is there and usable
10:14 <brainwash> I mean the upstart user session
10:14 <brainwash> if it will stay or go
10:15 <elfy> quote from pitti's blog "To clarify, there is nofixed date/plan/deadline when this will be done, in particular it might well last more than one release cycle. So we’ll “release” (i. e. switch to it as a default) when it’s read"
10:15 <ochosi> ok
10:15 <ochosi> that can obviously happen any cycle then
10:15 <ochosi> guess we need to follow the status of systemd in unity
10:15 <Unit193> There's two blueprints to follow on that.
10:15 <elfy> seems so
10:16 <ochosi> we could link those to one of our blueprints
10:16 <ochosi> just to keep them on the radar
10:16 <elfy> that makes sense
10:16 <ochosi> elfy: blueprint-master, wanna #action that? :)
10:17 <elfy> if you like :)
10:17 <Unit193> There's info on trello.
10:17 <elfy> Unit193: yep - thanks :)
10:17 <ochosi> #action elfy will link the systemd-related blueprints to xubuntu's blueprint to keep development on the radar
10:17 * meetingology elfy will link the systemd-related blueprints to xubuntu's blueprint to keep development on the radar
10:17 <elfy> ochosi: which xubuntu blueprint :)
10:18 <elfy> we're missing a dev one ?
10:18 <ochosi> elfy: wait, i thought *you* are the master of blueprints? ;)
10:18 <elfy> oh no ;)
10:18 <elfy> I just built them for you :p
10:18 <ochosi> hehe
10:19 <ochosi> i think we oughta link it to the features blueprint
10:19 <ochosi> there wasn't a separate development blueprint in the 14.04 cycle, iirc
10:19 <elfy> ok :)
10:19 <elfy> yea - just looked at 14.04
10:19 <ochosi> righty, so let's wrap this part up
10:19 <ochosi> or are there any more things wrt systemd?
10:20 <ochosi> #Team updates
10:20 <ochosi> are there any team updates?
10:20 <elfy> not from me
10:20 <ochosi> neither from me :)
10:20 <slickymasterWork> neither from me
10:20 <ochosi> s/neither/nor/
10:21 <bluesabre> #info: menulibre 2.0.4 in unstable and utopic, will sru back into trusty next week
10:21 <ochosi> cool
10:21 <bluesabre> fixes a bunch of knome's bugs
10:21 <knome> #info knome has a CSS update pending on IS/pleia2
10:21 <bluesabre> and the menu corruption
10:22 <ochosi> bluesabre: do you know whether our 1.8.5 greeter is synced to utopic already? (was in debian 9 days ago)
10:22 <knome> that is, my part is done
10:23 <ochosi> hm, doesn't seem like it is in utopic already
10:23 <bluesabre> doesn't seem like it
10:23 <bluesabre> I'll see whats holding it up
10:23 <bluesabre> probably stuck in m-o-m
10:24 <ochosi> #action bluesabre to follow up debian-sync of lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.8.5 to utopic, then SRU back to trusty
10:24 * meetingology bluesabre to follow up debian-sync of lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.8.5 to utopic, then SRU back to trusty
10:24 <ochosi> any other team updates?
10:24 <elfy> ochosi: you can mark my action item as done :p
10:25 <ochosi> elfy: i guess you can do that yourself :) thanks!
10:25 <ochosi> if only all action items would be done so quickly ;)
10:25 <ochosi> (i guess we just need to assign them all to elfy)
10:25 <ochosi> ok, carrying on
10:25 <bluesabre> # action bluesabre to SRU menulibre-2.0.4 back to trusty
10:25 <bluesabre> #action bluesabre to SRU menulibre-2.0.4 back to trusty
10:25 * meetingology bluesabre to SRU menulibre-2.0.4 back to trusty
10:26 <ochosi> ah, more items bluesabre?
10:26 <bluesabre> just attaching to my #info from before
10:26 <elfy> #info features blueprint has links to systemd blueprints
10:26 <bluesabre> I'm done
10:26 <ochosi> ok, ty
10:26 <ochosi> #topic Announcements
10:27 <ochosi> #info ochosi ran a call for Xubuntu technical lead on the mailinglist, there'll be a vote on the nominees in approximately two weeks at a meeting
10:27 <ochosi> any other announcements or shall we start the discussions?
10:28 <knome> #info knome handed ochosi over they keys to LP teams
10:29 <ochosi> ok, anything else?
10:29 <knome> no that i can think of
10:29 <elfy> not from here
10:29 <bluesabre> nope
10:29 <ochosi> #topic Discussion
10:30 <ochosi> #subtopic Create a testing PPA common to -team
10:30 <knome> ftr, i should probably be under -dev
10:30 <knome> *it
10:30 <ochosi> we've already started using the xubuntu-dev PPA for testing
10:30 <slickymasterWork> +1 on that knome
10:31 <ochosi> but i was wondering whether it would be helpful or too much if we had one PPA per release
10:31 <knome> especially now that -team has the other privileges right (no access to LP team admin)
10:31 <ochosi> e.g. trusty-staging (for stuff we want to SRU)
10:31 <ochosi> or utopic-staging (for stuff that we want to get uploaded)
10:31 <knome> one per purpose sounds good to me
10:31 <ochosi> elfy: ^ ?
10:31 <elfy> logically that sounds right
10:31 <slickymasterWork> it does makes sense
10:32 <knome> unless it's a lot of work
10:32 <elfy> that ^^
10:32 <knome> (it isn't)
10:32 <ochosi> bluesabre: what do you think?
10:32 <elfy> I'm happy to go with the flow on this
10:32 <bluesabre> we'll just need micahg to create the PPAs, then members of xubuntu-dev can push packages to it
10:32 <ochosi> knome: so one per purpose = xubuntu-staging (holding the bugfixes for all releases)
10:32 <knome> ochosi, probably better to do it per release/purpose
10:33 <knome> ochosi, as you already kind of proposed...
10:33 <ochosi> yup, just wanted to make sure
10:33 <elfy> just one thought here
10:33 <bluesabre> team members can also contribute packages and simon and I can sponsor them
10:33 <knome> bluesabre, i'd argue ~xubuntu-project-lead should own ~xubuntu-dev
10:33 <ochosi> we can also do an additional PPA with new applications we're considering to include
10:33 <elfy> if we've got a trusty one I assume that stuff that's been dealt with will be removed once it's released properly?
10:33 <ochosi> (only if they aren't in the repos, obviously)
10:34 <ochosi> elfy: yeah
10:34 <ochosi> same goes for any other release
10:34 <bluesabre> knome: that would be a good, sustainable idea
10:34 <knome> elfy, or just get obsolete (newer version number in archive)
10:34 <ochosi> if stuff to utopic has been uploaded, it'll be removed
10:34 <elfy> ok
10:34 <ochosi> is "-staging" a clear enough suffix?
10:34 <ochosi> any other ideas?
10:35 <knome> for SRU's, it can be trusty-sru(-staging)
10:35 <ochosi> well, the question is will we really have so many packages that it justifies having a separate SRU PPA
10:35 <knome> as long as the name is communicated to the QA team, it's ok :P
10:35 <knome> wlel,
10:35 <knome> *well
10:36 <bluesabre> trusty-proposed, utopic-proposed?
10:36 <knome> i think it would be a good idea to have that, because then person X could install trusty and the -sru PPA
10:36 <bluesabre> (following in step with upstream)
10:36 <knome> and see if there are still high-impact bugs that need fixing
10:36 <knome> mixing -proposed there might be just confusing
10:36 <elfy> bluesabre: I'd rather not give people any chance of accidentally enabling standard proposed
10:36 <knome> "i have the -proposed archive enabled"
10:36 <knome> "which?"
10:36 <bluesabre> ah
10:37 <bluesabre> fair points
10:37 <ochosi> mhm, i agree, proposed is probably confusing
10:37 <ochosi> we can also call it -bugfix
10:37 <elfy> staging works for me
10:37 <knome> that's ambiguous ;)
10:37 <knome> either -staging or -sru or -sru-staging
10:37 <knome> but see my point for a separate SRU PPA
10:37 <elfy> knome: +1 to that and the thinking
10:38 <ochosi> sure, i agree it *might* be useful, but that's mostly interesting for trusty
10:38 <ochosi> as it is LTS, we might want to SRU more to it
10:38 <knome> sure, we could have -sru PPAs for LTS releases only or so
10:39 <ochosi> ok, so let's create a trusty-staging, utopic-staging and trusty-SRU ppa?
10:39 <elfy> yep
10:39 <bluesabre> question
10:39 <ochosi> packages that have been tested from trusty-staging can be moved to trusty-SRU
10:39 <ochosi> bluesabre: shoot
10:39 <bluesabre> ok
10:39 <knome> ...i'd probably make that trusty-sru-staging
10:39 <bluesabre> that answered it
10:39 <ochosi> ok :)
10:39 <knome> though not every update is SRU
10:39 <bluesabre> maybe trusty-updates?
10:40 <knome> updates is a used name as well
10:40 <ochosi> humm, again with the confusion :)
10:40 <knome> so yeah, using -staging everywhere is a good idea
10:40 <ochosi> ok, let's wrap this up, we have a few more things to discuss
10:41 <ochosi> knome: can i create those PPAs with my current LP rights or does micahg have to set them up?
10:41 <knome> i don't know
10:41 <knome> i never was involved with the -dev team
10:41 <bluesabre> only admins can create PPAs
10:41 <knome> but again, i'd argue ~xubuntu-project-lead should own ~xubuntu-dev
10:41 <ochosi> #action ochosi to investigate and set up trusty-staging and utopic-staging PPAs
10:41 * meetingology ochosi to investigate and set up trusty-staging and utopic-staging PPAs
10:41 <knome> tech lead can be an admin
10:42 <knome> xpl necessarily doesn't need to be
10:42 <ochosi> let's discuss the -sru PPA again when it becomes necessary?
10:42 <ochosi> or shall we just create it as well for trusty only
10:42 <knome> yep
10:42 <knome> let's discuss it when we need it and when micah is around
10:42 <ochosi> ok
10:43 <knome> since he's the owner/admin
10:43 <ochosi> #info A PPA specifically SRUs shall be discussed with micahg
10:43 <ochosi> elfy: i guess next up we could either talk trello or ML proposal by knome, any preference from your side?
10:44 <knome> not from me
10:44 <elfy> well - not much to say about trello tbh - it's all been said previously :)
10:45 <ochosi> elfy: ok, so the idea is to use trello *additionally* to blueprints?
10:45 <elfy> for detail when it's necessary for other's to know that detail
10:45 <knome> ochosi, want to #topic?
10:46 <ochosi> #subtopic Use Trello
10:46 <knome> to me it looks like trello boards can be useful for subteams
10:46 <knome> eg. the qa team/people can cooperate via those
10:46 <ochosi> elfy: so we would link the trello pages in blueprints?
10:46 <ochosi> or how would that work
10:47 <elfy> ochosi: I guess that would work
10:47 <elfy> but if some do and some don't then it's pretty much a dead end
10:47 <ochosi> yeah
10:47 <ochosi> as you can see from this scenario, it might lead to a slightly increased administrational overhead if we use 2 systems :)
10:47 <elfy> and if sub-teams do - there's not really any cohesiveness
10:48 <ochosi> but if the gain justifies it, it's ok
10:48 <elfy> I'd say
10:48 <elfy> if we do it then - we'd be better to have a 'team' board - at least then people can see the whole picture
10:49 <elfy> subteams if they want to have a board of their own could link it in the team one
10:49 <knome> how would that differ from the status site?
10:49 <elfy> what staus site?
10:49 <ochosi> won't we get a huge gigantic picture if we do one for team?
10:49 <knome> status.ubuntu.com
10:49 <elfy> knome: that shows as much detail as the blueprint
10:50 <ochosi> elfy: yeah, i see your point on being able to add comments/detail
10:50 <knome> so you want a whole picture with all the details?
10:50 <ochosi> but the problem is, having that in one huge trello page will probably also be overwhelming
10:50 <ochosi> what do other members of the team think on this? slickymasterWork? bluesabre?
10:50 <elfy> you know what - I haven't got the energy for this - just take it off the agenda
10:50 <knome> i know some teams have used the bluepring whiteboards previously
10:51 <elfy> I really don't care anymore
10:51 <knome> it's not exactly trello though...
10:51 <knome> because no edit locks and stuff
10:51 <slickymasterWork> I really felt that trello was a good asset to -qa during the T cycle
10:51 <bluesabre> trello is handy, as long as the links are discoverable
10:52 <ochosi> suggestion: what if we set up a trello board for all the current blueprints items so we see how it would look in action?
10:52 <slickymasterWork> at least I rely more on trello than on the -qa blueprint
10:52 <knome> ochosi, that's a good idea
10:53 <ochosi> i'm ok with trying this for one cycle and then evaluating it
10:53 <ochosi> so seeing whether administration has increased significantly and how ppl feel about using it
10:53 <ochosi> one thing is important though: i still want blueprints to be updated, because those *do* help, with bugreports linked etc they have features that trello doesn't have
10:53 <ochosi> elfy: would you be ok with this ^?
10:54 <elfy> ochosi: the QA blueprint was kept up to date in the last cycle ;)
10:54 <slickymasterWork> yes
10:54 <ochosi> sure, just saying that using trello would still mean we have to keep the other (slow, clunky) website up to date too ;)
10:55 <ochosi> you can't just eat the fresh sandwich and let the old one rot
10:55 <elfy> it didn't really add much to my workload tbh - and the QA blueprint had probably more on it than any of the others
10:55 <ochosi> ok, great
10:55 <knome> ochosi, wait, are you upbringing us now? ;)
10:56 <elfy> ochosi: well - I can set it up if you want - just want people to get an account if they've not got one
10:56 * knome eats the fresh sandwich
10:56 <ochosi> elfy: that'd be great. then send an email to the mailinglist about it?
10:56 <ochosi> i'd personally like to vote on it, if you're ok with this
10:57 <ochosi> ideally we could give ppl a chance to vote via the mailinglist too, this time
10:57 <elfy> ochosi: that's fine with me of course
10:57 <elfy> BUT
10:57 <elfy> can we deal with the m/l and make it moderated first :p
10:57 <ochosi> hehe
10:57 <ochosi> well that's the next topic
10:57 <elfy> :p
10:58 <ochosi> #action elfy to set up a trello "master" board for -team and send an email about it to the mailinglist
10:58 * meetingology elfy to set up a trello "master" board for -team and send an email about it to the mailinglist
10:58 <elfy> after we decide to use it or not :)
10:58 <ochosi> #info the team will vote on the trello board after it has been set up
10:58 <elfy> oh right
10:58 <ochosi> #subtopic Mailinglist/s
10:58 <elfy> I thought you wanted to do that the other way round?
10:59 <ochosi> err, how?
10:59 <ochosi> first set it up, then let ppl test it
10:59 <ochosi> then vote, no?=
10:59 <elfy> mmm
10:59 <ochosi> we can still let ppl vote on the mailinglist anyway, btw
10:59 <elfy> would it not be better for us to vote first - and then do the work?
10:59 <ochosi> it was done already for the XPL election
10:59 <elfy> I'm easy either way though :)
11:00 <ochosi> yeah, but not all of -team might've used trello before
11:00 <knome> i'd argue it's hard to take an informed vote unless you've seen how it'd turn out
11:00 <elfy> ok - makes sense
11:00 <ochosi> i think it could be good for an informed decision to see it in action
11:00 <knome> ...
11:00 <knome> is it echoing in here?
11:00 <ochosi> but i understand it's work...
11:00 <knome> we don't have too many work items on blueprints yet
11:00 <ochosi> ok, let's get on the mailinglists
11:00 <elfy> ochosi: yea - ok - I'll get it set up soon and then go from there
11:00 <knome> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2014-May/010193.html
11:01 <ochosi> (as we're already going overtime)
11:01 <ochosi> thanks elfy
11:01 <knome> overtime? who specified the meeting lasted for an hour? :P
11:01 <elfy> bert
11:01 <ochosi> #info knome sent a proposal for mailinglists to the mailinglist
11:01 <knome> ;)
11:01 <ochosi> (i like the repetition there ;))
11:01 <knome> ^ link above
11:01 <ochosi> knome: well, link it?
11:01 <knome> i did already
11:01 <ochosi> the bot picks it up that way?
11:02 <knome> yep
11:02 <ochosi> oh, great, wasn't sure
11:02 <ochosi> so, any thoughts on this proposal?
11:02 <ochosi> bluesabre, slickymasterWork, elfy ?
11:02 <ochosi> others?
11:02 <knome> i think it's the awesomest proposal ever
11:02 <elfy> I'm happy with it
11:02 <elfy> I'd not go as far as knome though :p
11:02 <slickymasterWork> I strongly give a +1 on knome's proposal
11:02 <bluesabre> I agree with it
11:03 <ochosi> yup, i'm also +1 on it
11:03 <elfy> and I've got a +0.99
11:03 <knome> on a more serious note, if it doesn't work, it's not a huge thing to revert
11:03 <ochosi> should we have a formal vote?
11:03 <elfy> ochosi: I think so
11:03 <knome> we have no quorum
11:03 <knome> so it'd have to continue on the mailing list
11:03 <slickymasterWork> yeah, so it's logged~
11:03 <elfy> and then take it to the list for team to vote
11:03 * elfy types slower ...
11:03 <ochosi> ok, let's start here and let the others vote on the ML
11:04 <ochosi> #vote Should we implement knome's proposal in our development mailinglist?
11:04 <meetingology> Please vote on: Should we implement knome's proposal in our development mailinglist?
11:04 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)
11:04 <elfy> +1
11:04 <meetingology> +1 received from elfy
11:04 <ochosi> +1
11:04 <meetingology> +1 received from ochosi
11:04 <slickymasterWork> +1
11:04 <meetingology> +1 received from slickymasterWork
11:04 <knome> +1
11:04 <meetingology> +1 received from knome
11:04 <jjfrv8> +1
11:04 <meetingology> +1 received from jjfrv8
11:04 <ochosi> oh hey jjfrv8 :) didn't see you there
11:04 <elfy> oooh a lurker :p
11:04 <knome> o hai jjfrv8 :)
11:04 <ochosi> bluesabre?
11:04 <slickymasterWork> jjfrv8, o/
11:04 <bluesabre> +1
11:04 <meetingology> +1 received from bluesabre
11:05 <ochosi> #endvote
11:05 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Should we implement knome's proposal in our development mailinglist?
11:05 <meetingology> Votes for:6 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
11:05 <meetingology> Motion carried
11:05 <knome> heh:)
11:05 <elfy> lol
11:05 <ochosi> knome: so much for not having a quorum :p
11:05 <knome> well we don't
11:05 <ochosi> wait, how many are we? crap :)
11:05 <ochosi> we need two more
11:05 <knome> 14
11:05 <knome> yep
11:05 <slickymasterWork> where's Unit193?
11:05 <elfy> ochosi: shame you can set votes required in here
11:05 <ochosi> fell asleep maybe...
11:06 <slickymasterWork> lol
11:06 <elfy> then it wouldn't have passed :)
11:06 <ochosi> #action ochosi to send an email to the mailinglist to continue the voting on knome's mailinglist proposal
11:06 * meetingology ochosi to send an email to the mailinglist to continue the voting on knome's mailinglist proposal
11:06 <knome> do we want to allow private voting? :P
11:06 <elfy> perhaps that should be added to the bot in here - it's likely to happen everytime we vote on anything
11:06 <ochosi> nah
11:07 <knome> lderan!!!
11:07 <ochosi> (that was directed at knome, not elfy)
11:07 * knome gathered
11:07 <elfy> ochosi: I guessed too :p
11:07 <ochosi> ok, we have two more discussion-topics
11:07 <ochosi> i have to run in 10-15mins though
11:07 <ochosi> just saying...
11:07 <knome> heh
11:07 <knome> btw
11:07 * slickymasterWork also
11:07 <elfy> both mine - both quick
11:08 <knome> #votesrequired <count>
11:08 <knome> Specifies the number of votes needed until the vote will pass. Example: #votesrequired 2 means you either need an aggregate of +2 or -2 to pass.
11:08 <ochosi> oh, :)
11:08 <ochosi> #subtopic Planning for milestone images
11:08 <ochosi> elfy: you got the floor
11:08 <elfy> So - we need to make a decision on whether to go with Alpha's or not this cycle
11:08 <elfy> or one of them
11:09 <ochosi> any pros/cons from your side?
11:09 <elfy> I'd suggest I'll mail -team once we've got m/l moderated (or not)
11:09 <ochosi> that's ok
11:09 <elfy> not really - I just need to know as early as possible
11:09 <ochosi> i'm fine with that
11:09 <ochosi> shall we just make it an action item and move on?
11:09 <elfy> yep - wfm
11:10 <ochosi> #action elfy to send email to -team about planning for milestone images (e.g. shall we participate in alphas?)
11:10 * meetingology elfy to send email to -team about planning for milestone images (e.g. shall we participate in alphas?)
11:10 <ochosi> #subtopic Assistive tech testing
11:10 <elfy> assistive tech is currently on the Settings Manager - I AM removing it from that test
11:11 <elfy> the question is - do we need to actually test that or not - if not all I need do is remove it - if we do I'll need to build a test for it
11:11 <ochosi> what does/did the test do?
11:11 <ochosi> test the settings manager itself or the subdialogs?
11:11 <bluesabre> gotta run, bbl
11:11 <elfy> I spoke to Nick Skaggs - it seems that Ubuntu only test the install screen reader - no other tests done
11:12 <ochosi> bluesabre: ttyl!
11:12 <elfy> ochosi: it tests sticky keys and the like
11:12 <slickymasterWork> and mouse emulation
11:12 <elfy> http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1574/info
11:12 <elfy> last section of that
11:13 <ochosi> right
11:13 <elfy> it does need to be removed from Settings Manager - but whether we test it or not is the issue for me
11:13 <ochosi> frankly, i don't have a strong opinion on this
11:13 <elfy> if there's something wriong with it - we'd not be fixing it
11:14 <ochosi> is that generally a rule for testcases, that we test stuff that we'd also fix
11:14 <ochosi> ?
11:14 <elfy> not as such
11:14 * ochosi is a bit out of the loop with QA
11:14 <ochosi> i'd trust you as QA lead or others more involved in QA to discuss this and take an informed decision
11:14 <elfy> we try to test things that we use - this is just a hang on in the wrong place
11:15 <elfy> ok - well as I said I WILL be removing it - today :p
11:15 <ochosi> ok :)
11:15 <elfy> I'm easy to build a new testcase if needed
11:15 <ochosi> sounds good to me
11:15 <ochosi> wanna #info or äaction that?
11:16 <elfy> I'll talk more to Nick
11:16 <ochosi> ok
11:16 <elfy> not really a need - I got the bug - and the MP waiting for me to send :)
11:16 <ochosi> ok
11:16 <ochosi> so we can move on?
11:16 <elfy> yep - I'm good now thanks :)
11:16 <ochosi> ok, thanks elfy  :)
11:17 <ochosi> #topic Schedule next meeting
11:17 <ochosi> as discussed previously, we could cycle meeting times this cycle
11:17 <ochosi> so the next meeting could be at a different time of the day
11:17 <ochosi> i'm still happy that this worked so well and so many of you showed up today
11:17 <ochosi> so thanks everyone!
11:17 <elfy> ochosi: so how about this
11:18 <elfy> cycle it through team leads -  team name alphabetically
11:18 <elfy> puts QA at the end :p
11:18 <ochosi> haha
11:18 <ochosi> meh, artwork, i need to do the first one ;)
11:18 <ochosi> that was your plan all along, right?
11:18 <elfy> lol
11:18 <ochosi> we could cycle through team leads and the respective team lead
11:18 <ochosi> 1) decides on the meeting time
11:19 <ochosi> 2) chairs the meeting
11:19 <slickymasterWork> lol, I'm hanging by a thread on the one after artwork
11:19 <elfy> :p
11:19 <elfy> that makes some sense - and people can call ad-hoc ones as is normal when needed
11:19 <ochosi> so i can do another meeting at a different time of the day
11:19 <knome> sounds like a good plan
11:20 <ochosi> question is whether next week is too early
11:20 <slickymasterWork> I gotta run now, will be back after lunch
11:20 <elfy> and XPL can call general meeting when he wants to
11:20 <ochosi> the 2 weeks rhythm worked fine in 14.04, no?
11:20 <elfy> ochosi: appeared to
11:20 <knome> we had a one week interval at some point
11:20 <elfy> and we'll have other avenues more useful - m/l without distraction
11:20 <knome> near the end at least
11:20 <ochosi> mhm
11:21 <ochosi> meh, i also wanted to discuss blueprints and ppl starting to fill them up
11:21 <ochosi> too late now
11:21 <elfy> ochosi: m/l :D
11:21 <ochosi> #action ochosi to send an email to the mailinglist about a proposal to do team meetings this cycle
11:21 * meetingology ochosi to send an email to the mailinglist about a proposal to do team meetings this cycle
11:21 <elfy> I assume you'll be doing what the last one did - talk to leads about blueprints
11:22 <ochosi> yeah, i'm considering to wait with that until the mailinglist is closed
11:22 <ochosi> blueprints are a dangerous mailinglist topic in terms of getting unasked responses
11:22 <ochosi> (à la: "please implement *this*, this is sooo important.")
11:23 <ochosi> i'll announce the next meeting time at some point then
11:23 <ochosi> need to check my calendar...
11:23 <elfy> ok
11:23 <ochosi> guess that's it
11:23 <ochosi> #endmeeting