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12:00 <popey> jkt: boren DanChapman hello! ☻
12:01 <boren> Hello, popey
12:02 <DanChapman> hey guys, sorry on the phone be with you all in a few minutes
12:02 <popey> kk
12:03 <popey> A few mails have bounced around the last week or so, and I wanted to make sure we're all on the same page as it were.
12:03 <popey> in summary:-
12:03 <popey> (shout if I get anything wrong)
12:03 <popey> jkt was asking if there will be any more upstream contributions from the team to Trojita as there hadn't been any for some considerable time.
12:03 <jkt> hi there
12:04 <popey> hey jkt
12:04 <popey> Dan explained that as far as he is concerned Dekko should be considered a full fork of Trojita which he was spending his (limited) time on.
12:05 <popey> However that he'd certainly like to push common components back upstream to Trojita where appropriate.
12:05 <popey> (I think we talked about google oath support being a particular example of that which might be useful to upstream)
12:06 <popey> Dan explain that he wants to create something tightly integrated into Ubuntu.
12:07 <popey> and that he probably wouldn't have time to make everything work on all UI options (e.g. desktop trojita)
12:07 <popey> Is that about right?
12:08 <jkt> I have the same basic impression, right
12:09 <jkt> what I do not get is how is the proposed situation ("common stuff pushed back to trojita") different to how we were operating in the beginning
12:10 <jkt> I also haven't seen any attempt at pushing these bits for months (with a single exception as boren did contribute one change recently)
12:10 <jkt> so the thing is, I alreay put quite some time into this. I'm OK with "you guys" doing whatever you want to do, but pretty please, tell me upfront what I can expect you to do.
12:10 <popey> Would that be because the stuff being created isn't actually going to be useful upstream as it's mostly Ubuntu UI component related?
12:11 <jkt> can you already send e-mail through dekko?
12:12 <popey> Yes.
12:12 <jkt> then there are common parts which have not been submitted to trojita
12:13 <popey> But are these those parts that DanChapman explained he was having difficulty porting and keeping working in upstream trojita?
12:14 <jkt> the way I see it, there are two options here: 1) copy stuff from trojita-qwidget, adapt that copy, use that adapted copy in qml version
12:14 <jkt> I of course dislike this because it results in dupliucated code and waste of my time
12:15 <jkt> 2) take what is in qwidget version, design a nice api which is suitable for qml, use that from qml *and* adapt the qwidget code to use it
12:15 <jkt> and yes, 2) is more work for the ubuntu-touch people, indeed
12:17 <jkt> what I'm saying here is that "pushing stuff upstream" indeed does require a substantial amount of work done by "you" on the qwidget side of things
12:17 <jkt> my question is whether you are willing to do any of that
12:18 <popey> I don't know, that's a question for DanChapman / boren ...
12:19 <DanChapman> right sorry about that... just catching up.
12:25 <boren> jkt: Sorry, I think what I want for now is a fully functioning dekko by the start of real Ubuntu phone release and there are several features missing. I would really like to contribute to Trojita when I have enough time, not in the following two months.
12:26 <popey> Time is certainly a pressure.
12:28 <DanChapman> Ok so what i had in my mind regarding "pushing stuff upstream" was maybe not UI but things but as an example say I wanted to implement support for a new IMAP extension then that is something I would make the effort to do upstream under your guidance so these things are implemented "right" and benefit would be gained by all of us. As per my email i havn't got the time available to commit to option 2 and i agree it would take alot of
12:28 <DanChapman> work for it to be done right.
12:29 <jkt> I do not consider doing e.g. something like ImapAccess but for (E)SMTP encapsulation to be the UI work
12:30 <jkt> DanChapman: so the way I see it, you do not have any definitive plans right now, but the situation is more like "if I ever find a bug in the IMAP code, I'll be happy to send a patch"
12:30 <jkt> is that right?
12:32 <DanChapman> jkt: yes short term that most probably is the case. I can't say for anything more than that right now.
12:32 <jkt> OK
12:32 <jkt> the src/Ubuntu is pretty mouch outdated right now, is that correct?
12:33 <jkt> I'm asking because I suspect there's no value in keeping that, or the cmake integration, or the bugzilla component, in place
12:34 <DanChapman> jkt yes, that's outdated (although should still work)
12:34 <jkt> do you see any problem with me removing these?
12:36 <DanChapman> jkt, i see no problem.
12:40 <popey> Ok.
12:40 <popey> So is there anything else which needs discussion?
12:41 <jkt> popey: you might want to adjust the calendar schedule, I keep getting meeting notifications from google
12:41 <popey> oh?
12:42 <popey> Do you want me to remove you from the meeting?
12:42 <jkt> not sure who set it up, but there's a google calendar which sends out meeting invitations weekly
12:42 <jkt> yes please
12:42 <popey> ok.
12:42 <popey> yeah, I set it up
12:42 <popey> That's standard google thing, sending reminders.
12:42 <popey> I think that's them being "helpful"
12:43 <popey> Ok. Anything else? DanChapman boren ?
12:43 <boren> No from here
12:44 <DanChapman> No i'm good for now
12:44 <jkt> DanChapman: do you have editbugs permission on bugs.kde.org? If so, do you still need them now?
12:44 <DanChapman> jkt yes i do, they can be removed
12:45 <jkt> ok
12:45 <jkt> DanChapman: but you didn't have git push access or a full dev account, right?
12:46 <DanChapman> jkt yes that correct i only had access to bugs.kde.org
12:46 <jkt> ok, thanks
12:49 <popey> Ok. Thanks guys.
12:49 <jkt> see ya!
12:49 <popey> #endmeeting