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17:00 <dpm> thanks :-)
17:00 <popey>17:01 <popey> Clock App links:-
17:01 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bugs
17:01 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+activereviews
17:01 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-clock-dev
17:01 <popey> General Links:-
17:01 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
17:01 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
17:01 <popey> So how is it going nik90?
17:01 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
17:01 <nik90> great...this week was rather busy for the clock app
17:01 <dpm> \o/
17:01 <popey> always nice to hear
17:01 <popey> new contribs
17:01 <nik90> I got 3-4 bugs fixed during the hackday..so a nice success :)
17:02 <nik90> I actually spent more time reviewing MR than fixing a bug
17:02 <popey> thats a nice change
17:02 <nik90> yeah :)
17:02 <popey> so during the design sprint last week the design team did some work on various apps
17:03 <popey> which is ongoing
17:03 <popey> and is part of the top tab bar redesign and the bottom edge interaction
17:03 <popey> it's not finished yet, very much in sketch form
17:03 <nik90> oh nice :)
17:03 <nik90> looking forward to them
17:03 <popey> next week in orlando we're planning to beat it out of them
17:03 <nik90> hehe
17:03 <popey> right, off the phone
17:03 <popey> with the goal being to get the maximum amount of information to you developers first
17:04 <popey> before anything is blogged
17:04 <popey> don't want any surprises
17:04 <nik90> wow
17:04 <popey> although it will be nice to have some surprises for non-developers of course
17:04 <nik90> I guess next week's sprint is a very important one
17:05 <nik90> I have 3 MP requiring some volunteers to review and help merge them
17:05 <nik90> I believe mzanetti is busy with Unity and reminders app
17:05 <popey> hm, wonder if mhall119 has some time?
17:06 <popey> I know he's catching up after some time off, so he may be a bit busy right now too
17:06 <popey> yeah, so next week is just an opportunity to get together and work in the same place, and also pass on lots of info between teams, do planning etc
17:06 <nik90> 2 of them are small reviews..the last one is the new alarm design review that has been approved by WebbyIT
17:06 <nik90> okay so I have 2 good news and 1 bad news..which one do you want to hear first?
17:07 <popey> bad news is good news from someone elses perspective, so give me all the good news
17:07 <nik90> okay :)
17:07 <WebbyIT> nice philosophy popey !
17:07 <popey> hey WebbyIT !
17:08 <nik90> firstly, the issue with the alarms being not saved sometimes has been fixed by Renato.
17:08 <popey> great!
17:08 <nik90> however that fix exposes a bug within the Alarms API :/
17:08 <popey> oof
17:08 <popey> thats good news right?
17:08 <popey> we love finding bugs!
17:08 <nik90> unfortunately even if zsombi fixes the Alarms API bug, it wont land on the phone until qt 5.2 lands
17:08 <popey> oof
17:09 <nik90> the good news is that it only affects recurring alarms
17:09 <popey> thats a bummer.
17:09 <nik90> Renato's patch also fixes another alarm bug that was reported (the next good news)
17:09 <popey> do we have a bug tracking that?
17:09 <nik90> yes
17:09 <nik90> we have bug reports for all of them
17:09 <popey> can you paste them for the log?
17:10 <nik90> sure
17:10 <nik90> Alarms API Bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1274209
17:11 <nik90> Renato's MP https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-1272333/+merge/203777 which fixes https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtorganizer5-eds/+bug/1272333
17:11 <popey> dpm: ^^ one for your blocker list
17:11 <nik90> btw is charles and thomas's indicator-datetime work still scheduled to land this week?
17:12 * popey checks their project plan
17:12 <mhall119> popey: time for what?
17:13 <popey> 17:05:20 < nik90> I have 3 MP requiring some volunteers to review and help merge them
17:13 <popey> that
17:14 <dpm> nik90, last time I checked earlier this week, it was scheduled to be finished, but I can double-check.
17:14 <dpm> landing will depend on the landing plan, but I'll be really happy already once it's finished, nevermind about landing :)
17:15 <popey> it still says week 5
17:15 <nik90> dpm: thnx. I am eager to test that..we can then start unlocking the alarms autopilots test and start using alarms in our phones :)
17:16 <dpm> \o/
17:16 <nik90> And finally the cherry on the icing for this week is the Clock App - Tablet Designs Doc at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GVDuiTD7F5K3vL_IYets_8SsqTS3PebCNArqvEuvaME/edit#heading=h.th8ywzvk6dd6
17:17 <popey> oh yeah
17:17 <popey> I *love* the concept of the little accents around the clock to indicate function
17:17 <popey> thats very cute
17:18 <nik90> yeah ...very clever
17:19 <nik90> Is this something we can get the design team like Katie to take a look and quickly give us a feedback? Sort of like an official approval would be nice
17:19 <popey> I will discuss with them next week
17:19 <nik90> I can then start creating work items and implementing them
17:19 <nik90> okay
17:19 <popey> there's some similarities between that and the sketches I've seen
17:19 <popey> but things change quite a bit with the new bottom edge stuff
17:20 <popey> just to be clear, the reason it hasn't been made public is twofold
17:20 <popey> 1) it isn't finished (by some margin)
17:20 <nik90> ah okay
17:20 <popey> 2) the sdk/ui guys haven't seen it yet
17:20 <popey> so we want to make sure the sdk/toolkit can facilitate it all before people all start implementing things themselves
17:21 <nik90> ok
17:21 <nik90> In that case, I will take this a bit slower
17:21 <popey> yeah, wise.
17:21 <popey> we'll get stuff out as soon as we can
17:22 <popey> but it's been a mad rush the last couple of weeks for design
17:22 <popey> I wouldn't want them putting out rushed designs without it being thought through well
17:22 <popey> appreciate your understanding!
17:22 <nik90> yeah I can imagine..
17:23 <nik90> there is a lot of stuff on my plate already ... so I dont mind waiting :)
17:23 <popey> heh
17:23 <popey> ok. Anything else?
17:23 <nik90> nope
17:24 <popey> sweet! Thanks nik90
17:24 <popey> #endmeeting