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14:06 <popey> Calendar App links:-
14:06 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bugs
14:06 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+activereviews
14:06 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-calendar-dev
14:06 <popey> General Links:-
14:06 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
14:06 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
14:06 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
14:06 <popey> how we doing pkunal-parmar, any progress?
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> yes, I proposed MR for key navigation
14:07 <popey> yup, will take a look.
14:07 <pkunal-parmar> so now we support up/down and left/right navigation in all views
14:08 <pkunal-parmar> I also tried AllDay event support from EDS
14:08 <pkunal-parmar> it seems working
14:09 <popey> the up/down keyboard in Year view seems odd
14:09 <popey> it jumps
14:09 <pkunal-parmar> yes, yearview there is some issue
14:09 <pkunal-parmar> I am not sure why
14:09 <popey> it skips the middle months
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> right july august it jumps
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> that's different issue
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> I was not aware of that
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> must be some mis-calculation in pos
14:12 <pkunal-parmar> thanks I will check that
14:12 <popey> ok, left a comment
14:12 <popey> also, having CTRL+SHIFT+Tab to mirror CTRL+Tab would be nice
14:12 <popey> so you can tab backwards
14:12 <pkunal-parmar> I was trying that
14:13 <pkunal-parmar> but somehow I was not getting SHIFT modifier in key press events
14:13 <popey> hmm
14:13 <pkunal-parmar> may be OS is consuming it
14:13 <pkunal-parmar> but not sure
14:13 <popey> it works in the clock app
14:13 <pkunal-parmar> is it ?
14:13 <popey> nik90: did you have issues with CTRL+SHIFT+TAB?
14:14 <popey> yeah, just tested it with clock trunk
14:14 <nik90> nope I had no issues with ctrl+shift+tab
14:15 <nik90> I used Qt.Key_Backtab in combination with (event.modifiers && Qt.ControlModifier) to implement it
14:15 <popey> thanks.
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> Keys.onTabPressed: {
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> if(event.modifiers & Qt.ControlModifier && event.modifiers & Qt.ShiftModifier) {
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> print("######################")
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> }
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> }
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> I am trying this code
14:18 <pkunal-parmar> but I will try back_tab as well
14:18 <pkunal-parmar> let me check out that
14:19 <pkunal-parmar> yes , back_tab is working
14:19 <pkunal-parmar> Keys.onBacktabPressed: {
14:19 <popey> yay!
14:19 <popey> thanks nik90
14:19 <nik90> :)
14:19 <popey> pkunal-parmar:  on another subject. dpm collated some of the convergence designs the community have been coming up with at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Convergence
14:19 <pkunal-parmar> thanks :)
14:20 <popey> these are just some of the first ideas we've seen
14:20 <popey> we're at a sprint next week and will be talking to the design team.
14:20 <popey> I'm also looking to get some additional developers to help you.
14:21 <pkunal-parmar> ok, that design I have looked
14:21 <popey> you mentioned allday support in EDS. Do we have a handle on other oustanding issues with event display / modification?
14:21 <pkunal-parmar> but if we have design for all pages then we can code accordingly
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> else we will need to keep changing the code
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> yes, regarding AllDay event support
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> can you check out my last comment here
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtorganizer5-eds/+bug/1265953
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> I am not sure who should handle that case
14:23 * popey looks
14:24 <popey> why would that be allday:false?
14:25 <popey> it's a week long event, right? 7 full days of one event, right?
14:25 <pkunal-parmar> yes
14:25 <pkunal-parmar> so right, I think that EDS when sync event, it should set that flag to true
14:25 <pkunal-parmar> in such case
14:25 <popey> so I agree with you (sorry, I misunderstood/misread) yes, it should be true
14:26 <pkunal-parmar> so as such AllDay flag is working fine, if we set if when creating new event
14:27 <pkunal-parmar> do we know when it will be released ?
14:27 <pkunal-parmar> so I can propose MR for my current implementation ?
14:28 <popey> renato: is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtorganizer5-eds/+bug/1265953 going to get a landing slot? Who's doing that?
14:29 <renato> popey, we are waiting for this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtorganizer5-eds/+bug/1272333
14:29 <renato> we intend to release both
14:29 <popey> ok, any idea when?
14:30 <renato> popey, probably this week or early next week
14:30 <popey> ok. thanks.
14:31 <popey> pkunal-parmar: you have a MR ready?
14:31 <pkunal-parmar> yes
14:31 <pkunal-parmar> I need to do some cleanup
14:31 <pkunal-parmar> but It will not take much time
14:32 <pkunal-parmar> BTW I tested Recurrence also
14:32 <pkunal-parmar> on latest EDS it seems to work fine
14:32 <popey> great.
14:33 <pkunal-parmar> anyway, I think I can propose AllDay event MR
14:33 <pkunal-parmar> when EDS change lands
14:33 <pkunal-parmar> my code will start working
14:33 <pkunal-parmar> else it will not disrupt anything
14:35 <popey> ok. good plan
14:36 <pkunal-parmar> so do you find anything else missing in Key Navigation ?
14:37 <pkunal-parmar> or anything else not working properly ?
14:37 <popey> i had a brief play
14:37 <popey> let me try again
14:38 <popey> I can't break it ㋛
14:38 <popey> so that's always a good sign
14:38 <pkunal-parmar> :)
14:38 <popey> hmmm..
14:39 <popey> pkunal-parmar: in the add event screen, tabbing to next field would be nice ☻
14:39 <popey> difficult as tab in the description actually inserts a \t tab character
14:40 <pkunal-parmar> do you know, if we set recurrence to weekly or daily, that event will reoccurre for 1 year or how long
14:41 <pkunal-parmar> actually I have not tried to put tab in NewEvent
14:41 <popey> I don't know actually. I don't know how occurrance works in EDS.. renato ?
14:41 <pkunal-parmar> I will try that in separate MR
14:41 <popey> ok
14:42 <dpm> pkunal-parmar, I've just had a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtorganizer5-eds/+bug/1265953
14:42 <pkunal-parmar> I will keep this MR to navigation right now
14:42 <dpm> thanks for reporting and for the testing
14:42 <pkunal-parmar> right, that reminds me
14:42 <renato> pkunal-parmar, you can set for how long this event will occur
14:43 <pkunal-parmar> renato, how ?
14:43 <dpm> pkunal-parmar, it seems that actually writing the flag works, but not in the way expected. Would you mind filing a separate bug to keep track of it?
14:43 <pkunal-parmar> in that case do we need to add something to UI
14:43 <pkunal-parmar> ok, I can
14:43 <dpm> pkunal-parmar, great, thanks. That will help us more clearly tracking it and fixing it
14:44 <pkunal-parmar> BTW that sync issue which Michal reported, can he share his event to me ?
14:44 <pkunal-parmar> I will see if that comes fine to my calendar
14:45 <pkunal-parmar> till now I did not see any timing issue while syncing google cal event
14:46 <renato> pkunal-parmar, QOrganizerRecurrenceRule.setLimit
14:46 <pkunal-parmar> ok, thanks
14:47 <pkunal-parmar> so If I dont set, there is not limit ?
14:48 <pkunal-parmar> popey, should we offer option to limit the recurrence ?
14:48 <popey> We should.
14:49 <popey> Repeat [X].  Until [ Forever | DD.MM.YYYY ]
14:49 <popey> ?
14:49 <popey> is that what you mean?
14:49 <pkunal-parmar> right
14:50 <pkunal-parmar> my phone calendar has option, Never, after certain count, after certain date-time
14:51 <pkunal-parmar> I will add something similar
14:51 <popey> thanks pkunal-parmar
14:52 <popey> Ok. Anything else pkunal-parmar ?
14:52 <pkunal-parmar> anyway, please add comment to MR if you find something missing
14:52 <popey> Sorry, we over-ran a bit, but I think it was very useful!
14:53 <popey> will do
14:53 <pkunal-parmar> I will try to resolve yearview issue
14:53 <pkunal-parmar> and then propose MR
14:53 <popey> ok. I'll try and keep on top of your MRs ☻
14:54 <pkunal-parmar> thanks
14:54 <popey> ok, shall we wrap up?
14:55 <popey> thanks pkunal-parmar & renato
14:55 <popey> #endmeeting