19:00 <popey> #startmeeting Weather app meeting
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19:00 <popey> Weather App links:-
19:00 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bugs
19:00 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+activereviews
19:00 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-weather-dev
19:01 <popey> General Links:-
19:01 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
19:01 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
19:01 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
19:01 <popey> So, how we doing?
19:01 <popey> </spam>
19:01 <dpm> (neokore, genial. No habrá reunión per se, pero estaremos en IRC)
19:01 <dpm> (ok switching back to English now :)
19:01 <neokore> ok ok :)
19:01 <neokore> popey good, thanks
19:02 <m-b-o> fine!
19:02 <dpm> from m-b-o's last e-mail it seems we're also doing well codewise, we're now waiting for some answers from TWC. So thank you m-b-o and neokore for the patience, we will get there eventually :)
19:03 <popey> Yeah, sorry it's not been plain saily on the TWC front.
19:03 <m-b-o> \o/ :)
19:03 <neokore> great!
19:04 * dpm looks at the blueprint
19:04 <popey> we should bump the week2 items down
19:04 <popey> Provide new visual assets: TODO
19:04 <popey> thats done right?
19:04 <dpm> yeah, it'd be good to update
19:04 * popey edits
19:05 <dpm> ok, cool
19:05 <popey> neokore: any progress with the animations?
19:06 <neokore> yes, I think it's done, I'll upload a branch today
19:06 <dpm> cool!
19:06 <dpm> m-b-o, quick question: I've not yet have the chance to test it - did you implement the option in the UI to switch backends?
19:07 <m-b-o> yes, it's done. will also  update the tests tomorrow!
19:07 <popey> great!
19:07 <dpm> excellent
19:07 <mhall119> o/
19:07 <popey> do update the blueprint when done!
19:07 <popey> good to see done items ☻
19:07 <popey> we need that status graph to come down.
19:07 <m-b-o> one problem now, because there's no precipitation value in TWC
19:07 * dpm is testing the weather-channel-client branch now
19:08 <m-b-o> so the option for mm/inches has no use when having twc as backend
19:08 <dpm> ack
19:08 <m-b-o> so i'll set it to rad only when TWC is slected
19:08 <m-b-o> read only
19:08 <dpm> m-b-o, I forwarded the questions about the missing data to TWC earlier on today
19:09 <m-b-o> dpm, thanks!
19:09 <m-b-o> there's debug output if a icon code is unknown
19:10 <m-b-o> and btw when clicking on a TWC link, qmlscene throws an error
19:10 <m-b-o> it says:
19:10 <m-b-o> p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  (process:3380): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed
19:10 <mhall119> m-b-o: what do you mean mm/inches has no use?
19:11 <popey> mhall119: no precipitation data from TWC to show rainfall, so no point having a setting for it
19:11 <mhall119> oh, ok, so it's not hte units it's the actual measurement we're missing
19:11 <m-b-o> mhall199: yes
19:12 <m-b-o> I've replaced this with data for "UV" by now and added a label
19:12 <dpm> m-b-o, ah, just got that branch running. I like the way to choose between APIs, it's consistent with the rest of the settings
19:13 <m-b-o> dpm: yes, it was the easiest way to do so! :D
19:14 <dpm> :)
19:15 <dpm> m-b-o, have you got an idea what could be causing that error?
19:15 <dpm> the one about clicking the TWC link
19:16 <m-b-o> dpm: can't say. haven't tested it on the device, but I gues it's something qmlscene related
19:16 <dpm> ok, it might be something to check for on the hack days
19:16 <m-b-o> something related to  Qt.openUrlExternally(url);
19:16 <m-b-o> it should be Qt related
19:16 <dpm> yeah, that sounds like it
19:17 <popey> is that an apparmour policy thing?
19:17 <popey> -u
19:17 <dpm> sorry guys, but I'll have to go, have got a concert where some friends are playing and I need to run
19:17 <popey> oh nice. np, thanks dpm
19:17 <popey> enjoy
19:17 <neokore> enjoy dpm
19:17 <m-b-o> dpm have fun
19:17 <dpm> thanks guys
19:17 <dpm> as usual, thanks for the great work!
19:18 <m-b-o> popey: guess not, GLIBC
19:18 <popey> hmm
19:18 <popey> where's the branch that's giving that error?
19:18 <popey> https://code.launchpad.net/~martin-borho/ubuntu-weather-app/weather-channel-client
19:18 <popey> ?
19:18 <m-b-o> exactly
19:19 * popey runs on device
19:19 <m-b-o> you have to set the API KEY in ubuntu-weather-app.qml
19:20 <popey> can you pm me the key I can't find the email with it in
19:20 <m-b-o> popey, yes
19:20 <popey> thanks
19:21 <popey> got it
19:21 <popey> apparmor profiler taking an age
19:21 <popey> i think i have too many apps installed on this phone
19:22 <popey> root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ls -l /opt/click.ubuntu.com/ | wc -l
19:22 <popey> 124
19:22 <popey> yup
19:22 <m-b-o> quite a few :)
19:23 <popey> gah, this is taking an age, I'll test after the meeting and find a platform person to take a look
19:23 <popey> leave that with me
19:23 <popey> it's when you click any link at the bottom?
19:23 <m-b-o> ok thanks!
19:23 <popey> np
19:24 <m-b-o> yes, on of the three links
19:24 <m-b-o> also when clicking on OWM link
19:24 <m-b-o> logo
19:24 * m-b-o starting app on device
19:25 <popey> me too
19:25 <neokore> does it happen on desktop too? I get no errors
19:26 <popey> works here
19:26 <popey> oh, kinda works
19:26 <m-b-o> neokore: yes, on desktop
19:27 <popey> i get no error
19:27 <popey> but i get to the weather app home page where it asks for location permission in browser
19:27 <neokore> ok, when I click on any link from the bottom, TWC and OWM, it works
19:27 <m-b-o> and debug output?
19:27 <popey> and then (after that fails because gps doesn't work well yet) it goes to a weather app page
19:27 <popey> nothing alarming
19:28 <popey> Open link for undefined - en_US
19:28 <popey> http://www.weather.com/?par=ubuntu
19:28 <neokore> no warnings here
19:28 * popey tries 10 day forecast
19:28 <m-b-o> no errror on the device for me
19:28 <popey> "oh no!" page doesnt exist
19:28 <m-b-o> neokore, no error on desktop?
19:28 <popey> Open link for 10day - en_US
19:28 <popey> http://www.weather.com/tenday/UKXX6219?par=ubuntu
19:28 <popey> http://www.weather.com/tenday/UKXX6219?par=ubuntu doesn't work
19:29 <popey> http://www.weather.com/hourbyhour/graph/UKXX6219?par=ubuntu either
19:29 <neokore> m-b-o nope, it opens my browser succesfully and doesn't send any errors on debug console
19:30 <m-b-o> ok, then it's perhaps an issue on my machone
19:30 <m-b-o> popey: whats your exact locale?
19:30 <m-b-o> en_UK?
19:31 <neokore> are the links right? the locale is, but it shows me New York forecast
19:31 <m-b-o> hmm
19:31 <popey> uh, how do I get that?
19:31 <popey> en_GB ?
19:31 <m-b-o> will have to check that again
19:32 <neokore> location code is correct (SPXX0612 for me) but it doesn't show my city
19:32 <m-b-o> works for de_DE like a charm!!! ;)
19:33 <popey> heh
19:33 <popey> do you need a bug filed?
19:33 <m-b-o> some parts missing in the url, will be fixed
19:33 <m-b-o> !
19:33 <m-b-o> popey: no
19:33 <popey> ok
19:34 <neokore> for spanish locale the app get me this URL: http://espanol.weather.com/10day-SPXX0612?par=ubuntu
19:34 <neokore> but the right URL is http://espanol.weather.com/weather/10day/SPXX0612?par=ubuntu
19:35 <neokore> or http://espanol.weather.com/weather/10day-SPXX0612?par=ubuntu
19:35 <m-b-o> yes, weather/ is missing
19:35 <popey> ok. good job it works in Spain, for MWC ㋛
19:36 <popey> m-b-o: ping me if you need more testing or if you need it testing in more locations. I can summon some people in the company to test.
19:36 <neokore> works perfect (but the links :P) good work m-b-o
19:36 <m-b-o> thanks! :)
19:37 <popey> Ok, anything else?
19:37 <neokore> yes, only to notice you
19:37 <neokore> by now with animations I have one problem
19:38 <neokore> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/652855/animation_bug.ogv
19:38 <neokore> the animation happens randomly
19:38 * popey downloads
19:38 <m-b-o> I see
19:39 <neokore> I am trying to fix it, but I don't know if I should upload a branch now
19:39 <popey> hmm
19:39 <m-b-o> neokore: why not?
19:39 <popey> yeah, upload it.
19:39 <neokore> I mean to propose a merge
19:40 <neokore> I'll upload a branch today, with bug or without it
19:40 <popey> upload a branch then we can do some testing
19:40 <popey> on different devices, and try and debug it
19:40 <m-b-o> neokore: cool. will be happy to try it!
19:40 <popey> yeah
19:40 <neokore> ok, I'll make it right now! :D
19:40 <popey> nice one
19:41 <neokore> thanks
19:41 <m-b-o> pushed an update the branch
19:41 <m-b-o> with a fix for the links (perhaps)
19:42 * popey tries
19:43 <popey> yay
19:43 <popey> 10 day forecast link works
19:43 <m-b-o> voila! only en and es links need this "weather/", hehe
19:43 <popey> http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-23-194332.png
19:44 <popey> hourly works too.. http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-23-194402.png
19:44 <neokore> 10 days and hourly forecast works perfect here
19:44 <popey> nice one!
19:46 <popey> Ok. Anything else?
19:46 * popey keeps a close eye on https://code.launchpad.net/~neokore/ubuntu-weather-app/animated-icons
19:46 <m-b-o> popey: could someone of look at the bugs, especially the design related ones, to get infos if they are relevant anymore?
19:46 <neokore> ok
19:47 <popey> m-b-o: sure thing
19:47 <popey> I'll review them in the morning.
19:47 * popey adds a to-do
19:47 <m-b-o> thanks!
19:47 <popey> np
19:48 <popey> oh now this is interesting...
19:48 <popey> my twcapikey is blank because i did a new bzr pull after you fixed the links
19:48 <popey> (overwritten by new click package)
19:48 <popey> but the app still works
19:49 <m-b-o> you can fetch data?
19:49 <popey> oh, no
19:49 <popey> ignore me ☻
19:49 <m-b-o> :)
19:49 <popey> I expected it to blow up in a ball of fire ☻
19:50 <m-b-o> hehe
19:50 <popey> Ok. Shall we wrap up neokore m-b-o ?
19:50 <m-b-o> neokore: are animations stopped when invisible?
19:50 <m-b-o> (one last thing)
19:50 <neokore> yes, they should
19:51 <neokore> the are one-shoot animations and they trigger when the are showed
19:51 <m-b-o> okay
19:51 <popey> good
19:52 <popey> ok, lets wrap. Thanks guys. Awesome work as always!
19:52 <m-b-o> thanks!
19:52 <popey> #endmeeting