14:04 <dpm_> #startmeeting
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14:04 <dpm_> oh, bummer, sorry to hear that :(
14:04 <dpm_> hope you're doing better now
14:04 <dpm_> Let's have a look at the BP: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-calendar-dev
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> [pkunal-parmar] Implement keyboard shortcuts for desktop navigation [lp #1267813]: TODO
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> I started working on it
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> I was also working on few other items
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> that are now in eview
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> like delete, AllDayEvent
14:06 <dpm_> pkunal-parmar, cool, shall we update them as INPROGRESS
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> yes
14:07 <pkunal-parmar> can you explain "https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/1267812"
14:07 <pkunal-parmar> this one, I can not understand what we need to do
14:08 <dpm_> pkunal-parmar, let me have a look. In the meantime, can you update the items in the blueprint that are in progress? Or if you tell me which, I can do it for you
14:08 <dpm_> bug 1267812
14:08 <dpm_> ah, no bugbot
14:10 <dpm_> pkunal-parmar, I think popey meant in that bug that when you open calendar in a bigger screen, and you maximize the window or make it bigger, the day number should not be in the vertical/horizontal middle
14:10 <dpm_> but rather at a top corner
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> ok
14:11 <dpm_> Looking at the other bugs we've got right now, I think I'll triage it as Low, and if popey things it's more important, he can change it when he's back
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> so what about Day Label
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> I agree
14:12 <pkunal-parmar> I think you or someone else can review my this MR
14:12 <pkunal-parmar> https://code.launchpad.net/~pkunal-parmar/ubuntu-calendar-app/MonthHighlightFix/+merge/201279
14:12 <pkunal-parmar> its very small change
14:13 * dpm_ looks
14:13 <pkunal-parmar> you should try to resize month and year view
14:13 <pkunal-parmar> and hightlight should remain inside view
14:14 <dpm_> ok, great, will test and review after the meeting
14:15 <pkunal-parmar> ok, that will be good
14:16 <dpm_> I think the two big goals for calendar are convergence and sycing. pkunal-parmar, have you had the chance to test e.g. google calendar syncing? I know mhall119 did, but I'm not actually sure if there are any instructions around
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> on my desktop its getting synced
14:17 <dpm_> mhall119, did you document the steps on how to do calendar syincing? Or did you find online instructions somewhere?
14:17 <dpm_> cool
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> but on phone I understand account team needs to do something
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> and then once account is up, EDS will sync events
14:18 <pkunal-parmar> I guess my role will be just to test and fix issue if we face any
14:18 <pkunal-parmar> when I updated desktop, EDS or something kept asking me Google password
14:19 <pkunal-parmar> and when I entered it started syncing default calender app on desktop
14:19 <pkunal-parmar> and it also shows on Calendar touch app
14:20 <pkunal-parmar> so I did nothing special
14:20 <dpm_> yeah, so I think in order not to be blocking too much on that, we can do the testing on the desktop
14:20 <dpm_> pkunal-parmar, have you been able to reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/1267814 ? I think this one might be the next bug to start looking at
14:20 <dpm_> exactly, most of the work will be done by EDS and online accounts, the only thing calendar will need to do is to make sure the right calendar is synced
14:20 <dpm_> essentially to provide the glue between the frontend and EDS
14:21 <pkunal-parmar> for me time shows fine, I have not tried to test different combinations yet
14:21 <pkunal-parmar> but current event comes up fine till now
14:22 <dpm_> sorry, got disconnected
14:22 <dpm_> I'm not sure what I wrote was actually sent, so pasting it:
14:22 <dpm_> exactly, most of the work will be done by EDS and online accounts, the only thing calendar will need to do is to make sure the right calendar is synced
14:22 <dpm_> essentially to provide the glue between the frontend and EDS
14:23 <dpm_> pkunal-parmar, but did you experience wrong times as described in the bug? I think it might be something related to time zones
14:23 <pkunal-parmar> not till now
14:24 <pkunal-parmar> but I dont have many evets in caledar
14:24 <pkunal-parmar> I will try to add some more and check
14:26 <dpm_> ok, thanks
14:27 <dpm_> pkunal-parmar, so looking at the blueprint, I think we can move some of the old work items to this week and the next? Which ones do you think you'll want to or have time to work on this week?
14:28 <pkunal-parmar> I am curretly working on key handling
14:29 <pkunal-parmar> [pkunal-parmar] Implement keyboard shortcuts for desktop navigation (bug #1267813): INPROGRESS
14:29 <pkunal-parmar> and related work item, based on bugs
14:30 <pkunal-parmar> for key handling or desktop layout
14:30 <dpm_> ok, moved it to this week in the blueprint
14:31 <dpm_> pkunal-parmar, what is this one? "Implement reminders for calendar appointments" is it about using the Alarms API?
14:32 <pkunal-parmar> yes
14:32 <dpm_> Ok, the alarms API + reminders will only be ready next week, so I'll move that one
14:33 <pkunal-parmar> ok
14:34 <dpm_> so does the following look ok for this week to you?
14:34 <dpm_> Work items for coreapps-2014-week-04:
14:34 <dpm_> [pkunal-parmar] Implement keyboard shortcuts for desktop navigation (bug #1267813): INPROGRESS
14:34 <dpm_> [pkunal-parmar] Resolve calendar time sync issue (bug #1267814): TODO
14:35 <pkunal-parmar> yes, it seems fine
14:35 <dpm_> (and with this we'll finish the meeting, as we are over time)
14:35 <dpm_> ok, cool
14:35 <dpm_> let's wrap it up here, then, thanks!
14:35 <dpm_> #endmeeting