12:02 <popey> #startmeeting Music App meeting
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12:02 <popey> Music App links:-
12:02 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bugs
12:02 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/music-app/+activereviews
12:02 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-music-dev
12:02 <popey> General Links:-
12:02 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
12:02 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
12:02 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
12:02 <popey> </spam>
12:03 <popey> We had a session on G+ yesterday..
12:04 <popey> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDtsdIE4Z9g
12:04 <popey> adding that link for the logs
12:04 <DanielHolm> popey, happy new year! ;) I'm great, thanks
12:04 <DanielHolm> Busy, mostly
12:04 <popey> We discussed a few apps, Music app starts about 20 mins in
12:05 <DanielHolm> I will have a look
12:05 <popey> we mostly discussed the desktop use cases
12:05 <popey> mouse interactions, keyboard shortcuts, use of space
12:05 <DanielHolm> Ok, the convergence stuff?
12:05 <popey> I know Victor watched and also had some feedback and suggestions.
12:05 <popey> Yes.
12:06 <DanielHolm> Ok, cool
12:06 <popey> And I know other community design folks had some ideas they wanted to talk about too
12:06 <popey> but couldn't get to the meeting
12:06 <popey> We need to collate these ideas into designs you guys can use.
12:06 <DanielHolm> Ok. That happens
12:07 <DanielHolm> Yeah, that would be most useful. And since I've been away for a while, easier for me to follow
12:07 <popey> right.
12:08 <popey> i have a work item to get community designs. I'll try and collate some of it.
12:08 <DanielHolm> Any other news that might be of interest?
12:08 <popey> you might want to catch up with the previous meetings...
12:08 <DanielHolm> Lovely, thank you?
12:09 <popey> I've been keeping the logs in the usual place https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Meetings
12:09 <popey> the most recent one we discussed u1db syncing
12:09 <popey> and there's some blockers to that
12:10 <popey> Are you more available now, or still just as busy?
12:11 <danielholm_> back
12:11 <popey> hi ahayzen
12:11 <ahayzen> popey, o/
12:11 <danielholm_> I will read the last logs and watch the hangouts :)
12:11 <danielholm_> ahayzen: hey mate
12:11 <ahayzen> popey, have we started ?
12:11 <popey> ahayzen: you haven't missed a lot...
12:11 <popey> ahayzen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6761750/
12:11 <popey> ya
12:11 <ahayzen> popey, sorry i've been working these past two weeks, hence a little late
12:12 <popey> no problem!
12:12 <popey> if you guys need me to move the meeting to an easier time, I'm happy to
12:12 <ahayzen> popey, i go back to uni next week
12:12 <ahayzen> popey, it should be OK as i made it work whether i'm at uni/work
12:12 <popey> ah, so you'll just be getting up at 12 then
12:12 <popey> </stereotype>
12:13 <ahayzen> popey, yep or just after lectures :D
12:13 <danielholm_> popey, I will be more available now
12:13 <popey> great!
12:13 <ahayzen> popey, ok do we want to go through the active reviews/bugs/work items etc
12:13 <danielholm_> starting my bachelor and will tune down all the work Ive been doing
12:13 <danielholm_> yeah, sure
12:13 <popey> ahayzen: yup.
12:13 <popey> so first, blueprint..
12:14 <ahayzen> danielholm_, u still studying the same as u were before?
12:14 <popey> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-music-dev
12:14 <danielholm_> ahayzen: yeah ;) last six months
12:14 <popey> we're in week 3 now..
12:14 <popey> danielholm_: you have an item for next week regarding scrobbling
12:14 <ahayzen> popey, [andrew-hayzen] Fix swipe delete [lp #1263682] and [lp #1263688]: DONE finally merged \o/
12:14 <popey> is that something you're able to look at?
12:14 <popey> \o/
12:15 <ahayzen> popey, although we were experiencing random qmlscene crashes with Jenkins
12:15 <ahayzen> Use U1DB for playlists and recent items: INPROGRESS .. i'm still working on and we have those bugs reported again U1DB-wt
12:15 <ahayzen> *qt
12:15 <popey> ok.
12:16 <danielholm_> yeah, sure. I think I'll have some time to take a look at that. I was thinking about what woul be the best approach. is it better to keep all the scrobble stuff inside Music, or is it better totry to create a online account for last.fm and then use that?
12:16 <ahayzen> Enable media keys for desktop usage: INPROGRESS ... i've added basic keyboard shortcuts, not worked out media keys, but is waiting on https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/mediaplayer-simplify/+merge/201265
12:16 <popey> Oh, that's a good question.
12:16 <popey> What other apps would use last.fm?
12:17 <popey> if it was an online account.
12:17 <ahayzen> which then found a big issue in autopilot https://bugs.launchpad.net/autopilot-qt/+bug/1269578
12:17 <popey> the dash could use it, and present stuff in a last.fm scope?
12:17 <ahayzen> i guess we would want to integrate with the online accounts?
12:17 <popey> yeah, it makes sense.
12:17 <danielholm_> popey: no idea. it was just a thought
12:17 <popey> its a good thought!
12:17 <popey> that time away was well spent! :D
12:17 <ahayzen> hehe
12:18 <ahayzen> danielholm_, has a clear mind
12:18 <danielholm_> is that something we should take into account from start, or should we take care of that later?
12:18 <popey> danielholm_: can you add a work item for it?
12:18 <danielholm_> haha
12:18 <popey> I'd do it now, rather than later
12:18 <danielholm_> ok
12:18 <ahayzen> danielholm_, probably earlier on as it may affect things
12:18 <popey> we have already recently added an evernote online accounts plugin
12:18 <popey> so we are okay with adding accounts plugins (subject to quality)
12:18 <popey> and i can see other app devs wanting to use it
12:19 <danielholm_> should I add something like: "create online account for last.fm"?
12:19 <popey> yes
12:19 <popey> pls
12:19 <ahayzen> cool
12:19 <popey> great!
12:19 <danielholm_> yeah, I saw that. cool
12:19 <popey> welcome back!
12:19 <danielholm_> :)
12:19 <danielholm_> haha, thanks
12:20 <popey> looking forwards, we only have items for week 4
12:20 <popey> (next week)
12:20 <popey> we need to be looking to what we can do after that.
12:20 <ahayzen> i've sortof been working on Extend reorder support to scroll the viewport up/down and dodge the other items while reordering: INPROGRESS
12:20 <ahayzen> but i haven't enabled scrolling yet as it is buggy
12:20 <popey> ok.
12:20 <ahayzen> but this https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/reorder-support-001/+merge/201848 removes our custom swipedelete
12:20 <popey> some exploration of scrolling on the desktop is certainly needed
12:21 <ahayzen> and moves us back to the SDK one
12:21 <popey> ok
12:21 <ahayzen> things are slowly coming together
12:21 <popey> nice work!
12:21 <danielholm_> where should I store the code for this online account? should it be a part of Music or a seperated project?
12:21 <popey> good to see is moving back to alignment with the SDK as they catch up ㋛
12:21 <ahayzen> ^^ is the start of the portable Reorder object
12:21 <danielholm_> really nice!
12:22 <ahayzen> but i need to wait for tht UITK fix to land in the repo/images
12:22 * ahayzen checks wht else is on his list
12:22 <popey> dpm: where does the reminders app online accounts plugin live?
12:23 <popey> context: dpm: we're looking at a last.fm plugin for music app, and wondering where it should go
12:23 <ahayzen> oh yh i noticed we don't appear in the software-licenses list in the system-settings thing anymore? is tht right or just my device?
12:23 <dpm> popey, you mean the code or where it's installed in the system?
12:23 <popey> code on lp
12:23 <dpm> popey, https://launchpad.net/account-plugin-evernote
12:24 <danielholm_> lovely
12:24 <popey> ok. so danielholm_ if you want to prototype something I'll setup a project in lp for you
12:24 <popey> account-plugin-lastfm perhaps
12:24 <danielholm_> that would be great :)
12:24 <popey> ok, is anyone editing the blueprint?
12:24 <danielholm_> nope
12:24 <popey> thanks dpm
12:24 <danielholm_> yes, thanks
12:24 <ahayzen> thanks dpm
12:24 <popey> added
12:25 <danielholm_> is the organic grid view for albums still on the table?
12:25 <ahayzen> danielholm_, on the big task list :)
12:25 <dpm> ahayzen, you're right, I can't see music-app under licenses
12:25 <ahayzen> dpm, it has disappeared :/ weird
12:25 <danielholm_> ahayzen: ok. will that become a part of the sdk?
12:25 <ahayzen> danielholm_, wht the organic?
12:25 <danielholm_> yeah
12:26 <ahayzen> danielholm_, don't think so
12:26 <ahayzen> danielholm_, have a look at the RSS reader
12:26 <ahayzen> danielholm_, but the albums bit is Victor domain really
12:26 <danielholm_> ok. so we have to copy the rss app
12:26 <danielholm_> right
12:26 <danielholm_> ok
12:26 <popey> rss has different sized content though
12:26 <dpm> ahayzen, when was the last time you saw it there? Looking at the licenses' format, they seem to be parsed from .deb packages, and as the music app is shipped as a click package, that'd explain things. Not that the license shouldn't be shown regardless of the package type, though...
12:26 <popey> for which the organic view makes sense
12:27 <danielholm_> I was just thinking, wouldn't it be a good idea to support orgnic grid from the sdk so that it would be easier for any dev to use it?
12:27 <ahayzen> dpm, erm...maybe december/november i just noticed it while playing about
12:27 <popey> dpm: #121 doesn't have it
12:27 <popey> (latest stable)
12:28 <ahayzen> heh stable
12:28 <popey> oi!
12:28 <popey>12:28 <ahayzen> been chaos over the last few builds ;)
12:28 <danielholm_> :P
12:28 <popey> carefully orchestrated chaos
12:28 <ahayzen> hehe crush the bugs!
12:29 <popey> oh yeah.
12:29 <popey> ok, what else?
12:29 <dpm> popey, ahayzen, I'm asking Laney on #ubuntu-desktop about the licenses
12:29 <ahayzen> dpm, thanks
12:29 <popey> ok, thanks
12:29 <ahayzen> popey, only shall we continue focusing on phones or convergence?
12:30 <popey> phones are #1
12:30 <ahayzen> popey, ok
12:30 <danielholm_> ok
12:30 <ahayzen> popey, i also feel this bug *needs* to be resolved https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/1239106
12:30 <popey> crush bugs, improve quality, performance and make it beautiful
12:31 <popey> for desktop convergence we need to do what we can in the short term (like shortcuts and mouse usage as we discussed)
12:31 <popey> longer term we need designs for desktop usage, which victor and myself will pull together
12:31 * popey looks at bug
12:31 <popey> hah, i had that during the hangout
12:31 <ahayzen> popey, i've been iteratively adding things... eg keyboard shortcuts
12:31 <danielholm_> ok
12:31 <ahayzen> popey, yep i saw
12:32 <ahayzen> popey, really annoying...the header doesn't disappear when u call header.hide()
12:32 <ahayzen> popey, but only under circumstances
12:32 <danielholm_> this bug about search functionality: https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/1269037
12:32 <ahayzen> danielholm_, yep
12:32 <danielholm_> * thinking...
12:32 <popey> i only managed to trigger that bug (header) on desktop, not phone, will try though on #121
12:33 <ahayzen> danielholm_, didn't know whether relevant to https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/1239513
12:33 <ahayzen> popey, things have changed a bit now with sheets but those steps should still work
12:33 <danielholm_> instead of redoing a search functionality that's already in Dash, couldn't we try to integrate it, like being able to queue from dash
12:33 <popey> yeah, the search issue came up during the call
12:33 <ahayzen> popey, if u run autopilot u can actually see it happening on certain tests
12:33 <popey> ah
12:34 <popey> danielholm_: i like the idea of having an "add to queue" button in dash preview
12:34 <ahayzen> popey, tht would be cool
12:34 <popey> would need input from design.
12:34 <danielholm_> right? because the dash is awesome, but it is kind of tiresome that when I click on a song, it wipes the current list
12:34 <ahayzen> yep
12:34 <popey> I'll ping design a mail and point to that bug
12:35 <popey> leave it with me
12:35 <danielholm_> lovely!
12:35 <ahayzen> popey, there are two bugs about searching
12:35 <danielholm_> should we mark as duplicate?
12:35 <ahayzen> popey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/1239513 https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/1239513 don't know whether they should be merged?
12:35 <ahayzen> oh hang on
12:36 <ahayzen> popey, https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/1269037
12:36 <popey> done
12:36 <popey> 1239513 is dupe of 1239037
12:37 <ahayzen> cool
12:37 <popey> ok, anything else?
12:37 <danielholm_> I'm good
12:37 <ahayzen> popey, not from me at the moment i'm mainly working with upstream
12:37 * popey looks forward to sending his embarrassing music listening choices to last.fm from the phone
12:37 <popey> ahem http://www.last.fm/user/popeydc
12:38 <ahayzen> popey, oh god i've got the same issue lol
12:38 <popey> brilliant!
12:38 <popey> Ok. Thanks guys.
12:38 <popey> Lets wrap up there.
12:38 <ahayzen> popey, danielholm_,dpm, have a great weekend guys
12:38 <danielholm_> hehe
12:38 <popey> you too!
12:39 <popey> #endmeeting