21:02 <popey> #startmeeting File Manager app meeting
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21:02 <popey> File Manager App links:-
21:02 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+bugs
21:02 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+activereviews
21:02 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-filemanager-dev
21:02 <popey> General Links:-
21:02 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
21:02 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
21:02 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
21:02 <popey> how are you doing guys?
21:02 <popey> I see iBelieve may not be here. noted.
21:03 <ajalkane> iBelieve: the autopilot thingy, you don't have to test it. Turns out it's an issue with Ubuntu 13.10 and perhaps later there's PPA to get it working. Basically needs autopilot 1.4, but 13.10 has 1.3
21:04 <CarlosMazieri> I am thinking about re-desing the model to fit Trashcan and Network sharing
21:04 <ajalkane> Is there any blocking bugs that need to be sorted out?
21:04 <popey> You'll notice that I added what we discussed to the blueprint.
21:04 <popey> Can we get names next to items? We currently dont have any assigned.
21:04 <ajalkane> CarlosMazieri: did you notice KDE's Qt5 libs got release candidate? There was KIO for the file access stuff. Don't know if it's suitable.
21:05 <CarlosMazieri> ajalkane: I am looking to them
21:06 <CarlosMazieri> About bugs, there is a bug related to permission on the root directory, it looks like the problem is in the platform
21:06 <ajalkane> The first week items realistically need C++ backend support first
21:07 <popey> ajalkane: can you adjust the blueprint accordingly? Feel free to bump items
21:07 <ajalkane> iBelieve, I believe, has a branch with many changes. Wouldn't want conflicts with those
21:07 <ajalkane> popey: yeah I can edit it to my best knowledge and Carlos can correct me if I'm wrong
21:08 <popey> great, thank you.
21:08 <popey> bug 1266114
21:08 <popey> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+bug/1266114
21:08 <ajalkane> Many of the later weeks stuff should be doable in QML alone
21:09 <ajalkane> Does the root file system problem who in emulator? That smells anyway like something with Ubuntu platform and not a problem as such in the app
21:09 <ajalkane> s/problem who/problem show/
21:10 <popey> I can test on the emulator
21:10 <iBelieve> I'm able to drop in for a second. What's the syntax for marking a blueprint as  assigned? I can assign myself the items that I've completed but haven't landed yet.
21:11 <iBelieve> (I'll set up VMware and try to finish those changes this week)
21:11 <popey> [launchpadname] foo bar : TODO
21:12 <ajalkane> I marked as  [C++ backend support first needed] the stuff I understand needs C++ backend support first.
21:12 <iBelieve> thanks popey!
21:12 <CarlosMazieri> ajalkane: the bug looks like related to the click package
21:12 <ajalkane> Ok, so my syntax was crap since I used the brackets also :)
21:12 <popey> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-music-dev
21:13 <popey> ^^ gives you a good idea of syntax
21:14 <ajalkane> I'll edit it to use ()
21:15 <popey> man this emulator is slow ☻
21:15 <ajalkane> so anyone know who should assign 1266114 to some party that's in charge of the permissions of click packages? I assume that's the problem
21:16 <ajalkane> I'm a gonna love running the emulator inside my virtual dev env :)
21:16 <popey> hah
21:17 <ajalkane> Is there any other blocking bugs? This one seems like something we can't do much about
21:18 <popey> I'll add it to the list of blockers and will raise with platform team
21:18 <CarlosMazieri> ajalkane: I  do not think so
21:18 <popey> \o/ finally booted emulator
21:20 <popey> i see / in the emulator
21:20 <ajalkane> CarlosMazieri: I marked the stuff in blueprints with "C++ backend support first needed", correct me if you think it can be done already
21:21 <CarlosMazieri> ajalkane: That is OK, you are right
21:21 <CarlosMazieri> it will take a considerable time
21:22 <ajalkane> Yeah... Seemed like that sort of list. Don't think the week-03 will be possible to do ine one week
21:22 <popey> agreed.
21:22 <CarlosMazieri> a month or two, it needs re design
21:23 <ajalkane> Realistically we're lucky to pick-and-choose half of the items to have ready in month
21:23 <popey> ok, left a comment and screenshot on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-filemanager-app/+bug/1266114
21:24 <ajalkane> And I hope we can leverage the KDE Qt5 modules. But that also needs time to investigate them etc.
21:24 <popey> Can you break that down into more items?
21:25 <CarlosMazieri> I am doing some investigation already, I will send emails about that
21:25 <popey> So rather than a couple of very high level items which are hard for us to achieve, it would be good to have it broken down to more manageable items?
21:26 <ajalkane> I have to ask, what is "Implement collabsible side bar for better space usage:"
21:26 <ajalkane> does it refer to the "tablet view" mode?
21:27 <ajalkane> and what is this: "Display bar showing current path:". I can already see current path in the app
21:27 <popey> yes, it's for tablet/desktop view
21:27 <popey> have it so the sidebar can be on screen or dismissed, much like nautilus
21:28 <ajalkane> popey: aye got it
21:28 <popey> that refers to a bar you can type into
21:28 <popey> rather than just display
21:28 <popey> (again, like nautilus)
21:28 <ajalkane> popey: right, the ctrl+l thing? Duplicate of that or something separate?
21:28 <popey> so you can navigate by just clicking/tapping on that and typing /bin for example
21:28 <popey> well, yes
21:29 <ajalkane> popey: ah okey, so clicking on it opens text field editor
21:30 <popey> yes
21:31 <iBelieve> Looks like the tasks I assigned to me got reset, was that intentional or an accident?
21:31 <popey> oh, may have been an edit someone else overwrite
21:31 <popey> launchpad blueprints aren't good for multi-user edits, sorry
21:31 <ajalkane> It'd be nice to also be able to click on the path item and taking you there but I think that's kind of tricky with qml unless we separate the path items to different components
21:32 <iBelieve> ajalkane: I've already almost finished the path bar. Clicking on a path item takes you to that location. I haven't implemented turning it into an editable field yet
21:33 <iBelieve> popey: okay, just wanted to check
21:33 <ajalkane> iBelieve: that's great to hear
21:34 <iBelieve> I don't know if you guys have seen this, but here's a Google+ post showing what I've completed so far: https://plus.google.com/117574309170420884411/posts/4ADtrDUb2ZX
21:34 <iBelieve> ajalkane: you can see the path bar in the screenshot ^^^
21:35 <ajalkane> iBelieve: ah nice, and the collapsed side bar, and icon view also. Nice!
21:35 <popey> nice!
21:36 <ajalkane> if it's only about reviewing as per that post I can take a look at it during this week
21:37 <ajalkane> (once I get me autopilot tests working)
21:37 <popey> Ok, anything else we need to discuss?
21:37 <iBelieve> ajalkane, It's pretty much ready to land, I just have to review and change some things vthompson suggested. He reviewed it and I need to fix things he mentioned
21:37 <ajalkane> Ok cool.
21:38 <ajalkane> Please mark in blueprints the stuff you've made and intend to do so that I won't try to do something that's been worked upon
21:39 <iBelieve> ajalkane: sorry, I did, but they got accidentally overwritten. I'll redo the items
21:39 <ajalkane> Ok might have been my re-editing :(
21:41 <ajalkane> Thanks all for the meeting. I'll try doing again something small time permitting once I get dev env properly working.
21:42 <iBelieve> Thanks everyone! I too will be back to working once I get my dev VM set up.
21:42 <ajalkane> Anyway FileManager has progressed leaps and bounds since summer so that's very cool
21:42 <CarlosMazieri> Thanks all
21:42 <popey> Thanks guys!
21:42 <popey> #endmeeting