13:00 <popey> #startmeeting RSS Reader meeting
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13:00 <popey> RSS Reader App links:-
13:00 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bugs
13:00 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+activereviews
13:00 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-rssreader-dev
13:00 <popey> General Links:-
13:01 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
13:01 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
13:01 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
13:01 <JoeyChan> I saw the "hangout air " video  :P
13:01 <JoeyChan> u guys had a chat about the core app designs
13:02 <popey> oh excellent!
13:02 <popey> I was going to ask if you'd seen it.
13:02 <JoeyChan> :P
13:02 <popey> I have some bugs to file and work items to add which I'll do after this meeting
13:02 <JoeyChan> yes pls
13:02 <popey> We are going to have another hangout at the same time next wednesday
13:03 <JoeyChan> oh,  may I join ?
13:03 <popey> Absolutely!
13:03 <popey> let me invite you...
13:03 <JoeyChan> cool
13:04 <JoeyChan> wait, what the time  is ?
13:04 <dpm> hey JoeyChan :)
13:04 <JoeyChan> Hi  David
13:05 <dpm> JoeyChan, shall we stay for a few minutes in this channel after the meeting is finished to discuss the App Dev Schools details?
13:05 <JoeyChan> sure  :)
13:05 <dpm> excellent, thanks :)
13:05 <popey> ok, just invited you
13:06 <popey> it's 14:00 UTC on Wednesday
13:06 <popey> so 55 mins from now.
13:06 <JoeyChan> thx,  good time 4 me
13:06 <popey> That's not too late for you is it?
13:06 <popey> Great!
13:06 <popey> Look forward to it.
13:06 <JoeyChan> 10pm  in China
13:07 <popey> ok.
13:07 <popey> So the main things that we discussed were the desktop UI for RSS Reader, as I said I'll file bugs for these, but in summary:-
13:08 <popey> * Window should scroll vertically on desktop, horizontally on phone/tablet
13:08 <JoeyChan> noted,   heard from the hangout
13:08 <popey> * Need to add keyboard shortcuts for adding feeds, refresh, tabbing through tabs.
13:08 <popey> ALT+#number to switch to tab
13:08 <JoeyChan> i c
13:09 <popey> List view takes up too much width
13:09 <popey> Maybe split the screen with list on the left, content on the right
13:10 <popey> * Add feed takes up full screen, could be done in a sheet
13:10 <JoeyChan> yep  I have the same idea
13:10 <popey> * show meta-data on side of article view
13:10 <JoeyChan> ok
13:10 <popey> I think that was it.
13:11 <JoeyChan> i c
13:11 <JoeyChan> before we get some official designs
13:11 <JoeyChan> Roman and I will try sth
13:12 <JoeyChan> to c if it is user-friendly
13:12 <popey> ok, cool. let us know any branches you want us to test, or we can pass on to design to look at.
13:12 <popey> Or.. feel free to post your screenshots / mockups on the G+ community
13:12 <popey> see if we can get some discussion and feedback online
13:12 <JoeyChan> ok  :)
13:13 <popey> I didn't have anything else to raise.
13:13 <JoeyChan> neither do I
13:14 <popey> Great. I'll end the meeting early and you and dpm can discuss app dev schools
13:14 <popey> thanks JoeyChan!
13:14 <popey> #endmeeting