19:02 <popey> #startmeeting Weather app meeting
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19:03 <popey> Weather App links:-
19:03 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bugs
19:03 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+activereviews
19:03 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-weather-dev
19:03 <popey> General Links:-
19:03 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
19:03 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
19:03 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
19:03 <popey> Right then chaps
19:03 <popey> How are we doing?
19:04 <neokore> good, thanks
19:04 <popey> Super!
19:05 <m-b-o> fine
19:05 <popey> So I think we should land the weather channel stuff in trunk and push to the store soon.
19:05 <m-b-o> upodated the bleuprints
19:05 <popey> excellent
19:06 <popey> I had a chat with dpm this week about the API, he replied to your mail I believe?
19:06 <m-b-o> then I would suggest, we obtain for the start only an twc icon the current style, without the links
19:06 <m-b-o> yes, he did
19:06 <popey> not not the links?
19:07 <m-b-o> we can add the links later, design is really tricky there and we're not blocked by it
19:08 <m-b-o> it's an easier path by adding the links and the white bar later
19:08 <popey> I think that'll be a problem.
19:09 <popey> Given what was agreed initially with TWC, I think we'd incurr a round trip or two with TWC to get changes to it approved
19:10 <neokore> what is the problem to add the bar?
19:11 <m-b-o> the links are complicated to generate and the design like provided works on nexus 7, but not on Galaxy nexus for example
19:11 <m-b-o> to narrow, especially given the fact translations tend to be longer than english
19:12 <m-b-o> https://code.launchpad.net/~martin-borho/ubuntu-weather-app/weather-channel-client
19:12 <m-b-o> there's a first version of the bar
19:12 <popey> I suspect the Galaxy Nexus will soon get dropped as a target.
19:13 <popey> Nexus 4 / 2013 7 will probably take over as main targets.
19:13 <m-b-o> yes, installed utouch today the first time on nexus 4. what a difference
19:13 <popey> making that slightly less of a problem
19:13 <popey> heh
19:13 <popey> just trying that branch now on my desktop
19:13 <popey> Loading...
19:13 <popey> for some time
19:14 <m-b-o> you should perhaps clear the db
19:14 <m-b-o> or delete all items before
19:15 <popey> ah
19:15 <popey> where is it on the desktop?
19:15 <popey> I presume I can "rm" it
19:15 <m-b-o> ähm, one moment...
19:16 <neokore> where can I delete them?
19:16 <popey> heh
19:17 <m-b-o> ./.local/share/ubuntu-weather-app/Databases/
19:17 <popey> hmm, i dont have that
19:17 <m-b-o> or restart trunk version and delete the entries by hand
19:17 <popey> ah okay
19:18 <neokore> com.ubuntu.weather
19:18 <m-b-o> ah, right!
19:18 <neokore> loading...
19:18 <popey> loading...
19:18 <popey>19:19 <popey> yay!
19:20 <m-b-o> endless loading for me too
19:20 <neokore> wrong response
19:20 <m-b-o> api seems down
19:20 <m-b-o> http://api.wunderground.com/
19:20 <m-b-o> hehe
19:21 <neokore> the perfect moment
19:21 <popey> oh jeez
19:21 <popey> my wife just walked in and complained about which way up the scrolling goes for seeing hourly temperatures!
19:22 <popey> walks in.. "I'd have done that the other way up" and walks out
19:22 <popey> sheesh
19:22 <neokore> hehehehehe
19:22 <m-b-o> up or down
19:22 <popey> she'd have 23:00 at the bottom, 8:00 at the top
19:22 <popey> ignore her
19:22 <popey>19:22 <m-b-o> I'll try ;)
19:22 <popey> heh
19:23 <popey> So, what do you think? What is outstanding for us to land this?
19:23 <popey> ooh, "probability of precipitation" is quite a big word
19:24 <m-b-o> it is! :)
19:24 <m-b-o> a) the exact form of the different TWC web-location-ids
19:24 <m-b-o> b) getting the white bar and logo polished
19:24 <popey> http://imgur.com/gzHpbIO
19:24 <m-b-o> c) an official api key with "no-limits"
19:24 <popey> ok. noted
19:25 <neokore> it seems like spanish version (long words everywhere)
19:25 <m-b-o> yes, what what a native english speaker say?
19:25 <neokore> it could be "rain chance"?
19:26 <m-b-o> or "chance of rain"
19:26 <popey> yes
19:26 <popey> chance of rain
19:26 <popey> did you ask all three of those things of dpm in your mail?
19:27 <m-b-o> a) and b) not
19:28 <popey> ok. so I understand b).
19:28 <popey> we have discussed a) before haven't we?
19:28 <m-b-o> yes, we did
19:28 <m-b-o> in our first meeting after the break
19:29 <popey> yes, i remember now
19:29 <popey> ok. Let me reply to dpm and get some answers.
19:30 <popey> ah, i see the misunderstanding..
19:30 <popey> I said "I would fire a mail at dpm" implying I thought you should do it, but you said "ok, thanks" assuming I would
19:30 <popey> I would meaning "you should" :D
19:30 <popey> never mind, I'll ping him a mail after this meeting and we'll sort it.
19:31 <m-b-o> thanks again! ;)
19:31 <popey> misunderstanding on my part.
19:31 <popey> np
19:31 <popey> So other than that merge..
19:31 <popey> The only other thing we've discussed with other core apps devs is usage on the desktop
19:31 <popey> specifically keyboard shortcuts and mouse usage
19:32 <m-b-o> I've watched that hangout
19:32 <popey> so for example pageup/pagedown to flip days, enter to switch the view
19:32 <m-b-o> I think kb-shortcuts should be relatively easy to implement
19:32 <popey> oh super
19:32 <neokore> ok
19:33 <popey> I think I'll file bugs for these, and add to the blueprint, okay?
19:33 <neokore> do mac users have page up key?
19:33 <m-b-o> but as I can rmember the problem of knowing on what form factor the app is running isn't solved by now?
19:33 <popey> (that's what I'm doing for the other apps, so we can track it)
19:33 <popey> correct m-b-o
19:33 <popey> neokore: they have a keyboard combo to do it
19:33 <popey> alt+arrows iirc
19:34 <neokore> ok, I ask it for using arrows instead, but maybe is better using arrows for hourly
19:34 <popey> yes, I agree, arrows is better than pg up and down
19:35 <popey> left/right for days, up/down for hours?
19:35 <popey> or mouse scroll wheel?
19:35 <m-b-o> perhaps we should try when implemented on the living object
19:36 <neokore> I agree
19:36 <popey> ok. I'll file the bug and we can test out various options.
19:36 <m-b-o> it's just changing numbers
19:36 <popey> yeah
19:36 <popey> it's not like we want to support xbox controllers or something whacky
19:36 <m-b-o> steambox controllers
19:37 <popey> mmmmmmmmm
19:37 <neokore> ey, we should support controllers!
19:37 <popey> http://drool.popey.com/
19:37 <neokore> lol
19:37 <m-b-o> hehe
19:37 <popey> right. Anythng else to discuss?
19:38 <neokore> yes, I need a white and shadowed version of animation assests to fit the current design
19:38 <neokore> who I have to ping?
19:39 <popey> Bejan
19:39 <popey> Bejan Alizadeh <bejan.alizadeh@canonical.com>,
19:39 <popey> and cc me and dpm, and john.lea@canonical.com too please
19:39 <neokore> ok
19:40 <popey> can you do that ASAP as the design team will be away in meetings for the next two weeks.
19:40 <neokore> I'll make it right now
19:41 <popey> great, thank you.
19:41 <m-b-o> I'll try to have a TWC first version ready until next week, (with option for switching between TWC/OWM)
19:41 <m-b-o> But can't promise tests for that....
19:41 <popey> paging balloons
19:41 <m-b-o> I will
19:41 <balloons> I've been watching
19:41 <popey> we don't have to land the switch yet
19:41 <popey> that can wait tbh
19:41 <m-b-o> ah, ok
19:42 <popey> in my mind we should land TWC to show it works okay. then add the settings option after, with tests
19:42 <popey> sound okay?
19:42 <m-b-o> sounds okay for me
19:43 <neokore> ok for me too
19:43 <popey> win
19:43 <m-b-o> but before letting jennkins pick taht up we need a new api key
19:43 <popey> ok. great. Anything else?
19:43 <popey> yes, agreed.
19:43 <popey> actually
19:43 <popey> balloons: will the DC even let the weather app go to these new urls?
19:44 <popey> I guess it must do if your branches have already been tested?
19:44 <balloons> I was going to ask about impacts when you where down
19:44 <balloons> the urls was a little concern, mostly, I was curious if the tests would break or not
19:44 <m-b-o> actually I've not ran the tests again the TWC things
19:44 <popey> ah
19:45 <popey> we need to do that, but need an API key. I'll reply to the mail where you asked about that and indicate the importance, I'll cc balloons on it too
19:45 <m-b-o> I would update the tests accordingly
19:45 <balloons> yea, let's see what changes end up happening
19:45 <balloons> again ideally, we would mock these
19:45 <m-b-o> oh yes!
19:46 <balloons> so that's the direction I would prefer to take it.. but first things, let's see how much breakage we get by the changes
19:47 <m-b-o> as the UI is not directly coupled to the API data, it's not that much
19:47 <popey> ok, mail sent
19:48 <popey> m-b-o: will you fix the "chance of rain" text too?
19:49 <m-b-o> already done on my copy
19:49 <popey> Sweet!
19:49 <popey> What a team!
19:49 <popey> Ok. Anything else?
19:49 <m-b-o> nope
19:49 <neokore> I think no
19:49 <popey> by the way, having just sent that mail, neokore your profile is showing in my gmail, with some photos of food from 9 days ago.. I am now hungry ☻
19:50 <m-b-o> 9 days old food?
19:50 <popey> haha
19:50 <neokore> hehehe
19:50 <popey> photos 9 days ago.
19:50 <popey> https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Ra%C3%BAlYeguas/posts/1LenHstLGJT
19:50 <popey> pink food!
19:50 <neokore> They are called Lionesas
19:50 <popey> all the best food is pink food
19:50 <popey> oh man
19:51 <popey> right, enough, I need to eat now.
19:51 <popey> Thanks guys!
19:51 <m-b-o> thanks!
19:51 <popey> #endmeeting