17:01 <popey> #startmeeting Clock app
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17:01 <popey> Clock App links:-
17:01 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bugs
17:01 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+activereviews
17:01 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-clock-dev
17:01 <popey> General Links:-
17:01 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
17:01 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
17:01 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
17:02 <popey> Hows it going?
17:02 <nik90> a little bit hectic but good otherwise :)
17:03 <popey> i poked charles earlier for a status update, no reply yet
17:03 <nik90> ah okay. I updated the email thread after talking to tvoss
17:03 <nik90> He said its on his list of todo.
17:04 <popey> ok
17:04 <nik90> I am currently working on transitioning the clock app to use the SDK Dialer widget. It is actually ready. Just waiting on someone to do a code review and approve it.
17:05 <nik90> Zsombi had a look at it and said it was fine from the dialer usage point of view
17:05 <nik90> https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/dialer-transition/+merge/200740
17:06 <popey> right, who can we hunt down to review that
17:07 <nik90> that's what I am puzzled about :)
17:07 * popey pokes someone
17:07 <nik90> it pretty much dives into the clock app code. so someone unfamiliar with the clock-app code might find it slightly difficult
17:08 <popey> does it pass autopilot tests on device?
17:09 <nik90> it passed autopilot tests on my laptop. I am yet to test it on the phone
17:09 <popey> I'll test it
17:09 <nik90> I am not sure how to do testing on the phone using autopilot
17:09 * nik90 should ask balloons about this soon..
17:09 <popey> oh, i know this!
17:10 <nik90> then you could fill me in that
17:10 <popey> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6721815/
17:10 <balloons> :-) I'm trying to put together something nice for everyone
17:10 <popey> save that as a shell script "test.sh"
17:10 <popey> ./test.sh lp:~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/dialer-transition
17:10 * popey runs it now
17:11 <nik90> wow that's it? that's easy enough. Thanks!
17:11 <popey> I know, it's *magic*
17:11 <balloons> nik90, what I'd like to do is make it easy for you to use the emulator and/or device
17:11 * nik90 is always amazed with popey's *magic* scripts
17:11 <popey> not mine
17:11 <nik90> balloons: okay
17:12 <popey> uh. ./test.sh lp:~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/dialer-transition ubuntu_clock_app
17:12 <popey> missed that bit
17:12 <nik90> balloons: I believe xnox was working on trying tests on the emulator..I myself haven't even installed the emulator yet to give it a shot.
17:12 <balloons> btw, I have a slighlty tweaked version of that script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6721827/
17:12 <popey> the emulator is a bit slow
17:13 <balloons> you only have to pass the lp branch, but anyways..
17:13 <balloons> I'd prefer if the phablet-test-setup tool did this
17:13 <nik90> balloons, popey: it would be super cool to have this in the qtcreator plugins
17:13 <balloons> so you could use the tool to pull an lp branch and run on the device or emulator
17:13 <nik90> like a menu item to run tests on phone
17:13 <popey> yeah, i agree, file a bug on phablet-tools or something?
17:14 <nik90> popey: will do
17:14 <balloons> popey, yea, I suppose even if I attempt it, we should file one
17:14 <popey> yea
17:15 <popey> nik90: how are we for keyboard & mouse navigation on desktop?
17:16 <nik90> popey: I haven't given it any thought at all. But of the top of my head, I can think of some cases
17:16 <nik90> like pressing Ctrl+N to add an alarm, timer or world clock in their respective tabs
17:16 <popey> We had a call with design yesterday.
17:16 <nik90> I saw the video
17:16 <popey> it was somewhat hurried because they're all off to .za for 2 weeks
17:17 <popey> and the whole desktop stuff isn't finished yet
17:17 <popey> (from a design perspective)
17:17 <popey> so John indicated that the focus should probably be in the area of the simple things we can do without design
17:17 <nik90> That's the thing. I made a call out for community design to help me with such design and UX ideas. But unfortunately no replies :/
17:17 <popey> like keyboard shortcuts, window resize behaviour, pointer
17:18 <popey> we're going to have those design brainstorms every 2 weeks
17:18 <popey> you're welcome to join of course, or send in ideas for us to discuss.
17:18 <popey> we hope to pull in community design people to help
17:18 <popey> but difficult this week as it was somewhat rushed
17:18 <nik90> okay
17:18 <popey> i know design are not doing the design clinic over the next couple of weeks, so we *could* have two more brainstorms the next two wednesdays in a row
17:19 <popey> because we didnt cover every app
17:19 <popey> clock, music and others we ran out of time for
17:19 <popey> mhall119: dpm_ sound like a plan ^^ ?
17:19 <nik90> I will try to send in a list of ideas to you or mhall119 before the next session.
17:19 <popey> (more design brainstorms over next two weeks)
17:19 <popey> ok
17:19 <popey> Ran 12 tests in 257.827s
17:19 <popey> OK
17:19 <popey> your clock passed autopilot tests on device
17:19 <nik90> Ideally it would be nice to have the interested core app devs there in the session to help with brainstorming.
17:19 <nik90> nice
17:20 <popey> yes, agreed
17:20 <nik90> I noticed one small issue in my MP, I will fix that and add a comment that it is ready for review
17:20 <nik90> then someone can start reviewing it and merging if approved
17:20 <popey> asked zanetti nicely to review for you.
17:20 <popey> i owe him so much beer
17:21 <nik90> btw, please do create those g+ events for the design sessions. Otherwise hard to keep track of when.
17:21 <nik90> will all these holiday breaks
17:21 <popey> good call!
17:21 * popey adds to-do item
17:21 <dpm_> popey, sounds good
17:22 <popey> ok, will schedule
17:23 <popey> nik90: other than alarms, any other blockers?
17:23 <nik90> popey: Qt 5.2 arrival for world clock
17:24 <popey> ah yes. qt 5.2, fun topic of the day
17:24 <nik90> popey: and some u1db bug fixes (although not high priority at the moment)
17:24 <popey> i have those tracked
17:24 <popey> ahayzen mentioned them earlier
17:24 <nik90> popey: I think I also updated the BP with the inprogress work items
17:24 <nik90> ah yeah
17:24 <nik90> He and I worked on it together over the weekend
17:24 <popey> how'd it go?
17:25 <popey> i briefly saw conversations on irc
17:25 <nik90> well for starters the discussion with christian and stuart helped a lot
17:25 <nik90> it went a bit slow, but we are at a point where we know how to use it and the current status of u1db.
17:26 <nik90> technically I could start using it for the clock app when I find time to do the transition
17:26 <popey> ok.
17:27 <mhall119> +1 for more brainstorming sessions involving clock
17:27 <popey> can you add a work item to the BP, even if it's not being worked on, and low priority for now?
17:27 <mhall119> and also for having more core apps devs
17:27 <popey> \o/
17:27 <nik90> sure definitely
17:27 <popey> thanks
17:27 <mhall119> nik90: the first one was hastily put together, so we didn't have time to coordinage
17:28 <nik90> mhall119: yeah I realised..no worries. I realise the design team have quite a dynamic schedule
17:28 <nik90> oh btw, michael spencer informed that he fixed the issue with the landscape implementation for clock app, but is unable to commit it due to his development VM.
17:28 <nik90> so I can hope for next week for that to land
17:29 <mhall119> I think rotation is currently broken on both my devices anyway
17:29 <popey> nik90: balloons http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/maguro/114:20140106:20131223.2/5905/ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot/642628/
17:29 <nik90> mhall119: at the moment, the clock app rotation is locked. so even if you rotate it nothing happens
17:29 <popey> any idea what's causing that test fail?
17:30 <nik90> popey: hmm it failed because it couldn't switch to the timer tab
17:30 <nik90> I am using the standard SDK emulator for switching tabs.
17:31 <nik90> popey: oh btw I like to hear your thoughts on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1267502
17:32 <nik90> do you think the reasoning is valid to start implementation?
17:32 * popey looks
17:34 <popey> eh, never noticed that
17:34 <popey> what view gives 12:00 at 6 position?
17:34 <nik90> I didnt either, but zsombi pointed it out
17:35 <nik90> at the moment the clock app does
17:35 <popey> i am in 24 hour mode on mine and it doesn't look like that
17:35 <popey> http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-09-173520.png
17:35 <popey> thats what mine looks like
17:36 <popey> oh, alarm
17:36 <nik90> oops then I think it is a regression in my dialer MP
17:36 <popey> http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-09-173601.png
17:36 <popey> heh
17:36 <popey>17:36 <popey> phew!
17:36 <nik90> what about the alarms one?
17:36 <popey> it's as you describe
17:36 <popey> 12 at the bottom
17:36 <nik90> do I change that to the clock app behaviour?
17:36 <popey> which I've always thought was odd
17:36 <popey>17:36 <popey> ← not a designer
17:37 <nik90> lol
17:37 <popey> http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2014-01-09-173601.png that just looks _wrong_ to me
17:37 <popey> could change that bug you already have to say "alarm" and we're done ㋛
17:38 <popey> not sure how you set an alarm for 17:00 if you can only rotate from 00 to 11 though?
17:38 <popey> thats quite a behaviour change and I wouldn't rush into it, needs discussion on that bug with design
17:38 <popey> IMO
17:38 <nik90> maybe the add alarm could use the current 24 hours format
17:38 <nik90> while the alarms tab could mimick the clock tab behaviour
17:38 <nik90> but yeah this needs design as I told zsombi
17:39 <nik90> damn android clock app...it uses a time picker (digital) to set alarm time
17:40 <popey> hah
17:40 <popey> so does ios
17:40 <popey> (which is hateful)
17:40 <nik90> lol
17:41 <popey> their new barrell is awful
17:41 <nik90> I will ask this on the g+ post and hope we can start a discussion there about ways to do this.
17:41 <popey> http://imgur.com/Oac26Nm
17:41 <popey> yeah, post screenshots of lots of alarm settings page too.
17:42 <nik90> the add alarms page?
17:42 <popey> yeah
17:42 <nik90> okay
17:42 <nik90> I can imagine how it can get tedius to set the alarm in that barrell
17:43 <popey> oh you think that's bad...
17:43 <popey> http://imgur.com/6fMM5ul
17:43 <popey> gnome
17:43 <popey> you can actually type 111111111 into the hours field
17:43 <popey> bonkers
17:44 <nik90> wow
17:44 <popey> and a plus / minus button you can stab repeatedly with your mouse too
17:44 <popey> horrid
17:44 <popey> i love the one you made, the whole wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee feeling I get when I spin it round is excellent
17:44 <nik90> :)
17:44 <popey> Yes, I am 5 inside.
17:45 <popey> I'd be interested to see the feedback you get, ping me when you share it
17:45 <popey> ok, gosh, look at the time. Anything else?
17:45 <nik90> definitely
17:45 <nik90> nope
17:45 <popey> brillant, thanks nik90
17:45 <popey> #endmeeting