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14:01 <davmor2> popey: they don't need snow for that
14:02 <popey> Calendar App links:-
14:02 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bugs
14:02 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+activereviews
14:02 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-calendar-dev
14:02 <popey> General Links:-
14:02 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
14:02 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
14:02 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
14:02 <popey> davmor2: just driving to avoid me ☻
14:02 <popey> pkunal-parmar: we had a discussion yesterday about making some of the core apps work well on the desktop
14:03 <popey> and mhall119 identified a number of interesting bugs relating to google synced calendars
14:03 <pkunal-parmar> yes, I seen that video, It was good discussion
14:03 <popey> I'll file them against the app once the meeting is over.
14:03 <popey> oh good!
14:03 <pkunal-parmar> sure, that will help, I never noticed
14:03 <popey> some were time related, timezone things
14:03 <popey> like meetings showing up at the wrong time at one end or the other
14:03 <pkunal-parmar> though I dont have much events in my google calendar
14:04 <popey> we have lots, so we can test that easily
14:04 <pkunal-parmar> right
14:04 <popey> the other thing we discussed was not making major UI changes, but simple ones in the short term
14:05 <popey> like keyboard navigation
14:05 <popey> and making sure the various elements (like the day highlight) work well on desktop size screens
14:05 <popey> again, I'll file some bugs for these this afternoon
14:05 <pkunal-parmar> if we put keyboard navigation then we need to think about highlight as well?
14:06 <popey> yes
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> I mean which component is currently having keyboard focus
14:06 <popey> ah, right, yes.
14:06 <popey> so for example we can have navigation without changing focus
14:06 <popey> like pageup/pagedown
14:06 <popey> and navigation which does change focus, like arrow keys
14:06 <popey> where arrows are more fine grained than page up/down
14:07 <popey> does that make sense
14:07 <pkunal-parmar> yes,  that makes sense
14:08 <popey> also needs to work with mouse scroll
14:08 <pkunal-parmar> so on device with keyboard we display highlight and react to keyboard but on all touch device, we dont highlight anything
14:08 <pkunal-parmar> ?
14:08 <popey> for example the RSS reader can scroll left/right if you have horizontal scroll enabled
14:08 <popey> on touch you hilight when something is touched, yes
14:08 <pkunal-parmar> ok
14:08 <popey> well, hang on. lets clarify highlight ☻
14:09 <pkunal-parmar> sure
14:09 <popey> i may be confusing two terms here.
14:09 <popey> so for month view for example today (9th) is highlighted, because that's today, right?
14:09 <popey> white box on green background.
14:10 <popey> but on touch we don't have any concept of highlighting the non-active day
14:10 <popey> you touch the day and it zooms in
14:10 <pkunal-parmar> yes lets use focus for keyboard highlight and highlight for visual highlight for today and other indicator
14:11 <popey> i think we may need to try this out and see how well it works?
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> i guess yes, so if we take example of month view
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> we have today highlighted,
14:12 <popey> yes
14:12 <pkunal-parmar> but when we move foucs using keyboard we will need another indicator
14:12 <pkunal-parmar> that shows if I press enter now, it will zoom to this day
14:12 <pkunal-parmar> and not today
14:12 <popey> right
14:13 <popey> so leave the white box on today, but maybe a square around the day?
14:13 <pkunal-parmar> yes
14:13 <popey> like the magnetic square you get on a wall planner
14:14 <popey> ok. I'll file bugs for these items so we can track them
14:15 <pkunal-parmar> ok
14:15 <pkunal-parmar> same may be applied to week and year view as well
14:15 <popey> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6720914/ these were the notes mike made before the meeting
14:15 <popey> exactly
14:15 <popey> and [enter] to select?
14:16 <popey> to zoom in..
14:16 <popey> [esc] to zoom out?
14:16 <popey> i think it's something we'll have to have a play with, i dont think the design team have come up with standard keyboard shortcuts for these things
14:16 <popey> we need to just use common sense really.
14:17 <popey> there's a couple of other items in that paste.
14:17 <popey> that the date picker should allow for the scrollwheel to scroll.
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> yes, I was just going through them
14:17 <popey> and a text box for input
14:18 <pkunal-parmar> right
14:19 <pkunal-parmar> I just went through it, makes sense
14:19 <popey> great!
14:21 <popey> I'll get work items and bugs filled.
14:21 <pkunal-parmar> I was discussing someting with zsombi
14:21 <popey> Any issues from your side?
14:21 <popey> oh?
14:21 <pkunal-parmar> I invited him to meeting now
14:22 <zsombi> hi guys
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> So let me give overview of my problem
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> I was implementing AllDayEvents in calendar
14:22 <popey> hey zsombi
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> and when there are more then one All Day event, I decided to show listview in Popover
14:23 <pkunal-parmar> so it works fine, but Popover always pops out on up direction
14:23 <pkunal-parmar> I think it would look nice if it pops to down direction
14:23 <pkunal-parmar> popey, what do you think ?
14:23 <popey> i dont understand.
14:24 <pkunal-parmar> I will try to put some screenshot
14:24 <pkunal-parmar> wait
14:24 <popey> ok
14:24 <zsombi> popey: his problem is that when the popover pops up, it always pops up above the caller object, and he would like to have it under the caller object
14:25 <popey> over as in vertically nearer the top of the screen?
14:25 <popey> rather than below nearer the toolbar?
14:25 <popey> or in the z direction?
14:25 <zsombi> popey: verically closer to the top of the screen, z order is stacking :)
14:25 <popey> indeed, glad we clarified that ☻
14:26 <popey> ok. is that a design decision for popovers to go above?
14:26 <popey> dont recall seeing that on other platforms
14:27 <zsombi> design fixed the way popovers should appear, so it appears above the caller if there is room, on the right if above there's no room but on the right there is, below if neither of the previous conditions satisfy
14:27 <zsombi> and on the left if neither of the previous three satisfy
14:27 <zsombi> so it goes around the clock
14:28 <popey> right
14:28 <zsombi> it's fixed by UX, and we do not provide any possibility for customization to keep UX consistent
14:28 <popey> so my inclination is that we implement as it is, and put it to design for review.
14:29 <popey> if it turns out it's not usable or looks crap, they should pick up on that.
14:29 <zsombi> I'd suggest the same, +1 popey
14:29 <zsombi> it could be that they don't even want popover but some sort of drop-down stuff, like with OptionSelector or whatever...
14:30 <popey> indeed
14:30 <pkunal-parmar> I can use other option
14:30 <popey> it may be clumsy but I think it's one for design to look at, and we can certainly push it under their noses
14:31 <pkunal-parmar> http://ubuntuone.com/3sMmaKYo3LNx8NuITYdNoM
14:31 <pkunal-parmar> http://ubuntuone.com/3yttsfR2mFsvFoCdXtJj4B
14:31 <pkunal-parmar> this is how it currently looks
14:32 <popey> ok, that makes it clear, thanks for those pkunal-parmar
14:32 <popey> yes, I'd keep it on top for now, and we can put it to design for review.
14:32 <zsombi> I'd say go for it like that
14:32 <pkunal-parmar> ok
14:32 <popey> it's not blocking us is it?
14:33 <zsombi> it looks cool btw ;)
14:33 <pkunal-parmar> no, I thought changing direction would be available so asked, but it does not looks bad
14:33 <pkunal-parmar> thanks :)
14:33 <popey>14:34 <popey> Ok, anything else?
14:34 <pkunal-parmar> regarding EDS
14:34 <pkunal-parmar> renato resolved some bug
14:34 <pkunal-parmar> so will be available on 13.10 ?
14:35 <popey> which bug?
14:35 <pkunal-parmar> like delete, description support and recurrence support
14:35 <pkunal-parmar> let me find out
14:36 <pkunal-parmar> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/1240505
14:36 <pkunal-parmar> can you check this
14:36 <zsombi> ok guys, if you don't need me I'll be heading home :)
14:36 <pkunal-parmar> I am done, thanks for your help
14:37 <zsombi> welcome, any time!!
14:37 <popey> ok
14:38 <pkunal-parmar> so was wondering will be available to 13.10 ?
14:38 <popey> I'll look into it.
14:38 <popey> are you concerned because you don't want to upgrade to 14.04?
14:39 <pkunal-parmar> not sure
14:39 <pkunal-parmar> If I dont face any problem with 13.10, then I would like to continue using it
14:40 <popey> ok. 14.04 is pretty stable ㋛
14:40 <popey> (I am on 13.10 too)
14:40 <pkunal-parmar> :)
14:40 <popey> I'll find out
14:41 <pkunal-parmar> right, I am not sure how this EDS fix (this and future) is going to work with 13.10
14:41 <pkunal-parmar> so its better to clarify, then I can decide to upgrade or not
14:41 <popey> I think it may be easier/quicker to upgrade
14:42 <pkunal-parmar> looks like, I will upgrade in that case
14:42 <popey> ok. thanks.
14:42 <pkunal-parmar> so in case of 14.04
14:42 <popey> I'm on 14.04 on my desktop, 13.10 on laptop, it's fine
14:42 <pkunal-parmar> when generaly fix is delivered ?
14:43 <popey> on the phone or desktop?
14:43 <pkunal-parmar> desktop
14:43 <pkunal-parmar> and phone as well
14:43 <pkunal-parmar> I thought both comes at same time
14:44 <popey> let me check.. one moment
14:44 <popey> there's a strict queue for landing on the phone
14:44 <popey> qtorganiser isn't in the list, I'll get it added
14:45 <pkunal-parmar> and did you checked my screenshots, now time labels are not middle of green rect but are half way across, what do you think of that ?
14:45 <pkunal-parmar> ok, that will be great
14:45 <popey> oh, i didnt notice
14:45 <popey> hmmm
14:45 <popey> that looks odd.
14:46 <popey> looks more usual having them between the lines
14:47 <pkunal-parmar> i thought it better shows what time it is,
14:47 <pkunal-parmar> ok
14:47 <popey> yeah, i can see the rationale. it makes sense
14:47 <popey> not saying it looks bad, just odd ☻
14:47 <popey> ← not a designer
14:47 <pkunal-parmar> I was just trying, I read somewhere some guy was complaining about this
14:47 <popey> ah okay.
14:48 <pkunal-parmar> may be in bug, not sure
14:48 <pkunal-parmar> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/1248123
14:48 <popey> I'll add qtorganiser5-eds to the landing asks.. will your calendar part land soon too?
14:48 <pkunal-parmar> may be thisone
14:48 <popey> its "needs fixing"
14:49 <pkunal-parmar> I need to test it once,
14:49 <pkunal-parmar> code is ready
14:49 <pkunal-parmar> its needs fixing because we can not varify if code works or not
14:50 <pkunal-parmar> but I think it will work
14:50 <pkunal-parmar> just needs testing
14:50 <popey> can you test with the patched eds from that bug?
14:50 <popey> so we can land both together?
14:50 <popey> (once tested)
14:51 <popey> i.e. we dont want to land that eds fix and then find out that it doens't actually fix the problem and have to land another eds fix
14:51 <pkunal-parmar> I can try, I was not sure if that code will work with 13.10
14:51 <pkunal-parmar> will try
14:51 <pkunal-parmar> right that makes sense
14:52 <pkunal-parmar> I will check that branch
14:52 <popey> thanks
14:52 <pkunal-parmar> All Day flag support is also missing from EDS right now
14:52 <popey> is there a bug for it?
14:52 <pkunal-parmar> yes, I created one
14:52 <popey> ok
14:53 <popey> now is a good time to upgrade to 14.04 then ㋛
14:54 <pkunal-parmar> :), yes may be on sunday
14:54 <popey> cool
14:55 <popey> ok, anything else?
14:55 <pkunal-parmar> no, I am done
14:55 <popey> Awesome. I'll get these bugs filed!
14:55 <popey> Thanks pkunal-parmar
14:56 <pkunal-parmar> welcome
14:56 <popey> #endmeeting