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12:04 <popey> boilerplate...
12:04 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bugs
12:04 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/music-app/+activereviews
12:04 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-music-dev
12:04 <popey> General Links:-
12:04 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
12:04 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
12:04 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
12:05 <popey> First thing I wanted to mention was the design / convergence topic
12:05 <popey> We had a discussion (on air) with some people from the design team yesterday
12:05 <vthompson> Ok, I saw part of the talk yesterday
12:05 <popey> They're all flying off to South Africa for two weeks of design sprint
12:05 <vthompson> I noticed Music was probably not part of it
12:05 <popey> so it was a bit last minute to get hold of them
12:06 <ahayzen> popey, o/
12:06 <popey> yo
12:06 <popey> so nothing is really on the design team "list" as such
12:06 <vthompson> I had an action item to email them the wireframes I created at the end of last year--still need to do that
12:06 <vthompson> ahayzen, \o
12:06 * ahayzen finds notes
12:06 <popey> don't expect to get much of a response for the next two weeks
12:06 <ahayzen> where are u up to?
12:06 <popey> You might get better response by making the wireframes public
12:06 <popey> ahayzen: just started
12:06 <vthompson> Ok, I'll just try to ping them within those two weeks so we are on the radar
12:06 <popey> and opening discussion by looping in some community people
12:07 <ahayzen> ok shall i report wht i've been doing?
12:07 <popey> knock yourself out ahayzen
12:07 <vthompson> The wireframes are public... on that tool...
12:07 <popey> right
12:07 <popey> i mean, draw attention to them
12:07 <popey> get people talking about it
12:07 <popey> blog post maybe
12:07 <ahayzen> ok we've been continuing to try and get lp:~andrew-hayzen/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix-swipe-delete-001 merged...
12:07 <popey> ah yes, you discussed with Tim?
12:07 <ahayzen> but Jenkins is having issues i believe balloons and timp are looking at this
12:08 <ahayzen> me and nik90 have investigated using U1DB for data storage
12:08 <ahayzen> eg for us Recent storage and Playlist storage
12:08 <ahayzen> the following bugs have been found...
12:08 <ahayzen> https://bugs.launchpad.net/u1db-qt/+bug/1266529
12:08 <ahayzen> https://bugs.launchpad.net/u1db-qt/+bug/1266478
12:08 <ahayzen> https://bugs.launchpad.net/u1db-qt/+bug/1217963
12:08 <vthompson> Did you get your answers after the email chat about your issues?
12:09 <ahayzen> i have working code offline but need the above fixes before i can land
12:09 <vthompson> Some of those bugs are a little old--I assume we don't assume they'll be fix quickly
12:09 <ahayzen> vthompson, we talked with Stuart and a few other people mainly they are issues in the implementation of the Qt version
12:10 <ahayzen> for the Recent storage all tht is blocking is the sorting otherwise tht is working enough
12:10 <ahayzen> for playlists however i need multilevel fix
12:11 <vthompson> I see. Can't we sort after we extract?
12:11 <ahayzen> vthompson, we can but it would be expensive
12:11 <ahayzen> vthompson, that is a fallback plan if required (also could allow us to do our model load pausing)
12:11 <popey> i will note those as blockers.
12:11 <ahayzen> vthompson, but due to the other issues I decided to wait until they are fixed
12:12 <vthompson> ahayzen, OK, I don't know why it'd be any slower than having the plugin sort the data
12:12 <ahayzen> vthompson, they can do a sort in the actual SQL query (tht my hope anyway)
12:12 <ahayzen> ^^ would be very fast
12:12 <vthompson> U1db queries over the web no?
12:12 <popey> lets not block on u1db, if we have a workaround.
12:13 <ahayzen> vthompson, local sqlite files
12:13 <ahayzen> vthompson, with an optional sync to U1
12:13 <vthompson> I've noticed that some of the extractions take a bit of time... if they are doing custom queries it seems like that'd take even longer
12:13 <vthompson> Ok, so the time delays I've seen are probably in setting up local files or poorly implemented syncing
12:13 <ahayzen> popey, this one is definitely a block https://bugs.launchpad.net/u1db-qt/+bug/1266478
12:14 <popey> whats that blocking?
12:14 <ahayzen> popey, playlists moving to U1DB
12:14 <popey> ok
12:14 <popey> noted
12:14 <ahayzen> vthompson, the first initial setup of the U1 db does a take a few seconds
12:14 <vthompson> And I take it we are also still waiting for the higher level settings API in U1db as well?
12:14 <ahayzen> yep there is a Settings API on the way i have been informed
12:15 <popey> how will that be used?
12:15 <ahayzen> to store repeat/shuffle etc
12:15 <ahayzen> it is essentially a wrapper around U1DB
12:15 <vthompson> popey, well we do not have any settings the user can toggle at the moment... but in 14.04 we might introduce some
12:15 <popey> do you know if there's a bug or work item tracking that?
12:15 <ahayzen> popey, work item
12:15 <popey> got a link?
12:16 <ahayzen> popey, oh i mean we have a work item
12:16 <popey> oh, but blocked on someone else?
12:16 <ahayzen> well the setting API isn't finished yet
12:16 * ahayzen looks in logs for a link
12:16 <popey> ta
12:16 <ahayzen> popey, i think kalikiana gave me the link to some code or something
12:17 <popey> ok, I will chase it with kalikiana
12:17 <vthompson> Is nik90 or other core apps devs blocked badly by the lack of a settings API?
12:17 <popey> nik90 hasn't mentioned it yet, but I haven't spoken to him about it since last week.
12:17 <popey> clock meeting is later today
12:17 <popey> will mention it
12:17 <ahayzen> i don't think anyone is badly blocked just people don't want the complexity of using localstorage
12:18 <popey> yes, this doesn't seem like a priority blocker?
12:18 <vthompson> No, it really isn't
12:18 <ahayzen> and i think the plan is for U1DB to be the preferred storage format
12:18 <popey> ok.
12:18 <ahayzen> no the settings API is not a blocker
12:19 <popey> so vthompson will you be able to blog about the music app designs so we can spread them around a bit, and get some feedback?
12:19 <vthompson> popey, I'll try to get something out via G+ and maybe the blog nik90 had set up.
12:19 <popey> great!
12:20 <vthompson> I know it sounded like we want to focus on calendar, would my asking for input be geared more at the community designers?
12:20 <popey> yes, but I'll poke the design team too
12:20 <popey> once the post is out there
12:20 <vthompson> Ok, I'll do the same... as it sounds like they want an email request
12:20 <popey> difficult as they'll be incommunicado for the next two weeks
12:20 <popey> yeah
12:21 <ahayzen> vthompson, regarding the toolbar MP, i agree with u on all the points but having the toolbar show when u stop scrolling
12:21 <popey> design@ is good, but expect latency
12:21 <ahayzen> vthompson, this is because currently when u raise the toolbar it snaps to the current track
12:21 <vthompson> ahayzen, yea, that was just an idea as my fingers were typing :P
12:21 <ahayzen> vthompson, and this would break tht functionality
12:21 <ahayzen> vthompson, otherwise i think we should not have auto-hide in the now playing page
12:22 <vthompson> Ok, I'd agree with that. We can ask design at some point if that was a good decision... but I think it is
12:22 <ahayzen> vthompson, and point 2 was functionality i missed, i'll add it when i get back
12:22 <vthompson> Sounds perfect
12:22 <ahayzen> vthompson, shall we go ahead with those changes then?
12:23 <ahayzen> vthompson, i'll add them when i get back :)
12:23 <popey> if you have anything to land in trunk, once landed we need to get sergiusens to build a new click package.
12:23 <vthompson> We can approve once the functionality with Alt matches dragging upward--issue 2
12:23 <popey> and approve via the store.
12:23 <ahayzen> vthompson, i was meaning shall we go ahead with no autohide on the now playing before asking design? it just feels right
12:24 <vthompson> ahayzen, do we have anything major since rev 278 (iirc)?
12:24 * ahayzen looks
12:24 <vthompson> Not sure if we really need a click built or not
12:24 <popey> ok.
12:24 <popey> While you look.
12:24 <popey> (we're low on time)
12:24 <vthompson> ahayzen, agreed--no autohide
12:24 <ahayzen> vthompson, cool
12:24 <popey> one thing we discussed during the design hangout was of course desktop convergence..
12:25 <popey> and one of the things John and Mike highlighted was keyboard/mouse navigation
12:25 <ahayzen> vthompson, there are a few changes http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/changes
12:25 <vthompson> Lets skip pushing to the store now. I'd like to do so once we get the sheet property universally used, however.
12:25 <ahayzen> vthompson, the blur background fix, but i would prefer to wait until the sheet pattern and reorder stuff lands?
12:26 <popey> Right now we have no keyboard navigation do we?
12:26 <ahayzen> popey, i was looking at tht last night
12:26 <vthompson> The music app could use better mouse usage, but I really think it'd just need a side scroll bar...
12:26 <popey> scroll wheel works in lists
12:26 <ahayzen> popey, just need someone to decide wht the shortcuts are
12:27 <ahayzen> i feel if we switched the Albums grid to vertical it would work much better on the desktop
12:27 <vthompson> Aren't there default Gnome-ish music keys? We could try to intercept those.
12:27 <ahayzen> vthompson, yep
12:27 <popey> there are
12:27 <ahayzen> vthompson, i usually nick them from Rhythmbox etc
12:27 <popey> ahayzen: can you take a look at that please?
12:27 <ahayzen> shall i make a branch of the obvious ones and push it up tonight for us to try?
12:27 <ahayzen> popey, yep :)
12:28 <popey> ya!
12:28 <ahayzen> i don't think we have access to the media keys yet?
12:28 <popey> i dont think we've tried
12:28 <ahayzen> usually u get those through DBus
12:28 <vthompson> ahayzen, if possible. I have a keyboard with media keys and would be able to test
12:28 <popey> same here
12:28 <ahayzen> vthompson, same i'll see if anything comes through
12:28 <ahayzen> i only have play/pause though aha
12:29 <popey> at the very least Play, Stop, Next/Prev, and cursor keys for UI navigation?
12:29 <ahayzen> popey, tht would be really cool
12:29 <vthompson> I have all keys--just need to make sure they work. Ha
12:29 <vthompson> popey, is there anything else we need to discuss?
12:29 <vthompson> I know I need to get back to the mediascanner people... they have a qml plugin that is about to land for us to use
12:29 <ahayzen> oh yeah i noticed the LP project page icon for the music-app is out of date
12:29 <popey> the only thing was a reminder to keep the work items up to date
12:29 <vthompson> I think it just has the ability to do a simple query, so it might not be 100% yet
12:30 <popey> ahayzen: I'll fix that
12:30 <ahayzen> also with the new icons there is a slightly different one, do we want to update all our icons?
12:30 <vthompson> We will be probably getting a new icon though right?
12:30 <popey> eventually
12:30 <vthompson> The lp icon doesn't really matter all that much
12:31 <popey> +1
12:31 <ahayzen> i thought there was one
12:31 <ahayzen> http://design.canonical.com/2013/12/the-new-ubuntu-icons/
12:31 <vthompson> You mean on the project page?
12:31 <popey> still under construction
12:31 <vthompson> Those haven't been published yet IIRC
12:31 <ahayzen> the one here http://design.canonical.com/wp-content/uploads/2-application-icons.jpg
12:31 <ahayzen> oh is tht not final
12:32 <popey> anything else?
12:32 <vthompson> Nothing from me
12:32 <ahayzen> don't think so
12:32 <popey> awesome.
12:32 <popey> thanks chaps.
12:33 <ahayzen> have a great weekend guys
12:33 <vthompson> You too, ahayzen !
12:33 <popey> ping if you need keyboard testing ahayzen
12:33 <vthompson> Later guys!
12:33 <popey> #endmeeting