17:03 <popey> #startmeeting Clock App meeting
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17:03 <popey> boilerplate...
17:03 <popey> Clock App links:-
17:03 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bugs
17:03 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+activereviews
17:03 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-clock-dev
17:03 <popey> General Links:-
17:03 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
17:03 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
17:03 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
17:03 <popey> hows you? good holidays?
17:04 <nik90> good. Had a nice new year with frnds. And yourself?
17:04 <popey> yeah, good, need to get to the gym though ☻
17:05 <nik90> lol
17:05 <nik90> I gave up on gym...no motivation
17:05 <popey> Oh I hear that.
17:06 <popey> So hows the clock doing? ☻
17:06 <nik90> I merged a fix from victor regarding the alarms
17:06 <nik90> started updating the blueprints with the current status
17:06 <popey> great.
17:07 <nik90> speaking of blueprints, can I get more permissions to edit it. I am unable to add dependencies and stuff.
17:07 <popey> oh.
17:07 <popey> i didnt know there were more permissions
17:07 * popey fiddles
17:08 <nik90> for some reason, I was able to do that for the 13.10 blueprints
17:08 <popey> ah, comparing to the https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/initial-clock-development bp
17:08 <popey> lots of missing stuff
17:08 <popey> I'll fix that now
17:09 <nik90> yup. And also do I follow the core-apps-14.04-* milestone or the coreapps-2014-* ones?
17:09 <nik90> in the clock app, at the beginning of the cycle, I created milestones based on app versions like 1.2, 1.4, *...
17:10 <popey> done
17:10 <popey> yeah, i created a bunch of weekly ones
17:10 <popey> we should use those
17:10 <popey> you should have access to the bp now
17:10 * popey makes a note to fix all the other blueprints too
17:10 <nik90> yup I can edit the bp now.
17:11 <popey> sweet
17:11 <nik90> I will ensure that the bp is updated today with the milestones
17:12 <popey> So the high priority for clock this cycle is getting the Alarms fully implemented and fixing any performance issues, with convergence taking a slightly lower priority.
17:12 <nik90> +1
17:12 <popey> So whatever you add to the BP should reflect that.
17:12 <popey> I realise we're a bit blocked on the alarms, but we'll keep pushing.
17:13 <nik90> I am blocked on the performance bit due to an upstream SDK bug involving tabs. I have already reported a bug and informed tim peeters about it.
17:13 <popey> i see there's been some testing of qt 5.2 over xmas, and we should be landing that "soon"
17:13 <popey> great.
17:13 <popey> got a bug number?
17:13 <nik90> let me check
17:14 <nik90> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1259917
17:15 * popey subscribes
17:15 <nik90> While trying to use it, the UI appears beneath the tab header.
17:15 <nik90> the bug is about that
17:15 <popey> ah yes, I've seen that in other apps
17:15 <popey> happens in music too
17:16 <nik90> ah okay. I have been keep track of tim's branches.. He is looking into the tab header issue. So hopefully we get a fix soon
17:16 <popey> great
17:16 <nik90> I also managed to talk to Michael Spencer. He finished the convergence of the clock tab alone. Just 1-2 bugs remaining in the implementation.
17:17 <nik90> He said he would proposing an MP within this week or the next
17:17 <popey> Oh really? is it pushed somewhere?
17:17 <popey> great great!
17:17 <popey> What an excellent start to the new year!
17:17 <nik90> no its not pushed. But I asked him to do so.
17:17 <popey> ok
17:17 <nik90> yup :-)
17:18 <nik90> so is everyone like balloons starting next week?
17:18 <nik90> I have some AP tests to be reviewed and merged
17:18 <popey> many people are out this week, yeah
17:18 <popey> not seen balloons today
17:19 <popey> 17:18:37 -!-  away     : Auto away at Mon Dec 30 23:36:20 2013
17:19 <popey> yeah, not in today
17:19 <nik90> alrite I will check with him next week then.
17:21 <popey> Super.
17:21 <popey> there's a translations branch pending
17:21 <nik90> I will review that today
17:23 <popey> thanks.
17:23 <nik90> Should I start an email thread to keep track of the alarms progress?
17:23 <popey> hmm.
17:24 <popey> I know pkunal was going to start a thread from the calendar app perspective.
17:24 <popey> be good to have one from the clock side too
17:24 <popey> Zsombor is (AIUI) working on Alarms 2.0
17:25 <nik90> Alrite I will try to summarise everything and point out what needs to be done.
17:25 <nik90> awesome
17:25 <popey> Excellent. Ping me if you need any input on that.
17:25 <nik90> will do
17:26 <nik90> Anything else to discuss?
17:27 <popey> I don't think so.
17:28 <popey> Thanks meetingology
17:28 <nik90> I just found the convergence branch of michael at https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-clock-app/initial-convergent-layout. Will take a look today and see how it works :)
17:28 <popey> er, nik90
17:28 <nik90> hehe
17:28 <nik90> its a bot popey
17:28 <popey> (although thanks to meetingology of course too)
17:28 <popey> ok nik90
17:29 <nik90> see you next week popey
17:29 <popey> see you, have a great weekend.
17:29 <popey> #endmeeting