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13:08 <popey> Let me paste some links..
13:08 <popey> RSS Reader App links:-
13:08 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bugs
13:08 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+activereviews
13:08 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-rssreader-dev
13:08 <popey> General Links:-
13:08 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
13:08 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
13:08 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
13:08 <popey> </spam>
13:09 <popey> How are you JoeyChan ?
13:09 <JoeyChan> wow..
13:09 <JoeyChan> doing great  :)
13:09 <popey> Good good.
13:09 <popey> So I had a little agenda for today.
13:09 <popey> * Deciding on features for 14.04
13:09 <popey> * Finalise work items
13:09 <popey> * Setting milestones for work items
13:09 <popey> * Bugs, merges, work items!
13:09 <popey> * Blockers
13:09 <popey> I had some ideas for what we should do for 14.04, but also wanted to hear what suggestions you had too.
13:10 <JoeyChan> i c
13:10 <popey> so we could build some work items for the next month or so, and start working on them.
13:10 <popey> we had one work item postponed from last cycle..
13:10 <popey> Optimize memory consumption: INPROGRESS
13:11 <popey> I had a couple of ideas for this cycle...
13:11 <popey> Convergence to tablet/desktop (dynamically redraw on resize, enable mouse scroll)
13:11 <popey> Design review of user interaction, presentation of articles and summaries, colours/style used
13:11 <popey> So obviously we need to keep an eye on memory use on the phone, I think that's an ongoing thing really.
13:11 <popey> But the convergence stuff should be fairly straightforward I think.
13:11 <popey> Given the app already runs really nicely on the desktop
13:12 <popey> The design review I think needs to happen to make sure font sizes etc are readable on tablet.
13:12 <popey> What do you think?
13:13 <popey> Oh, one more thing - "Sync subscriptions between devices"
13:13 <JoeyChan> yep
13:13 <JoeyChan> that's what I want
13:13 <JoeyChan> :P
13:13 <JoeyChan> hope U1DB can do this
13:15 <popey> yes
13:15 <popey> Some other core apps will also be doing this
13:15 <JoeyChan> for the "Optimize memory consumption"  I think Roman and I did enough works on that
13:15 <popey> music app wants to sync playlists and favorites
13:15 <popey> oh great!
13:15 <popey> I think it's one of those things we need to keep an eye on
13:15 <popey> especially loading big images and such
13:15 <JoeyChan> ok  i c
13:16 <JoeyChan> big images only be load in detail page
13:17 <popey> yeah, not super important for now.
13:18 <popey> Anything you'd like to focus on this cycle?
13:18 <JoeyChan> for  14.04 ?
13:18 <popey> yes
13:18 <popey> Any new features or enhancements.
13:18 <JoeyChan> yep
13:19 <JoeyChan> 1.  new design for big screen (tablet or TV)
13:19 <JoeyChan> same as urs
13:19 <JoeyChan> :P
13:20 <JoeyChan> 2. some new and necessary features,  like "Sync subscriptions between devices"  and full offline usage
13:20 <popey> offline usage is a great idea
13:20 * popey adds that to the list
13:20 <popey> So you can read articles then it sync's state when you go online?
13:21 <JoeyChan> currently only text is offline
13:21 <popey> marking them as "read"
13:21 <popey> that would be excellent. I like that.
13:21 <JoeyChan> yep  it is possible to sync everything
13:22 <popey> I'd like to put a call out to the community for design ideas.
13:22 <popey> To see if people can come up with improvements here or there.
13:22 <popey> That sound okay?
13:22 <JoeyChan> ok
13:22 <popey> cool.
13:23 <JoeyChan> :)
13:23 <popey> I'll start putting some of these into the blueprint as work items
13:23 <popey> and we can think about prioritising them
13:23 <JoeyChan> yep  :)
13:23 <popey> Great.
13:24 <popey> So the idea is we'll have these weekly meetings and check up on the progress on these
13:24 <popey> But next week as it's the holiday we won't have a meeting
13:24 <popey> but will start again on Jan 3rd, okay?
13:24 <JoeyChan> roger that
13:25 <popey> Awesome. Ok. Anything else you wanted to discuss?
13:27 <JoeyChan> will the desktop mode available in  final  14.04 ?
13:27 <JoeyChan> :P
13:27 <popey> oh, good question
13:27 <popey> So 14.04 will be using Unity 7.
13:27 <popey> Same as 13.10
13:28 <popey> The aim is to have Unity 8 in 14.10 in October 2014
13:28 <popey> However...
13:28 <popey> We aim to have a "Guest session" which lets people login to 14.04  with Unity 8, but not default.
13:28 <popey> So people can try it out.
13:28 <JoeyChan> ok
13:28 <popey> We will need apps for people to try out too ☻
13:29 <popey> But I don't know how we manage that. Will make a note to discuss it with my co-workers
13:29 <popey> it's a good question!
13:30 <JoeyChan> :)  I  do want my phone can plug with a monitor , become a "PC"
13:30 <popey> Oh!
13:30 <popey> That will come with 14.10
13:30 <popey> hopefully
13:30 <JoeyChan> oh,  i c
13:30 <popey> Not ready yet.
13:30 <popey> Right, anything else?
13:31 <JoeyChan> that's all
13:31 <JoeyChan> thanks
13:31 <JoeyChan> :)
13:31 <popey> Great!
13:31 <popey> Have a great holiday!
13:31 <popey> See you in the new year!
13:31 <JoeyChan> u  2   :D
13:31 <popey> #endmeeting