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19:00 <popey> Some links..
19:00 <popey> Weather App links:-
19:00 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+bugs
19:00 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-weather-app/+activereviews
19:01 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-weather-dev
19:01 <popey> General Links:-
19:01 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
19:01 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
19:01 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
19:01 <popey> </spam>
19:01 <neokore> :D
19:01 <popey> How are you guys?
19:01 <neokore> very good! I missed this meetings
19:01 <m-b-o> Fine
19:01 <popey> me too!
19:02 <popey> I had a mini-agenda..
19:02 <popey> * Deciding on features for 14.04
19:02 <popey> * Finalise work items
19:02 <popey> * Setting milestones for work items
19:02 <popey> * Bugs, merges, work items!
19:02 <popey> * Blockers
19:02 <popey> So really the features for 14.04 we had one main one..
19:02 <popey> * Implementing the weather channel changes
19:03 <m-b-o> WIP
19:03 <popey> I know you had a couple of questions m-b-o
19:03 <m-b-o> oh yes :)
19:03 <popey> I poked dpm about them earlier and he's awaiting answers
19:03 <m-b-o> I have new ones, some for you!
19:03 <m-b-o> :)
19:03 <popey> \o/
19:03 <popey> Go right ahead
19:03 <m-b-o> https://code.launchpad.net/~martin-borho/ubuntu-weather-app/weather-channel-client
19:04 <m-b-o> already working with TWC, even a the twc bar is added
19:04 <m-b-o> 1) the place is really narrow for those two links
19:04 <m-b-o> especially on maguro
19:05 <popey> ooh!
19:06 <m-b-o> 2) I assume, we're using wunderground.com, right? So I don't know how to resolve the api data to get the TWC location for the links. Perhaps there's some spec for that?
19:06 <m-b-o> The links in the csv
19:06 <popey> ok, for 1) we need to get a couple of screenshots and fire them at design
19:07 <m-b-o> 3) Get's everything released, thats getting merged into trunk?
19:07 <popey> for 2) I don't think it's based on location but locale
19:08 <popey> i.e. not that I'm in London, but that my system is en_GB
19:08 <popey> if it was en_CA or fr_CA that would differ, right?
19:08 <m-b-o> I've meant  <location> in the URL_Schemes you'Ve send in the csv
19:09 <popey> ah
19:09 <popey> that's their location ID isn't it?
19:10 <popey> e.g. UKXX0057 for Farnborough
19:11 <m-b-o> in the uk, in Germany it's the ZIP code
19:11 <popey> Does TWC api not convert location to their internal ID?
19:11 <popey> oof
19:11 <m-b-o> is the TWC api wunderground.com?
19:12 <popey> yes, I thought so.
19:13 <popey> Sorry, I don't understand the problem ☻
19:13 <popey> if you throw a german zip code in the <location> does it work?
19:14 <m-b-o> in Germany, but in UK it's not the zip code, I guess
19:16 <m-b-o> Hamburg in UK http://uk.weather.com/weather/today/GMXX0049:1:GM
19:16 <popey> No, some kind of "location code"
19:16 <popey> right, so that works..
19:16 <popey> http://uk.weather.com/weather/today/UKXX0057:1:GM
19:17 <popey> so you need to keep the location code in the app and link to that from the links in the bar, right?
19:18 <m-b-o> yes, keeping the data is not the problem, but to resolve this code.
19:19 <m-b-o> will have a second look
19:19 <popey> where does the city search list come from at the moment?
19:19 <popey> when you "add city"?
19:19 <m-b-o> I could swear, the codes were differnt at the weekend
19:20 <popey> ahh, geonames
19:20 <m-b-o> geonmaes.org
19:21 <popey> http://api.wunderground.com/api/558588d65ec9c24c/conditions/q/53.57532,10.01534.json
19:21 <popey> so i search for Hamburg, geonames returns the right stuff..
19:21 <popey> where did you get GMXX0049 from?
19:21 <m-b-o> yes, and somewhere inside sits the TWC Location ID
19:22 <m-b-o> that'S the point!
19:22 <popey> heh
19:23 <popey> so IHAMBURG22 is the station ID returned there.
19:24 <m-b-o> resolves on uk.weather.com to aberdeen
19:24 <m-b-o> or aberdeen is the default when nothing found...
19:24 <m-b-o> do you have a contact at TWC?
19:25 <popey> we do, but we have to go through someone else here. Not direct contact
19:25 <m-b-o> okay.
19:25 <popey> I would fire a mail at dpm, I'll speak to him in the morning and we'll push for an answer
19:25 <m-b-o> ok, thanks!
19:25 <popey> np
19:25 * popey adds to to-do
19:26 <neokore> sorry guys, I've listening only to try to understand everything
19:26 <popey> np ☻
19:26 <m-b-o> :)
19:26 <popey> me too! :D
19:26 <neokore> :P
19:26 <popey> So the only other thing I had to think about for 14.04 was convergence
19:26 <popey> what would the app look like on a tablet
19:27 <m-b-o> glad you've listened both ;)
19:27 <popey> always
19:27 <neokore> haha
19:27 <m-b-o> :)
19:27 <neokore> maybe on table we could use 2 columns
19:27 <m-b-o> isn't the app in the "sidestage" or how it's called?
19:27 <popey> It can be, yes
19:28 <neokore> one for houly or 10days forecast
19:28 <neokore> and other with the current weather
19:28 <popey> but lets say for example someone wanted to see a longer forecast in one screen
19:28 <popey> rather than flip up/down
19:28 <m-b-o> yes
19:28 <popey> at the moment they would click the link and break out to the website
19:28 <popey> which is not a great experience IMO
19:28 <m-b-o> yes, what's really not nice
19:28 <popey> I'd rather you could get the data inside the app
19:29 <popey> but we have no design for that right now
19:29 <m-b-o> yes. some sort of overview look
19:29 <popey> exactly
19:30 <popey> like the top bar at http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/
19:30 <popey> and for a given day.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2643743
19:30 <popey> something which shows you upcoming hours
19:30 <m-b-o> yes
19:30 <popey> nobody really wants to know the weather *now*, they want the weather "today", "later" or "at the weekend"
19:31 <popey> you can look out the window for the weather nowe
19:31 <popey> -e
19:31 <neokore> you're right
19:31 <popey> I think we need design input ☻
19:32 <popey> I'll take an action to try and get some design involvement
19:32 <m-b-o> so we have here some  freedom to tinker around?
19:32 <popey> for now, sure
19:32 <popey> maybe a separate branch for playing around with things
19:33 <neokore> ok
19:33 <m-b-o> okay
19:33 <neokore> about animations, I've working on them
19:33 <popey> great.
19:33 <m-b-o> cool
19:33 <popey> I put a link up above to the Blockers page
19:34 <neokore> by now looks good, but maybe we'll need to detect the device resolution
19:34 <popey> we want to make sure we have visiblity of any blockers you guys have
19:34 <popey> like if you're waiting on something from sdk or toolkit, we need to make a record so we chase it down
19:34 <popey> and don't loose anything
19:34 <popey> does it not work on grid units?
19:35 <neokore> it's not about element size, it's about resource resolution
19:35 <neokore> for little screens, we can't use big images
19:35 <neokore> or for tablets,...
19:36 <popey> ah right
19:36 <neokore> I'll search a way to detect this info
19:36 <popey> kaleo might be a good person to ping
19:36 <popey> if he's online
19:36 <neokore> or take 3 levels of sizes
19:36 <popey> (he is)
19:37 <neokore> ok, I'll ping him
19:37 <neokore> or should we talk now?
19:37 <popey> you can ping him in #ubuntu-tablet maybe?
19:37 <popey> er, #ubuntu-touch
19:37 <popey> duh
19:38 <neokore> yes,
19:38 <popey> oh i missed 19:06:58 < m-b-o> 3) Get's everything released, thats getting merged into trunk?
19:38 <popey> yes, once we have tests on everything and it passes, we land in trunk
19:39 <m-b-o> okay
19:39 <popey> Anything else?
19:39 <m-b-o> howto install autopilot 1.4? all tests are failing here du to old autopilot version
19:39 <popey> oh
19:39 <popey> on the phone or desktop?
19:39 * popey pokes balloons
19:40 <m-b-o> python-autopilot was kept back yesterday so I thought removeing and installing again would help, but broke it completely
19:40 <m-b-o> desktop
19:41 <popey> oof
19:41 <popey> what does apt-cache policy python-autopilot  return ?
19:42 <popey> you probably need this ppa https://launchpad.net/~autopilot/+archive/ppa
19:42 <m-b-o> Die folgenden Pakete haben unerfüllte Abhängigkeiten:
19:42 <m-b-o> python-autopilot : Empfiehlt: libautopilot-qt (>= 1.4) aber 1.3+13.10.20130814bzr70saucy0 soll installiert werden
19:42 <m-b-o> Beschädigt: libautopilot-qt (< 1.4) aber 1.3+13.10.20130814bzr70saucy0 soll installiert werden
19:42 <popey> 1.4+14.04.20131125bzr404saucy0 for saucy
19:43 <m-b-o> soryy for the paste
19:43 <popey> np
19:43 <m-b-o> that's with the ppa
19:43 <popey> uh
19:45 <m-b-o> will try another time again
19:46 <popey> hmm, my connection is playing up
19:48 <popey> right, back
19:48 <popey> Ok. you're on saucy m-b-o ? if so I'll try it here and report a bug if it breaks
19:49 <m-b-o> yes, saucy
19:49 <popey> ok, will test here
19:49 <m-b-o> alright, thanks
19:49 <popey> Ok, lets wrap up if there's nothing else?
19:49 <popey> No meeting next week, happy holidays!
19:49 <popey> Back in two weeks, 2nd jan.. okay?
19:49 <m-b-o> meryy xmas!
19:49 <popey> You too!
19:50 <popey> you too neokore ☻
19:50 <m-b-o> yes
19:50 <neokore> you too!
19:50 <popey> #endmeeting