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17:02 <popey> Clock App links:-
17:02 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bugs
17:02 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+activereviews
17:02 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-clock-dev
17:02 <popey> General Links:-
17:02 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
17:02 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
17:02 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
17:02 <popey> </spam>
17:02 <popey> so my rough agenda for today:-
17:02 <popey> * Deciding on features for 14.04
17:02 <popey> * Finalise work items
17:02 <popey> * Setting milestones for work items
17:02 <popey> * Bugs, merges, work items!
17:02 <popey> * Blockers
17:03 <nik90> sure. I thought about some of those already
17:03 <popey> I pulled in the items which were left over from last cycle and put them into the new blueprint (linked above)
17:03 <popey> and had a few ideas for features for 14.04
17:03 <popey> which I'll paste and we can discuss
17:03 <nik90> go ahead
17:03 <popey> World clock
17:03 <popey> Complete alarms functionality
17:03 <popey> Add configurable snooze to alarms
17:03 <popey> Alarms on clock page
17:03 <popey> Resolve UI performance issues
17:03 <popey> </spam>
17:04 <nik90> So the first one -> World Clock
17:04 <nik90> The current implementation of world clock is flaky due to lack of timezone support in Qt 5.0.2
17:05 <popey> Right.
17:05 <nik90> However once Qt 5.2 lands and is supported by the SDK, I can get started right away on that
17:05 <nik90> I believe tim is doing that and is in the test PPA at the moment
17:05 <nik90> so my best guess would be that by the end of january, this work can start
17:05 <popey> ok.
17:06 <popey> (i'll collate these into work items a bit later)
17:06 <nik90> ok
17:06 <nik90> Second item -> Alarms Functionality, Snooze and Alarms on clock page
17:06 <nik90> I spoke to balloons and charles about this 2 days back
17:06 <popey> So on that. I'm really sorry we dropped the ball on that.
17:07 <popey> It's unforgiveable that we let that slide so long. I'm sorry.
17:07 <nik90> nah..towards the end it was really hectic
17:07 <nik90> so it is understandable
17:07 <popey> We do need to settle it though, I have seen some conversations on irc. What's the current state?>
17:07 <nik90> from my observation, there is some work to be done in the indicator-datetime by charles
17:08 <nik90> this will then allow snap notifications to be shown when an alarm is triggered
17:08 <popey> Right.
17:08 <nik90> the indicator should also list the alarms in the indicator date-time
17:08 <nik90> similar to the calendar events
17:08 <popey> Does it not already do that?
17:08 <nik90> Hmm, I have not seen it do that
17:09 <nik90> I remember mhall119 posting a screenshot on g+ of the calendar events shown
17:09 <nik90> but not the alarms
17:09 <popey> I saw it on mhall119's phone, but ... yes.
17:09 <popey> ah yes, you're right
17:09 <popey> <- confused
17:09 <nik90> :)
17:09 <nik90> so I am curious why alarms dont show up since both alarms and calendar use EDS
17:10 <nik90> let's add a workitem where I will coordinate with charles on this
17:10 <popey> it should be a bug, no?
17:10 <nik90> renato and zsombor had a look at the alarms implementation in the clock app
17:10 <popey> in i-d?
17:10 <mhall119> nik90: I think the datetime-indicator wasn't pulling things from the Alarms database in EDS
17:10 <nik90> mhall119: okay.
17:10 <mhall119> EDS supports multiple database, "Personal" is used by calendar, "Alarms" is used by clock
17:10 <nik90> mhall119, popey: Then it is a bug that should be reported
17:10 <popey> I can do that
17:10 <mhall119> kenvandine: ^^ is there a bug for this?
17:11 <nik90> okay
17:11 <popey> ok, added to to-do
17:11 <nik90> And Zsombor needs to work on version 2.0 of the Alarms SDK API to provide snooze capability
17:11 <kenvandine> nope
17:12 <popey> ok, noted
17:12 <mhall119> nik90: popey: I think there's still an outstanding question of what handles the alarm when it's triggered
17:12 <mhall119> clock-app, datetime-indicator, something else
17:12 <mhall119> do we have any clear guidance on that yet?
17:12 <popey> the original hurried design was "just show a snap decision, do nothing else"
17:12 <nik90> mhall119: design specified that a snap decision will be shown with actions to dismiss or snooze
17:13 <popey> but that was under the pressure of release coming a few days later
17:13 <nik90> true
17:13 <popey> but yes, we should have a [ Alarm ]  [ Snooze | Dismiss ]
17:13 <popey> ^ see, I can do design!
17:13 <nik90> I think we should follow a format similar to the incoming calls
17:13 <popey> +1
17:13 <nik90> when one receives a call, do you see the dialer app?
17:13 <nik90> or just a snap decision?
17:14 <popey> just a snap decision
17:14 <popey> but when you answer, it switches to the dialler
17:14 <nik90> okay
17:14 <nik90> In the case of alarms, I think both snooze and dismiss shouldn't open the clock-app
17:14 <mhall119> so we need to see if the snap decisions for alarms has been implemented, and what code is doing it
17:15 <popey> Zsombor needs to work on version 2.0 of the Alarms SDK API to provide snooze capability
17:15 <popey> pastefail
17:15 <popey> http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2013-12-19-171432.png <- thats what it looks like when you're being called
17:15 <popey> http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2013-12-19-171450.png <- thats what it looks like when you answer
17:15 <nik90> mhall119: the indicator-datetime runs in the background all the time and is supposed to trigger the notification
17:15 <mhall119> ok
17:16 <mhall119> ted then might be the person to talk about about whether or not the alarm handling has been implemented
17:16 <nik90> ted already did his part
17:16 <nik90> with the url handler
17:17 <mhall119> url handler for what?
17:17 <popey> launching the app when you click
17:17 <mhall119> when you click an alarm entry in the datetime-indicator?
17:17 <nik90> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1233176
17:17 <nik90> mhall119: yes
17:17 <mhall119> then who is responsible for implementing the snap-decision when the alarm goes off?
17:18 <nik90> I thought it was charles kerr. but not sure
17:19 <mhall119> popey: want to take an action item to track that down?
17:19 <mhall119> the whole "who's doing what" for alarms has me confused
17:20 <nik90> popey: perhaps an work item to also get the snap decision design for it as well
17:20 <popey> ok
17:21 <mhall119> we can use the incoming call design to start with though, so we don't block on design
17:21 <nik90> +1
17:21 <popey> when you say "implementing the snap-decision"...
17:22 <popey> do you mean, what triggers it or who write sthe code that makes the unknown thing trigger it?
17:22 <popey> <- confused
17:22 <nik90> shouldn't the date-time service send a message to the notification service with the message, action details etc?
17:22 <mhall119> popey: everything between EDS and the snap-decision
17:23 <popey> right, okay
17:23 <popey> leave it with me
17:23 <popey> added to-do's for myself
17:23 <nik90> popey: What did you mean by Alarms on clock page
17:23 <mhall119> so "what checks for alarms that need to be triggered", "what responds to the trigger" and "what displays the snap-decision"
17:24 <popey> nik90: that was a suggestion for something to occupy space on a large display
17:24 <popey> i.e. on a tablet, the clock might look a bit lonely
17:25 <popey> so there could be world clocks listed
17:25 <popey> so your tablet looks like a desk clock with lots of times listed
17:25 <popey> but could also have the clock and upcoming alarms on screen at once
17:25 <popey> so it's more of a desk-clock view than the current clock view
17:25 <popey> but only where the screen is large enough, like a tablet
17:25 <nik90> popey: the plan was to show world clocks also in the tablet view
17:26 <popey> http://www.promo-wholesale.com/Upfiles/Prod_j/World-Time-Desk-Clock_20090662612.jpg
17:26 <popey> like that but not as crappy ☻
17:26 <popey> ok. this was just a suggestion ☻
17:26 <nik90> ok
17:26 <nik90> I am waiting on michael spencer to submit his tablet views
17:27 <nik90> do you know his irc nick?
17:27 <popey> iBelieve
17:27 <nik90> thnx
17:27 <popey> does he know he's making some?
17:28 <nik90> I will check with him today or tomorrow about it
17:28 <nik90> well he shared screenshots on g+
17:28 <nik90> of the clock app in tablet mode
17:28 <nik90> and he said he would propose a MP
17:28 <popey> sounds like an undocumented work item to me ㋛
17:28 <nik90> it is undocumented
17:28 <nik90> Let's see a work item (one for each tab) and then assign one of them to him
17:28 <nik90> and I will discuss this with him
17:29 * popey added it to the bp
17:29 <nik90> once we get one tab, getting the rest should be easier
17:29 <popey> will add one for each tab
17:29 <nik90> The last feature was UI performance improvements
17:30 <nik90> I can handle that :)
17:30 <nik90> By working on my personal app, I learnt how to do that :)
17:30 <popey> \o/
17:30 <nik90> I am planning to make tabs load dynamically only when the user navigates to them
17:30 <nik90> this should reduce the memory usage considerably
17:30 <popey> hoping qt5.2 brings some performance benefits to
17:30 <popey> +too
17:30 <nik90> since a user rarely goes to the timer and stopwatch tab
17:31 <nik90> most use only the clock and alarm tab
17:31 <popey> Right
17:31 <popey> we have some milestones created
17:31 * nik90 needs to bookmark the new 14.04 blueprint and status links
17:31 <popey> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
17:32 <popey> one per week
17:32 <popey> We have MWC in February. Would be good to show off some awesomeness there.
17:32 <nik90> when in Feb is it?
17:32 <nik90> I have an exam period between 20-30 Jan. So will be busy with that.
17:32 <popey> 24-27
17:32 <nik90> But I will try to get the work done before and after that period
17:33 <popey> ok, cool. thanks.
17:33 <nik90> okay so that's end of feb
17:33 <nik90> nice
17:33 <popey> plenty of time ㋛
17:33 <nik90> yup
17:33 <popey> Anything else you wanted to talk about?
17:33 <nik90> definitely the tablet and performance fixes by then
17:33 <popey> Great.
17:33 <nik90> nope
17:34 <popey> Sweet.
17:34 <popey> I don't think we'll have an irc meeting next week what with it being the holidays
17:34 <popey> resume the week after.
17:34 <nik90> true
17:34 <nik90> okay
17:34 <nik90> so 2nd Jan then
17:34 <popey> But will keep in touch if I get any progress
17:34 <popey> yes
17:34 <nik90> okay. me too
17:35 <popey> Awesome, thanks nik90. Happy holidays!
17:35 <nik90> u too!
17:35 <popey> (thanks mhall119)
17:35 <popey> #endmeeting