16:03 <popey> #startmeeting Calculator app meeting
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16:03 <popey> Calculator App links:-
16:03 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bugs
16:03 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+activereviews
16:03 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-calculator-dev
16:03 <popey> General Links:-
16:03 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
16:04 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
16:04 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
16:04 <popey> </spam>
16:04 <popey> Mihir: sorry, you'll see some duplication here with the calendar meeting ☻
16:04 <popey> As an agenda I came up with this..
16:04 <popey> * Deciding on features for 14.04
16:04 <popey> * Finalise work items
16:04 <popey> * Setting milestones for work items
16:04 <popey> * Bugs, merges, work items!
16:04 <Mihir> popey:  no issues :)
16:04 <popey> * Blockers
16:04 <popey> Good man
16:04 <popey> So the first thing to note is we don't have any concrete features defined for 14.04 for Calculator
16:05 <popey> Other than polish, bug fixing, test fixing etc.
16:05 <popey> The only real features we'd come up with are:-
16:05 <Mihir> popey: okay :)
16:05 <popey> * Enable sidestage usage on tablet UI
16:05 <Mihir> popey: we have fixed I guess all the old bugs
16:06 <popey> * Enable full screen view of calculator - needs design(s)
16:06 <popey> * [optional] Scientific mode
16:06 <popey> * [maddness] Graphing calculator
16:07 <popey> How about you guys, can you think of any significant features to add this cycle?
16:07 <Mihir> Graphic you meant to say, user draws numbers & sign on calculator ?
16:07 <Mihir> The main would be scientific view, what say WebbyIT  ?
16:07 <popey> http://www.amazon.com/HP-HP50G-50g-Graphing-Calculator/dp/B000GTPRPS
16:07 <popey> like that
16:08 <popey> but I deliberately tagged that "madness" ☻
16:08 <Mihir> thats great :)
16:08 <WebbyIT> popey, yeah sure, tomorrow morning you have it
16:08 <WebbyIT> :P
16:09 <WebbyIT> well, we can decide to focus on scientific view, but I need some help, I have no ability to do something so complicate... what about you Mihir?
16:09 <Mihir> WebbyIT: you talking about Maths ?
16:09 <Mihir> lol
16:10 <WebbyIT> Mihir, about scientific function, I tried to look to engine.js, but it's very complicate
16:11 <popey> I can see a use case for the calc being simple on phone and scientific on tablet (or when phone turned sideways)
16:11 <Mihir> WebbyIT: yeah that's true, we need to look at better option for scientific calculator
16:11 <Mihir> popey: we should give both options, users should be able to select their option
16:11 <Mihir> if they choose scientific make it in rotate view
16:12 <popey> well, I'm just thinking we need more room for more buttons
16:12 <Mihir> Hmm true..
16:12 <popey> Mihir: well, you have a simple option of just turning your phone on its side
16:13 <popey> turn it the right way up and the buttons change back
16:13 <popey> that's just my idea as a non-designer ㋛
16:13 <WebbyIT> yeah, first of all we need some design, my better idea of design is a CLI :-)
16:13 <Mihir> popey: also, we need to freeze scientific functions that needs to be implemented based on the prioritty
16:14 <popey> ok, so I am seeing 3 items here.
16:14 <popey> 1. decide on scientific functions to be implemented
16:14 <popey> 2. Design for scientific calc
16:14 <popey> 3. identify libraries we can use, or implement own?
16:15 <Mihir> okay sounds great
16:15 <popey> we can break down 1. into separate functions as work items, take them one at a time
16:15 <popey> although I expect some will be done together like sin/cos/tan
16:15 <popey> and deg/rad mode
16:15 <WebbyIT> and ^ and sqr
16:15 <popey> ya
16:16 <Mihir> popey:  we don't have design resource for calculator also ?
16:16 <popey> correct
16:16 <popey> \o/ community
16:16 <Mihir> ohhhh...
16:16 <Mihir> okay
16:16 <popey> however, we may be able to bring some designs to the design clinic
16:16 <mhall119> has anybody tried the calculator on the desktop?  Does it work well with keyboard and mouse?
16:16 <popey> and the design team can review them
16:17 * mhall119 just tried
16:17 <mhall119> can I request keyboard input as a priority feature?
16:17 <popey> good call mhall119
16:17 <popey> yeah, I'll add to my list
16:17 <mhall119> before scientific stuff gets added
16:17 <WebbyIT> yes, it's a good idea marlinc
16:17 <WebbyIT> ops, mhall119
16:18 <popey> thats actually part of convergence which is higher priority than scientific anyway
16:18 <Mihir> mhall119: that's must
16:19 <Mihir> popey: for keyboard input do we have anything available from SDK side ??
16:19 <popey> WebbyIT: Mihir who wants to take a work item to look at desktop usage?
16:19 <popey> mhall119: did the keyboard "just work"?
16:19 <popey> or did you have to peck out with the mouse?
16:20 <WebbyIT> Mihir, as you wish, do you want to do this?
16:20 <mhall119> Mihir: popey: I have no idea
16:20 <WebbyIT> popey, you have to use mouse
16:20 <popey> yeah, just tested here
16:20 <popey> needs mouse
16:20 <Mihir> WebbyIT: if you wish fine..
16:21 <popey> can you add a work item to the blueprint please
16:21 <Mihir> popey: we both will discuss and will start working on that what say WebbyIT ?
16:21 <mhall119> try asking the SDK team, or on the Google+ community, or askubuntu
16:21 <popey> also need to enable scroll wheel support
16:22 <mhall119> Mihir: maybe http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/QtQuick.KeyEvent/ will help
16:22 <Mihir> popey: I'll add in blueprint
16:22 <Mihir> mhall119:  thanks a lot :)
16:22 <mhall119> np
16:22 <popey> thanks
16:22 <mhall119> we're planning on having a Unity 8 session available on desktops for testing in 14.04, having the core apps usable with keyboard and mouse will really make that experience better
16:23 <WebbyIT> ok, after meeting Mihir and I talk about this, I think we can do it fast
16:23 <popey> WebbyIT: Mihir we have milestones for each week..
16:23 <Mihir> WebbyIT: yeah, we can distribute the work accordingly :)
16:23 <popey> e.g. coreapps-2013-week-51 coreapps-2013-week-52 etc
16:24 <popey> so if you could estimate when you think you might have something ready and put it under an appropriate milestone.
16:24 <WebbyIT> popey, ok, sure
16:24 <mhall119> WebbyIT: Mihir: when it's working please let me know, I want to  blog about it
16:24 <Mihir> popey: i may be inactive for few weeks , I am travelling onsite work so , but I'll try for sure
16:24 <popey> I'll add the others that we've discussed and we can assign those as appropriate
16:24 <popey> Mihir: ok
16:24 <Mihir> mhall119: sure :)
16:25 <Mihir> popey: we don't have any open bugs I guess
16:25 <Mihir> any major
16:25 <popey> Well, we can fix that, we should have one for the lack of keyboard/mouse support on desktop
16:26 <Mihir> WebbyIT: are you busy with any college stuffs ?
16:26 <popey> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/1262747
16:26 <popey> fixed that for you
16:26 <Mihir> popey: okay as per our understanding :-
16:26 <WebbyIT> Mihir, 4 exams between Jan and Feb, but no lessons :-)
16:26 <Mihir> 1. Keyboard
16:26 <Mihir> 2.Mouse
16:26 <Mihir> 3. scientific view
16:26 <Mihir> am I correct?
16:26 <popey> i would put scientific after convergence
16:27 <popey> i.e. it should work in the sidestage on tablets
16:27 <popey> and be resizable to tablet size and desktop size
16:27 <Mihir> okay popey gotcha :)
16:27 <popey> then scientific if we can get those done
16:28 <popey> Sound reasonable?
16:28 <Mihir> popey: yeah pretty much :)
16:28 <WebbyIT> Yap, I updated blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-calculator-dev
16:28 <popey> I'll have further discussions with the rest of the community team and will paste some more work items in which we can talk about at our next meeting or over email
16:28 <popey> sweet!
16:28 <Mihir> mhall119: sure I'll inform you once keyboard inputs are done :)
16:29 <popey> don't forget tests!
16:29 <Mihir> popey: sure :)
16:29 <Mihir> popey: and let us know when you put designer calls on website :)
16:29 <mhall119> thanks Mihir
16:29 <WebbyIT> popey, when will next meeting? Next week it's xmas
16:29 <popey> yeah, skip next week
16:29 <Mihir> WebbyIT: after new year
16:29 <popey> mhall119: will do
16:29 <Mihir> :-D
16:29 <popey> er, Mihir will do
16:30 <popey> but will send out an update over email
16:30 <popey> so you dont forget about me ㋛
16:30 <Mihir> hahahahah I won't popey  :)
16:30 <popey> Anything else?
16:30 <WebbyIT> yeah :D
16:30 <Mihir> popey:  nothing from my side
16:31 <WebbyIT> nether mine
16:31 <popey> Thanks guys. Looking forward to 2014 - it's going to be an exciting year I think ☻
16:31 <popey> mhall119: anything from you?
16:31 <mhall119> haven't I given them enough work?
16:31 <popey> hah
16:31 <mhall119> :)
16:31 <popey> I'm sure we can come up with some more ㋛
16:31 <popey> thanks guys, have a great holiday!
16:31 <popey> see you in 2 weeks.
16:31 <mhall119> thanks everyone
16:31 <WebbyIT> Thanks for the awesome year guys :-) Have nice holiday!
16:31 <popey> safe travells
16:31 <popey> #endmeeting