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14:02 <popey> Calendar App links:-
14:02 <popey> Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bugs
14:02 <popey> Reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+activereviews
14:02 <popey> Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-calendar-dev
14:02 <popey> General Links:-
14:02 <popey> Milestones: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+milestones
14:02 <popey> Burndown: http://status.ubuntu.com/coreapps-14.04/
14:02 <popey> Blockers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Blockers
14:03 <popey> a few things to mention as an agenda..
14:03 <popey> * Deciding on features for 14.04
14:03 <popey> * Finalise work items
14:03 <popey> * Setting milestones for work items
14:03 <popey> * Bugs, merges, work items!
14:03 <popey> * Blockers
14:03 <popey> hey pkunal-parmar
14:03 <Mihir> pkunal-parmar: hey
14:03 <pkunal-parmar> Hi All
14:04 <popey> pkunal-parmar: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6599833/ is what I said just before you arrived, just so you don't miss anything ☻
14:04 <popey> For 14.04 I pulled over the existing POSTPONED items from the previous blueprint
14:04 <popey> as a starting point.
14:04 <popey> and wanted to talk to you guys about what would be fun to do for 14.04.
14:05 <popey> The two main things that I had in mind for calendar app were 1) convergence - making the UK fit well on a tablet sized device, and b) syncing
14:05 <Mihir> syncing with Google calendar?
14:05 <popey> By syncing I mean synchronising calendar content to a provider of some kind
14:05 <popey> that could be google, yes.
14:06 <Mihir> Okay that's sounds great :)
14:06 <popey> I think that would make the app 10x more useful to everyone.
14:06 <popey> What do you guys think?
14:06 <pkunal-parmar> Popey, somehow google cal is synced with calendar for desktop at least
14:07 <pkunal-parmar> so may be is mostly is EDS work on Calendar work
14:07 <pkunal-parmar> *not
14:07 <popey> oh?
14:07 <popey> I hadn't seen it working on desktop.
14:07 <Mihir> pkunal-parmar: still we are left with the reminder and completing all the task of EDS , am I correct ?
14:07 <popey> oh yes, reminders too! good call!
14:08 <pkunal-parmar> and may be online account needs to provide some support for google login
14:08 <popey> We have google account login in online accounts already
14:09 <pkunal-parmar> yes many fields are still not supported by EDS,
14:09 <pkunal-parmar> I seen mhall was able to sync with google cal
14:09 <Mihir> pkunal-parmar: yeah we haven't completed that in our first release I guess...
14:09 <popey> yes, I think he had to jump through some hoops to make the google calendar sync work
14:10 <popey> https://plus.google.com/u/0/109919666334513536939/posts/hpn9o1ztkYN
14:10 <popey> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SyncEvolution/synchronize-multiple-google-calendars-with-evolution-calendars
14:10 <pkunal-parmar> so mostly, I would like to complete all missing field support first, I was trying with recurrence already, but EDS is needs to support it
14:11 <pkunal-parmar> may be same with other fields as well
14:11 <Mihir> pkunal-parmar: agreed..that needs to supported first and pushed into EDS
14:12 <popey> I sense some work items forming ㋛
14:12 <Mihir> popey: what are the timelines for next release ?
14:12 <popey> I'm glad you asked that!
14:12 <popey> 14.04 releases at end of april
14:13 <Mihir> and phone release must be in May correct?
14:13 <popey> However we also have a deal with a handset manufacturer in the works.
14:13 <popey> I don't have a timeline for when that handset will be available
14:13 <popey> It seems some of this (non convergence work) could be ready fairly soon?
14:13 <pkunal-parmar> that release support tablet as well
14:14 <popey> i theory, yes.
14:14 <Mihir> popey: okay
14:14 <popey> *in
14:14 <popey> But I think we need more design input for how to show the calendar on tablet form factor first
14:14 <pkunal-parmar> I realized now we dont have UI designer for calendar team ?
14:14 <popey> correct
14:14 <Mihir> popey: why so ?
14:14 <popey> We put a call out for some designers to get involved
14:14 <popey> The Canonical design team are stretched to capacity
14:14 <Mihir> okay :)
14:15 <popey> However we can try and get some community people involved
14:15 <popey> I'll take an action to put a call out to help with the convergence designs
14:15 <Mihir> Okay that sounds great :) I have friend as well i can ask them if they are really interested :)
14:16 <popey> ok, added a work item to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/+spec/coreapps-1404-calendar-dev
14:16 <popey> notice I have added it under a milestone for week 51 (this week)
14:16 <popey> we have milestones setup for the next few weeks.
14:16 <Mihir> okay
14:16 <popey> I think we'll have a presence at MWC (February) - Mobile World Congress
14:17 <popey> be good to have something cool (like sync) to show off there?
14:17 <Mihir> popey:  where is it happening ?
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> [popey] - Put out the call for more converged music app designs: TODO
14:17 <popey> barcelona iirc
14:17 <popey> doh
14:17 <popey> copy/paste error
14:17 <pkunal-parmar> ok :)
14:17 <Mihir> ohhh okay
14:17 <popey> thanks
14:17 <popey> fixed
14:18 <pkunal-parmar> iCalendar import / export: POSTPONED
14:18 <pkunal-parmar> we can target this as well
14:18 <popey> that would be good
14:18 <popey> we have week milestones setup through to end of feb iirc
14:18 <pkunal-parmar> I would add reminder and other missing fields support  also
14:19 <popey> feel free to add work items as appropriate of course
14:19 <pkunal-parmar> and for google cal sync, I think we need to discuss with renato first
14:19 <pkunal-parmar> how EDS is going to handle that and what can calendar do for it
14:19 <popey> renato: you about?
14:20 <renato> guys the google sync will be done on online accounts
14:20 <renato> mardy is working on that
14:20 <Mihir> okay that's great, so there is nothing that needs to be done on application side ??
14:20 <renato> linke in android you will be able to select which information you want to sync
14:20 <pkunal-parmar> ok
14:21 <popey> great.
14:21 <renato> nothing need to be done on app sinde
14:21 <renato> side
14:21 <pkunal-parmar> ranato, I tried your recurrence branch but i faced some issue, I send mail as well
14:21 <renato> pkunal-parmar, I saw that, could you send me a example, or how to reproduce that
14:21 <Mihir> popey: you'll put a design call on ubuntu developer website ?
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> sure
14:22 <popey> Mihir: not sure exactly where and how.. I'll discuss with dpm and mhall119 and come up with something
14:22 <Mihir> pkunal-parmar: for MR :- https://code.launchpad.net/~mihirsoni-123/ubuntu-calendar-app/editEvent/+merge/190106 everything is okay right ?? i don't know why it is failing in Jenkins,
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> may be it just my setup issue, I just tried adding event as usual
14:22 <pkunal-parmar> now it should pass
14:22 <Mihir> popey: okay :)
14:23 <pkunal-parmar> try triggering test again
14:23 <pkunal-parmar> popey, do you know if I need to do anything special to make autopilot work on 13.10 ?
14:24 <popey> pass. balloons ?
14:24 <pkunal-parmar> currently its hanging on my pc
14:24 <pkunal-parmar> so stuck with one MR
14:26 <pkunal-parmar> renato, I am also facing issue while deleting event, EDS is not giving any notification for data change event
14:27 <pkunal-parmar> so not able to update UI after deleting event
14:27 <renato> pkunal-parmar, please report bugs about that with examples
14:27 <pkunal-parmar> sure
14:28 <pkunal-parmar> BTW where should I report bug for EDS
14:28 <popey> renato: will the eds work support multiple accounts?
14:29 <renato> popey, yes
14:29 <renato> each account will be represented as collection on qorganizer
14:29 <popey> so in the calendar app we're going to have to deal with how we show multiple calendars and show/hide on demand
14:30 <pkunal-parmar> for show/hide, i think user needs to change setting in account setting
14:30 <pkunal-parmar> for display we will need to use different color
14:30 <pkunal-parmar> for event
14:30 <popey> right.
14:30 <popey> makes sense.
14:31 <popey> Are there any other features besides sync, reminders and convergence we'd like?
14:32 <pkunal-parmar> I can not think of anything else
14:32 <Mihir> Not from my side as well
14:32 <popey> Other than bug fixing and polish of course ☻
14:33 <pkunal-parmar> I think for 4 month this much work items are enough :)
14:33 <popey> Indeed. Now holidays!
14:34 <popey> The only other thing I wanted to mention is that we want to try and keep on top of any blockers you have
14:34 <Mihir> ahaha yeah pkunal-parmar
14:34 <popey> so if there's anything blocking from platform, sdk or others, we want to track it so nothing gets lost
14:34 <popey> we'll review that to make sure we're making progress
14:34 <Mihir> pkunal-parmar: I'll patch you up with work :)
14:35 <pkunal-parmar> yes current blocker is autopilot for me, it does not work on my pc
14:35 <pkunal-parmar> I heard it needs new python version to make it work ?
14:35 <popey> I'm running 13.10 here..
14:36 <popey> but I tend to use AP On the device, not on my desktop
14:36 <popey> do you have a set of steps you're running that are failing so I can try it?
14:36 <pkunal-parmar> popey, what is latest instruction to update device,  I have 13.10 and did not updated it afterwards
14:37 <popey> phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel trusty
14:37 <popey> ^^ that
14:37 <pkunal-parmar> https://code.launchpad.net/~pkunal-parmar/ubuntu-calendar-app/nextYearFix/+merge/197624
14:37 <pkunal-parmar> no steps,  I just used autopilot run calendar-app
14:37 <pkunal-parmar> but it hangs
14:37 <pkunal-parmar> gets darken and does nothing
14:38 <pkunal-parmar> I need to fix something to get above MR merged
14:38 <popey> I would update your phone to trusty
14:38 <popey> the latest stable image is #73 and it's pretty solid
14:38 <pkunal-parmar> I will try device then and see it that works fine
14:38 <popey> when I want to run AP tests I use this script:-
14:38 <popey> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6600028/
14:39 <popey> ./testing.sh lp:ubuntu-calendar-app calendar_app
14:39 <popey> ^^ like that
14:39 <popey> but point it at your branch on that merge, and it will do the tests on the device
14:39 <popey> you don't need to make the phone read/write, it does it all in the home directory, works quite well
14:39 <popey> you just have to make sure the screen doesn't go to sleep when the test starts
14:39 <popey> that should be more successful.
14:40 <pkunal-parmar> ok, this sounds great, will try that
14:40 <popey> do let me know if that doesn't work and we'll get balloons on the case.
14:40 <popey> brilliant.
14:40 <popey> Anything else we need to discuss?
14:40 <pkunal-parmar> No. I am done now
14:40 <Mihir> popey: nope nothing from my side
14:41 <popey> sweet!
14:41 <Mihir> popey: are we gonna meet next week ?
14:41 <Mihir> I guess it's holidays so just asking
14:41 <popey> I think we need a break ☻
14:41 <popey> after one busy meeting ㋛
14:41 <popey> lets meet up again after next week.
14:41 <Mihir> hehehe okay so, and also one day earlier one day pkunal-parmar
14:41 <Mihir> ?
14:42 <Mihir> i mean wednesday will work for all ?
14:42 <popey> eh?
14:42 <Mihir> Meeting day
14:42 <popey> is thursday not good for you Mihir ?
14:42 <Mihir> actually I am travelling next week for two months
14:42 <popey> gosh.
14:42 <Mihir> for some office work  :(
14:43 <Mihir> anyways we'll discuss afterwards that's fine
14:43 <popey> Ok. Lets keep in touch via email if you're not around for the irc meeting.
14:43 <popey> Or whenever you're on irc.
14:43 <popey> You know I'm around most of the time.
14:43 <Mihir> popey: sure :)
14:43 <Mihir> popey: yeah i know :) I'll send you email
14:43 <popey> Ok, lets wrap.
14:43 <popey> Thanks guys!
14:43 <popey> #endmeeting