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17:04 <flexiondotorg> Right, let's see who could make it :-)
17:05 <flexiondotorg> elopio jose wxl ahoneybun elacheche marcoceppi You all here?
17:05 <wxl> yes
17:05 <elacheche> +1 elopio.. I'd like to plan a meeting with the LC members a while after the new team is chosen.. We have a big issue in keeping active LoCos and contributors.. We need to change something..
17:06 <elopio> yes
17:06 <ahoneybun> here
17:06 <flexiondotorg> I'm sure I saw jose earlier too.
17:08 <flexiondotorg> So, I was talking about moving the agenda prep, meeting summaries and CC information to the Ubuntu Community Hub last time.
17:08 <flexiondotorg> I have madea start on that, but didn't finish.
17:08 <flexiondotorg> We have a category over there and half the content from the wiki is moved.
17:08 <flexiondotorg> Tomorrow I'll complete that.
17:08 <ahoneybun> cool thanks flexiondotorg
17:09 <flexiondotorg> And post a meeting summary for this meeting an open an agenda for the next neeting so we can ask for feedback/ideas etc.
17:10 <wxl> excellent
17:10 <elopio> +1. Thank you flexiondotorg
17:10 <flexiondotorg> So, is everyone signed up on the hub?
17:10 <wxl> i think moving forward, that's the number one thing we can do: be approachable to the community and transparent in our work
17:10 * wxl is
17:10 <flexiondotorg> +1
17:10 <elopio> flexiondotorg: you didn't post the summary for the past meeting. Do you want me to do it so you can continue with your plan?
17:11 <wxl> yes, that would be imperative
17:11 <flexiondotorg> elopio: Feel free to post your summary notes in the Hub.
17:11 <wxl> i had thought someone (elopio?) offered to translate???
17:11 <flexiondotorg> I'm an admin there and I'll add anything from mine that is relevant.
17:11 <flexiondotorg> I'm going to make a meeting template.
17:12 <elopio> wxl: I translated the full log.
17:12 <wxl> you are amazing, sir :)
17:12 <elopio> I will post the summary, and translate it too. I can do it for this meeting also.
17:12 <flexiondotorg> Brilliant!
17:13 <flexiondotorg> So, other topics we discussed last time were potentially using video/voice calls.
17:13 <flexiondotorg> Anyone got thoughts on that?
17:13 <wxl> for the community, correct?
17:13 <flexiondotorg> Well, I wasn't clear on that.
17:13 <elopio> I have opinions there! Anybody wants to go before me?
17:13 <wxl> well let's start by separating this
17:14 <wxl> let's first talk about doing video/voice calls as a way of providing a platform for the community to reach us
17:14 <wxl> that said, go for it, elopio
17:14 <elopio> so, I have been talking with a few people from locos
17:15 <elopio> on the last meeting, I assumed that video meetings for the council would be approved by everybody, but that clearly didn't happen. After talking with them, now I have a proposal:
17:16 <elopio> - Let's keep these two council meetings per month on text/IRC.
17:16 <elopio> - Let's start video meetings with people from locos every other week.
17:16 <elopio> My idea is something like ubuntu hour, every other friday. We can have two different hours, one for americas, one for europe. Maybe we can add one more later.
17:17 <jose> unless it's voluntary, I'm not sure I like the idea. video meetings just add another barrier, on top if the language one.
17:17 <wxl> my feeling: i don't love video. i'll do it if need be, but my preference is definitely irc or some text platform. there were some comments from flocculant that agreed with that notion
17:17 <elopio> We tell all the locos to join a hangout at that time. Ideally, we are all at a meeting place, cafe, bar, coworking, so we can invite people to attend.
17:17 <wxl> that said, i would like us to offer BOTH
17:17 <wxl> because there are some people that like video
17:18 <elopio> oh, totally voluntary. If you want to host an ubuntu hour, we just suggest you to do it at the same time. So we can start working together, and talking, and having fun.
17:18 <wxl> the primary way to reach us would be through these meetings but we could also do a "follow up" meeting
17:18 <jose> the mailing list should also work to contact us
17:18 <elopio> so, my proposal is distributed Ubuntu hour connected through hangouts, every other firdday.
17:19 <wxl> i think the idea of having an additional video meeting is good as a way to invite people to reach us
17:19 <wxl> we've been inviting people to email us for years
17:19 <wxl> but obviously the emails aren't coming in
17:19 <elacheche> I don't like video, but, if this will help solve some LoCos related issues, I'd like to be part of it!
17:19 <ahoneybun> Videos are good put depends on the platform for some people
17:20 <jose> don't leave email behind. real time communication is great, but what happens when we're not online?
17:20 <wxl> to be clear: +1 for adding video as an additional form of communication and having a separate meeting for that purpose
17:21 <wxl> also to be further clear: i do not want to stop these meetings nor email. these should be our PRIMARY form of communication
17:21 <wxl> of course, i'm old. i like text. we live in a world dominated by video. we are going to get people through video that we wouldn't otherwise
17:22 <jose> so, cover all our bases
17:22 <wxl> yes
17:22 <wxl> all the base are belong to us
17:22 <jose> I'm not old but I don't like video because it introduces a language and time barrier.
17:23 <elopio> jose: for offline communication, we now have the awesome hub!
17:23 <jose> well, I wouldn't take that for CC communications.
17:23 <elopio> my proposal last week was to replace textual meetings. My proposal this week is to meet on video additionally.
17:24 <wxl> i agree with that proposal
17:24 <jose> well
17:24 <elopio> jose: if somebody needs to talk to us privately, she can send an email. If the discussion is public, it should be on the hub, per last meeting discussion.
17:24 <jose> the CC used to have these monthly meetings, as well as bi-weekly meetings on hangouts
17:24 <wxl> and i really want us to work more towards transparency. i don't want to hide our conversations unless we need to protect someone's privacy.
17:25 <elacheche> +1 wxl
17:25 <jose> now, transparency doesn't mean we have to host everything publicly. it's more about providing key information.
17:25 <jose> it's no use if we have a one-hour video online if we just rumble about things
17:25 <flexiondotorg> Just an FYI, we can't embed YouTube videos in the Ubuntu Communty Hub.
17:25 <jose> instead, a detailed report with key items works better
17:25 <wxl> rumbling about things is a great way to guage the community
17:26 <wxl> we're not here to serve the community council
17:26 <wxl> we're here to serve the community
17:26 <jose> per onair metrics, people don't watch more than 10m of video
17:26 <jose> actually, I would like to see the onair metrics before we move forward
17:26 <elopio> jose: I'm not proposing video council meetings anymore. I'm proposing informal video chats with the people who want to join.
17:26 <wxl> yes, elopio, yes
17:27 <wxl> i would like to move forward with the experiment and then take metrics of that
17:27 <wxl> onair is not necessarily indicitive of what we'd be doing
17:27 <jose> I have to drop now but I'll write in later
17:27 * chiluk is lurking.
17:27 <elopio> hello chiluk :)
17:28 <chiluk> So you guys mentioned the hub, but what's the link to it?
17:28 <elopio> community.ubuntu.com
17:28 <elopio> so, who would like to join the ubuntu hour on air experiment next friday?
17:29 <flexiondotorg> Friday's a tricky for me because we often schedule other events then.
17:29 <elopio> with a couple of us, we can see how it goes and then decide if it's worth to keep promoting it.
17:29 <elopio> flexiondotorg: would you like us to try a different day, or to go ahead without you?
17:30 <elacheche> elopio: time?
17:30 <flexiondotorg> We what works for most people?
17:30 <flexiondotorg> There will be Fridays I can make it.
17:30 <elopio> elacheche: I'm thinking a couple of hours after lunch time. I don't know, for this side of the world maybe 19 UTC.
17:31 <wxl> i'm game
17:31 <flexiondotorg> So, who can help with that ^
17:31 <wxl> although i sure wish we'd use matrix grumble grumble grumble
17:31 <elopio> or maybe even later, 21UTC. For europe/africa, you will have to decide what's best.
17:31 <elacheche> 7pm UTC, That's great for me..
17:31 <elacheche> anything after 7pm utc is good to me
17:31 <flexiondotorg> OK, so that is three of us.
17:31 <wxl> i can do that i think
17:32 <elopio> wxl: I would love to use matrix. But sadly, that excludes me :( There's no way I can make it with my bandwidth
17:32 <wxl> bummer, elopio :(
17:32 <flexiondotorg> So elopio will you own organising those?
17:32 <elopio> alright, let's start with 19 UTC next week, and see what happens.
17:32 <elopio> flexiondotorg: yes, well, the first one. :) I'll need help with the following ones.
17:33 <wxl> also i'd like to define organizing as getting the word out
17:33 <elacheche> elopio: my bandwidth is very bad too, but I'll try
17:33 <wxl> this is something we should broadcast far and wide. across all community mailing lists. the forums. community.u.c. everywher.e
17:33 <elopio> elacheche: you'll probably be fine with google hangouts. Worst case, you will be audio only. But we can test it before.
17:34 <elacheche> No problem :) :)
17:34 <flexiondotorg> elopio: Thoughts about using the Hub to gather agenda feedback for LoCo meeting?
17:34 <popey> +1 from me :)
17:34 <elopio> flexiondotorg: do you mean council or loco meeting?
17:34 <popey> I would love there to be more event and loco based activity there
17:34 <flexiondotorg> wxl Yes, some else we discussed is broadening the social reach of the CC.
17:34 <wxl> please organize a test time with us, elopio. preferably not 5 minutes before the meeting XD
17:34 <flexiondotorg> ANd I'll do the social thing.
17:35 <flexiondotorg> Who can own posting to the MLs?
17:35 <elopio> wxl: will do. And let's try together to make the invitation reach everybody.
17:35 <wxl> i can do it if elopio gets the details together and emails me
17:35 <wxl> s/it/the MLs/
17:36 <elopio> flexiondotorg: anyway, I'm +1 on using the forum for everything. After this meeting I can also start a topic to gather agenda items for the following one.
17:36 <elopio> sorry, not forum, hub.
17:36 <elopio> honest mistake. :S
17:36 <flexiondotorg> elopio: OK, that's fine. Do you mind if I edit that though?
17:36 <elopio> flexiondotorg: I do not.
17:37 <wxl> um, community is discourse, right?
17:37 <flexiondotorg> I'd like to start to create a template for this stuff, to keep things consistent and easy to do in the future.
17:37 <elopio> that's very nice of you.
17:37 <elacheche> wxl: yep
17:37 <elopio> wxl yes, the community hub is discourse.
17:38 <wxl> i'm surprised is doesn't do youtube embeds
17:38 <popey> Known issue with firewalls.
17:38 <wxl> ahhhh
17:38 <popey> I'm working with IS to get it fixed
17:38 <flexiondotorg> wxl Discourse does. But security requirements for our hosted stuff doesn't.
17:38 <popey> it's on the radar
17:38 <elopio> thank you popey.
17:38 <wxl> popey: you're the man :)
17:42 <flexiondotorg> Anyone got anything else they want to discuss?
17:42 <wxl> not right now
17:43 <elacheche> same here
17:43 <flexiondotorg> OK, then shall we call this to a close.
17:43 <flexiondotorg> elopio: and I can get the Hub ready for business and we can better prepare for the next meeting and LoCo out reach.
17:44 <wxl> thanks everyone
17:44 <popey> flexiondotorg: i can help you
17:44 <wxl> i'm glad to see we're getting our footing on us
17:44 <wxl> s/on/under/
17:44 <popey> flexiondotorg: lets set aside an hour tomorrow to do it?
17:44 <flexiondotorg> popey: Thanks!
17:44 <wxl> i look forward to making ubuntu better, together
17:44 <flexiondotorg> Well, if there is no more.
17:44 <flexiondotorg> Shall we close this meeting in 5...
17:45 <flexiondotorg> 4...
17:45 <flexiondotorg> 3...
17:45 <elacheche> Thanks guys! Have a good day/night
17:45 <flexiondotorg> 2...
17:45 <wxl> be well folks :)
17:45 <flexiondotorg> 1...
17:45 <flexiondotorg> Thanks everyone
17:45 <flexiondotorg> #stopmeeting
17:45 <flexiondotorg> #endmeeting