20:00 <alpacaherder> #startmeeting Regular LoCo Council Meeting for December 2014
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20:00 <alpacaherder> Good morning/afternoon/evening -- please delete as appropriate
20:00 <alpacaherder> #topic Opening Business
20:01 <Vistaus> I'm here on behalf of Ubuntu-NL so if during the meeting you have any questions, feel free to ask me :)
20:01 <alpacaherder> #subtopic Listing of Sitting Members of LoCo Council
20:01 <alpacaherder> #info Pablo Rubianes, term expiring 2015-04-16
20:01 <alpacaherder> #info Marcos Costales, term expiring 2015-04-16
20:01 <alpacaherder> #info For the avoidance of uncertainty and doubt, it is necessary to list the members of the council who are presently serving active terms.
20:01 <alpacaherder> #info Jose Antonio Rey, term expiring 2015-10-04
20:01 <alpacaherder> #info Sergio Meneses, term expiring 2015-10-04
20:01 <alpacaherder> #info Stephen Michael Kellat, term expiring 2015-10-04
20:01 <alpacaherder> #info Bhavani Shankar, term expiring 2016-11-29
20:01 <alpacaherder> #info Nathan Haines, term expiring 2016-11-30
20:02 <alpacaherder> #subtopic Change in Council Composition
20:02 <alpacaherder> #info Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph, a member of Community Council, announced the appointments of Bhavani Shankar and Nathan Haines on 2014-12-11.
20:02 <alpacaherder> #link http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2014/12/11/welcome-new-and-returning-members-of-the-ubuntuloco-council/
20:02 <alpacaherder> I am reminded to be less formal.
20:02 <coolbhavi> o/
20:02 <alpacaherder> However I do want to ensure that this is included in what is eventually copy/pasted in the blog post.
20:03 <jose> meh, hello everyone!
20:03 <alpacaherder> #subtopic Introductions by Bhavani Shankar and Nathan Haines
20:03 <theblazehen> Hi jose !
20:03 <coolbhavi> hey jose nhaines
20:03 <Kilos> hi jose
20:03 <jose> #chairs nhaines alpacaherder coolbhavi PabloRubianes costales
20:03 <jose> #chair nhaines alpacaherder coolbhavi PabloRubianes costales
20:03 <meetingology> Current chairs: PabloRubianes alpacaherder coolbhavi costales nhaines
20:03 <jose> #voters nhaines alpacaherder coolbhavi PabloRubianes costales
20:03 <meetingology> Current voters: PabloRubianes alpacaherder coolbhavi costales nhaines
20:03 <alpacaherder> Bhavani, Nathan, could you please take a moment to introduce yourselves?
20:03 <jose> no need to do all that stuff, alpacaherder :)
20:03 <nhaines> Thank you, alpacaherder.  :)
20:03 <jose> hey theblazehen, coolbhavi and Kilos :)
20:04 <nhaines> My name is Nathan Haines, and I'm an author, instructor, and computer technician who has been using Linux since 1994.  I was skeptical when Ubuntu was announced, but once I tried 5.04, I was hooked and I've been an advocate ever since.
20:04 <nhaines> I've been a leader in the Ubuntu California LoCo Team since 2007, held the first Ubucon in 2010 which I coordinated for three years, and hosted one of the first and longest running Ubuntu Hours.  I currently also help moderate /r/Ubuntu on reddit. As a longtime contributor to the Ubuntu community through many changes, I look forward to working to represent the LoCo community among the other councils and working with each team when needed.
20:04 <coolbhavi> jose,  :) thanks!
20:05 <PabloRubianes> Welcome to the Council
20:05 <coolbhavi> I am Bhavani Shankar a sitting member of the LoCo Council from 2012 and a ubuntu contributor from 7 years
20:06 <costales> Welcome coolbhavi & nhaines :D Great to have you on board!!
20:06 <alpacaherder> Okay
20:06 <jose> welcome again
20:06 <alpacaherder> Welcome back coolbhavi and welcome aboard nhaines
20:06 <alpacaherder> #subtopic Quorum Call
20:07 <coolbhavi> thanks costales alpacaherder jose :)
20:07 <alpacaherder> #vote Quorum Call (All Members Present To Vote In Favor To Register Attendance)
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20:07 <alpacaherder> +1
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20:07 <nhaines> +1
20:07 <meetingology> +1 received from nhaines
20:07 <costales> +1
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20:07 <coolbhavi> +1
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20:07 <PabloRubianes> +1
20:07 <meetingology> +1 received from PabloRubianes
20:07 <jose> +1
20:08 <alpacaherder> #voters nhaines alpacaherder coolbhavi PabloRubianes costales jose
20:08 <meetingology> Current voters: PabloRubianes alpacaherder coolbhavi costales jose nhaines
20:08 <alpacaherder> jose: Try again
20:08 <jose> +1
20:08 <meetingology> +1 received from jose
20:08 * jose gives meetingology a cookie
20:08 <alpacaherder> No word from Sergio?
20:08 <jose> nope
20:08 <OerHeks> +1
20:09 <alpacaherder> #endvote
20:09 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Quorum Call (All Members Present To Vote In Favor To Register Attendance)
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20:09 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:09 <alpacaherder> #topic Verifications and Re-Verifications
20:09 <alpacaherder> #subtopic South Africa
20:09 <alpacaherder> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam
20:09 <superfly> That's us.
20:09 <alpacaherder> Who is here to speak for South Africa?
20:09 <superfly> maiatoday: you?
20:09 <maiatoday> There are a few of us, I am the LoCo contact
20:09 <nuvolari> \o/ we're up
20:10 <alpacaherder> Excellent.
20:10 <nlsthzn> \o/
20:10 <alpacaherder> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReVerificationApplication2014
20:10 <Kilos> here
20:10 <alpacaherder> Tell us a bit about what is happening with the South Africa community and please speak to your application.
20:10 <Lionthinker> also me
20:10 <maiatoday> My fellow team members prepared the reverificationapplication
20:11 <maiatoday> Or LoCo is distributed over a large geographic area
20:11 <maiatoday> this means that most of our activities are online
20:11 <maiatoday> pockets of people also meet face to face
20:12 <maiatoday> We have seen a drop in numbers lately but we have a core group that are maintaining activity
20:12 <inetpro> like Kilos
20:12 <maiatoday> If you have specific questions about our re-verification page, the people who prepared the page are here and they can answer
20:13 <alpacaherder> Tell us what is to the positive and what is to the "needs work" side of things.
20:13 <maiatoday> Do any of the ubuntu-za people want to add anything?
20:13 <maiatoday> The positive is that we have good communication on the mailing list and in the irc channel.
20:13 <Lionthinker> we are really supportive of "newbies" and problem seekers
20:14 <maiatoday> Anybody who asks questions in irc always gets a friendly welcome
20:14 <nlsthzn> positive - active mailing lists and IRC channel for support and social... needs work; new blood needed
20:14 <jose> so, I only see 1 event on the LTP for 2014, is there a reason why it wasn't that used?
20:14 <theblazehen> maiatoday: agreed, friendliest channel I've ever joined
20:14 <Lionthinker> Needs work - besides launch parties we haven't or are unable to host larger events
20:14 <inetpro> it's been a busy/tough year for me, but I'm sure we can keep things up and many people are still interested to keep things going, we just have to keep it going
20:14 <coolbhavi> How do you think the activity went down and any specific roadmap for the same?
20:15 <maiatoday> also we are very distributed so if you organise an event only a few people are able to attend
20:15 <nhaines> Dwindingly membership is a concern for LoCos that cover a large geographical area.  What do you think is the best opportunity to increase interest in LoCo activities?
20:15 <nuvolari> +1 on needing new blood. We're finding it hard to maintain the pace as a lot of us have tight work requirements and find it difficult to get around
20:15 <jose> Lionthinker: do you think the ability to add virtual events would make you register more events?
20:15 <Lionthinker> Positive, we have a very wide age range and different people have different problems but each time support is forthcoming
20:16 <Lionthinker> Jose the problem is internet penetration in SA, right now the bandwidth costs are exhorbitant, but yes it is an option which hasn't really been explored
20:16 <superfly> jose: Probably. We have an IRC meeting every month, and we could add that to the LTP
20:16 <nlsthzn> I think the surge of people that where in uni and college with the initial start of ubuntu is now long gone and we need to focus again on education of those areas and high school to get people active again
20:16 <jose> superfly: I believe IRC meetings can be added as *meetings* rather than events. but it's a different topic :)
20:16 <magespawn> also the range of support is very broad from basic to in depth
20:16 <maiatoday> I think virtual events may help existing Loco members but it may be difficult to get new members like that
20:17 <costales> I really like see you working in the SFD! About the Global Jams, were they face to face or online? :)
20:17 <Lionthinker> I can say that Ubuntu ZA members are active in other platforms, and are proudly Ubuntu supporters.
20:17 <alpacaherder> Okay, so you've got a broad geographic area that you want to cover with virtual events **but** you also have the problem of limited broadband penetration.  What is a ballpark guess for ballpark penetration in-country?
20:17 <inetpro> some of our most active members have migrated to the USA and other places on the globe
20:17 <superfly> costales: face-to-face, I went to one or two.
20:17 * alpacaherder goes to hunt up some reference sources too
20:17 <maiatoday> I went to some face to face Global Jams
20:18 <costales> superfly, nice :)
20:18 * superfly even has a package in Ubuntu
20:18 <superfly> :-P
20:18 * coolbhavi remembers highvoltage as the face of ZA for a long time :)
20:18 <magespawn> i live pretty far away so i followed online
20:18 <nhaines> I like that you have identified shrinking membership as a problem and have analyzed the causes.  Sometimes it's easy to lose track of that.
20:19 <nlsthzn> we have been bad at capturing some of the events... people not blogging or no photos etc >.<
20:19 <captine> alpacaherder, per one of the ISP's, it is around 40%.  Most people are at work.  Not sure how reliable the source is
20:19 <Lionthinker> alpacaherder,  out of 50 million people, cellphone usage is very high, however far fewer are smartphones, most internet done on 3g and then from ADSL it drops to only a few million
20:19 <alpacaherder> For reference sake we've got a breakdown of where SA stands in terms of hosts here: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2184rank.html?countryname=South%20Africa&countrycode=sf&regionCode=afr&rank=23#sf
20:19 <captine> http://blog.webafrica.co.za/general/latest-statistics-south-african-internet-penetration/
20:19 <maiatoday> also a alot of internet users in south africa only have online access from a mobile device not a pc, so they are not likely to get involved in ubuntu
20:19 <alpacaherder> And for usage sake, CIA World Factbook claims this ranking too: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2153rank.html?countryname=South%20Africa&countrycode=sf&regionCode=afr&rank=54#sf
20:20 <nhaines> nlsthzn: that would be a really good thing to work on.  Blogging about events and posting photos makes people more likely to attend future events!  :)
20:20 <alpacaherder> maiatoday: That does seem to be a trend across the continent where Internet is tied mostly to 3G/mobile devices
20:20 <captine> alpacaherder, I only started getting into Linux and Ubuntu about 2 years ago when I could afford more than a 384k adsl line :)
20:20 <alpacaherder> captine: I understand
20:20 <Lionthinker> nhaines, this is true, blogging is something we could prioritise
20:20 <nuvolari> I'm at the mercy of mobile connections but at a friend's place tonight
20:20 <Lionthinker> I still only have 3G
20:21 * nlsthzn has had a blog tied to planet.ubuntu.com for ages but never use it :/
20:21 <costales> nlsthzn, it's OK :) Nice to see you are using the LoCo Portal :D http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events/history/
20:21 <Kilos> also only 3g
20:21 <Lionthinker> working nicely tonight #breathasighofrelief
20:21 <alpacaherder> To throw an idea out there, would anybody in SA consider making a request on the Community Budget to get a demo phone or two of Ubuntu Touch to show off?
20:21 <Lionthinker> alpacaherder, I would
20:21 <Lionthinker> without a doubt
20:21 <nlsthzn> that would be awesome!
20:21 <nhaines> It sounds like launch parties and DVD distribution can be extra effective there.  Poor penetration was one of the reasons that Ubuntu was founded and is limited to only one disc!
20:21 <coolbhavi> Understandable coming from subcontinent myself reg Internet speeds :)
20:21 <Lionthinker> Our tech journos would go craxy
20:22 <magespawn> you will have a lot of people asking that one
20:22 <inetpro> alpacaherder: that would be very cool
20:22 <superfly> oooo, I can get MyBroadband to review it
20:22 <maiatoday> nhaines, I have done all the DVD distributions in the past
20:22 <alpacaherder> That would be something to look at here: http://community.ubuntu.com/help-information/funding/
20:22 <Lionthinker> Tech central, hypertxt africa, there are countless
20:22 <nlsthzn> the distribution of the ubuntu-dvd's is something that has gone well for us
20:22 <maiatoday> I post parcels across the country
20:22 <nlsthzn> thanks to maiatoday :)
20:22 <Lionthinker> places that would review it, also there's the whole sabdfl thing in ZA land
20:23 <alpacaherder> :-)
20:23 <maiatoday> the last round went badly though due to post office strikes :(
20:23 <Kilos> thanks maiatoday
20:23 <Lionthinker> we were sad to hear only LTS's would be posted
20:23 <alpacaherder> Okay, can you name one priority where we could best assist your community or try to help break down barriers for you?
20:24 <nhaines> maiatoday: Thank you for working on that.  I've been in charge of that in California and I know it's a bit of work to get done.  Make sure you record those efforts on the wiki somewhere because it's very important, and thanks for your hard work organizing that.  :)
20:24 <maiatoday> :) pleasure
20:25 <Lionthinker> alpacaherder, that is a good question and I'm racking my brain.
20:25 <nlsthzn> I believe the ball is in our court at the moment to get things done and we know the council is there to assist if needed
20:25 <alpacaherder> It is okay if you don't have anything right now.
20:25 <maiatoday> I would say a few new members for the LoCo would be a great help
20:25 <Lionthinker> nlsthzn, well said
20:25 <alpacaherder> maiatoday: If you can find me a job down there...have passport will travel :-)
20:26 <nhaines> It sounds like you know the challenges in front of you and that's the important first step.
20:26 <superfly> alpacaherder: one thing we've wondered before is if there's any way for Ubuntu to be able to "autodetect" the #ubuntu-za IRC channel in XChat
20:26 * nuvolari pledge to attend a meetup in Cape Town in the new year :P
20:26 <alpacaherder> superfly: That would fall under the localization project I've been playing with...currently no...
20:26 <superfly> I think a lot of people get Ubuntu, but then don't know where to get help from.
20:27 <alpacaherder> I'll have to take another look at ubuntu-defaults-builder, though
20:27 <Lionthinker> alpacaherder, I feel that more people use Ubuntu than are aware of the community surrounding it, for instance we have several organisations who have set up mirrors but that support and usage doesn't reflect in the community. So general disparateness is a problem
20:27 <superfly> I've had a couple of people I know recently ask me a question or two with regards to using Ubuntu (they installed it independently of me) and they don't know where to find support.
20:27 <nhaines> Lionthinker: could the LoCo reach out to those organizations and just touch base and start a conversation with them?
20:28 * inetpro agrees 100% with Lionthinker and superfly
20:28 <Lionthinker> nhaines, yes it could
20:28 <Lionthinker> we could prioritise that and work towards greater cohesion
20:28 <superfly> I think the lack of connectivity plays a part in that too, because a lot of support is online, and they are unable to come online. So they resort to just Googling and reading tutorials at work, and then trying stuff at home.
20:29 <inetpro> IRC has also become somewhat of a barrier these days with so many different forms of IM around
20:29 <nlsthzn> ... we need more face to face stuff to help people without broadband
20:29 <alpacaherder> superfly: Cases like the lack of connectivity in South Africa is why I pushed to get apt-offline seeded on the Xubuntu discs to avoid chicken and the egg problems using it.  It is the only flavor that has it on the disc but it helps bridging those gaps.
20:29 <Lionthinker> inetpro, this is true, I only attend formal meetings on IRC for lack of time
20:30 <superfly> alpacaherder: yeah, Kilos has actually done some work toward something like that.
20:30 <alpacaherder> We're about half the way through the hour.  Members of the Council, how do you feel in terms of the discussion?
20:30 <alpacaherder> Are we ready for a vote?
20:30 <costales> alpacaherder, yes :)
20:30 <Lionthinker> alpacaherder, I have never heard of this but it might be something that the Loco Council can help us with as a tool for further dissemination
20:30 <nhaines> I think I've heard enough to make a decision.
20:30 <alpacaherder> #vote That the re-verification application be approved and that the period of verification be extended for a period of two years from this date.
20:30 <meetingology> Please vote on: That the re-verification application be approved and that the period of verification be extended for a period of two years from this date.
20:30 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)
20:31 <alpacaherder> +1
20:31 <meetingology> +1 received from alpacaherder
20:31 <PabloRubianes> +1
20:31 <meetingology> +1 received from PabloRubianes
20:31 <nhaines> +1
20:31 <meetingology> +1 received from nhaines
20:31 <costales> +1 well done team!
20:31 <meetingology> +1 well done team! received from costales
20:31 <coolbhavi> +1 good work
20:31 <meetingology> +1 good work received from coolbhavi
20:31 <jose> +1
20:31 <meetingology> +1 received from jose
20:31 <alpacaherder> #endvote
20:31 <meetingology> Voting ended on: That the re-verification application be approved and that the period of verification be extended for a period of two years from this date.
20:31 <meetingology> Votes for:6 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
20:31 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:31 <inetpro> \o/
20:31 <alpacaherder> Congratulations team.
20:31 <superfly> \o/
20:31 <costales> Congrats team! |o/ :D
20:31 <Lionthinker> lekker
20:31 <superfly> thanks!
20:31 <nuvolari> \o/
20:31 <Kilos> yay
20:31 <theblazehen> Yes!
20:31 <magespawn> \o/
20:31 <nlsthzn> thanks to the council for your time , keep up the good work !!!!
20:31 <inetpro> thanks guys
20:31 <nhaines> Please keep up the hard work.  It sounds like you have some great opportunities ahead!
20:31 <nuvolari> whoohoo! thanks!
20:31 <nlsthzn> \o/
20:31 <Kilos> thanks guys
20:31 <Lionthinker> we could translate but rather ask the sabdfl
20:31 <maiatoday> thank you all of ubuntu-za for everything you have done in the last 2 years
20:31 <coolbhavi> congrats ubuntu za!
20:32 <PabloRubianes> Congrats team!
20:32 <Lionthinker> thanks, appreciate it. lets keep up the good work
20:32 <nuvolari> thank you everyone!
20:32 <nlsthzn> good luck to the netherlands!!
20:32 <magespawn> thank you council
20:32 <alpacaherder> Lionthinker: Send an e-mail to the LoCo Council address so we can discuss apt-offline more after the meeting, please.
20:32 <alpacaherder> #subtopic Netherlands
20:32 <Vistaus> thanks nlsthzn :)
20:32 <Lionthinker> alpacaherder, will do and thanks
20:32 <Vistaus> That's us
20:32 <alpacaherder> Who is here to represent the Netherlands?
20:32 <OerHeks> thank you #ubuntu-za
20:32 <Vistaus> @alpacaheder me
20:32 <meetingology> Vistaus: Error: "alpacaheder" is not a valid command.
20:33 <Cugel> I'm from The Netherlands, for mental support.
20:33 * alpacaherder reminds everybody that Twitter-isms make meetingology unhappy
20:33 <alpacaherder> :-)
20:33 <Vistaus> Sorry
20:33 <Vistaus> I'm here to represent The Netherlands
20:33 <alpacaherder> Excellent.
20:33 <Vistaus> and a few other team members are here as well
20:33 <alpacaherder> I know Marten said he couldn't be with us but please tell us about the good and the bad in the Netherlands.
20:34 <Vistaus> We've had less face-to-face events this year, but we do have a lot of activity on the forums. They have become more active lately
20:34 <alpacaherder> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DutchTeam/ReVerificationApplication2014
20:35 <Vistaus> and there's also a topic currently about how to promote Ubuntu better in The Netherlands which is currently 14 pages long and there's quite a few people coming out with good ideas
20:35 <alpacaherder> That's good
20:35 <Vistaus> We're also very active on Twitter and Facebook, mainly for promotion
20:35 <Cugel> And IRC.
20:36 <OerHeks> True, vraag.ubuntu-nl.org is growing
20:36 <Vistaus> Our website was a bit left behind, but as a member of the Dutch Web Team, I recently updated quite a bit of information.
20:36 <Cees> we maintain a Dutch wiki, helpful for Dutch language user.
20:36 <costales> Hi Vistaus !! Lovely country! :D http://goo.gl/NBRmWw
20:36 <Vistaus> We've also launched a Q&A Askubuntu style. It was kinda desolated in the beginning but it's becoming more active
20:37 <Vistaus> lol costales
20:37 <costales> :)
20:37 <Cees> dutch mill
20:37 <nhaines> I hope you are very proud of achieving a 98% translation rate in trusty.
20:38 <Vistaus> There have been a few arguments on the forums this year, but we've solved most of them
20:38 <Cugel> The translation community is very active, indeed.
20:38 <Fermata> And doing a great job, with relatively few people.
20:38 <Vistaus> We do have a lack of wiki members though
20:38 <Vistaus> Promotion didn't really attract any new members
20:38 <OerHeks> A member updated our fast support community support map based on openstreetmap http://kaart.ubuntu-nl.org/
20:39 <nhaines> There's an ongoing election to fill a vacancy on the gemeenschapsraad, which is the community council if my German doesn't betray me.  :)  Is that going smoothly so far?
20:39 <Cugel> fast -> vast
20:39 <Vistaus> OerHeks: not "a member", Johan is from the server team
20:39 <Fermata> He is a member of the Dutch community.
20:39 <Vistaus> nhaines: That vacancy has been filled recently
20:39 <costales> Well done, using the Portal :) http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-nl/events/history/
20:40 <Vistaus> fermata: Yeah, I meant "not just a member" 'cause he has one of the most important roles
20:40 <nhaines> Vistaus: that's good to hear.
20:40 <Vistaus> and yes gemeenschapsraad is community council
20:41 <nhaines> I'm glad to see the team is keeping on top of mailing lists and working to streamline those.
20:41 <costales> Did you make any Global Jam in the last years? :)
20:41 <nhaines> Are they are major goals for 2015 that you're working toward?
20:42 <Vistaus> nhaines: The major goal for 2015 is to attract more wiki members so that we can update all of the important information for newcomers
20:43 <Fermata> http://wiki.ubuntu-nl.org/community/Jams/NijmegenSept2012 -- one of the jams.
20:43 <Fermata> There was one in 2011, too.
20:43 <costales> Fermata, great :)
20:43 <RawChid> costales: we did some Jams in 2011 and 2012
20:43 <Vistaus> The other major goal is to up the promotion as well. We've got a few ideas by community members recently and we and they are gonna work it out
20:43 <alpacaherder> Do you have plans to participate in Ubuntu Global Jam in February?
20:44 <Fermata> No that I know of.
20:44 <nhaines> It sounds like your members are quite enthusiastic.
20:44 <Vistaus> I also proposed for new virtual events to be held, but there's not much interest in that, it seems. Maybe if promotion ups even more then newcomers will want to take part in virtual events
20:44 <Vistaus> nhaines: they sure are :)
20:45 <Vistaus> alpacaherder: not that I know off, but I could throw up the ball on the forums
20:45 <alpacaherder> Members of the Council, are we ready to move to a vote?
20:45 <Vistaus> of*
20:45 <costales> alpacaherder, yes
20:45 <nhaines> I'm ready to vote.
20:45 <alpacaherder> #vote That the re-verification application be approved and that the period of verification be extended for a period of two years from this date.
20:45 <meetingology> Please vote on: That the re-verification application be approved and that the period of verification be extended for a period of two years from this date.
20:45 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)
20:45 <alpacaherder> +1
20:45 <meetingology> +1 received from alpacaherder
20:45 <nhaines> +1
20:45 <meetingology> +1 received from nhaines
20:45 <costales> +1 team! thanks for your work!!!
20:45 <meetingology> +1 team! thanks for your work!!! received from costales
20:46 <maiatoday> congrats Dutch LoCo
20:46 <Cugel> Thanks guys, we appreciate your support.
20:46 <Vistaus> Thank you!:)
20:46 <RawChid> Thanks :)
20:46 <OerHeks> o/
20:46 <Vistaus> Thank you so much! :)
20:46 <Fermata> Thanks to the council. o/
20:46 <nhaines> You are definitely working very hard.  I wish you continued success, and I hope that you will let us know if we can help out.  :)
20:46 <Fermata> Board.*
20:46 <costales> :D Congrats!
20:46 <Cugel> Thanks again. Leaving now to do good deeds.
20:46 <costales> Cugel, ;)
20:46 <magespawn> Well done NL
20:46 <jose> +1
20:46 <meetingology> +1 received from jose
20:46 <alpacaherder> #endvote
20:46 <meetingology> Voting ended on: That the re-verification application be approved and that the period of verification be extended for a period of two years from this date.
20:46 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
20:46 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:47 <alpacaherder> If PabloRubianes were still present, he would have voted +1
20:47 <alpacaherder> #topic Referred Business
20:47 <inetpro> well done NL
20:47 <Vistaus> thanks :)
20:47 <nhaines> Keep being awesome, NL.  :)
20:47 <alpacaherder> "Initiate Study on Referred Issue: People are leading innovation *with* Ubuntu (the OS), but not *in* Ubuntu (the project)."
20:47 <Vistaus> we'll do our best nhaines :)
20:47 <alpacaherder> There was a community planning hangout in which an issue was referred to LoCo Council for discussion.
20:47 <alpacaherder> http://youtu.be/G4kpr0v9pD4
20:48 <alpacaherder> This builds off the "Leadership Actions" etherpad in which it is desired that change occur in the Ubuntu realm.
20:48 <alpacaherder> http://pad.ubuntu.com/LeadershipActions
20:48 <alpacaherder> To quote what we do have to work with from the Etherpad:
20:48 <alpacaherder> Problem statement --
20:48 <alpacaherder> People are leading innovation *with* Ubuntu (the OS), but not *in* Ubuntu (the project)
20:48 <alpacaherder> Proposed solution(s) --
20:48 <alpacaherder> Encourage LoCos to expand beyond Ubuntu OS focused events, examples:
20:48 <alpacaherder> * Robotic Operating System (ROS)
20:49 <alpacaherder> * Designers doing work on Numix, Moka, Quantum OS, etc)
20:49 <alpacaherder> * Docker
20:49 <alpacaherder> Our action item received at the hangout: Consider further and prepare a report for community consideration prior to March 2015
20:49 <alpacaherder> What is the pleasure of the Council?
20:50 <nhaines> As far as groups innovating with Ubuntu independently, I consider this a feature, not a bug.  It may be that LoCo teams can encourage interested members to bring these innovations back into Ubuntu where appropriate.
20:50 <alpacaherder> It looks like we'll need to refer this to the mailing list for further disposition possibly.
20:50 <nhaines> But it's really difficult to say that new projects should be adding extra work to contribute back to Debian and Ubuntu.
20:50 <nhaines> I'm willing to look further into it if we can get some clarification from the Community Council, perhaps.
20:51 <alpacaherder> #agreed Item to be considered further on mailing list
20:51 <alpacaherder> #topic Any Other Business
20:51 <alpacaherder> Is there any other business before the Council?
20:51 <costales> I was thinking in it, I think they are really technical areas for a LoCo members
20:51 <alpacaherder> costales: True
20:52 <alpacaherder> We'll need to hash that out further since what we wound up with wasn't well-defined.
20:52 <costales> +1 alpacaherder ;)
20:52 <alpacaherder> Last call for any other business...
20:52 <alpacaherder> #topic Closing Matters
20:52 <alpacaherder> #info The next regular meeting is scheduled for 2015-01-20 at 2000 UTC.
20:52 <alpacaherder> #link http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=LoCo+Council+January+2015+Meeting&iso=20150120T20&p1=1440&ah=1
20:53 <alpacaherder> #info Those who have requests of the LoCo Council that arise prior to its next meeting are advised to write to the Council at loco-council at lists.ubuntu.com for assistance.
20:53 <alpacaherder> #endmeeting