12:06:58 <Pendulum> #startmeeting
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12:07:08 * Destine is here.
12:08:20 <Pendulum> Welcome to the April 17, 2013 12:00 Membership Board Meeting. When I call your name please introduce yourself including links to your launchpad and wiki pages.
12:09:20 <Pendulum> As a reminder, only board members may vote on applications, but people are welcome to cheer for applicants they support when that applicants application is being evaluated.
12:10:17 <Pendulum> #voters Pendulum, Destine, micahg, jared, freeflying
12:10:17 <meetingology> Current voters: Destine Pendulum freeflying jared micahg
12:10:40 <Pendulum> Also, I'd like to welcome freeflying as one of the newest members of the membership board :)
12:10:57 <Pendulum> pietro98-albini: are you here?
12:11:02 <freeflying> Pendulum: thanks
12:11:03 <pietro98-albini> Pendulum, yes
12:11:24 <Pendulum> #topic Pietro Albini's Application for Membership
12:11:38 <Pendulum> pietro98-albini: please introduce yourself :)
12:11:56 <pietro98-albini> Hello everybody, sorry for my bad english :)
12:12:13 <pietro98-albini> I'm Pietro Albini, a 14 years old italian boy
12:12:47 <pietro98-albini> I started to contribute to the Ubuntu community in may 2012, into the Italian LoCoTeam
12:13:22 <pietro98-albini> I manage the Ubuntu italian LoCoTeam website (http://www.ubuntu-it.org/) since may 2012
12:14:02 <pietro98-albini> I made a lot of pages in the website, and with new Ubuntu release I release new site brand
12:15:06 <pietro98-albini> I had the Ubuntu italian LoCoTeam membership since january, and since march I write for the LoCoTeam newsletter
12:15:29 <pietro98-albini> When I've some free time I triage some bugs (very few)
12:16:05 <jared> Thanks for the introduction, we're just reading over your application
12:16:12 <jared> Is there anyone here to cheer pietro98-albini ?
12:16:33 <pietro98-albini> jared, i don't finish yet
12:16:40 <pietro98-albini> :)
12:16:45 <jared> Sorry, please continue
12:17:29 <pietro98-albini> The italian LoCoTeam is going to launch a new support system (the italian version of askubuntu) and I help to realize it
12:17:45 <pietro98-albini> Probably I will admin or mod
12:17:57 <pietro98-albini> https://launchpad.net/~pietro98-albini
12:18:01 <pietro98-albini> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PietroAlbini
12:18:06 * pietro98-albini finished
12:18:33 * wickedpuppy claps , very good intro pietro98-albini  , well done!
12:19:13 <smartboyhw> Erm I always appreciate (or push) teenage contributors to get Ubuntu membership, and I think pietro98-albini deserves it:)
12:19:22 * smartboyhw is same-aged as pietro98-albini after all.
12:19:36 <jared> pietro98-albini: you mention that most of your contributions are to your loco but launchpad shows you only joined in January this year, is that correct?
12:20:32 <smartboyhw> jared, um that's a bit different (if you look at Launchpad)
12:20:42 <pietro98-albini> jared, Ubuntu Italian LoCoTeam have two teams, ~ubuntu-it with all contributors, and ~ubuntu-it-members with members
12:21:43 <pietro98-albini> pietro98-albini, I entered in ~ubuntu-it when I entered in ~ubuntu-it-www, and I entered in ~ubuntu-it-members in january
12:21:57 * pietro98-albini finished
12:22:15 * pietro98-albini cannot use correctly quoting
12:23:28 <Pendulum> pietro98-albini: is there anyone around who could come cheer in support of you and how long you've been working other that the person who wrote your wiki testimonial?
12:23:49 <pietro98-albini> hallino1 ?
12:24:25 <jared> I just don't know what is involved in the other items you have listed on the wiki (other than the newsletter posts) and without more testimonials it's difficult to know how involved it is.
12:30:10 <warp10> I'd like to speak in favor of Pietro. I met him within the Italian LocoTeam, and despite his age I have been impressed by his skills. I definitely recommend Pietro for the membership
12:31:13 <micahg> warp10: can you speak to his level of contribution in the past before January?
12:32:10 <warp10> micahg: sure, I met him in person during the ubuntu-it meeting in october 2012 (and he was already active in the community)
12:32:50 <Pendulum> I think we're ready to vote
12:32:59 <almaidinajad> I'd like to speak in favor of Pietro, too. I work with him in the Italian team that is responsible for the website. He never stop of working and everytime I'm in trouble there he is. I reccomend Pietro for the membership.
12:33:05 <Pendulum> #vote
12:33:05 <meetingology> Please vote on:
12:33:05 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
12:34:15 <Pendulum> +0 I'd really like to see you come back in a couple months with more testimonials for how long you've been contributing.
12:34:45 <jared> +0 I would like to see more detail about the sustained contributions to the Italian Loco website. I'm unable to see much activity earlier than January and there is very little detail in the small number of testimonials.
12:35:20 <Destine> +0 more testimonials would be better.
12:36:01 <freeflying> +0 if coming with more testimonials would make the application more persuasive
12:36:22 <micahg> +0
12:36:35 <Pendulum> #endvote
12:36:35 <meetingology> No vote in progress
12:37:11 <jared> pietro98-albini: I don't think we're saying you haven't contributed but it's hard for us to determine with the application as it currently is. If you'd like to hang around after the meeting we can provide more specific pointers but essentially, we need to be able to easily identify significant and sustained contributions.
12:37:45 <Pendulum> next applicant. warren-hill are you around?
12:37:47 <warren-hill> Here: launchpad https://launchpad.net/~warren-hill, Wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Warren-Hill
12:37:56 <warren-hill> I'm a design engineer. I develop embedded systems
12:37:58 <Pendulum> #topic Warren Hill's application for Membership
12:38:07 <warren-hill> I'm mainly active on the Luaunchpad Ubuntu Answers site and I have found and confirmed a few bugs, but can be found on AskUbuntu, and occasionally Ubuntu forums too.
12:38:15 <warren-hill> In Launchpad I'm currently 11th for karma on Ubuntu overall and 3rd for answers
12:38:23 <warren-hill> More rarely I'm here in #ubuntu trying to help out.
12:38:37 <warren-hill> What else do you want to know?
12:39:32 <jared> warren-hill: we'll just read over and ask some questions :) Good work on the multiple testimonials from existing community members btw.
12:39:58 <warren-hill> thanks
12:40:35 <jared> warren-hill: so your design engineering I assume is not for Canonical?
12:41:13 <warren-hill> No I develop electronic test equipment.  Some Linux based but most no OS
12:41:38 <jared> warren-hill: no worries, just checking. I know they work on that stuff to a degree.
12:42:49 <warren-hill> If interested this is the sort of equipment I work on
12:42:51 <warren-hill> http://www.tti-test.com/products-tti/psu-main.htm
12:43:41 <wickedpuppy> can I ask what programming language is used? Assembly?
12:43:54 <wickedpuppy> C?
12:44:15 <warren-hill> A mix of ARM assembly and C mainly, but some DSP assembly too
12:44:38 <freeflying> warren-hill: why are you on the no-canonical team? just curious :)
12:45:42 <warren-hill> you mean not canonical? Just because in the past some people have assumed I am a Conanical employee on Launchpad
12:46:45 <freeflying> warren-hill: ic, thanks
12:47:06 <jared> warren-hill: I've had a browse through your answers and read the testimonials, thanks for that.
12:47:23 <jared> warren-hill: on a side note, how do you find the state of LP answers these days?
12:47:41 <warren-hill> Generally OK why
12:48:14 <jared> warren-hill: just curious, there were those who thought it declined a little when askubuntu came around, etc.
12:49:24 <warren-hill> You get some poor questions but then many people are new.  AskUbuntu can be intimidating to some users as they can get told there is already an answer when they need more hand holding
12:49:39 <Pendulum> Okay, I think we're ready to vote
12:49:49 <warren-hill> My AskUbuntu page is here http://askubuntu.com/users/107450/warren-hill
12:49:55 <Pendulum> #vote Voting on Membership for Warren Hill
12:49:55 <meetingology> Please vote on: Voting on Membership for Warren Hill
12:49:55 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
12:50:14 <Pendulum> +1 keep up the good work!
12:50:14 <meetingology> +1 keep up the good work! received from Pendulum
12:50:16 <Destine> +1
12:50:16 <meetingology> +1 received from Destine
12:50:28 <freeflying> +1 please keep the great job :)
12:50:28 <meetingology> +1 please keep the great job :) received from freeflying
12:50:41 <jared> +1 Good testimonials, keep up the good work
12:50:41 <meetingology> +1 Good testimonials, keep up the good work received from jared
12:51:08 <Pendulum> #endvote
12:51:08 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Voting on Membership for Warren Hill
12:51:08 <meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
12:51:08 <meetingology> Motion carried
12:51:16 <Pendulum> warren-hill: congratulations and welcome!
12:51:23 <warren-hill> thank you
12:52:39 <Pendulum> #topic Billy Aung Myint's application for membership
12:52:45 <wickedpuppy> thats me
12:52:49 <Pendulum> wickedpuppy: Please introduce yourself :)
12:52:56 <wickedpuppy> let me intro . thanks Pendulum
12:53:29 <wickedpuppy> Hi everyone , I am 30 years old male in Singapore
12:53:44 <wickedpuppy> I started using Ubuntu in late 2005 ,
12:53:53 <wickedpuppy> https://launchpad.net/~wickedpuppy
12:54:35 <wickedpuppy> I am one of the initiators of Ubuntu-SG loco team and administrator of the team @ launchpad
12:54:48 <wickedpuppy> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sg-team/+members#active
12:55:15 <wickedpuppy> I am also irc admin for #ubuntu-sg ( /msg chanserv access #ubuntu-sg list )
12:55:37 <wickedpuppy> I am also moderator for Ubuntu-SG loco subforum on ubuntuforums.org
12:55:55 <wickedpuppy> http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=433
12:56:01 <wickedpuppy> I am also mailing list administrator
12:56:12 <wickedpuppy> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-sg
12:56:25 <wickedpuppy> I am also the facebook page administrator
12:56:31 <wickedpuppy> https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntu.sg/
12:56:36 <wickedpuppy> you can see me there
12:57:06 <wickedpuppy> I am also the web and domain administrator of ubuntu.sg
12:57:25 <jared> Similar to the first applicant at the meeting, I'm struggled to be able to determine the significant and sustained contributions required to be a member. It's not that you haven't possibly done that but there isn't enough information available for me to draw that conclusion.
12:58:08 <wickedpuppy> Sorry but being administrator and maintainer for local community isn't contributing enough?
12:59:04 <jared> wickedpuppy: depends on the local community, if you can get some of the members to provide information on your contributions and length that would be the sort of thing I'd be looking for.
12:59:26 <wickedpuppy> jared: we only have less than 200 members
12:59:36 <wickedpuppy> only one ubuntu member , hyperair
12:59:43 <wickedpuppy> we nearly died
13:00:10 <wickedpuppy> we have just revived recently and are trying to get more members to the team
13:00:22 <jared> wickedpuppy: I'm not suggestion they all need to :) Just with loco contributions it's really hard to guage involvement without some testimonials
13:01:07 <wickedpuppy> I agreed. after all I could be hiding in the basement after registering the group
13:01:11 <Pendulum> THey also don't need to be from ubuntu members. It helps if they're ubuntu members, but we do consider all testimonials.
13:02:03 <wickedpuppy> then I think my chance are essentially 0. everyone would be too busy to come to irc even
13:02:17 <jared> wickedpuppy: hyperair wouldn't be able to add a quick note to your wiki page?
13:02:25 <jared> A couple of the others wouldn't be able to do the same?
13:02:25 <hyperair> ohai.
13:02:31 * wickedpuppy spanks hyperair
13:02:34 <wickedpuppy> say something
13:02:39 <hyperair> er
13:02:40 <Pendulum> Testimonials don't need to be in English, btw.
13:02:49 <jared> Gday hyperair , we're trying to ascertain wickedpuppy's contributions for Ubuntu Membership
13:02:54 <wickedpuppy> lol .. something like wo ai ni :P
13:03:32 <jared> They currently have no testimonials so I was saying it's hard to guage significant and sustained contributions to a loco without some sort of testimonial
13:03:40 <hyperair> Pendulum: yeah well, i don't speak any other language as good.
13:03:42 <warren-hill> They should not need to come on irc. Take a look at my wiki page can't you get a few users who know you to say similarly complementary things?
13:03:59 <hyperair> well, what can i say, when i came to singapore, wickedpuppy was the ubuntu-sg team leader
13:04:18 <Pendulum> hyperair: I menat that more in general about testimonials :)
13:04:21 <hyperair> he led us for the SFD preparations since 2008
13:04:21 <wickedpuppy> warren-hill: if they have wiki page account i would be very surprised ... Singapore team has less than 200 members in facebook and less than 20 active members
13:05:05 <hyperair> wickedpuppy: well standard operating procedure for applying for membership -> wikipage writeup with testimonials.
13:05:26 <wickedpuppy> hyperair: i know .. but you also know that would mean asking people to register for accounts
13:05:34 * hyperair went through it for my MOTU application as well.
13:05:44 <jared> wickedpuppy: they can also send emails to the membership board if they would prefer
13:05:46 <hyperair> yeah well, can't be helped.
13:06:20 <Pendulum> Also, if any of them want to continue to contribute long enough to become members themselves, they'll need the wiki account eventually.
13:06:24 <jared> wickedpuppy: or, if you have write ups of the SFD events you organised, providing links to those on your wiki page. Along with other links of events that you've helped organise, run, attended, etc
13:06:46 <wickedpuppy> Pendulum: they are not interested
13:07:25 <wickedpuppy> We just had a meetup with Jouni Helminen
13:07:33 <wickedpuppy> one of the lead designers of Ubuntu Touch
13:07:38 <wickedpuppy> guess how many came?
13:07:41 <wickedpuppy> less than 30
13:07:51 <wickedpuppy> and mostly none ubuntu-sg members
13:08:26 <jared> wickedpuppy: it's not the number that's important. It's the effort involved. I have had less than 20 attend release parties myself.
13:08:35 <wickedpuppy> that is on facebook
13:08:59 <wickedpuppy> jared: we havn't have any release parties for ... actually we never had
13:09:03 <hyperair> we had once
13:09:06 <wickedpuppy> once?
13:09:07 <hyperair> many years ago
13:09:09 <hyperair> chew hosted it
13:09:12 <wickedpuppy> ah
13:09:14 <hyperair> you were there...
13:09:16 <hyperair> wait, were you?
13:09:19 <hyperair> i remember heidir
13:09:21 <wickedpuppy> no idea
13:09:29 <hyperair> okay if you don't remember then you probably weren't there.
13:09:40 <wickedpuppy> yah
13:09:46 <hyperair> we also had an ubuntu-sg release party at NTU under the NTUOSS
13:09:48 <jared> wickedpuppy: I'm just using that as an example though. I'm just saying it's difficult for use to gauge the required significant and sustained contributions when there is just a description of what you've done.
13:10:23 <wickedpuppy> jared: I understand. I am not saying its unfair. I am just saying it would be almost impossible.
13:12:33 <wickedpuppy> well I think in that case the conclusion seems to be foregone. Perhaps I will try again future
13:12:37 <wickedpuppy> Pendulum: pls
13:13:03 <warren-hill> There may be another option testimonials can be e-mailed to: ubuntu-membership-boards@lists.ubuntu.com  according to this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership.  So users don't need a Wiki page to let the board know how good you are
13:13:21 <warren-hill> but they still need testimonials
13:13:25 <hyperair> i think we need some of the older members to come out and talk about wickedpuppy.
13:13:33 <Pendulum> wickedpuppy: we'd like to see you come back with more testimonials and more links to show what you've done. I'd suggest talking to hyperair since he's been through the process.
13:13:40 <jared> hyperair: even some links to recent events/efforts/etc
13:13:45 <wickedpuppy> Pendulum: thanks
13:13:55 <wickedpuppy> jared: Thanks too!
13:13:57 <Pendulum> we really do want you to come back when you have more info for us. We just don't have enough as is to make a decision :)
13:13:58 * hyperair was pretty new to the team -- we only met less than 10 times before the team more or less died out.
13:14:09 <hyperair> then we came back once a year for software freedom day
13:14:21 <hyperair> but last year the SFD committee disappeared
13:14:25 <Pendulum> Okay, we're over time so I'm going to end the meeting.
13:14:45 <Pendulum> Thank you everyone for coming
13:14:48 <Pendulum> #endmeeting