21:00:09 <kees> #startmeeting
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21:00:40 <kees> so, Apologies from cjwatson and soren. stgraber, here?
21:01:27 <kees> [topic] Action review
21:01:52 <kees> seems like UbuntuKylin is on its way. were there any unresolved actions from that?
21:02:56 <pitti> I'm still not fully happy with the fcitx thing
21:03:19 <pitti> but I guess that's a matter for debate and decision/testing within the Kylin community
21:03:33 <pitti> the other issues were clarified AFAICS
21:03:35 <kees> but it's in progress, right? I guess I mean, are there any things the TB needs to examine during this meeting?
21:03:39 <kees> okay, coll
21:03:39 <kees> er, cool
21:04:03 <kees> [TOPIC] Brain storm review
21:04:10 * stgraber waves
21:04:11 <kees> I didn't see any new replies...
21:04:15 <pitti> kees: not that I c an see
21:04:26 <pitti> kees: no; TBH, I think at this point we should call this round "done"
21:04:29 <kees> okay
21:04:41 <pitti> but wrt. to this, I don't think that even this round was terribly useful
21:04:53 <kees> yeah, it seemed pretty quiet.
21:05:15 <pitti> even the most favorite one only got some 60 votes or so
21:05:16 <kees> should we do one more cycle starting in may and if it's similarly quiet, just drop it?
21:05:42 <pitti> we could also bury it now and see whether anyone complains
21:05:50 <pitti> but we should perhaps do this when we have more TB members
21:06:01 <pitti> bonsoir stgraber
21:06:12 <kees> agreed. let's bump it until we have >3 at the meeting :)
21:06:25 <kees> [TOPIC] Scan the mailing list archive
21:06:57 <kees> only thing here might be the release cycle changes
21:07:03 <pitti> I think we should defer this until after UDS
21:07:09 <kees> yeah, agreed.
21:07:18 <pitti> although I guess most things already popped up on the ML
21:07:30 <pitti> (which was actually a really good discussion IMHO)
21:07:31 <kees> I'm going to go through the ubuntu-devel thread a little more carefully and see if I can comment usefully on any of it
21:08:00 <stgraber> I believe the plan is for someone to e-mail the TB with a real proposal shortly after UDS, we can pick it up from there
21:08:16 <kees> ok
21:08:26 <kees> I also see "Flavor Review Request for Ubuntu GNOME"
21:08:48 <pitti> oh right, I was meaning to reply to that, but forgot, sorry
21:08:55 <kees> yeah, me too :P
21:09:07 <stgraber> ah yeah, jbicha poked me about that one on IRC... should have followed up too
21:09:14 <kees> I'm generally in favor of it. I'd like to see the same for a MATE flavor once it's all the way in Debian too.
21:09:26 <stgraber> and slangasek asked me to check the current state of Kylin and start creating the packageset and matching teams for it
21:09:28 <jbicha> hi :) the rolling thing is a bit disruptive but I think we still want to go ahead with our proposal for now
21:09:39 <pitti> hey jbicha
21:09:42 <mdz> kees, MATE?
21:09:58 <kees> mdz: yes, Gnome 2 fork. It's wonderful.
21:10:04 <pitti> jbicha: with "All of the packages we need have been in Ubuntu since last September." you mean all the build deps for the gnome3 PPA?
21:10:38 <pitti> jbicha: as I understand it, the gnome PPA is actually delivering what you want, or do you envision the current raring gnome (i. e. mostly 3.6) as that remix, and just use different default settings with it?
21:10:52 <jbicha> pitti: I meant things like ubuntu-gnome-meta and ubuntu-gnome-default-settings (which contains our minimal artwork)
21:11:49 <pitti> jbicha: ok, so ubuntu gnome == what's in the distro, and the PPA is the staging area for contributors still?
21:12:20 <jbicha> the PPA does not provide us with daily image builds or recognition as an equal flavor with like Kubuntu or Xubuntu which is nice for marketing purposes
21:13:59 <jbicha> there is demand for images with the GNOME3 PPA pre-installed...I don't know if we want to discuss that at this meeting?
21:14:12 <pitti> so in general I'm very favorable of this; we should cross-check it against the list of requirements for flavours
21:14:22 <pitti> stgraber, do you happen to have that link handy? ^
21:14:31 <kees> yeah, no PPAs in an official image, please. :)
21:14:37 <pitti> ^ + 1
21:15:07 <jbicha> kees: ok, I wasn't planning to discuss that today either :)
21:15:09 <stgraber> pitti: one sec
21:15:11 <pitti> jbicha: but for the RR we'll eventually have the same problem of having these kind of staging areas which are eventually landed in the distro; I guess that'll use a very similar model like the gnome3 ppa
21:15:43 <stgraber> pitti: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecognizedFlavors
21:16:15 <jbicha> by the way we do have a staging ppa now too for stuff that isn't ready for the Ubuntu archives https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3-staging/+packages?field.series_filter=raring
21:16:35 <kees> stgraber: thanks. yeah, it seems like this qualifies easily.
21:17:06 <pitti> community interest (point 1) is certainly there
21:17:36 <pitti> jbicha: did ricotz, darkxst, and you sign the CoC? (I assume so)
21:17:52 <jbicha> the GNOME3 PPA was for stuff that we thought was ready for Ubuntu but sharing the archives with Unity meant we had to wait longer
21:17:55 <pitti> jbicha is in ~u-desktop, so that covers upload
21:17:59 <jbicha> pitti: yes all 3 of us have
21:18:08 <stgraber> yeah, I'm pretty sure that Ubuntu GNOME qualifies.
21:18:17 <pitti> and all three of you have been active for a long time already
21:18:32 <stgraber> they'll still need to talk to the cdimage team to make sure that there's enough space and resources to build the images, but that's a separate matter
21:18:34 <pitti> "follow release process" is somewhat in the air now :)
21:18:44 <pitti> but given that GNOME defined our original one, that's also ok :)
21:18:48 <pitti> right
21:19:22 <pitti> so as for "Guidelines to become and remain a recognized flavor", I think you're all set
21:20:00 <pitti> so +1 from me
21:20:08 <kees> yeah, I've emailed my +1.
21:20:40 <kees> sabdfl gave his +1. mdz, stgraber: ?
21:21:00 <mdz> I think i need to abstain, lacking context
21:21:12 <mdz> multitasking right now also
21:21:46 <stgraber> +1
21:22:27 <kees> what is the next technical step? emailing IS?
21:22:59 <pitti> I think so; we need sign-off that there's enough space, and then ask the release team to set up daily isos
21:23:09 <stgraber> so I'm going to go ahead and create packagesets + upload teams for both Kylin and UbuntuGnome
21:23:26 <stgraber> the respective teams can then apply with the DMB to get upload rights
21:23:30 <kees> okay
21:23:42 <stgraber> if they wish to get daily builds, they'll have to contact the cdimage team to check for space and resources for the build
21:23:53 * kees nods
21:24:02 <stgraber> and the cdimage team may ask IS to check for space on the build machines, mirrors, tapes if required
21:24:39 <kees> [ACTION] stgraber to create packagesets + upload teams for Kylin and UbuntuGnome
21:24:39 * meetingology stgraber to create packagesets + upload teams for Kylin and UbuntuGnome
21:24:48 <stgraber> so I think we just want to highlight in the minutes that we have two new flavours, point to their wiki pages and I'll work with them to get everything setup
21:25:02 <kees> [TOPIC] Check up on community bugs
21:25:04 <kees> sounds good, yeah
21:25:08 <kees> we have no open bugs...
21:25:09 <stgraber> we don't add new flavours everyday, so I expect I'll have to make part of the process as I go ;)
21:25:23 <kees> [TOPIC] other business?
21:25:24 <kees> heh
21:26:08 <kees> *crickets*
21:26:26 <kees> next chair? mdz?
21:26:26 <pitti> nothing from me
21:27:21 <JackYu> hi, I am Jack from UbuntuKylin team. Is there anything we should go ahead?
21:27:48 <kees> JackYu: I think you're okay for the moment. stgraber will be pushing some buttons to finalize things.
21:27:52 <stgraber> JackYu: I think we have everything we need to proceed and start setting up your flavour
21:28:31 <kees> mdz: if the next meeting time isn't good for being chair, feel free to update the wiki. :) I'll mark you down for now.
21:28:32 <JackYu> Great. Thanks!
21:28:44 <kees> I think that's it for this time. Anything else?
21:29:01 <mdz> kees, it's fine, thanks and sorry
21:29:08 <kees> heh
21:29:09 <kees> np
21:29:15 <kees> alright everyone, thanks!
21:29:17 <kees> #endmeeting