19:01:31 <barry> #startmeeting
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19:01:53 <tumbleweed> !dmb-ping
19:01:53 <ubottu> bdrung, cody-somerville, Laney, micahg, barry, tumbleweed, stgraber: DMB ping
19:01:54 <barry> hi everyone and welcome to this week's ubuntu developer membership board meeting
19:02:12 <barry> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/Agenda
19:02:44 <barry> could be a short meeting today, as we have no applications to process
19:02:54 <tumbleweed> \o/
19:03:22 * barry does have a couple of items to discuss though
19:03:42 <barry> #topic previous action items
19:03:51 <barry> micahg to document the zentyal packageset
19:04:15 <micahg> hrm...
19:04:20 * stgraber waves
19:04:46 <micahg> barry: next time Gadget, next time
19:05:02 <barry> micahg: np :)
19:05:09 <barry> micahg to ask docs people if they want to apply for a packageset
19:05:11 <barry> micahg: same?
19:05:28 <micahg> I thought I did that, but maybe I only thought about doing it
19:06:26 <micahg> so, yeas
19:06:35 <barry> cool, we'll carry it forward then :)
19:06:55 <barry> #topic package sets
19:07:01 <barry> nothing to do here i think
19:07:11 <barry> #topic applications
19:07:14 <barry> nor here
19:07:27 <barry> #topic aob
19:07:52 <barry> did everyone get a chance to see dholbach's message, re: @ubuntudev?  if so, any comments?
19:08:32 <tumbleweed> sure, welcoming new users sounds great. On tho other hand, we've already got too much post-meeting paperwork
19:09:17 <micahg> well, all of them except for g+ has an API I think
19:10:05 <barry> yeah, i don't think gwibber f.e. can do multiple accounts.  it would be easy if you could just post one message there and have it propagate
19:11:00 <barry> i suppose unless one of us really has the urge, we could leave it to the chair, or just let others in the community take the lead
19:12:05 <barry> i guess the silence pretty much says it all :)
19:12:45 <tumbleweed> automating the post-meeting papework would be pretty nice
19:13:03 <barry> one last thing i'd like to discuss: we have two more meetings technically scheduled for 2012, but i propose we cancel the 31-dec meeting, and i will offer to chair again in 2 weeks.  that will be the last meeting of 2012.  any objections?
19:13:28 <tumbleweed> cancelling the 31 dec meetnig seems pretty sensible
19:13:40 <micahg> sounds fine
19:13:46 <stgraber> sounds good
19:14:09 <barry> tumbleweed: what kind of automation do you have in mind?
19:14:23 <barry> cool, i'll update the next meeting page
19:14:55 <barry> if we skip the 31st, that puts the first meeting of 2013 on 7-jan at 1900utc
19:15:05 <tumbleweed> barry: well, I'm not sure it's worth the effort, as there's not much to do
19:15:17 <tumbleweed> but it still feels like a lot, so it's easy to put off
19:15:18 * barry nods
19:15:51 <tumbleweed> welcoming people on social media accuonts is something that would have to be done ASAP, not left for two weeks
19:17:06 <barry> i guess we can be honest w/dholbach about our antisocial media-ness and see if he has suggestions for making it easy for us
19:17:31 <barry> well, anyway, that's all i have for today.  does anybody have anything else?
19:17:50 <tumbleweed> "antisocial media-ness" :)
19:19:26 <barry> alrighty then!
19:19:28 <barry> #endmeeting