20:01:42 <czajkowski> #startmeeting
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20:01:46 <olive> hello
20:01:50 <czajkowski> aloha and welcome to the September Loco council meeting
20:01:57 <winael> hello
20:01:59 <itnet7> Hey there everyone!
20:01:59 <czajkowski> LoCo Council please say hi :)
20:02:06 <elfabixx> Hi all !
20:02:19 <McPeter> hello
20:02:29 <xdatap1> hi everybody
20:02:45 <quesh> hello
20:02:53 <niko> hi there
20:02:57 <czajkowski> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrenchTeam/ApprovalApplication2012
20:03:08 <piti> hello there
20:03:10 <czajkowski> wow
20:03:21 <LeMiasme> Hi yall
20:03:23 <SwordArMor> Hello
20:03:28 <BlackEco> good evening
20:03:45 <YoBoY> hi everyone :)
20:03:58 <czajkowski> impressive wiki
20:04:05 <czajkowski> so who from France is going to lead us
20:04:10 <olive> thanks czajkowski :)
20:04:13 <cm-t> hi
20:04:24 <winael> thx czajkowski
20:04:24 <cm-t> tanks thanks
20:04:29 <huats> hello there too :)
20:04:30 <elfabixx> czajkowski:  I'm french
20:04:37 <LeMiasme> French here too
20:04:42 <McPeter> +1
20:04:44 <olive> +1
20:04:45 <huats> french too :)
20:04:45 <niko> +1
20:04:46 <quesh> +1
20:05:01 <cm-t> I ll be our  lecturer
20:05:02 <czajkowski> we're not ready to vote yet
20:05:05 <czajkowski> eager :)
20:05:12 <itnet7> :-)
20:05:14 <winael> French +1
20:05:18 <czajkowski> cm-t: hey so care to tell us about the French loco
20:05:22 <czajkowski> how things are done
20:05:27 <czajkowski> issues you've come up against
20:05:30 <czajkowski> how are things
20:05:31 <czajkowski> :)
20:06:18 <BlackEco> french too
20:07:16 <cm-t> the think are done fine :)
20:07:20 <cm-t> things *
20:07:41 <Zic> French too o/
20:07:47 <spineaker> o/
20:08:29 <cm-t> do you have any question about our applicationĀ ?
20:08:32 <czajkowski> so how has the french loco coped over the last 2 years ( anyone can answer)
20:08:47 <olive> c'est pas faux
20:08:54 <yougg> French+1
20:08:59 <cm-t> ( in english olive :) )
20:09:48 <olive> cm-t: so, answer before me
20:10:03 <BlackEco> *before I do
20:10:18 <czajkowski> cm-t: the application is impressive.
20:10:36 <cm-t> so we are done 2 years, with many event all over the France, we try to find new way to catch new people to ubuntu
20:10:53 <czajkowski> cm-t: so how do you get people involved in the loco, it's rather large
20:11:34 <cm-t> we focused a lot to get new people as user, and as you espected well, now we need to focus to grow our community
20:11:43 <itnet7> Very nice job on giving all of the details on the wiki
20:12:01 <czajkowski> xdatap1: any questions
20:12:24 <olive> we organize great and big events to attract many volounteers
20:12:44 <xdatap1> czajkowski, I'm just amazed by their wiki page.
20:13:18 <itnet7> ditto
20:13:24 <YoBoY> (and there is so much more to put on this pageā€¦ ^^")
20:13:56 <czajkowski> so opening up to anyone YoBoY piti anyone have any comments on the French loco ?
20:14:27 <YoBoY> yes, we can do much better
20:14:40 <cm-t> oh yes YoBoY :)
20:14:55 <czajkowski> YoBoY: so how do you think the loco will grow in next 2 years
20:15:00 <czajkowski> Also can the LC help in any way
20:15:01 <YoBoY> like lot of locos we have to focus on recruitement of new contributors
20:15:46 <olive> we have to expand our Fetivals activity
20:15:56 <Trium> o/
20:15:57 <YoBoY> I think the loco can have more event orginizers
20:16:08 <olive> Festivals*
20:16:21 <czajkowski> Can I ask does the looc know about the greater ubuntu community ? or is it all focused in France?
20:16:47 <olive> We have to rebuilt our big website
20:17:05 <YoBoY> they know we are a big community inside the awesome ubuntu community ;)
20:17:23 <olive> Ubuntu-fr is focused on French speaking Countries :) not only France
20:17:29 <cm-t> we are mostly France based, but we try to be french speaking
20:17:34 <cm-t> olive:  :)
20:18:11 <czajkowski> so I just have one comment, and then we can go to votes
20:18:15 <czajkowski> Team reports.........
20:18:35 <quesh> one of our goals is to develop French spoken countries
20:18:40 <czajkowski> am I missing the link somewhere in the application
20:18:41 <YoBoY> stoped between august 2011 and may 2012, started again
20:18:45 <czajkowski> YoBoY: you know my love for them
20:19:00 <YoBoY> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrenchTeam/TeamReports/
20:19:02 <olive> French people are very bad to write english.
20:19:13 <czajkowski> olive: you know I dont mind if they are in french
20:19:21 <czajkowski> I can use google translate
20:19:31 <YoBoY> czajkowski, yes I know you love team reports :)
20:19:33 <czajkowski> maybe this is something we can better communicate to all teams
20:19:46 <czajkowski> ok so in 2 years time can I see 2 years worth of team reports :D
20:19:47 <czajkowski> please
20:20:10 <YoBoY> we can try, not easy to find someone to write them :]
20:20:15 <czajkowski> #voters itnet7 czajkowski xdatap1
20:20:15 <meetingology> Current voters: czajkowski itnet7 xdatap1
20:20:21 <olive> if team report can be in french, no problem.
20:20:27 <YoBoY> olive, they can
20:20:33 <olive> so, no problem.
20:20:39 <czajkowski> #vote please vote on the re approval of France loCo
20:20:39 <meetingology> Please vote on: please vote on the re approval of France loCo
20:20:39 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
20:20:43 <itnet7> +1
20:20:43 <meetingology> +1 received from itnet7
20:20:50 <czajkowski> +1 fantastic application, bring on the team reports!
20:20:50 <meetingology> +1 fantastic application, bring on the team reports! received from czajkowski
20:21:01 <winael> we can try to translate it with google translate by ourself too :)
20:21:04 <guest2435> +1
20:21:09 <itnet7> Very, Very good Application, and Awesome Job!!
20:21:16 <czajkowski> guest2435: only loco council can vote
20:21:23 <xdatap1> +1 keep up the good work
20:21:23 <meetingology> +1 keep up the good work received from xdatap1
20:21:29 <czajkowski> #endvote
20:21:29 <meetingology> Voting ended on: please vote on the re approval of France loCo
20:21:29 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
20:21:29 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:21:30 <olive> winael: like these application wiki :)
20:21:33 <czajkowski> huzzah!
20:21:35 <yougg> +1
20:21:43 <quesh> +1
20:21:45 <YoBoY> thanks everyone :)
20:21:47 <huats> thanks !
20:21:51 <olive> thanks cm-t
20:21:55 <cm-t> thanks you :)
20:22:02 <winael> thanks everybody
20:22:03 <McPeter> many thanks
20:22:03 <czajkowski> #action czajkowski update the LP team for france expiration date
20:22:03 * meetingology czajkowski update the LP team for france expiration date
20:22:04 <olive> thanks czajkowski and others :)
20:22:08 <czajkowski> thank you all for coming
20:22:09 <huats> thanks cm-t, and everyone for took part of it !
20:22:10 <quesh> :)
20:22:10 <czajkowski> well done!
20:22:17 <czajkowski> #endmeeting