19:02:34 <cody-somerville> #startmeeting Developer Membership Board Meeting
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19:02:40 <rsalveti> infinity: :-)
19:03:10 <cody-somerville> #topic Review of previous action items
19:03:19 <cody-somerville> #subtopic micahg to document the zentyal packageset
19:03:32 <micahg> impossible as the API doesn't allow it :)
19:03:50 * micahg will file bug for that
19:03:59 <cody-somerville> micahg, Ack
19:04:18 <tumbleweed> and I may even fix it, I did a rocketfuel-setup, intending to have a look...
19:04:28 * stgraber waves
19:04:40 <cody-somerville> #accepted Impossible as the API doesn't allow it - micahg will file bug. Tumbleweed may look to fix it.
19:04:55 <cody-somerville> #subtopic laney to delete network-manager packageset
19:05:08 <cody-somerville> I don't think Laney is making it today.
19:05:11 <cody-somerville> Carrying action item
19:05:37 <cody-somerville> #action laney to delete network-manager packageset
19:05:37 * meetingology laney to delete network-manager packageset
19:05:49 <cody-somerville> #subtopic laney to contact menesis about schooltool packageset
19:05:56 <tumbleweed> also can't be done without lp changes
19:06:14 <cody-somerville> #action laney to delete network-manager packageset (may require lp changes however)
19:06:14 * meetingology laney to delete network-manager packageset (may require lp changes however)
19:06:18 <stgraber> tumbleweed: removing package sets?
19:06:24 <cody-somerville> #subtopic laney to contact TB to see if netbook/unr/mobile packagesets are still needed
19:06:43 <cody-somerville> Action is reported as done in agenda
19:07:05 <cody-somerville> #accepted TB was contacted regarding continued need for netbook/unr/mobile packagesets
19:07:13 <cody-somerville> #subtopic stgraber to add ppu for lexical to fwts
19:07:23 <stgraber> I believe that was done, let me check
19:07:34 <stgraber> yep
19:07:54 <cody-somerville> #accepted Added PPU for lexical to fwts
19:08:06 <cody-somerville> #topic Ubuntu Core Developer Applications
19:08:32 <cody-somerville> #subtopic Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Ricardo Salveti
19:08:42 * rsalveti o/
19:08:55 <cody-somerville> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RicardoSalveti/CoreDevApplication
19:09:19 <tumbleweed> stgraber: yes
19:09:29 <cody-somerville> rsalveti, Hello. Please introduce yourself and your application.
19:09:39 <rsalveti> sure
19:10:23 <rsalveti> my name is Ricardo Salveti, working and living in Brazil, mostly involved with ARM related activities over the past few years
19:11:11 <rsalveti> I'm a canonical employee, currently allocated at Linaro working as the team lead for the developer platform team, which is responsible of creating and maintaining the Ubuntu Linaro Evaluation Builds
19:11:59 <rsalveti> these Ubuntu LEBs are currently based on both the last stable release and the current one, which we use to integrate and deliver the linaro specific projects and developments
19:12:43 <rsalveti> so in the end we can provide an image that can be used in many different development boards, helping the development and validation before the code from the other working groups can be integrated at upstream
19:12:49 <rsalveti> or even at the ubuntu archive
19:13:00 <rsalveti> in the past I also worked at the old ubuntu arm team
19:13:18 <rsalveti> mostly during the maverick/natty cycles, helping improving the ARM support in general
19:13:52 <rsalveti> as a generalist, I'm usually involved on coding and bugfixes all across the os, from bootloader, kernel, init system and X11
19:14:30 <rsalveti> I also worked improving and enabling the OpenGL ES2.0 support at the archive, for arm, so we could have accelerated rendering with our supported boards
19:14:33 <rsalveti> such as Pandaboard
19:15:07 <rsalveti> also helping getting Unity 3d to properly work on ARM, by helping with coding/bugfixes and also package updates
19:15:38 <cody-somerville> rsalveti, Do you find the Ubuntu release and development processes provides downstream consumers such as Linaro with a reliable and stable foundation to build custom solutions and product on top of? What were some of the pain points in this regard and how would you go about fixing them?
19:15:47 <rsalveti> for Quantal I'm glad that we were finally able to get the PowerVR SGX driver in place, letting us releasing the desktop image for Panda during B1
19:16:35 <rsalveti> cody-somerville: usually, yes, but we had to deal with a few issues as well
19:17:06 <rsalveti> the first one happened when we decided to generate our own rootfs, based on ubuntu
19:17:24 <rsalveti> as live-build wasn't that supported at that time
19:17:51 <rsalveti> but lately that improved once the live-build support was improved at ubuntu (around oneiric?), and we were also able to cross-bootstrap it with qemu
19:18:01 <rsalveti> making it a lot easier for us to customize the image at the build time
19:18:16 <rsalveti> another issue we got was the lack of proper cross build support
19:18:36 <rsalveti> as specially for ARM, the engineers are quite used to just use cross-compilation for everything
19:18:59 <rsalveti> and as on ubuntu we officially just support native build, that was a bit of a pain for those developers
19:19:20 <rsalveti> luckily that was improved a lot with multi-arch support, but it's still not looking very nice
19:19:45 <rsalveti> http://people.linaro.org/~wookey/buildd/precise/sbuild-ma/status-bootstrap.html
19:19:47 <rsalveti> one example
19:20:03 <rsalveti> I think we also got one for quantal this week
19:20:24 <rsalveti> wookey is working on setting up a buildd to try to verify the cross-build support for our packages
19:20:27 <rsalveti> using multi-arch
19:20:56 <rsalveti> but currently I think perf is one of the main issues, as porting it to multi-arch and getting it able to be cross-buildable is a pain
19:21:00 <rsalveti> *perl
19:21:18 <cody-somerville> rsalveti, Is that work that you hope will make it into Ubuntu at some point?
19:21:59 <rsalveti> and the last one, which we got from ARM, is that once the release is done, the src packages from updates/security can be replaced with new package updates
19:22:27 <rsalveti> and that is an issue specially when they got an image which can't easily be updated, and they want/need the src/dbg packages from one specific version which is not available anymore
19:23:03 <rsalveti> cody-somerville: we're working to get this supported at ubuntu for a while already, hopefully this time it'll be enough to bootstrap the Aarch64 more easily
19:23:32 <cody-somerville> The last issue: Is that an issue with how you deliver your package updates to customers or an issue with Ubuntu's archives?
19:23:48 <rsalveti> our goal is to also work helping debian/ubuntu with the aarch64 port later this year, so at least for a minimum rootfs it's quite useful to be able to cross-build them
19:24:07 * stgraber remembers getting quite a few patches from wookey to support cross-building of various bits of the archive
19:24:53 <rsalveti> cody-somerville: the problem happens once the vendor updates the image, but later wants to debug one specific package that was also updated at the updates/security pocket
19:25:14 <cody-somerville> rsalveti, Do you see a future where official packages in the Ubuntu archive could be generated via cross-building instead of needing to all be done on native hardware?
19:25:18 <rsalveti> then he's unable to find the older version by just using apt-get
19:26:12 <rsalveti> cody-somerville: I think so (we also discussed in the past the support for cross-build at launchpad), but the problem is the amount of time it takes to get that in place
19:26:27 <rsalveti> it might be the same time where we'll be getting huge armv8 servers around
19:26:33 <infinity> (There are reasons other than time why not to do it)
19:26:39 <rsalveti> then the cross build is not that relevant anymore
19:26:54 <rsalveti> infinity: sure, but even for development/experimental support
19:28:00 <rsalveti> so I believe it's good to be able to cross build packages, specially now that we have multi-arch support
19:28:16 <rsalveti> but I don't see it becoming an official/supported way by ubuntu
19:28:22 <cody-somerville> rsalveti, Do you have any major goals that you'd like to achieve in the next six months if you were to become a Ubuntu core developer?
19:29:22 <rsalveti> cody-somerville: keep improving the support for the current arm targets, but also helping the support for other devices, such as the A10 based tablets/servers/dongles etc
19:29:51 <rsalveti> I think those variants will become quite relevant in a few months, specially because they are incredibly cheap
19:30:08 <rsalveti> also, helping with the Aarch64 port as well
19:30:20 <rsalveti> (which is our current focus at linaro)
19:31:14 <rsalveti> and, there's still a lot of work to make the opengl related packages at the archive also compatible with OpenGL ES
19:32:10 <cody-somerville> rsalveti, Being a Ubuntu Core Developer isn't just about upload permissions, it also means being a leader. Can you describe a situation or an issue in the Ubuntu community where you've shown leadership?
19:33:07 <rsalveti> I think specially with the pandaboard/beagle users, where they are always pushing and requiring better support for their own use cases
19:33:34 <rsalveti> I always try to help at the #ubuntu-arm channel with any board specific issue, and also helping them becoming more interested at Ubuntu
19:33:48 <rsalveti> by providing an easy way to consume ubuntu, and also build whatever they like on top of it
19:34:02 <rsalveti> so that's why getting the opengles drivers integrated by default was a quite important step
19:34:13 <rsalveti> I think that ubuntu was the first arm distro that got the drivers integrated at the archive
19:34:21 <rsalveti> first for the omap3 boards, and later for omap4
19:34:45 <rsalveti> which helped people developing the opengles support at unity, but also for others that were consuming and developing applications on top of Qt
19:34:51 <rsalveti> using the opengles support for it
19:36:45 <cody-somerville> rsalveti, What motivated you to apply to become a Ubuntu Core Developer? Is there any reason you haven't applied previously for MOTU?
19:37:46 <rsalveti> cody-somerville: that's a funny fact, I thought about applying to motu first, and that's how I became an ubuntu universe contributor (at that time it wasn't clear what team/permission would be related with motu)
19:38:20 <rsalveti> I remember we had even wiki pages showing that ubuntu universe contributor would be just like a motu
19:38:28 <rsalveti> but I found later on that it wasn't that way still
19:38:47 <rsalveti> but then, as most of the packages I was changing at ubuntu was part of main, I just decided to apply to core-dev directly
19:40:46 <rsalveti> specially after working and contributing to ubuntu for almost 5 releases
19:45:22 <cody-somerville> Any other questions?
19:45:44 <stgraber> rsalveti: are you subscribed to ubuntu-devel-announce?
19:45:52 <rsalveti> stgraber: yes
19:46:16 <rsalveti> hm, maybe not announce, let me check
19:46:29 * rsalveti is subscribed to so many ubuntu related mls
19:46:34 <micahg> rsalveti: you mention that you don't like the kernel SRU process, this has actually been measurably improved in the past few years, did you have any specific ideas on how it can be even better?
19:47:13 <stgraber> rsalveti: ubuntu-devel-announce is where all the freezes are announced, so it's really a must read before uploading anything
19:47:43 <rsalveti> stgraber: oh, true, I usually prefer to follow the release meetings at every friday
19:48:14 <stgraber> that works too (same information)
19:48:31 <rsalveti> micahg: I think specially on the kernel side, the kernel stable updates are updated more frequently nowadays
19:48:47 <rsalveti> guess after the qa side of ubuntu got a bit of more focus, that also improved on that direction as well
19:49:03 <rsalveti> but it's common to find bugfixes waiting for more than one month
19:49:31 <micahg> they have a 3 week cadence, so if you miss the train, you get on the next one
19:49:35 <rsalveti> which I think can upset a few users, as it can take quite a while to get some minor but important fixes in place
19:50:10 <micahg> the problem is that you'll always have more fixes to get in, it should only be up to 3 weeks for a new kernel to hit proposed where people can grab it if they need it sooner
19:50:13 <rsalveti> I believe for an lts 3 weeks might make sense, not so sure for the other releases
19:50:29 <micahg> rsalveti: the problem is the time to verify all the fixes across the board
19:50:41 <micahg> they just barely make it in 3 weeks now AIUI
19:50:49 <rsalveti> yup :-( I know the pain
19:51:04 <rsalveti> it's also common for the reporter to disappear
19:51:13 <stgraber> rsalveti: another question for you :)
19:51:15 <stgraber> rsalveti: Let's say you're a core dev, we are on the 21st of September 2012 and you have two packages that you want to upload, not containing any new feature. vlc and python-gevent. Should you upload these to the archive? If not, why?
19:52:53 <rsalveti> after the <snapshot>-freeze, like beta-2, I'd first make sure I have the bugs opened and with proper explanation about why they need to be fixed
19:53:22 <rsalveti> and then go to #ubuntu-release to request more info if I should update those packages or not, and then push to the archive
19:53:40 <rsalveti> if they are not critical enough, otherwise going to -proposed might be the way to go
19:54:29 <rsalveti> at times near release I don't want to push anything that's not well communicated at #ubuntu-release
19:54:32 <stgraber> well, you should really only be poking #ubuntu-release for things that are seeded
19:54:59 <stgraber> which of these two packages (if any) are part of these packages that are frozen for the milestone?
19:55:12 <micahg> s/seeded/on images/ before final freeze
19:56:05 <cody-somerville> We'll now move to the vote.
19:56:08 <cody-somerville> #vote Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Ricardo Salveti
19:56:08 <meetingology> Please vote on: Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Ricardo Salveti
19:56:08 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
19:56:14 <rsalveti> python-gevent is part of main
19:56:26 <rsalveti> but I think we have a freeze for universe as well at some point, right?
19:56:44 <rsalveti> quite near the final freeze
19:57:35 <rsalveti> stgraber: but I would only push a package at this point if it can be useful for the image, otherwise it might be good to wait for the release
19:57:42 <rsalveti> not necessarily for universe packages, sure
19:57:45 <cody-somerville> +1 based on interview, contributions, and endorsements.
19:57:45 <meetingology> +1 based on interview, contributions, and endorsements. received from cody-somerville
19:58:33 <stgraber> well, apparently cody-somerville started the vote already, so I'll just quickly explain why I chose these two packages
19:59:04 <stgraber> vlc is part of mythbuntu so is covered by the milestone freeze but ONLY for LTS releases, so not for 12.10 where it can be freely uploaded until final freeze
19:59:05 <micahg> rsalveti: main/universe is much less important than affects an image/doesn't affect an image
19:59:10 <stgraber> (universe final freeze)
19:59:36 <rsalveti> yup, true
19:59:52 <stgraber> python-gevent is only on the Edubuntu media AFAIK as a dependency of python-x2go (universe) but that means it's part of the milestone freeze and shouldn't be uploaded without explicit approval of the release team
20:00:03 <rsalveti> that's why I'd first go to #ubuntu-release, I know we have many variants around
20:00:06 <barry> +1
20:00:06 <meetingology> +1 received from barry
20:00:07 <stgraber> rsalveti: do you know what tool to use whether a package is seeded and what media it might affect?
20:01:05 <stgraber> +1
20:01:05 <meetingology> +1 received from stgraber
20:01:10 <tumbleweed> +1
20:01:10 <meetingology> +1 received from tumbleweed
20:01:17 <micahg> +1
20:01:17 <meetingology> +1 received from micahg
20:01:52 <rsalveti> stgraber: seeded-in-ubuntu, but also look at the seeds file
20:02:55 <cody-somerville> #endvote
20:02:55 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Ubuntu Core Developer Application: Ricardo Salveti
20:02:55 <meetingology> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
20:02:55 <meetingology> Motion carried
20:03:06 <stgraber> rsalveti: yep, seeded-in-ubuntu is good for that. Grepping through the seeds works too but I prefer to let germinate do the calculation :)
20:03:08 <cody-somerville> rsalveti, Congratulations and welcome to the Ubuntu Core Developer team.
20:03:24 <rsalveti> stgraber: yeah :-)
20:03:26 <infinity> \o/
20:03:29 <rsalveti> \o/
20:03:32 <rsalveti> thanks all folks
20:03:44 <rsalveti> glad to be part of the team
20:03:46 <stgraber> rsalveti: congrats
20:03:48 <cody-somerville> #topic AOB
20:03:49 <rsalveti> and proud as well
20:04:00 <cody-somerville> Is there any other business for the board?
20:04:43 <cody-somerville> If not, the next chair will be tumbleweed.
20:04:45 <cody-somerville> #endmeeting