14:01:03 <balloons> #startmeeting ubuntu QA community
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14:01:14 <balloons> who's about
14:01:15 <balloons> ?
14:01:27 <sagaci_> o/ just observing
14:01:29 <smartboyhw> o/
14:02:24 <balloons> ok, I'm filling in for astraljava looks like.. If he appears, I'll turn the meeting back over to him :-)
14:02:29 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates
14:02:42 <smartboyhw> o/
14:03:45 <balloons> So on the ubuntu front a few things are happening. Beta 1 is  next week. This week we are chatting about the alternate cd's being dropped, and readying ourselves for next week. If the alt's do get dropped, we need to be prepared to migrate the testcases over for the desktop cd's
14:03:49 <balloons> yes smartboyhw ?
14:03:59 <smartboyhw> Er, the previous action items
14:04:01 <smartboyhw> balloons to chase up the incorrect meeting time on qa.ubuntu.com
14:04:01 <smartboyhw> phillw balloons to continue to update Wiki
14:04:16 <smartboyhw> I think you didn't update the meeting time... Or am I wrong?
14:05:01 <smartboyhw> ..
14:05:43 <smartboyhw> ..
14:05:44 <balloons> smartboyhw, yes thank you..
14:05:48 <smartboyhw> ;)
14:06:17 <balloons> there is still an oustanding ticket to get the time fixed on qa.ubuntu.com; I cannot do it
14:06:26 <balloons> [ACTION] balloons to chase up the incorrect meeting time on qa.ubuntu.com
14:06:26 * meetingology balloons to chase up the incorrect meeting time on qa.ubuntu.com
14:06:30 <smartboyhw> :)
14:07:08 <balloons> phillw and myself have continued updating the wiki.. there are a few pages still needing to be linked into the main site.. namely the testcase admins pages
14:07:30 <smartboyhw> Thanks balloons...
14:08:03 <balloons> ok, moving on
14:08:24 <balloons> [Other topics] Anything else needing discussion?
14:08:35 <smartboyhw> I'm afraid not:)
14:08:36 <balloons> We're going to be quick today :-)
14:09:37 <balloons> As I announced last week the images have been quite erratic on being built. This is likely to continue this week
14:09:56 <smartboyhw> Sure, I didn't get my Ubuntu Studio image for a WEEK.:(
14:10:07 <balloons> smartboyhw, is there a new one yet this week?
14:10:18 <smartboyhw> No. It's still 20120821
14:10:43 <smartboyhw> upgrade cases are on 20120824
14:10:48 <smartboyhw> xubuntu alternate on 20120822
14:11:06 <smartboyhw> ..
14:12:10 <balloons> yikes.. Well, fingers crossed, we'll see some working images this week
14:12:17 <smartboyhw> :)
14:12:27 <balloons> wonder if the gtk2-indicator issue is still plaguing these
14:12:31 <balloons> I haven't looked today
14:12:35 <balloons> ok, any other questions?
14:12:39 <smartboyhw> I don't know!
14:13:03 <balloons> if not, we'll finish this out
14:13:27 <smartboyhw> Finish meeting then...Is it the shortest one?
14:14:17 <balloons> #endmeeting