14:01:21 <Laney> #startmeeting
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14:01:34 <Laney> who's here?
14:01:38 <micahg> o/
14:01:46 <tumbleweed> o/
14:01:47 * bdrung is here, but ill.
14:01:51 <barry> o/
14:02:23 <Laney> is the agenda current?
14:02:38 * Laney is looking at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-08-13-19.09.html and seeing things not on there
14:03:04 <micahg> Laney: it is now :)
14:03:10 <Laney> heh
14:03:11 <Laney> #topic Review of action items
14:03:19 <Laney> #subtopic micahg to document the zentyal packageset
14:03:21 <Laney> pending?
14:03:24 <micahg> yeah
14:03:35 <Laney> #subtopic micahg to ping beuno regarding CC discussion on whether upload rights should confer membership
14:03:47 <Laney> done - yokozar started it
14:04:12 <Laney> we got some +1s - should be able to finish with this before the next meeting?
14:04:21 <tumbleweed> sounds likely
14:04:28 <Laney> ok
14:04:39 <micahg> yeah, if everyone could please respond (DMB members, myself included)
14:04:47 <Laney> will someone get the CC to decide?
14:04:49 <Laney> I'll +1
14:05:16 <micahg> well, the idea was we (DMB) decide and the CC only acts if we're deadlocked
14:05:30 <Laney> oh, so we can just go ahead
14:05:31 <micahg> AIUI at least :)
14:05:31 <barry> doesn't sound like we're deadlocked
14:05:33 <Laney> sounds good
14:05:51 <Laney> #subtopic stgraber to clean up coredev/motu duplicate package set rights
14:06:02 <micahg> I think this was done as well
14:06:17 <Laney> I also believe that to be the case
14:06:27 <Laney> #subtopic stgraber to clean up coredev/motu duplicate package set rights
14:06:34 <Laney> that's scott remnant fyi
14:06:38 <Laney> oops
14:06:49 <Laney> #subtopic remove scott from ubuntu-core-dev until he signs the CoC
14:06:56 <Laney> & also done
14:07:15 <Laney> #subtopic Laney (tumbleweed) to contact the uploaders of unused packagesets
14:07:24 <Laney> I just pinged Luke about sugar
14:07:32 <Laney> http://people.canonical.com/~stgraber/package_sets/quantal/ which other ones are a concern?
14:07:50 <tumbleweed> is unr used?
14:07:52 <ScottK> Which Scott?
14:07:55 <Laney> I propose to contact the TB as owners to get rid of unr/netbook(/mobile?)
14:08:00 <tumbleweed> ScottK: not you :)
14:08:03 <ScottK> OK.
14:08:03 <Laney> 27/08 15:06:34 <Laney> that's scott remnant fyi
14:08:07 <micahg> ScottK: keybuk
14:08:25 <ScottK> tumbleweed provided the critical part of the answer to my question.
14:08:43 <Laney> cyphermox just said in #-desktop that networkmanager is unused
14:09:03 <micahg> Laney: schooltool and mobile
14:09:08 <Laney> #action laney to delete network-manager packageset
14:09:08 * meetingology laney to delete network-manager packageset
14:09:17 <Laney> #action laney to contact menesis about schooltool packageset
14:09:17 * meetingology laney to contact menesis about schooltool packageset
14:09:29 <Laney> #action laney to contact TB to see if netbook/unr/mobile packagesets are still needed
14:09:29 * meetingology laney to contact TB to see if netbook/unr/mobile packagesets are still needed
14:09:33 <Laney> ok?
14:09:39 <micahg> sounds good
14:10:33 <Laney> #topic Per-Package Uploader application: Keng-Yu Lin
14:10:41 <Laney> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Keng-YuLin/PPU
14:10:53 <Laney> kengyu: Hey, that's you ;-)
14:11:03 <kengyu> hello all. /wave
14:11:10 <Laney> kengyu: Can you introduce yourself and your application please?
14:11:50 <kengyu> I am a Canonical employee; I work in the Hardware Enablement team, we are responsible for the Ubuntu preloads for OEMs.
14:12:20 <kengyu> I am from Taipei, Taiwan, and am also a Ubuntu user for long time. :-)
14:12:44 <kengyu> I am applying the PPU for fwts...
14:13:20 <Laney> Can you quickly explain for the laymen here what fwts is about?
14:13:55 <kengyu> because it is part of HWE team's project, and we offer the software for a various uses (certification, OEM, UEFI plugfest, etc).
14:14:50 <kengyu> it's suite of tests focusing on BIOS (or firmware in others words) and UEFI hardware (we are still working on this).
14:15:25 <bdrung> kengyu: what does fwts stand for?
14:15:51 <kengyu> "FirmWare Test Suite"
14:16:45 <kengyu> the current tests fwts has in documented in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/fwts
14:18:05 <micahg> kengyu: I noticed in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts/0.24.21 you switched from dh-autoreconf to autoreconf, could you please explain why that was done?
14:19:27 <kengyu> it's just because that Lucid does not have dh-autoreconf and Lucid was the LTS at that time, so I decided to keep the latest code working on Lucid.
14:22:41 <micahg> kengyu: were you aware that dh-autoreconf did more than just the configure step?
14:24:15 <micahg> kengyu: also, since I assume you weren't uploading to the archive, dh-autoreconf was available in lucid-backports
14:27:56 <kengyu> micahg, I think dh-autoreconf does not cleaning work. But my original intention was not to "revert" the use of dh-autoreconf and use hand-made 'autoreconf' commands in debian/rules...
14:29:15 <kengyu> I added the dh-autoreconf support in a previous patch. But had another one to use autoreconf because of Lucid support.
14:29:24 <micahg> kengyu: right, which would be fine, but there are two parts and I only saw the configure part in that changelog
14:29:45 <micahg> s/changelog/diff/
14:30:30 <kengyu> micahg, it's good to know that it is in Lucid-backports. at the time I just noticed the build failure in the PPA.
14:31:42 <micahg> kengyu: right, the more important part though is only implementing a partial manual rule in its place
14:33:20 <kengyu> micahg, Yes, thanks for this. This will be something I will work on. :-)
14:33:28 <Laney> thanks
14:33:33 <Laney> does anybody have any other questions?
14:33:51 <tumbleweed> sure
14:33:56 <tumbleweed> kengyu: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=hwe/fwts.git;a=commitdiff;h=ca9a4ac791265e0e4e945c2472aee6650b078d7d
14:34:09 <tumbleweed> does that mean it's ging to get upstream releases soon?
14:34:15 <tumbleweed> *going
14:36:05 <kengyu> tumbleweed, it's the plan. at least releasing as a tarball eases the pain for packaging for other distros (we've seen bug reported from gentoo too).
14:36:17 <tumbleweed> yeah
14:36:24 <tumbleweed> can we expect to see it in Debian, too, then?
14:37:29 <kengyu> I have that as my plan. But it takes some more time before issuing the ITP. the ACPICA code (is in fwts) from Intel has some legal/copyright issue.
14:37:58 <kengyu> there will be some more discussion I expect.
14:38:05 * tumbleweed looks forward to that at some point
14:39:34 <Laney> kengyu: Quick question about the Ubuntu release cycle
14:39:49 <Laney> kengyu: Do you know what Feature Freeze is and how it would impact any uploads of fwts you might perform?
14:40:32 <kengyu> Laney, yes, after that freeze any upload will require the FFE.
14:41:34 <Laney> kengyu: Where can you find out whethere we are in feature (or any other) freeze?
14:41:53 <Laney> also, it's not quite 'any' upload — only ones which contain new features (i.e. aren't purely bug fix)
14:42:31 <kengyu> from wiki.ubuntu.com there is a schedule table.
14:42:58 <kengyu> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule
14:43:42 <Laney> kengyu: thanks, that's it from me
14:43:45 <Laney> bdrung: go
14:44:35 <bdrung> kengyu: fwts will fail to build twice in the row once you switch to the "3.0 (quilt)" source format
14:45:42 <kengyu> bdrung, really! I did not notice that.
14:46:02 <bdrung> kengyu: the source package content changes after one build: http://paste.debian.net/185847/
14:46:26 <Laney> that's what micahg was getting at with the autoreconf questions
14:46:44 <bdrung> kengyu: there might be no difference if you use the same autotools version
14:47:39 <kengyu> brendand, ok, I will look at this. there should be more cleaning.
14:47:57 <Laney> it's what dh_autoreconf_clean would do for you if you used that
14:48:12 <bdrung> kengyu: do you check the lintian report including experimental before the upload? lintian found some typos in the source.
14:50:19 <kengyu> bdrung, no, I did check the lintian error/warning. But I just check the ones from pbuilder-dist...
14:50:57 <bdrung> kengyu: lintian has experimental and pedentic tags that are useful to check, too
14:51:32 <Laney> running out of time, let's move on
14:51:34 <Laney> barry: got anything to ask?
14:51:42 <kengyu> bdrung, this is nice to know. I will check it next time. :-)
14:51:47 <barry> Laney: no, my questions have already been asked by others
14:51:51 <Laney> thanks
14:51:52 <Laney> anyone else?
14:52:20 <bdrung> nothing important
14:52:33 <Laney> education can continue elsewhere afterwards
14:52:54 <Laney> #vote Grant Keng-Yu Lin PPU to fwts
14:52:54 <meetingology> Please vote on: Grant Keng-Yu Lin PPU to fwts
14:52:54 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
14:53:08 <Laney> #voters bdrung Laney barry micahg tumbleweed stgraber cody-somerville
14:53:08 <meetingology> Current voters: Laney barry bdrung cody-somerville micahg stgraber tumbleweed
14:53:31 <tumbleweed> +1
14:53:31 <meetingology> +1 received from tumbleweed
14:53:38 <barry> +1
14:53:38 <meetingology> +1 received from barry
14:53:46 <bdrung> +1
14:53:46 <meetingology> +1 received from bdrung
14:53:58 <Laney> +1 good endorsements, good review process upstream
14:53:58 <meetingology> +1 good endorsements, good review process upstream received from Laney
14:54:34 * Laney peers at micahg
14:54:40 <micahg> +1, would love to see this in Debian soon
14:54:40 <meetingology> +1, would love to see this in Debian soon received from micahg
14:55:09 <Laney> #endvote
14:55:09 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Grant Keng-Yu Lin PPU to fwts
14:55:09 <meetingology> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
14:55:09 <meetingology> Motion carried
14:55:16 <Laney> congratulations!
14:55:41 <kengyu> thanks. :-)
14:55:48 <Laney> #action stgraber to add ppu for lexical to fwts
14:55:48 * meetingology stgraber to add ppu for lexical to fwts
14:55:54 <Laney> #topic AOB
14:56:47 <Laney> silence is good
14:56:52 <Laney> #topic next chair
14:57:01 <Laney> who is it?
14:57:03 <Laney> I lost track
14:57:08 <barry> cody-somerville :)
14:57:44 <Laney> or?
14:57:46 <tumbleweed> probably me, in practice
14:57:51 <Laney> ok
14:57:52 <barry> i think so
14:58:00 <Laney> #action next chair cody-somerville (tumbleweed)
14:58:00 * meetingology next chair cody-somerville (tumbleweed)
14:58:02 <Laney> cheers
14:58:03 <Laney> #endmeeting