19:03:06 <stgraber> #startmeeting
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19:03:07 <tumbleweed> aww, I was hoping to go to sleep :P
19:03:30 <stgraber> xnox: nope, both barry and Laney said they couldn't attend this one
19:03:39 <stgraber> #topic Review of previous action items
19:03:44 <stgraber> micahg to document the zentyl packageset
19:03:50 <micahg> nope :(
19:03:58 <stgraber> stgraber to review the freeze process with bencer
19:04:09 <stgraber> still need to poke highvoltage about that...
19:04:15 <stgraber> cody-somerville to vote in early meeting poll
19:04:17 <highvoltage> bencer has been really quiet recently
19:04:39 <cody-somerville> Hi
19:04:47 * highvoltage pokes him now
19:04:49 <stgraber> highvoltage: can you make sure that he's perfectly aware of the freezes before he uploads anything?
19:05:12 <highvoltage> stgraber: I can explain it to him, the understanding part is up to him
19:05:21 <stgraber> highvoltage: ok :)
19:05:31 <stgraber> cody-somerville: did you have a chance to vote in that early meeting poll?
19:06:36 <cody-somerville> I don't believe so. Still not sure how since it seemed like I had to vote on specific dates or something, lol
19:06:56 <stgraber> cody-somerville: ok, I'll keep that action item on the list then
19:07:04 <stgraber> the two others have been done:
19:07:06 <stgraber> stgraber to add jbicha to MOTU (done)
19:07:10 <stgraber> stgraber to remove rodrigo-moya's PPU rights (done)
19:07:20 <bdrung> my schedule will change if we wait long enough
19:07:35 <stgraber> #topic Ubuntu Contributing Developer Applications  - Juan Negron
19:07:49 <stgraber> negronjl: ping
19:07:52 * negronjl waves
19:08:00 <bdrung> i probably can attend the early meetings in 6 weeks and following
19:08:19 <stgraber> negronjl: can you introduce yourself and your application please?
19:08:38 <negronjl> hello all ...
19:08:46 <negronjl> My name is Juan L. Negron ( wiki.ubuntu.com/JuanNegron/UbuntuContributingDeveloper )
19:09:13 <negronjl> I currently work as a Systems Integration Engineero for Canonical ( currently located in San Francisco, CA, USA )
19:09:32 <negronjl> I mainly hang around the Juju guys and charm related things
19:10:21 <negronjl> I am currently applying for Ubuntu Contributing Developer
19:11:44 * negronjl not sure what else to add :/
19:12:57 * xnox bribing with home-baked cookies always works like a charm ;-)
19:13:03 <tumbleweed> let me start the questions
19:13:22 <tumbleweed> negronjl: I have a fairly hard time judging this application, because I don't see much directly-ubuntu-related activity
19:14:11 <negronjl> tumbleweed: fair enough question ... I have been heavily involved in spreading the word on Juju
19:14:32 <bdrung> xnox: we will eat all your cookies, but this will have no effect on the result of your application (unless we get all ill and need to defer the vote) ;)
19:14:43 <negronjl> tumbleweed: that involves going to pretty much every conference, meeting that I can get into to spread the word there.
19:14:43 <tumbleweed> are you intending to do more work on ubuntu itself?
19:15:06 <tumbleweed> I se a bunch of uploads from june and august last year, but nothing since
19:15:14 <negronjl> tumbleweed: also have run a few charm-schools for it.
19:15:33 <tumbleweed> (orchestra-ish stuff, some of which hasn' tbeen touched since, and I don' tknow if that's good or bad)
19:15:34 <negronjl> tumbleweed: the majority of my work these days has been geared towards juju and charms.
19:15:47 <negronjl> tumbleweed: orchestra is no more ... now it's MaaS
19:15:56 <negronjl> tumbleweed: that's why it hasn't been touched.
19:15:57 <tumbleweed> the packages still appear to be published in the archive
19:16:27 <tumbleweed> I wouldn't call that "no more"
19:16:41 <negronjl> tumbleweed:  they are ... they are maintained but, no further development will happen on orchestra
19:17:00 <negronjl> tumbleweed: that development effort has been geared towards Juju now.
19:17:16 * xnox thought orchestra => juju + MaaS
19:17:28 <negronjl> xnox:  not really
19:17:58 <negronjl> xnox: I am currently working on a demo for Structure/SF where I will deploy MaaS, Juju and such ....
19:18:18 <negronjl> xnox: MaaS is something different from orchestra ... A different approach with a diff. goal
19:20:20 <negronjl> MaaS intends to be a provider ( think Amazon/Aws )
19:20:43 <negronjl> orchestra was something where you could deploy ready-made (puppet) work-loads to it
19:22:51 <negronjl> another big diff. between orchestra and MaaS is that orchestra was puppet based and MaaS is just a provider that Juju can manipulate and consume
19:23:16 <xnox> interesting. thanks.
19:23:41 <negronjl> xnox: sure
19:23:49 <bdrung> negronjl: you stated that you dislike the package review process. why? something else besides it being slow?
19:24:28 <negronjl> bdrung: just slow ...
19:25:11 <negronjl> bdrung: I had to write something I didn't like after all ;)
19:25:49 <bdrung> negronjl: what did you have to write?
19:26:20 <negronjl> bdrung: .... just a joke about having to write what I liked least about Ubuntu
19:26:30 <bdrung> ah. :)
19:26:52 * xnox "If you tell me everything, you will not get into any type of trouble" - what a typical typical lie parents tell kids during upbringing ;-)
19:26:55 <bdrung> negronjl: what do you mean with package review process. the sponsoring queue?
19:27:14 <negronjl> xnox: I fell for that as a kid many times
19:27:47 <bdrung> xnox: we like to know what can be improved in Ubuntu.
19:28:09 <negronjl> bdrung:  When i started with orchestra, the packaging process and review process took a lot of effort ( It was mostly because I didn't understand it at all ).  ....
19:28:47 <negronjl> bdrung:  As I work on this stuff more,  I see that it's more of a misunderstanding of the process ( that explains why the sponsoring queue is the way it is ) .....
19:29:25 <negronjl> bdrung: and the need for me to clean up my packages ( after all ... one of the things that we all like about Ubuntu is that we can install a package and expect it to just _work_ )
19:29:39 <bdrung> negronjl: was it just a misunderstanding on your side or a lack of/wrong documentation?
19:30:10 <negronjl> bdrung: nowadays ... when I package stuff ( ie: ppa:cloudfoundry/daily ) I tend to look closer at those issues and see them as something that _I_ need to fix as opposed to something that the process needs to work for me.
19:31:13 <negronjl> bdrung: packaging and sponsoring and getting these things into the archive can be a daunting process for someone new.  The help is out there ... I guess it could be put in a more concise manner but, I really would not know where to put it or how to go about making it better.
19:31:40 <negronjl> Once I started to get a better understanding of the process, I realized that it is only as complicated and lengthy as it needs to be
19:32:16 <negronjl> ... I guess I also got used to it so, at this point, I see it as just something that needs to be understood and worked through ...
19:32:52 <negronjl> bdrung:  so the short answer is that it was daunting due to my inexperience with it.
19:33:29 <stgraber> ok, sorry had to multi-task a little and follow some discussions the DMB had on the side
19:34:00 <bdrung> many processes seem to be daunting/complex at the beginning
19:34:24 <stgraber> the DMB doesn't think that ubuntu contributing developer is the right fit for you as it's really meant as a step towards MOTU
19:34:56 <stgraber> instead, we'd highly recommend you apply through the regular Ubuntu Membership process where your contributions to the project through the juju charm schools and similar conferences will be considered
19:35:35 <negronjl> stgraber: ok.  thx for the pointers
19:36:30 <stgraber> negronjl: no problem, and all the best for your ubuntu membership application!
19:36:31 <bdrung> "Ubuntu Contributing Packager" would be probably a better name instead of "Ubuntu Contributing Developer"
19:36:58 <negronjl> thx for your time all
19:37:07 <bdrung> you're welcome
19:37:10 <stgraber> #topic Ubuntu Core Developer Applications - Dmitrijs Ledkovs
19:37:15 <stgraber> xnox: your turn :)
19:37:22 <inetpro> hmm....
19:37:34 <inetpro> oops... wrong channel
19:37:42 <xnox> Hello everyone =)
19:38:07 <xnox> My name is Dmitrijs. I am Ubuntu Contributing Developer and Debian Developer.
19:38:33 <xnox> I am currently employed by canonical and work fulltime with Foundations Team on the filesystem's tasks.
19:39:22 <xnox> Since my $dayjob is more closely aligned with ubuntu+1, my hobby time contributions have picked up as well. Hence I am applying for Core Developer status.
19:39:48 <xnox> The wiki page for my application is here:
19:39:49 <xnox> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DmitrijsLedkovs/CoreDevApplication
19:39:53 <xnox> ..
19:40:19 * tumbleweed hasn't seen any mention of cookies for +1s yet
19:41:15 <bdrung> we first need to find a protocol to transport cookies over IP without loosing the taste ;)
19:41:17 * xnox prepared a ratatouille recipe for Laney & Barry which were making a fire for me at the last meeting. But they bailed. There was no time for cookies, sorry.
19:42:21 * xnox was considering airtight, vacuum containers, but was afraid of moisture turning into ice during air transportation. So I was thinking to make dehydrated cookies, but they are not as nice as soft baked once.
19:42:28 <stgraber> So, let's say we are the 27th of June and you want to fix a bug in python-gevent, can you upload it to the archive at that point?
19:42:50 * xnox goes to check the calendar, to see what 27th of june is
19:43:37 <xnox> so there are no milestones for stable releases in the interlock.
19:43:44 <xnox> only alpha 2 freeze for quantal.
19:44:17 <xnox> it is seeded on the edubuntu dvd image
19:44:46 <micahg> http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc1149.txt comes to mind as a basis for transporting cookies over IP
19:45:00 <xnox> i would upload to -proposed, or better get in touch with release team to see if the bugfix is required for a respin
19:45:20 <xnox> assuming that the seeding has not changed by the time we get into 27th of june
19:45:26 * xnox goes to check MIRs
19:45:47 <stgraber> good answer and well detailed answer :)
19:45:54 <stgraber> are you subscribed to ubuntu-devel-announce?
19:46:08 <xnox> yes, on RSS, NNTP & email
19:46:19 <tumbleweed> exotic
19:46:44 * xnox doesn't like missing *-announce stuff regardless what I happen to check first
19:48:03 <tumbleweed> xnox: so, how do we make RAID/LUKS/LVM rock in ubuntu?
19:48:22 * xnox doesn't see any MIRs for python-gevent, and I shouldn't miss any new new MIR since I am subscribed to ubuntu-archive m-l for component missmatch notifications
19:49:05 <xnox> tumbleweed: to make RAID/LUKS/LVM rock this needs implemented: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-q-software-raid
19:49:13 <xnox> as well as all dependencies
19:49:16 <xnox> and all bugs
19:49:22 <xnox> and of course https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-q-ubiquity-lvm-luks
19:49:33 <xnox> and all bugs in ubiquity/installer related to that
19:49:40 * tumbleweed missed that session
19:49:54 <xnox> tumbleweed: which one? there was no session for ubiquity-lvm-luks
19:50:09 <xnox> it was discussed to death for many cycles in a row =)
19:50:24 <xnox> there were hallway discussions about it at the UDS-Q
19:51:16 * tumbleweed seems to recall some scheduled related sessions at UDS-Q, but nm
19:51:56 <bdrung> xnox: is there a nice gui to create luks encrypted partitions?
19:52:39 <xnox> bdrung: the design work is in progress.
19:52:44 * xnox hunts some links
19:53:04 <xnox> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bZ4yQIVgGaUGSYu3qiUHnQt3ieBZoqunP_DcleHCr3I/edit#heading=h.v8wi3omt1z0
19:53:29 <bdrung> i needed to create the partition on the gui to then mount it with typing the password into the gui
19:54:09 <xnox> right now you can use gnome-disks which is on the live cd to create LUKS encrypted volume
19:54:11 <xnox> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity/AdvancedPartitioningSchemes#Ubiquity_Mockups
19:54:32 <xnox> is my "functional" mockups which will be enabled with `ubiquity --danger-do-not-use`
19:54:43 <xnox> or some other more sensible command line flag
19:55:17 <xnox> gnome-disks is fully gui. And encrypted usb drives are awesome. You plug it in, and a nice popup appears to unlock it.
19:55:19 <stgraber> alright, we have 5 minutes left to the meeting, so let's vote
19:55:49 <stgraber> #vote Core Dev Application - xnox
19:55:49 <meetingology> Please vote on: Core Dev Application - xnox
19:55:49 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
19:56:23 <bdrung> +1
19:56:23 <meetingology> +1 received from bdrung
19:56:48 <micahg> +1
19:56:48 <meetingology> +1 received from micahg
19:56:56 <tumbleweed> +1 [[ it's a faily early core-dev application, but warranted ]]
19:56:56 <meetingology> +1 [[ it's a faily early core-dev application, but warranted ]] received from tumbleweed
19:56:58 <stgraber> +1
19:56:58 <meetingology> +1 received from stgraber
19:57:52 <cody-somerville> +1
19:57:52 <meetingology> +1 received from cody-somerville
19:58:03 <stgraber> #endvote
19:58:03 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Core Dev Application - xnox
19:58:03 <meetingology> Votes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
19:58:03 <meetingology> Motion carried
19:58:11 <stgraber> xnox: congrats!
19:58:17 * xnox \0/
19:58:41 <stgraber> added to the team
19:58:50 <tumbleweed> xnox: congrats. now you can help bring down the sponsorship backlog :P
19:59:07 * xnox goes to break^W make ubuntu better ;)
19:59:28 <xnox> sure, I can now do sponsorship
19:59:34 <stgraber> #topic Select a chair for the next meeting
19:59:47 * xnox votes barry
20:00:10 <stgraber> can't remember, do we also do alphabetical order of IRC nicks like the TB?
20:00:21 <stgraber> if so, it should be tumbleweed
20:00:36 <tumbleweed> IIRC, we do alphabetical on full names
20:00:37 <bdrung> alphabetical on first name
20:00:42 <tumbleweed> I was the last chair
20:00:53 <stgraber> ok, that's barry then
20:01:03 <stgraber> #action barry to chair the next DMB meeting
20:01:03 * meetingology barry to chair the next DMB meeting
20:01:06 <stgraber> #endmeeting