19:32 <airurando> #startmeeting Summer Team Meeting
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19:32 <airurando> Welcome everyone!
19:32 <airurando> The agenda for this meeting can be found at:
19:33 <airurando> http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/630/detail/
19:33 <airurando> If you are in this channel specifically for this meeting (and I hope you are) please confirm your presence by typing PRESENT and hitting enter.
19:33 <airurando> PRESENT
19:33 <ebel> PRESENT
19:33 <vic9098> PRESENT
19:33 <zmoylan> PRESENT
19:33 <Bpb101> PRESENT
19:33 <mokmeister> PRESENT
19:34 <tdr112> PRESENT
19:34 <airurando> Great stuff!  Now on to the agenda items in order.
19:34 <airurando> #topic Summary of successful 2013 reapproval
19:34 <tdr112> big thanks to airurando on this
19:35 <ebel> Yeah, fair play airurando
19:35 <airurando> :-)
19:35 <airurando> thanks
19:35 <mokmeister> Yes indeed, great stuff, thanks
19:35 <tdr112> he did a great job leanding us forward
19:35 <airurando> Our Teams approval status expired at the end of June (at the moment, approved status lasts only 2 years and needs to be reapplied for at the time of expiry)
19:35 <zmoylan> and creating all the wiki pages for it, thanks airurando
19:35 <airurando> We applied for reapproval at the LoCo Council meeting on 16 Jul 13
19:36 <airurando> Minutes and Logs of the meeting can be found at:
19:36 <airurando> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Minutes/20130716
19:37 <airurando> We were the third and last team up for reapproval.  Two very impressive teams preceeded us (The Japanese Team and the Tunisian Team).
19:37 <zmoylan> yeah, it was like 5am for the japanese team
19:37 <airurando> Thanks to vic9098 who provided some valuable input during the preparation of the application
19:38 <vic9098> lies i tell ya
19:38 <airurando> tdr112, zmoylan and of course czajkowski gave great support to my luke warm efforts to promote the Irish LoCo.
19:38 <Bpb101> Sorry I missed that folk , Got mixed up on the days :P
19:38 <tdr112> np
19:38 <ebel> yeah, sorry i missed it too. I was at riverdance with some visiting relatives
19:38 <airurando> We gave a frank account of our diminished activity over the last two years.
19:38 <airurando> no problem vic9098 or ebel
19:39 <zmoylan> special mention to tdr112 who did it on the bus with dying battery :-)
19:39 <tdr112> :P
19:39 <airurando> indeed :-)
19:39 <airurando> We did state that some activity still existed and reboot efforts were ongoing.
19:39 <airurando> The LoCo council recognised this lull in activity as a fairly common occurrence.
19:40 <airurando> A short discussion developed focussed on getting new enthusiastic members to join LoCos.
19:40 <airurando> It was clear that there is no easy way
19:40 <airurando> The council approved our reapproval application. So we are now good to go until July 2015!
19:41 <airurando> I am very thankful to the LoCo council for keeping faith in our LoCo.
19:41 <tdr112> so I think we now have this chance to turn the loco around
19:41 <airurando> indeed tdr112
19:41 <airurando> Now following on from this and, more importantly, following on from the good will expressed during or team reboot efforts both on the mailing list and during recent team meetings, I strongly feel the time is right to firmly put our LoCo on a low level sustainable footing that is not too onerous to maintain at lease until interest and activity grows.
19:42 <airurando> moving on!
19:42 <airurando> #topic Team meetings
19:42 <airurando> Frequency? Timing?
19:43 <tdr112> > every month
19:43 <mokmeister> tdr112: I think so too.
19:43 <tdr112> 2 or 3 months
19:43 <airurando> to frequent in my mind guys
19:43 <vic9098> no longer then two months, but we probs would not have enough uptake for monthly
19:43 <airurando> at the start at least
19:44 <Bpb101> I would say Every Month on a Certin Date . Eg the first Thursday Of every Month at 8.30 /9 pm time
19:44 <airurando> Mulling this over I came up with:
19:44 <zmoylan> that way works best in my experience
19:44 <airurando> http://pix.ie/ubuntuie/3319678/size/992
19:44 <mokmeister> I dunno, I think there's something to be said for giving people a reason to come to here just to chat about ubuntu stuff.
19:44 <airurando> I prefer the idea of quarterly meetings to start
19:45 <airurando> FEB, MAY, AUG and NOV
19:45 <Belgarath> well, sorry for cutting in but irc is dead to new users
19:46 <airurando> looking at the chart there will be ubuntu related stuff to discuss each quarter
19:46 <vic9098> maybe base them around april/oct to coincide with releases
19:46 <airurando> good point Belgarath
19:46 <airurando> but we need to keep it open
19:46 <mokmeister> good points indeed
19:46 <Belgarath> airurando: website with embeded irc client is known to have good results
19:47 <airurando> Belgarth we have that
19:47 <ebel> yeah web irc client makes irc a fesiable option for many
19:47 <darrenbatesdub> Bonjour everyone sorry im late!
19:47 <zmoylan> but it also is an open door to trolls from the other channels i hang out in
19:47 <ebel> freenode has that
19:48 <vic9098> using irc chat on android right now
19:48 <ebel> zmoylan: #ubuntu-ie has a open policy. but also has a code of conduct, if people are troublesome, we can and will kick them
19:48 <darrenbatesdub> Like vic, I'm using AndroIRC
19:48 <ebel> I am an op here and can and will kick out trolls.
19:49 <tdr112> ebel: has the power
19:49 <ebel> just let me (or other ops) know if there's a problem
19:49 <Belgarath> what if they behave, the trolls are mean ...that is racist behavior and troll discrimination :P
19:49 <Bpb101> I know i dont get to many of these meeting, but has there been much trolls on here with the irc option?
19:49 <zmoylan> tickety boo
19:49 <ebel> discrimination against trolls is fine
19:49 <ebel> Bpb101: no, none really that I remember
19:49 <airurando> focus people we have a lot to get through
19:50 <zmoylan> sorry for diverting conversation
19:50 <ebel> back to the topic!
19:50 <airurando> monthly meetings were partly the cause of things fizzling out
19:50 <mokmeister> How do we get new users to use web IRC in the first place?
19:51 <ebel> mokmeister: send them a link.
19:51 <Belgarath> make it look liek a web chat :)
19:51 <mokmeister> ahhh! Thanks Ebel
19:51 <Belgarath> if you tell them  "this is a link to our irc client" nobody will use it
19:51 <airurando> ebel can you find the link, I don't have it to hand
19:51 <Belgarath> if you have "click here to talk to us" some might
19:51 <zmoylan> so add a link to tweets of meetings?
19:52 <airurando> it is not necessary for all new members and users to attend the team meetings
19:52 <airurando> small steps initially
19:52 <Belgarath> http://code.google.com/p/irctotwit/
19:52 <mokmeister> airurando: I think encouraging participation is an important thing though
19:53 <airurando> we need to find our feet again.
19:53 <ebel> http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#ubuntu-ie&randomnick=1
19:53 <Belgarath> actaully bridging it to tweeter might ba a good idea
19:54 <airurando> we were close to dead and the constant meetings, Ubuntu Hours, and other events where only the usual few were turning up caused the demise
19:54 <airurando> start small and build again
19:54 <Bpb101> Maybe use the link the ebel said ,and link it do facebook and twitter 5 minutes or so before the meating
19:55 <vic9098> I like the idea of telling people were the meeting is taking place, but maybe let them decide the medium
19:55 <airurando> I strongly feel we should start with quarterly meetings
19:55 <ebel> +1 non-monthly meetings
19:55 <ebel> we did monthly meetings. now here we are
19:55 <vic9098> +1 q meetings
19:55 <mokmeister> airurando: I'll go along with that
19:56 <Bpb101> +1
19:56 <darrenbatesdub> +1 quarterly meetings
19:56 <airurando> mokmeister we can always ramp up if its needed
19:56 <vic9098> call a vote
19:56 <mokmeister> yep
19:56 <tdr112> 1 quarterly meetings
19:56 <darrenbatesdub> Unanimous
19:57 <airurando> #vote We will hold quarterly meetings initially in say Feb, May, Aug and Nov each year?
19:57 <meetingology> Please vote on: We will hold quarterly meetings initially in say Feb, May, Aug and Nov each year?
19:57 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)
19:57 <airurando> +1
19:57 <meetingology> +1 received from airurando
19:57 <zmoylan> +1
19:57 <meetingology> +1 received from zmoylan
19:57 <mokmeister> +1
19:57 <meetingology> +1 received from mokmeister
19:57 <Belgarath> -1
19:57 <meetingology> -1 received from Belgarath
19:57 <Bpb101> +1
19:57 <meetingology> +1 received from Bpb101
19:57 <vic9098> +1
19:57 <meetingology> +1 received from vic9098
19:57 <darrenbatesdub> +1
19:57 <meetingology> +1 received from darrenbatesdub
19:57 <ebel> +1
19:57 <meetingology> +1 received from ebel
19:58 <airurando> all done?
19:58 <airurando> #endvote
19:58 <meetingology> Voting ended on: We will hold quarterly meetings initially in say Feb, May, Aug and Nov each year?
19:58 <meetingology> Votes for:7 Votes against:1 Abstentions:0
19:58 <meetingology> Motion carried
19:58 <airurando> #agreed We will hold quarterly meetings initially in say Feb, May, Aug and Nov each year
19:59 <airurando> Belgarath would you like to voice your concerns?
19:59 <airurando> no?
20:00 <Belgarath> sure
20:00 <Belgarath> my poitn is lack of continuity with such a timwe lapse
20:00 <Belgarath> but again I 'm new here
20:00 <Belgarath> it takes digging stuff out to remember 3 months down the line what you were doing on the last one
20:01 <vic9098> the irc tends to have the usual suspects online. The mailing list fills the void I find
20:01 <airurando> valid concerns but really monthly scuppered us last time. If interest grows and the need arises we will switch to more frequent meetings.
20:01 <airurando> vic 9098 indeed
20:02 <Belgarath> fair enough
20:02 <airurando> no silver bullet solution.
20:02 <zmoylan> no reason those that want to meet up monthly can't?  just that the 'official' meetups are 4 times a year
20:02 <Belgarath> and sorry to be the one person to disrupt it :)
20:02 <airurando> not at all Belgarath
20:02 <mokmeister> no need to apologize Belgarath , your opinion is as valid as any
20:03 <airurando> indeed zmoylan adhoc meetings could be called by anyone at anytime
20:03 <airurando> mokmeister +1
20:03 <airurando> we'll plough on
20:03 <airurando> #topic Release Parties
20:04 <airurando> Should we continue holding them and if so at what frequency?
20:04 <airurando> Personally I feel we should hold release parties for all releases as an absolute social event minimum
20:04 <darrenbatesdub> Never been to one, so we should hold one for 13.10
20:04 <darrenbatesdub> ;-)
20:04 <tdr112> how many are there
20:05 <airurando> Do folks agree?
20:05 <tdr112> did they move from 2 a year
20:05 <vic9098> suacy party next time... should have a showing of rocky horror to coincide :-)
20:05 <airurando> 2 per year tdr112
20:05 <zmoylan> 2 a year, least we can do is a meetup twice a year?
20:05 <airurando> you know that :-)
20:05 <mokmeister> vic9098: hahaha! I like it!
20:05 <vic9098> Its oct too
20:06 <airurando> vic9098 that's an interesting idea
20:06 <airurando> The initial planning for these could be discussed at the proposed Feb and Aug meetings.
20:07 <airurando> adhoc meetings could be called if necessary
20:07 <zmoylan> push any discussion to the mailing list and that would keep that active?
20:07 <darrenbatesdub> Good idea airurando
20:07 <airurando> indeed zmoylan
20:07 <mokmeister> better start some initial planning then!
20:07 <tdr112> sounds good
20:07 <mokmeister> :)
20:07 <airurando> mokmeister will you take care of the midwest?
20:08 <mokmeister> Yeah, I could try.
20:08 <tdr112> while we have people here
20:08 <tdr112> who would go to one in Dublin
20:08 <zmoylan> i should be able to attend in dublin
20:08 <airurando> I think we can initially plan to have a party or parties for saucy
20:08 <vic9098> me...back to DCU from Sept
20:08 <airurando> me also tdr112
20:08 <vic9098> saucy parties....I like it
20:09 <Belgarath> possibly me
20:09 <darrenbatesdub> I'm for Dublin tdr112
20:09 <tdr112> ok, so no reason why we cant have one in Dublin and hold hope for people to go to mokmeister
20:10 <airurando> aye
20:10 <airurando> general concensus no need to vote eh?
20:10 <zmoylan> or do one definitely in dublin and the other outside dublin?
20:10 <mokmeister> I suppose I could contact the comp socs in UL and LIT and see if I could drum up interest in a release party.
20:11 <airurando> nice mokmeister
20:11 <airurando> Andru Quinn is active in the LoCo.  He has organised stuff in Limerick in the past.
20:11 <airurando> thought he would be here tonight
20:11 <mokmeister> yes, I was at one or two event in UL that he helped organise
20:12 <airurando> Definitely Dublin release parties... Yes?
20:12 <darrenbatesdub_> Yes
20:12 <zmoylan> yeah
20:12 <airurando> possibly other release parties outside the Pale
20:12 <airurando> ebel you still there
20:13 <airurando> lots of time gone i think we should move on
20:13 <tdr112> ok
20:13 <mokmeister> Will we get disks for the release party, or is that a thing of the past?
20:13 <Bpb101> if i can go , Dublin would be the best
20:13 <airurando> mokmeister: discs only for LTS releases
20:14 <mokmeister> ok
20:14 <vic9098__> Dvds now
20:14 <zmoylan> who uses disks to install anymore?  optical drives are getting rarer and rarer in mobile hardware
20:14 <airurando> and we never get them before release parties
20:14 <airurando> good stuff
20:14 <Belgarath> zmoylan: we can possible get the usb drives:)
20:14 <airurando> #topic Global Jams
20:14 <Bpb101> Could they not just mass produce Ubuntu flash drives and send them out, Couldnt be that expensive
20:15 <darrenbatesdub_> Define a Global Jam for me
20:15 <tdr112> these have never worked well
20:15 <vic9098__> What they charge for a phone, dread to see a usb price
20:15 <Belgarath> Bpb101: we could do it ourselves
20:15 <airurando> Bpb101 a topic for a different day
20:15 <airurando> tdr112 indeed
20:16 <tdr112> darrenbatesdub_: its a weekend where people work on ubuntu together
20:16 <tdr112> dev, bug reports
20:16 <tdr112> testing
20:16 <mokmeister> darrenbatesdub_: the idea is to get together, squah bugs, contribute etc.
20:16 <tdr112> website updating
20:17 <airurando> I think UGJs are both socially and technically valuable for both Ubuntu and our LoCo. For those (if any) not familiar with UGJs:
20:17 <airurando> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
20:17 <mokmeister> 1st bug I'm gonna SQUASH is my own type ;)
20:17 <darrenbatesdub_> Sounds good - but I'm no dev but would still love to get involved
20:17 <airurando> but we need interested techies
20:17 <mokmeister> *typo! jeez! :D
20:18 <ebel> oops yes here
20:18 <airurando> Anyone interested in learning about and leading UGJs?  We need to be productive during these if we are to participate.
20:18 <airurando> no point in just showing up
20:18 <Belgarath> I have no idea wht they are about so ...
20:19 <airurando> but as an absolute minimum I strongly feel we should hold UGJs for the LTS releases.
20:19 <airurando> Belgarath: check out the wiki and google Ubuntu Global Jam
20:19 <airurando> Belgarath: they could be great
20:19 * Belgarath googling in background
20:20 <airurando> but we need leadership
20:20 <airurando> As an absolute minimum I strongly feel we should hold UGJs for the LTS releases.
20:20 <airurando> but I'd prefer if we held them for each iteration
20:21 <Belgarath> actually 3 month before we can do a testing one
20:21 <Belgarath> and upgrade to the new rc :)
20:21 <airurando> Again, the planning for these could be discussed at the proposed Feb and Aug meeting as appropriate.
20:21 <darrenbatesdub_> I can offer leadership, but I'm not a 'techie' and chances are I'll be out of here by the time the new LTS comes out
20:22 <zmoylan> i think we need a pre ugj for the ugj so that everyone is up to speed for the day
20:23 <airurando> zmoylan: can you lead this?
20:23 <airurando> I think that is a good idea
20:23 <zmoylan> at the mo, i can't even make it 100% to meetups unfortunately :-/
20:23 <airurando> darrenbatesdub_: why out of here by the time the new LTS comes out?
20:24 <airurando> tdr112: could you lead these?
20:24 <airurando> ebel could you?
20:24 <tdr112> airurando: i could i am trying to find the dates at the moment
20:24 <tdr112> for the life of me i cant find them
20:24 <airurando> Belgarath: what about you?
20:25 <darrenbatesdub_> Isn't the new LTS 14.10? I'm hoping to be in the USA then
20:25 <mokmeister> 14.04
20:25 <darrenbatesdub_> September of 2014
20:25 <Belgarath> airurando: lets move that discusson to next quaterly meeting
20:25 <Belgarath> I need to read a bit in between
20:26 <airurando> tdr112 sep 13/14/15
20:26 <airurando> Belgarath: fair point but the saucy jam is in Sept
20:26 <tdr112> thats fine
20:26 <airurando> cool
20:26 <Belgarath> airurando: I ment my participaion
20:27 <Belgarath> not the fact it should go on
20:27 <tdr112> ok i can run something on the sat or sun
20:27 <airurando> Belgarath: sorry
20:27 <tdr112> a one day thing
20:27 <airurando> tdr112 great
20:27 <tdr112> leave it withme
20:27 <airurando> even is we can use the day to figure out how we will do it next time!
20:28 <tdr112> i will use the mailing list to hash out the details
20:28 <airurando> great
20:28 <airurando> we'll move on
20:28 <tdr112> others welcome to help
20:28 <mokmeister> Productive meetings shouldn't last more than an hour... ;)
20:28 <airurando> I'll try
20:28 <Belgarath> mokmeister: not true
20:29 <airurando> mokmeister I was just aboutt o say that
20:29 <tdr112> airurando: whats next
20:29 <darrenbatesdub_> I'll gladly help tdr112
20:29 <Belgarath> mokmeister: depends on a subject
20:29 <mokmeister> ah sure only messin
20:29 <Belgarath> :)
20:29 <airurando> the rest of the stuff is FYO
20:29 <airurando> so ill quickly go through it
20:30 <airurando> #topic Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summits
20:30 <airurando> Do people participate in these?
20:30 <airurando> The next one will be held between the 27th and the 29th of August and at present they are scheduled to occur every 3 months.
20:30 <tdr112> i have never
20:30 <mokmeister> nope
20:31 <airurando> http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/
20:31 <airurando> If you can find the time I'd encourage you all to attend.
20:31 <Bpb101> I havent, but i might consider the next one. They are a good idea though
20:31 <airurando> currently the plan is to hold them every three months
20:31 <mokmeister> Twould be interesting just to see what's going on alright
20:31 <airurando> do if you can
20:32 <airurando> do sign up for it if you can
20:32 <airurando> movin on
20:32 <airurando> #topic Ubuntu Hours and/or Other Social Events
20:32 <airurando> Adhoc? If so will people actually call any?
20:33 <airurando> Personally, I am happy to leave this as adhoc.
20:33 <airurando> thoughts?
20:33 <tdr112> me too
20:33 <darrenbatesdub_> Same
20:33 <ebel> yep
20:33 <airurando> grand
20:33 <mokmeister> agreed. Will they happen if left to adhoc though?
20:34 <mokmeister> And how will people know that they are happening? Through IRC / mailiing list?
20:34 <airurando> mokmeister: indeed
20:34 <airurando> mailing list
20:34 <tdr112> they have been posted on the mailing list and twitter in the past
20:34 <airurando> it will be up to people to call them
20:34 <airurando> if they don't well they don't
20:35 <zmoylan> we need to facebook, g+ AND tweet them
20:35 <zmoylan> anyone on facebook or g+?  i don't use them
20:35 <tdr112> I dont use them
20:35 <mokmeister> is there an ubuntu-ie on g+?
20:35 <airurando> zmoylan I do the facebook stuff
20:35 <darrenbatesdub_> Very active on G+. Facebook for family.
20:35 <airurando> andru quinn does the G+
20:36 <darrenbatesdub_> We could do so much on G+
20:36 <zmoylan> put out the notices on social media but all links back to the wiki?
20:36 <zmoylan> very few folk on g+
20:37 <zmoylan> any social media you pick will have x percentage that won't use if for y reason
20:37 <airurando> zmoylan: not the wiki. The LoCo team portal
20:37 <zmoylan> airurando: you are correct, the portal not the wiki
20:37 <airurando> so we'll leave it at call them when you want
20:38 <Bpb101> i ussally post the outings on boards.ie as well , when there one up. Dont know how many people read them though
20:38 <airurando> thanks for doing that Bpb101
20:38 <airurando> #topic Team Administration
20:39 <airurando> Meeting Minutes/Logs , Team Reports, LoCo Team Portal and our Social Streams
20:39 <airurando> anyone interested in getting involved with this?
20:39 <zmoylan> what does it involve?
20:40 <airurando> team reports have stopped
20:40 <darrenbatesdub_> Very interested
20:40 <airurando> we need someone to take them on
20:40 <airurando> or we can continue not doing them
20:40 <airurando> darrenbatesdub_:
20:40 <darrenbatesdub_> I'll take them.
20:40 <airurando> great
20:41 <airurando> I'll chat to you offline darrenbatesdub_ about this
20:41 <airurando> not a biggy
20:41 <darrenbatesdub_> Sound.
20:41 <airurando> I'll continue to take care of the other stuff at present
20:42 <airurando> #topic Any Other Business
20:42 <tdr112> i have one
20:42 <airurando> shoot
20:42 <tdr112> czajkowski: is running a mug in dublin (Dublin MongoDB User Group )
20:42 <zmoylan> oh yes.
20:42 <tdr112> details here http://www.meetup.com/DublinMUG/events/131173222/
20:43 <tdr112> it has been some time since she has been back to visit our loco so some of us will be along to chat
20:43 <airurando> yes indeed
20:43 <tdr112> I will be along
20:43 <airurando> I'd encourage everyone to get to know czajkowski
20:43 <zmoylan> ireland has been a lot quieter since she went to uk
20:43 <ebel> oh yeah
20:44 <airurando> a powerful force in the Irish LoCo, the greated Ubuntu ecosphere and now MongoDB community manager for the EMEA region
20:44 <airurando> a passionate open source advocate.
20:45 <darrenbatesdub_> We need more of her in the world!
20:45 <airurando> I've just to more quick links for our new people
20:46 <airurando> first though for the minutes
20:46 <airurando> #topic czajkowski: is running a mug in dublin (Dublin MongoDB User Group )
20:46 <airurando> now
20:46 <airurando> #topic Ubuntu User days
20:47 <airurando> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays
20:47 <airurando> folks should check those out
20:47 <airurando> and
20:47 <airurando> #topic Open Week
20:47 <airurando> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek
20:48 <airurando> folks should check those out also
20:48 <airurando> coming to the end
20:48 <mokmeister> airurando: that user days link brings up a timetable for last Feb
20:48 <airurando> #topic Any Other Business
20:49 <airurando> mokmeister: when the hold the next one it should refresh I think
20:49 <mokmeister> ok
20:49 <airurando> all done?
20:50 <airurando> Thanks everyone for attending and participating.  Lets hope this can put the Ubuntu Ireland Team on a sustainable, fun and productive footing.
20:50 <airurando> #endmeeting