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beryl <reply> Beryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion. New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz Added by Amaranth
Date: 2006-10-03 04:26:40
Last edited by LjL
Date: 2007-10-18 00:50:01
Requested 3395 times
speech recognition-#ubuntu-offtopic voice recognition-#ubuntu-offtopic iphone keyboard-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply> Dear Aunt, let's set so double the killer delete select all. Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-10-03 01:09:52
Last edited by Flannel
Date: 2011-08-16 01:49:11
Requested 92 times
ubuntu counter <deleted><reply> If you want to register with the Ubuntu Counter project, please visit this page: http://ubuntucounter.geekosophical.net/useraccount.php?action=newuser Added by Hawkwind
Date: 2006-09-29 01:52:29
Last edited by rww
Date: 2015-09-14 19:38:26
Requested 3 times
nothing broken <reply> Saying "It says nothing", "It does nothing" is generally not very useful for troubleshooting. Please be as specific as possible: if you see a black screen, say so, if you see a shell prompt, say so, if you see an !error message, say so - Also, most !CLI commands don't print anything when they succeed, but only when they fail. Added by LjL
Date: 2006-09-28 17:58:44
Last edited by LjL
Date: 2007-02-12 01:23:56
Requested 267 times
vncfix <reply> If you are getting errors like "could not open default font 'fixed'" when running a VNC server: 'sudo ln -s /usr/share/X11/fonts /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts' Added by bimberi
Date: 2006-09-26 02:23:45
Requested 18 times
youtube sound <reply> If you aren't getting sound while watching videos on youtube then please read this URL: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1087994 Added by Hawkwind
Date: 2006-09-25 03:55:56
Requested 10 times
autoscroll <reply> if you want to enable middle-click-drag-scrolling for konqueror: open konqueror -> settings -> configure konqueror -> uncheck "middle click opens selected web address." Firefox: open firefox. in the address field type 'about:config' and hit enter. Now in the Filter box, type 'autoscroll', rightclick on general.autoScroll -> Toggle. The line should read 'general.autoScroll user set boolean true'. Enjoy. Added by fdoving
Date: 2006-09-24 23:47:53
Requested 4 times
ftbs an Acronym for Failed To Build from Source Added by imbrandon
Date: 2006-09-23 01:03:14
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2011-03-03 21:27:33
Requested 13 times
nz the New Zealand LoCo Team has a channel at #ubuntu-nz Added by Hobbsee
Date: 2006-09-19 11:06:37
Requested 14 times
eol endoflife end-of-life eolupgrades eolupgrade old-releases oldreleases eolupdate <reply> End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-09-18 04:08:52
Last edited by dax
Date: 2019-09-26 15:56:29
Requested 3893 times
nickspam <reply> You should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg $nick Guidelines » Added by ompaul
Date: 2006-09-16 15:00:49
Last edited by m4v
Date: 2013-02-28 16:55:08
Requested 2266 times
sound-#kubuntu <reply> If you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP3 Added by Hawkwind
Date: 2006-09-14 19:14:50
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2009-11-21 20:21:54
Requested 1145 times
repos-#kubuntu <reply> The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories Added by Hawkwind
Date: 2006-09-13 06:04:21
Last edited by LjL
Date: 2008-02-20 00:23:40
Requested 1525 times
thanks thanks! thank you thankyou ty thanks. thanx ok thanks :) domo arigato thx <reply> You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-) Added by Mez
Date: 2006-09-09 08:48:38
Requested 4812 times
baddevice <deleted><reply> If you are receiving an error similar to "X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 168", it can be safely ignored. If you want to get rid of the error messages then please visit this page: http://seerofsouls.com/wiki/How-Tos/BadDeviceErrors Added by Hawkwind
Date: 2006-09-09 00:35:41
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2012-10-13 23:31:05
Requested 185 times
framebuffer <deleted><reply> Information about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub Added by Spec
Date: 2006-09-07 18:25:15
Last edited by Pici
Date: 2015-09-14 20:52:56
Requested 242 times
soundblaster If you need help with setting up your soundblaster card, then visit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundcardsWithHardwareSynth Added by Spec
Date: 2006-09-07 18:20:26
Requested 54 times
test again <deleted><reply>Failed again. Added by Amaranth
Date: 2006-09-03 22:05:05
Last edited by Pici
Date: 2011-04-08 23:02:34
Requested 59 times
newton <deleted>a desktop wiki for storing data fast and efficiently. It has a html syntax engine to allow easy formatting. To install it in Dapper Drake: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185972 Added by Hobbsee
Date: 2006-09-03 09:32:03
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2009-11-08 01:11:52
Requested 9 times
counter <deleted><reply>The Ubuntu Counter is where Ubuntu (based) systems can go to get their machine counted. Get counted at http://ubuntucounter.geekosophical.net Added by Madpilot
Date: 2006-08-31 09:01:29
Last edited by rww
Date: 2015-09-14 19:38:34
Requested 13 times
pong an old atari game. It's fun! Added by imbrandon
Date: 2006-08-27 09:10:43
Requested 475 times
trac an open source, enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Look here for a Trac How To on Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTracHowto Added by nalioth
Date: 2006-08-27 02:11:14
Requested 8 times
subversion an open source application used for revision control. It is sometimes abbreviated to svn in reference to the name of its command line interface. Look here for a Subversion How To on Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Subversion Added by nalioth
Date: 2006-08-27 02:03:51
Requested 87 times
picard a digital audio fingerprinting/tagging program using the MusicBrainz online music database, not unlike freedb. It can be used to identify *and* tag files in your music collection. Usage instructions: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/HowToTagFilesWithPicard ; Ubuntu installation instructions: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/PicardLinuxInstall Added by gnomefreak
Date: 2006-08-26 02:31:18
Last edited by tsimpson
Date: 2011-03-03 21:33:31
Requested 23 times
u ur 4 y shorthand <reply> Shortened English is difficult for some non-native English speakers to read. Please use full words instead. Thanks! Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-25 18:09:14
Last edited by rww
Date: 2014-03-19 19:39:29
Requested 2170 times
aiglx <reply> AIGLX is a project that aims to enable GL-accelerated effects on a standard desktop. Supported cards: Nvidia: GeForce3 or newer; ATI: Radeon 7000 through X800; Intel: i810 or newer. Howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager For older Nvidia or newer ATI cards see !xgl Added by gnomefreak
Date: 2006-08-24 00:17:52
Last edited by IdleOne
Date: 2012-10-13 23:27:51
Requested 330 times
wikipedia <deleted>a free online encyclopedia, you can find it at http://wikipedia.org Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-23 14:39:11
Last edited by rww
Date: 2011-07-08 06:01:19
Requested 65 times
ops-#ubuntuforums <reply>Help!! bodhizazen jacob jdong cariboo907 ibuclaw Silver-Fox- Iowan howefield CharlesA overdrank forestpiskie Arificial_Intel nothingspecial nlsthzn oldos2er quackers wildmanne39 or matt_symes Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-21 18:53:33
Last edited by jussi
Date: 2012-07-26 07:00:11
Requested 319 times
imap4rev1 a broken and unsupported option in Evolution. IMAP supports all IMAP servers, and should be used instead. See http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=324118 for more information. Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-12 16:40:07
Requested 2 times
ntfs-3g ntfs3g a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-11 19:48:36
Last edited by Seveas
Date: 2007-04-21 09:57:49
Requested 2799 times
chroot debchroot <reply> A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot Added by ompaul
Date: 2006-08-11 17:28:50
Last edited by Pici
Date: 2010-06-15 17:12:19
Requested 1091 times
tar tgz tar.gz bz2 7z compression tar.bz2 gz ace 7zip 7-zip <reply> Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-11 14:55:35
Requested 689 times
virus av viruses <reply> Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus Added by ompaul
Date: 2006-08-11 08:38:28
Last edited by knome
Date: 2015-07-06 22:31:40
Requested 2224 times
cairo-dock <deleted>a MacOS X -like dock for the gnome desktop, see www.cairo-dock.org Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-09 12:28:37
Last edited by rww
Date: 2011-04-11 19:57:26
Requested 39 times
test <reply> Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... Added by Amaranth
Date: 2006-08-09 10:19:13
Last edited by rww
Date: 2016-01-05 03:10:16
Requested 5473 times
ipod iphone <reply> For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod Added by Madpilot
Date: 2006-08-08 05:27:49
Last edited by LjL
Date: 2009-03-26 03:03:20
Requested 1976 times
xconfig <reply> To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes Added by nalioth
Date: 2006-08-07 20:14:52
Requested 683 times
shaddap <reply> :X Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-06 23:02:55
Requested 66 times
opabuse-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply>Leave the ops alone! Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-06 19:19:31
Last edited by Amaranth
Date: 2008-02-04 03:44:20
Requested 186 times
botsnack <reply> Yum! Err, I mean, APT! Added by Amaranth
Date: 2006-08-05 08:42:05
Last edited by Pici
Date: 2009-08-06 13:34:26
Requested 3952 times
ops-#xubuntu-offtopic <reply> Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - pleia2, Unit193. Added by gnomefreak
Date: 2006-08-04 00:45:01
Last edited by knome
Date: 2019-10-14 12:40:51
Requested 5 times
canonical <reply>Canonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community. It is the driving force behind the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu Operating Systems. Canonical's website is at http://www.canonical.com/ Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-08-03 18:21:47
Requested 226 times
opera <reply>Opera is an advanced, fast and free (as in beer) web browser. It is packaged for easy installation into Ubuntu. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser Added by gnomefreak
Date: 2006-08-03 14:34:26
Last edited by Madpilot
Date: 2009-10-02 05:58:23
Requested 800 times
synce <reply> Details of setting up synce-serial at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PocketPCHowto Added by ompaul
Date: 2006-08-03 11:32:16
Requested 26 times
kubuntu <reply> Kubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces. See https://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde Added by gnomefreak
Date: 2006-08-02 23:45:20
Last edited by dax
Date: 2017-10-22 21:35:42
Requested 1211 times
rar unrar a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free Added by Spec
Date: 2006-07-31 22:11:25
Requested 1711 times
pdf acrobat <reply>The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source) Added by bimberi
Date: 2006-07-31 07:34:53
Last edited by jussi
Date: 2011-04-28 15:21:23
Requested 476 times
de deutsch german germany <reply> In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis! Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-07-30 14:17:47
Last edited by krytarik
Date: 2023-06-27 21:37:03
Requested 6398 times
nl dutch nederlands <reply> Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-07-29 14:36:08
Requested 789 times
ops op calltheops call the ops <reply> Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant Added by Seveas
Date: 2006-07-29 12:54:12
Last edited by krytarik
Date: 2022-04-13 16:45:04
Requested 26508 times

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