23:00 <bluesabre> #startmeeting Xubuntu Community Meeting
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23:00 <bluesabre> !team | Xubuntu Community Meeting is a-go again! Anybody around?
23:00 <ubottu> Xubuntu Community Meeting is a-go again! Anybody around?: akxwi-dave, bluesabre, knome, krytarik, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster and Unit193
23:01 <bluesabre> Will give folks a few minutes to show up.
23:01 <ochosi> o/
23:01 <bluesabre> #chair ochosi
23:01 <meetingology> Current chairs: bluesabre ochosi
23:01 <pleia2> o/
23:01 <bluesabre> #chair pleia2
23:01 <meetingology> Current chairs: bluesabre ochosi pleia2
23:01 <bluesabre> Very nice :D
23:02 <bluesabre> knome plz :)
23:03 <bluesabre> Well, let's get started :)
23:03 <bluesabre> #info Agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings
23:04 <bluesabre> #topic Open action items
23:04 <bluesabre> ... and there are none.
23:04 <bluesabre> #topic Updates and announcements
23:04 <bluesabre> #info Xubuntu 19.10 "Eoan Ermine" released on 10/17, https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-19-10-released/
23:04 <bluesabre> #info Xubuntu 20.04 "Focal Fossa" development has started!
23:04 <bluesabre> #info 20.04 draft release schedule up at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule
23:04 <bluesabre> Some key dates:
23:04 <bluesabre> 11/28 - Feature Definition Freeze (get your blueprints updated!)
23:04 <bluesabre> 1/9 - Ubuntu Testing Week (let's maybe participate in that)
23:04 <bluesabre> 2/27 - Feature Freeze / Debian Import Freeze
23:04 <bluesabre> 3/19 - User Interface Freeze
23:04 <bluesabre> 4/2 - Beta
23:04 <bluesabre> 4/16 - Release Candidate
23:05 <bluesabre> 4/23 - Final Release
23:05 <bluesabre> #info 20.04 development tracker up at https://dev.xubuntu.org/
23:05 <bluesabre> #info Translation templates for xubuntu-default-settings have been updated, so check out https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-default-settings/trunk/+translations and update your native language
23:05 <bluesabre> #info The Xubuntu cdimage page is now Xubuntu-branded! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/
23:06 <bluesabre> (And that's everything on my list!) Anybody else?
23:06 <pleia2> nice
23:07 <ochosi> kewl
23:07 <ochosi> regarding general topics and announcements...
23:07 <ochosi> i guess we shouldn't expect too many changes in our xfce stack from 19.10 to 20.04
23:08 <ochosi> the maximum would be including new patch releases of certain apps, and maybe 4.14 patch releases of certain core components
23:08 <ochosi> but nothing dramatic
23:08 <bluesabre> Yeah, outside of fixes and some straggler GTK-2 things, Xfce will be pretty quiet this cycle
23:08 <ochosi> afaict there have also been no "terrible" bugreports upstream
23:09 <bluesabre> "Terrible" is pretty bad... any normal bad ones? :)
23:09 <ochosi> not sure if we can already get rid of gtk2 on the default install
23:09 <ochosi> not that i know of :)
23:09 <bluesabre> Yeah, gimp and pidgin are holding that up (maybe some other things as well)
23:10 <ochosi> meh
23:10 <ochosi> i guess we have little to no alternatives to them
23:10 <bluesabre> Yeah, so most likely GTK2+3 for the next couple cycles
23:11 <ochosi> mhm
23:11 <bluesabre> Any other updates? Unit193: anything interesting coming from Debian-land?
23:12 <Unit193> I have no idea.
23:12 <bluesabre> #chair Unit193
23:12 <meetingology> Current chairs: Unit193 bluesabre ochosi pleia2
23:12 <bluesabre> :D
23:12 <Unit193> bluesabre: Not sure it matters, but all d/watch files are now broken.
23:12 <ochosi> are we missing much from xfce-gtk3?
23:12 <Unit193> I *knew* it!
23:12 <bluesabre> Unit193: oh?
23:12 <Unit193> bluesabre: mirrorbrain → mirrorbit literally broke everything.
23:12 <bluesabre> Niiiiiiice
23:13 <Unit193> (See scrollback in #debian-xfce)
23:13 <bluesabre> !info xfburn focal
23:13 <ubottu> xfburn (source: xfburn): CD-burner application for Xfce Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.5-2 (focal), package size 373 kB, installed size 2041 kB
23:13 <Unit193> ochosi: We need to update time-out-plugin, or something.  But that's about it.
23:13 <bluesabre> ochosi: 0.6.x of that ^ will give us gtk3
23:14 <ochosi> ok
23:14 <ochosi> well at least that would be some kind of achievement, saying that all of xfce is now gtk3
23:15 <ochosi> other than that we have not much on 19.10 i guess
23:15 <ochosi> unless any of you have anything planned
23:15 <ochosi> but my time/efforts will probably mostly go towards 4.16
23:15 <ochosi> and maybe preparing greybird a little for more CSD
23:16 <bluesabre> Yeah... I'll probably start sending bug reports your way as I cleanup the lists
23:16 <bluesabre> Trying to tidy up all the trackers for 20.04 :)
23:17 <Unit193> Basically, test 4.14, get all point releases.
23:17 <bluesabre> mhm
23:17 <bluesabre> Any other updates/announcements?
23:17 <Unit193> Backport everything to the one PPA for people that want to update, but don't want to update.  Nope.
23:18 <ochosi> nope
23:18 <bluesabre> oh yeah
23:18 <bluesabre> I've started helping with the Xubuntu Twitter, so it might be slightly more chatty going forward.
23:19 <pleia2> thanks bluesabre <3
23:19 <bluesabre> (let me know if it needs to shut up ;))
23:19 <bluesabre> Moving on now...
23:19 <bluesabre> # topic Discussion
23:19 <bluesabre> #topic Discussion
23:19 <bluesabre> #subtopic Xubuntu 20.04 Planning
23:20 <bluesabre> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-f-roadmap
23:20 <bluesabre> #info Feature definition freeze is on 11/28, which is just under 2 weeks away. Be sure to review the blueprints and make any changes needed.
23:20 <bluesabre> Not sure if we want to do some planning or review now... I tried to make sure everything was relevant and up-to-date.
23:21 <ochosi> we can take a look now
23:21 <ochosi> as i said, not sure i have much planned (apart from maybe fixing some bugs, so no features i guess)
23:23 <bluesabre> One of the bigger ones (maybe big-ish?) will be the wallpaper contest... though knome already made that pretty easy from what I remember
23:23 <pleia2> yeah, we'll need to check that the site is in good shape, but as long as it still works, it should be fine
23:23 <pleia2> then we just need to promote and such
23:23 <ochosi> yeah
23:24 <ochosi> since g+ is dead i'm pretty much out of the social media loop
23:24 <pleia2> yeah, so blog, twitter, fb, probably reddit now too
23:24 <pleia2> (also, if anyone wants to be a mod on reddit, lmk)
23:24 <Unit193> ochosi: https://a.thumbs.redditmedia.com/qW9AP-SMY75Xq-RRyPsg-u2zLMvSAT9m9vMXMLW6ux8.png
23:24 <ochosi> Unit193: lol
23:26 <bluesabre> I linked a bunch of bugs to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-f-bugs, not all to be fixed or included necessarily, but maybe a chance for extended documentation
23:27 <bluesabre> Or even just for closing out if they're just outside of our scope
23:28 <ochosi> ok, i'll take a look
23:29 <ochosi> humm, how can one test plymouth again...
23:30 <bluesabre> I actually don't know where the flyer exists from https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-f-documentation, is that somewhere in LP?
23:30 <bluesabre> ochosi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Plymouth#line-162 :)
23:32 <pleia2> yeah, the flyer is in lp
23:32 <pleia2> under https://launchpad.net/xubuntu-marketing
23:33 <bluesabre> pleia2: awesome, thanks!
23:36 <bluesabre> Anything else to discuss regarding the blueprints for now? ochosi pleia2 Unit193
23:36 <ochosi> nope, unfortunately not
23:36 <ochosi> apart from "i'll try to fix a bug or two"
23:37 <bluesabre> :)
23:39 <bluesabre> Next up
23:39 <bluesabre> #subtopic Xubuntu QA Discussion
23:39 <bluesabre> So, we're still without a QA lead. Kev left us in pretty good shape, but we probably need to start figuring things out.
23:40 <bluesabre> At the same time, the Ubuntu Mate QA folks really gave us a boost in 19.10, so we should thank them for stepping up and helping out. Thanks Wimpress, franksmsb, and all the other Mate lurkers! :-)
23:40 <bluesabre> *franksmcb
23:41 * smkellat 1is late due to a system hang
23:41 <bluesabre> I should probably send a mail out to the testers team to see who we still have around
23:41 <bluesabre> hey smkellat!
23:41 <ochosi> do you have any concrete suggestions apart from "emailing the testers" as to what we could do?
23:42 <bluesabre> Not yet... In generally, folks only become leads if they're interested and have sustained contribution
23:42 <bluesabre> Brought it to the meeting of the minds for more ideas ;)
23:43 <smkellat> Term limits and rotation out help prevent burnout
23:44 <smkellat> i.e. No more than 3 releases in a row leading QA
23:46 <bluesabre> Yeah, pretty sure we burned Kev out
23:47 <bluesabre> But that was also with others taking up the QA mantle, but ultimately having to step down due to life. The small team makes it hard to have a backup plan. :)
23:47 <Unit193> I mean, we couldn't even get someone to be team lead..
23:48 <smkellat> And I’m only wandering back in after six years of Uncle Sam...
23:49 <bluesabre> So yeah, I think the first step is just opening up the communication channel with our testers and warm them up to the idea of keeping QA going :)
23:49 <Unit193> Might as well send to -devel too.
23:49 <bluesabre> yup
23:50 <bluesabre> Alrighty, on to the next topic so I don't keep everybody too long :)
23:50 <bluesabre> #subtopic The many hats of knome
23:50 <bluesabre> knome shared this with the team, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2019-October/011850.html, in case anybody wants to step up and take some of the responsibilities off his shoulders.
23:51 <ochosi> maybe we could call for a new web lead
23:52 <ochosi> could be a good way to get someone into the project
23:52 <bluesabre> I'm good with helping with Twitter and ML, and can help with server items as needed.
23:52 <ochosi> there just seem to be so many web devs out there
23:52 <Unit193> I'd say I'd help with server stuff, but I'm already listed there I guess.  I go through the moderation queue too, but there's something in -users crashing listadmin. :3
23:52 <bluesabre> Yeah, that's a good thought
23:52 <Unit193> ...Spass? :P
23:52 <ochosi> :)
23:52 <bluesabre> oooh
23:52 <bluesabre> Spass indeed
23:53 <Unit193> I'm entirely crap with websites.
23:53 <aaronfranke> So what's involved with the web lead position? I've been doing web dev for several years, mostly with simple HTML/CSS/JS.
23:54 <ochosi> oh hi - a new face is always welcome! :)
23:54 <bluesabre> :)
23:54 <smkellat> The most I can do with a website is use either ikiwiki or MkDocs at this point.
23:55 <Unit193> We use wordpress (with our plugins), and some php for the tracker.
23:56 <ochosi> i think getting familiar with our current setup would be step 1
23:56 <ochosi> then reviewing if there are obvious bugs could be step 2
23:56 <ochosi> improvements, suggestions, new ideas would be step 3 or so
23:56 <aaronfranke> Oh, I hate wordpress... :P
23:56 <ochosi> heh
23:56 <bluesabre> I don't know anybody that loves wordpress
23:57 <pleia2> hehe
23:57 <smkellat> LaTeXML is easier to wrangle
23:57 <aaronfranke> The current website looks really nice already, though I can think of a few things to improve.
23:58 <pleia2> knome has done a lot of work in wordpress to automate things like release tasks
23:58 <pleia2> so it's decent to use from an admin perspective too
23:58 <Unit193> And the contest is in wp.
23:58 <pleia2> yeah, a whole separate instance
00:01 <bluesabre> Some relevant code can be found here, https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-website
00:02 <ochosi> sry, g2g..
00:02 <ochosi> night everyone
00:02 <bluesabre> ochosi: have a good night! (I have you scheduling the next meeting btw)
00:03 <bluesabre> aaronfranke: if you want to stick around on this channel, we'd definitely appreciate the help even if you don't take up leadership :)
00:03 <bluesabre> Just, you know, something to consider ;)
00:04 <aaronfranke> Sure, though I don't know how much of a help I can be with a Wordpress site
00:04 <aaronfranke> I've been reading the messages here for awhile and I'll probably stay here for awhile
00:05 <bluesabre> We also have the dev tracker (https://dev.xubuntu.org/) which is just PHP/HTML/JS I believe, and https://wiki.xubuntu.org/ which is a dokuwiki instance
00:05 <bluesabre> :)
00:05 <bluesabre> But yeah, probably about time to wrap up this discussion
00:06 <bluesabre> #topic AOB
00:06 <bluesabre> Anything else, anybody?
00:07 <bluesabre> Guessing not
00:07 <bluesabre> #topic Schedule next meeting
00:07 <bluesabre> ochosi: you can have the next one. Make it fun (and within 20.04) ;)
00:08 <bluesabre> #action ochosi to schedule next meeting
00:08 * meetingology ochosi to schedule next meeting
00:08 <bluesabre> #endmeeting