23:01 <bluesabre> #startmeeting Xubuntu Community Meeting
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23:01 <bluesabre> !team | Meeeeeeting time :)
23:01 <ubottu> Meeeeeeting time :): team is akxwi-dave, bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster and Unit193
23:02 <bluesabre> Who's around?
23:02 <pleia2> o/
23:02 <flocculant> yup
23:02 <bluesabre> yay
23:02 <slickymaster> o/
23:02 <bluesabre> :D
23:03 <bluesabre> We'll let the others roll in for a few
23:03 <flocculant> hopeful then :p
23:03 <bluesabre> I try to be
23:03 <flocculant> I used to be like that
23:04 <slickymaster> lol
23:04 <bluesabre> That and I was wrapping up dinner
23:05 <flocculant> ha ha
23:05 <bluesabre> Now we'll start
23:05 <bluesabre> #topic Open action items
23:05 <slickymaster> that almost sounded as if you made a burrito out of your dinner bluesabre
23:05 <bluesabre> slickymaster: not a bad idea
23:05 <bluesabre> #done bluesabre and ochosi to get on with it and include xfpm 1.6
23:05 <bluesabre> (thanks Unit193)
23:06 <flocculant> :)
23:06 <bluesabre> #info postponed for bionic+1: bluesabre to reach out to pidgin devs regarding system themes
23:07 <bluesabre> Fairly certain that
23:07 <bluesabre> #done flocculant to mail list(s) re 17.04 EOL and draft blog post
23:07 <bluesabre> happened
23:07 <flocculant> ye
23:07 <bluesabre> #topic Updates and Announcements
23:07 <bluesabre> #info Xubuntu Wallpaper Contest Open
23:08 <pleia2> #link https://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-18-04-community-wallpaper-contest/
23:08 <bluesabre> nice
23:08 <bluesabre> #info Xubuntu 18.04 Default Wallpaper Uploaded
23:08 <bluesabre> (looks fancy)
23:08 <pleia2> need some submissions that aren't flowers :)
23:08 <bluesabre> Or more flowers
23:08 <bluesabre> and rocks
23:08 <bluesabre> (ochosi)
23:09 <genii> Are most of them photos so far?
23:09 <pleia2> yeah
23:09 <pleia2> (submissions are public)
23:09 <bluesabre> https://contest.xubuntu.org/wallpaper_contest/xubuntu-18-04-community-wallpaper-contest/?action=view
23:09 <flocculant> thought the rock one was the same as one from that site he liked last time
23:09 <bluesabre> not sure
23:10 <pleia2> there was a request on social media for more original art ones, not just photos
23:10 <genii> I tried to do a watercolour thing in Gimp but it looks more like a blurry ball of rainbows
23:11 <Unit193> Tell them we'd gladly accept such contribution?
23:12 <pleia2> Unit193: "patches welcome" is not as friendly as you think it is ;)
23:12 <bluesabre> #info lots of package updates since the beginning of bionic, a few recent ones: greybird-gtk-theme 3.22.6, xubuntu-icon-theme 18.04.1, catfish 1.4.4, lightdm-gtk-greeter 2.0.4, menulibre 2.1.5, xfce4-notifyd 0.4.1, xfce4-power-manager 1.6.1
23:12 <bluesabre> pleia2: yes, every time I say that I don't get patches
23:12 <bluesabre> :)
23:12 <Unit193> That's because it's a polite brush off. :P
23:12 <bluesabre> Woops
23:13 <bluesabre> Any other updates/announcements?
23:14 <bluesabre> Yes there are actually...
23:14 <bluesabre> #info March 1: Feature Freeze, Debian Import Freeze
23:15 <bluesabre> #info March 8: Beta 1
23:15 <bluesabre> Pretty sure we are participating in that
23:15 <flocculant> that's on my list of things to rabbit about
23:15 <flocculant> as is 16.04.4
23:15 <flocculant> next week ...
23:16 <flocculant> which is why I'd not added them to the announcement bit :p
23:16 <bluesabre> Good point
23:16 <flocculant> :)
23:17 <bluesabre> Let's hop on over to that then
23:17 <bluesabre> #topic Discussion
23:17 <bluesabre> (get it, hop?)
23:17 <bluesabre> Sorry
23:17 <flocculant> :)
23:18 <bluesabre> Do we want to talk blueprints or general first?
23:18 <flocculant> don't mind - depending on time - up at stupid o'clock tomorrow :(
23:18 <bluesabre> :(
23:19 <bluesabre> Blueprints first then, shouldn't take long
23:19 <bluesabre> #subtopic Blueprints
23:19 <bluesabre> https://dev.xubuntu.org/
23:19 <bluesabre> We're looking a little rough this cycle
23:19 * flocculant wanders off for a bit as no qa bp \o/
23:20 <flocculant> bluesabre: looks much the same as it did for the last cycle ;)
23:20 <bluesabre> But there's probably more done than it appears
23:20 <bluesabre> In fact, there definitely are
23:20 <bluesabre> I need to update a few things
23:21 <bluesabre> So if everybody just wants to poke around and refresh your BPs so we can target release day a bit better... ;)
23:22 <bluesabre> I realize now that's not really a good discussion item
23:23 <flocculant> :D
23:23 <bluesabre> flocculant: your turn to #subtopic and rabbit
23:23 <bluesabre> #chair flocculant
23:23 <meetingology> Current chairs: bluesabre flocculant
23:23 <bluesabre> #chair pleia2
23:23 <meetingology> Current chairs: bluesabre flocculant pleia2
23:23 <bluesabre> #chair slickymaster
23:23 <meetingology> Current chairs: bluesabre flocculant pleia2 slickymaster
23:23 <flocculant> bluesabre: did you not want to libinput?
23:23 <bluesabre> flocculant: decided it's not something to worry about for this cycle
23:24 <flocculant> ok
23:24 <bluesabre> we'll probably have to go for it on bionic+1 so I think they are removing -synaptics
23:24 <flocculant> #subtopic 16.04.4 / Beta 1 18.04
23:24 <flocculant> this is just forewarning everyone - with job I have now I can't guarantee marking for release
23:25 <flocculant> also not got much time to be testing each and every version and the tests
23:26 <flocculant> I suspect 16.04 is more or less just install smoketests
23:26 <flocculant> #subtopic numlockx
23:26 <flocculant> bug 1746556
23:26 <ubottu> bug 1746556 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu needs a better num lock handler at login and during user session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1746556
23:27 <flocculant> someone else apparently gets annoyed at having to do this each time they install, so that's at least 2 of us ...
23:27 <flocculant> thoughts on adding that and setting up the lightdm doodah to have it at login?
23:28 <bluesabre> That seems reasonable to me
23:28 <slickymaster> +1
23:28 <bluesabre> !info numlockx bionic
23:28 <ubottu> numlockx (source: numlockx): enable NumLock in X11 sessions. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-7 (bionic), package size 8 kB, installed size 68 kB
23:28 <bluesabre> That also seems agreeable
23:28 <flocculant> though I tend to make my one a lot further on than 50-numlock.conf just in case :p
23:29 <flocculant> yea not very big at all :p
23:29 <bluesabre> flocculant: so you currently use this in your config?
23:29 <flocculant> yup
23:29 <bluesabre> neat
23:29 <bluesabre> Sounds incredibly painless
23:29 <flocculant> have done for years as it never works without
23:29 <flocculant> yea - just a pita the first time :D
23:31 <bluesabre> Will probably go ahead with that then, it seems like a value add and nothing more
23:31 <bluesabre> thanks for bringing it up
23:31 <flocculant> bluesabre: only time it went wrong was when lightdm changed and you needed the [Seat} bit
23:31 <flocculant> no problem
23:31 * flocculant is done then
23:31 <bluesabre> Anybody else got discussion items?
23:32 <flocculant> I'm - as always - concerned about the testing levels we 'apparently' get
23:32 <bluesabre> Yeah
23:33 <flocculant> but bored by the discussion now tbf - as is everyone else I expect
23:33 <bluesabre> #link http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/
23:33 <flocculant> #subtopic Testing
23:33 <flocculant> then
23:33 <bluesabre> to get some fresh views on that at least
23:33 <bluesabre> :D
23:33 <bluesabre> yay
23:33 <Unit193> It's really just the install media though, I activly run Bionic.
23:33 <flocculant> not sure what we can do about it though
23:33 <flocculant> Unit193: I know :)
23:34 <bluesabre> hi Unit193
23:34 <flocculant> trouble is - unless someone actively tells us we have no idea at all
23:34 <flocculant> and frankly someone could just go to the tracker on release day and mark it for release
23:36 <flocculant> bluesabre: not sure we'll ever get fresh views from the few of us in a meeting
23:36 <flocculant> because I'd have to assume we all want it done
23:37 <Unit193> There's still that one guy that emails me about Core ISOs, but that's unofficial stuff still.
23:37 <flocculant> yup
23:37 <bluesabre> flocculant: let's plan for a call for testing and social media'ing everywhere
23:37 <flocculant> I'm sure there are people out there - I see pings from the u+1 channel
23:38 <flocculant> bluesabre: mmm
23:38 <flocculant> bored doing those pointlessly as well
23:40 <bluesabre> maybe a nice detailed blog post instead
23:40 <bluesabre> happy to coordinate on that
23:40 <flocculant> ok
23:41 <bluesabre> pleia2, knome_: sound good to you?
23:41 <pleia2> yep
23:41 <flocculant> bluesabre: let me know when's good for you - but I need to afk now
23:41 <bluesabre> #action flocculant and bluesabre to publish testing blogpost
23:41 * meetingology flocculant and bluesabre to publish testing blogpost
23:42 <bluesabre> flocculant: we can follow up when you're next available :)
23:42 <bluesabre> thanks for hanging around for the meeting
23:42 <flocculant> over weekend - later tomorrow, most of Sunday - evenings after 1900 utc
23:43 <flocculant> no problem - night all :)
23:43 <slickymaster> nighty night flocculant
23:43 <bluesabre> anybody else got anything to discuss?
23:43 <slickymaster> nothing here
23:47 <bluesabre> pleia2 Unit193?
23:47 <pleia2> nope, I'm good
23:48 <Unit193> I hope not, but if there is I'll just give you repeated pokes.
23:48 <bluesabre> Sounds... painful
23:48 <bluesabre> #topic Schedule next meeting
23:49 <bluesabre> !info knome is next on the list, but if anybody wants to schedule one, go for it
23:49 <ubottu> 'is' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xen
23:49 <bluesabre> er
23:49 <bluesabre> #info knome is next on the list, but if anybody wants to schedule one, go for it
23:49 <bluesabre> #endmeeting