11:00 <bluesabre> #startmeeting Xubuntu community meeting
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11:00 <bluesabre> good morning folks, who's around?
11:04 <bluesabre> today might be a reschedule...
11:04 <dkessel> o/
11:04 <bluesabre> ohai
11:05 <slickymasterWork> hey guys
11:05 <bluesabre> hey dkessel, slickymasterWork
11:05 <bluesabre> we'll give it a few minutes and see if people start to trickle in before starting
11:05 <slickymasterWork> so, no one else around, besides us?
11:06 <bluesabre> Unit193 is lurking in -ot
11:06 <slickymasterWork> yeah, I was going to as if Unit193 isn't still awake :P
11:06 <slickymasterWork> s/to as /to ask
11:06 <Unit193> Zombie mode, biting and all.
11:07 <slickymasterWork> heh fortunately we are immunized Unit193
11:08 <bluesabre> Alrighty, let's get started then
11:08 <bluesabre> #topic Open action items
11:09 <bluesabre> slickymasterWork, you've got one on the list, progress?
11:10 <slickymasterWork> just a sec bluesabre
11:10 <elfy> hi - be 2 minutes
11:11 <slickymasterWork> #info slickymaster started the calls for "translations important for xubuntu"
11:11 <slickymasterWork> I'm planning to run two more calls until the end of the cycle
11:12 <bluesabre> awesome
11:12 <bluesabre> I guess you can probably #done that one for now
11:13 <slickymasterWork> #done slickymaster to start a series of run calls for "translations important for xubuntu" list defined in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Processes#Package_translations
11:13 <bluesabre> thanks :)
11:13 <bluesabre> we'll wait for elfy
11:13 <elfy> here now
11:14 <bluesabre> cool, action items?
11:14 <elfy> all done
11:15 <elfy> #done mail the -devel list to garner comment on pad
11:15 <elfy> #done mail -devel re where we support testers
11:15 <elfy> and more formalized proposal about the QA process is more or less done but not on wiki yet
11:16 <bluesabre> sweet
11:16 <bluesabre> that could ne #info'd if you want
11:16 <elfy> or carry on the existing action
11:17 <bluesabre> that too
11:17 <bluesabre> alrighty then
11:17 <elfy> #action elfy and knome to complete the QA processes change
11:17 * meetingology elfy and knome to complete the QA processes change
11:17 <bluesabre> great
11:17 <bluesabre> #topic Team updates
11:18 <elfy> I got a few
11:18 <bluesabre> #info Vivid should no longer have pink highlights except for the slideshow
11:18 <bluesabre> go ahead
11:18 <elfy> #info QA waiting on main -release team to start scheduling cycle
11:18 <elfy> #info some image testing happening
11:19 <elfy> #info some package testing happening
11:19 <elfy> #info package testing finding odd issues with testcases - bug's being reported/dealt with
11:19 <elfy> done
11:19 <bluesabre> cool
11:19 <qwebirc88404> sigh
11:20 <elfy> wb qwebirc88404 - not seen you since yesterday :D
11:20 <qwebirc88404> #info slickymaster updated Debian screenshots for Xfce/important packages~
11:20 <bluesabre> slickymaster, thanks for that :)
11:21 <bluesabre> #info Development is picking up on light-locker, new dev release expected soonish
11:22 <bluesabre> otherwise, development is a bit slow atm for our team
11:24 <bluesabre> #action bluesabre to improve widget naming in Catfish to aid autopilot
11:24 * meetingology bluesabre to improve widget naming in Catfish to aid autopilot
11:24 <elfy> \o/
11:24 <dkessel> :)
11:24 <slickymasterWork> heh
11:24 <bluesabre> hopefully that will happen tonight
11:25 <bluesabre> anything else for team updates?
11:26 <elfy> not sure there are any other team people about
11:26 <bluesabre> fair enough
11:26 <bluesabre> #topic Announcements
11:27 <elfy> never understood why that's not last :p
11:27 <bluesabre> same here
11:27 <bluesabre> #info Ubuntu Online Summit (UOS) started yesterday, continues through tomorrow
11:27 <elfy> or penultimate at least
11:28 <elfy> I'm hoping to be floating about during the release planning one - but no guarantees
11:29 <bluesabre> I won't be... hopefully we'll get an idea of the timeframes for gtk 3.14 and systemd (and any other highly breakable updates)
11:29 <elfy> yep
11:30 <bluesabre> if no other announcements, we can start discussion
11:30 <elfy> go for it :)
11:30 <bluesabre> #topic Discussion
11:30 <elfy> shall we move the settings manager one up to top while slickymasterWork is here
11:31 <bluesabre> probably a good idea
11:31 <elfy> :)
11:31 <slickymasterWork> actually I think we should postponed that item
11:31 <slickymasterWork> we're just three, doesn't seem to make much sense discuss it
11:32 <slickymasterWork> we know for moment that neither knome and ochosi have any strong opinions on the subject
11:32 <elfy> ok - but ftr I am -1 to removing from whiskermenu - for when it does get discussed and I'm not here :)
11:33 <Unit193> The idea is to remove "Settings Manager" from the menu?  -1
11:33 <bluesabre> I would also be -1. I'm rather fond of the quick access settings manager
11:33 <slickymasterWork> I'm 0 on it
11:34 <bluesabre> we can carry on the discussion throughout the day, it's a relatively low-impact change
11:34 <slickymasterWork> yes
11:35 <dkessel> i think that in the end, there should only be one way to access the settings. either from the menu category "settings", or from the "settings manager" button
11:36 <bluesabre> I see benefit in both... having it searchable in whisker, or being able to open the settings manager.  Different folks might prefer one or the other
11:37 <bluesabre> #action -team to further discuss potential removal of Settings Manager from Whisker Menu
11:37 * meetingology -team to further discuss potential removal of Settings Manager from Whisker Menu
11:37 <elfy> dkessel: not sure - the price of removing settings from the 'list' is you can't access specific items
11:37 <dkessel> oh ok....
11:37 <elfy> price of removing the quick button, you can't do a bunch of things concurrently without going back to the menu
11:38 <elfy> my point on this item - we shouldn't be removing things to deal with doc ambiguity - ever
11:38 <dkessel> yeah and i haven't thought about the search feature. i guess you're right. people coming from some other os will expect to be able to search for settings
11:38 <elfy> doc should reflect what we have and want
11:38 <elfy> but - let's move on I guess
11:39 <bluesabre> alrighty
11:39 <bluesabre> So, blueprints
11:39 <bluesabre> On the dev side, these are in a pretty healthy state.  Items are being added and updated by the team, so that's been pleasant :)
11:40 <elfy> qa ones are pretty much the same as ever - nothing new there nor expected to be
11:41 * bluesabre should surprise the qa blueprints
11:41 <elfy> go for it :p
11:42 <bluesabre> looks like artwork has been going smoothly. We already have all of our themes patched for gtk 3.14, so when that lands we'll upgrade the package
11:43 <bluesabre> er, most of the themes anyway
11:44 <bluesabre> and I think its safe to say we can't really discuss the other ones without knome/pleia2
11:44 <elfy> oh - quick question while I think about it please
11:44 <bluesabre> go ahead
11:45 <elfy> easy way to see  changelogs on ppa updates :)
11:45 <bluesabre> PPAs don't support changelogs for daily builds, but other packages we upload will have them
11:46 <bluesabre> I think
11:46 <elfy> so - mucking about at lp in the ppa to dig out is best way?
11:46 <bluesabre> maybe PPAs don't support them at all... will take a look to see the current status
11:46 <elfy> bluesabre: generally not in my experience
11:47 <bluesabre> elfy: I might set up something to at least see the git changelogs somewhere
11:47 <elfy> ok - not a biggy, I've been endin up at something like https://launchpadlibrarian.net/190266350/mousepad_0.3.0%2Bgit-0~709~ubuntu15.04.1_0.3.0%2Bgit-0~710~ubuntu15.04.1.diff.gz
11:47 <elfy> via lp and then more or less working it out :)
11:48 <bluesabre> ok
11:48 <elfy> bluesabre: thanks - let's move on :)
11:48 <bluesabre> Any further planning to plan at this time?
11:49 <elfy> not that I'm aware of
11:49 <bluesabre> Unit193: anything we need to watch for potentially landing in debian?
11:49 <bluesabre> and then syncing over to vivid
11:50 <Unit193> I think I made a note of something minor, don't know what.
11:50 <bluesabre> ok
11:50 <bluesabre> :)
11:50 <bluesabre> "Core is set for daily only, what about milestones?"
11:51 <bluesabre> I see some comments on the pad for that one http://pad.ubuntu.com/vivid-QA-plan
11:51 <elfy> yea
11:52 <bluesabre> Sounds like daily is fine then, or specific calls as needed?
11:52 <elfy> yep
11:53 <elfy> Unit193's baby that is :)
11:53 <bluesabre> "it's so precious"
11:53 <bluesabre> :P
11:53 <elfy> heh
11:53 <bluesabre> "Change application testing to a more 'exploratory system'"
11:54 <elfy> that's a fairly big change
11:54 <elfy> going to mail list about it soonish but ...
11:54 <elfy> plan is to NOT call for packages as we did last cycle
11:54 <elfy> call a few times just to get people using vivid to drop by the tracker and report
11:55 <elfy> mail testers about staging ppa and the need for testing as things need it
11:55 <slickymasterWork> yeah, but packages testing does need some sort of a boost
11:55 <slickymasterWork> there are too few of us making them
11:55 <elfy> try and get 'dev' to talk to 'qa' as things need testing :)
11:56 <bluesabre> ok, sounds reasonable to me (and like less of a headache for you)
11:56 <elfy> slickymasterWork: yea - but as we're just in a mid lts cycle I'm willing to try it - it can't be worse than 14.10 cycle
11:56 <bluesabre> elfy: don't jinx it
11:56 <slickymasterWork> lol
11:57 <elfy> it won't be worse - at least one has more than last cycle bluesabre :)
11:57 <bluesabre> we don't know how bad it can get just yet :)
11:57 <bluesabre> lol
11:57 <elfy> anyway action me to mail list re that
11:57 <knome> hmmh
11:57 <bluesabre> #action elfy to mail list regarding application testing in a more exploratory system
11:57 * meetingology elfy to mail list regarding application testing in a more exploratory system
11:58 <bluesabre> #chair elfy
11:58 <meetingology> Current chairs: bluesabre elfy
11:58 <bluesabre> #chair knome
11:58 <meetingology> Current chairs: bluesabre elfy knome
11:59 <bluesabre> anybody else want a seat? :)
11:59 <elfy> heh
11:59 <bluesabre> anything else to add to the discussion?
11:59 <ObrienDave> thanks but no thanks ;p
11:59 <elfy> bluesabre: not at present
11:59 <bluesabre> knome: blueprints stuff from your side?
12:01 <bluesabre> guessing not
12:01 <bluesabre> #topic Schedule next meeting
12:01 <bluesabre> next lucky person is....
12:02 <bluesabre> if ubuntu wiki ever loads....
12:03 <bluesabre> the suspense is killing me
12:03 <elfy> knome is next
12:03 <bluesabre> thanks
12:03 <bluesabre> #action knome to schedule next meeting
12:03 * meetingology knome to schedule next meeting
12:03 <bluesabre> #endmeeting