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15:01:53 <phillw> indeed it is
15:02:33 <balloons> ok, so I'll try and go quick, but there's stuff to chat about
15:03:39 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions
15:04:01 <balloons> we don't have any :-) awesome
15:04:07 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates
15:04:43 <balloons> jibel, hggdh care to enlight us a bit?
15:06:03 <balloons> guess there not around.
15:06:09 <balloons> well, lots of testing is going on this week
15:06:47 <balloons> and if anyone hasn't yet seen, we've put out a call to the greater community to help strengthen the iso testing
15:06:48 <balloons> http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/04/would-you-adopt-iso.html
15:07:30 <balloons> so far the feedback has been large, lots of first timers experiencing iso testing. We have good coverage on the ubuntu iso's now, and for the flavor teams, I have directed people at testing several of those images as well
15:07:48 <balloons> be forewarned if you meet or find some new folks testing your images :-)
15:08:10 <phillw> balloons: we've already got a new one :)
15:08:10 <balloons> Questions/comments?
15:08:18 <roignac> balloons: I suppose, we should concentrate to find people who would test lubuntu and other less popular distros
15:08:35 <roignac> on less popular configurations such as arm or powerpc
15:09:03 <phillw> roignac: the lubuntu ppc testers have been trying to help out on other flavours.
15:09:08 <balloons> roignac, we actually had someone volunteer to help who had a omap 3430 chip.. I was pleasantly surprised
15:09:10 <phillw> we have no arm
15:09:23 <roignac> whoa, that is great
15:09:46 <balloons> yea.. pretty sweet I thought
15:09:56 <balloons> he had quite a setup, so I had him go at it
15:10:41 <roignac> that is a pity, that ubuntu can't run on raspberry pi, as it gained a lot of attention recently =(
15:11:06 <balloons> yea.. the older versions can.. for instance natty
15:11:13 <balloons> arm is changing fast
15:11:20 <balloons> it's coming of age if you will
15:11:22 <roignac> anyway, that post is great, attention to iso tests is important
15:11:33 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates
15:11:43 <balloons> phillw, wanna speak to lubuntu real quick?
15:12:03 <phillw> yeah, I've tried pinging kanliot
15:12:35 <phillw> There is one possible bug that applies to very few set-ups for equipment, that will not be fixed for 12.04
15:12:58 <phillw> the -release tema mentioned it 'may' affect all flavours as it is kernel bug.
15:13:17 <phillw> bug 966403
15:13:37 <phillw> There is a work-around
15:14:09 <phillw> other than that, we're looking good-to-go.
15:14:49 <balloons> awesome :-)
15:14:52 <balloons> interesting bug
15:15:19 <balloons> anyone from xubuntu want to weigh in?
15:15:55 <astraljava> o/
15:16:34 <astraljava> but not much to say. I have been very busy lately with real-life issues (I actually kinda hate that expression, but meh...), but I haven't heard of/seen any issues.
15:16:50 <astraljava> Xubuntu does have an alternate install image, though, so it's likely to hit the same bug.
15:17:06 <astraljava> But I guess we'll hear more as the RC ISO testing begins.
15:17:07 <astraljava> ..
15:17:12 <balloons> I'm surprised it's limited to lubuntu, but I haven't heard of it happening
15:17:34 <balloons> astraljava, i've had 4 people signup to test xubuntu iso's, fyi
15:17:37 <phillw> it appears to be very narrow set of kit.
15:17:55 <balloons> so hopefully we see some good results from them
15:18:05 <astraljava> balloons: What does that mean, where did they sign up?
15:18:07 <balloons> how about ubuntu studio astraljava ?
15:18:17 <balloons> astraljava, they answered the call to 'adopt' an iso...
15:18:18 <balloons> :-)
15:18:26 <balloons> and I sent them to task on some xubuntu isos
15:18:35 <astraljava> Ahh... gotcha, yeah didn't get a chance to look into that at all, yet.
15:18:44 <balloons> basically the desktop and alt images for 386 and amd64
15:18:51 <astraljava> I have some pending members for the Testers team.
15:19:03 <astraljava> I'll go through those tonight.
15:19:19 <balloons> when this is all done, I will followup with the flavors teams on who tested and direct them your way
15:19:29 <balloons> but you will also see the results if they do contribute
15:19:31 <astraljava> But anyway, for Studio, we just recently got the mixer changes through, so testing those initially proved successful.
15:19:46 <astraljava> Otherwise the same as Xubuntu, except no alternate image, so won't hit that bug.
15:19:52 <astraljava> ..
15:19:56 <balloons> thanks astraljava
15:20:13 <balloons> anyone about for kubuntu?
15:20:27 <balloons> Riddell?
15:21:18 <balloons> mmkkk.. edubuntu?
15:21:52 <balloons> we had some volunteers adopt those edubuntu and kubuntu iso's as well.. hopefully they follow thru and they get extra attention from outside there core QA teams
15:22:19 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics
15:22:50 <balloons> finally, anything else anyone has to discuss? The RC will be dropping this thursday, release next week and in 3 weeks we'll be at UDS again.. Time is a tickin' past!
15:23:06 <Effenberg0x0> o/ Can I make a request?
15:23:15 <balloons> Effenberg0x0, floor is yours
15:23:26 <Effenberg0x0> Thanks balloons
15:23:43 <Effenberg0x0> Ok, on Apr. 14, 15, 16, 17 and today we started seeing an unusual number of reports of Compiz/Unity/Name it VGA (GL-relted) problems. People affected by it simply can't use Unity (or anything GL) after upgrades. Suddenly we had 100 posts about it and even had to join threads to avoid mess. Yesterday, NVidia admited that it's latest driver (295.40) was broken can cause problems. For some, however, this is not the only reason. So
15:23:43 <Effenberg0x0> me people have downgraded to previous NVidia versions and it hasn't solved the problem for them. Looking at the relevant / related updates, we had Nux, Mesa, Unity, other updates in the mentioned period. Bug reports and triaging are focusing on blaiming NVidia and waiting for an update from them. But some are asking: What if it's *not* just NVidia driver? So, this is something I am particularly concerned right now. See #982485
15:23:44 <Effenberg0x0> and dups (#981737, #982762, #983080, #983171, #984353, probably more).
15:24:30 <Effenberg0x0> So, the only way to test it is to use NVidia hardware on a fresh / upgraded install and test: Current NVidia drivers and Previous NVidia drivers. And see if GL stuff works on your hardware.
15:24:45 <Effenberg0x0> If you could ask your teams to test this, I think it's relevant at this point.
15:25:29 <balloons> Effenberg0x0, grabbing the bug
15:26:01 <balloons> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/982485
15:26:23 <balloons> ok, so I have the old nvidia driver, and haven't upgraded it all cycle Effenberg0x0
15:26:31 <balloons> and my system doesn't have any issues
15:26:39 <balloons> i have a 7300
15:27:07 <Effenberg0x0> NVidia hasn't released much info and the list of affected hardware. This is a problem for us
15:27:15 <balloons> I'm on 295.33
15:27:23 <Effenberg0x0> They just mention (some models in the 7 and 8 series)
15:28:01 <balloons> How did the bug reporter get the newer driver?
15:28:11 <Effenberg0x0> If more people could test and post results to these bug reports, it could really help us understand whats going on, affected models, etc
15:28:28 <Effenberg0x0> And also if it's only NVidia or seomthing else
15:28:37 <Effenberg0x0> (That's it, sorry for the long text)
15:28:39 <balloons> anyways.. I'll keep it in mind and contribute my result :-)
15:28:44 <balloons> thanks Effenberg0x0
15:29:02 <balloons> hopefully it is just a driver thing, but you are right.. it's easy to blame
15:29:05 <balloons> anyone else?
15:29:14 <Effenberg0x0> balloons, new driver 295.40 is on repos since 14th
15:29:57 <phillw> hmmm... 3 weeks... my final exams :/ - have fun!
15:30:23 * balloons wonders why his system hasn't updated
15:30:26 <phillw> I'd like to ask for a peer review of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/TheStages
15:31:04 <balloons> phillw, I spot some grammar mistakes -- shall I simply edit?
15:31:10 <phillw> It was 'thrown' together in a hurry as part of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing for the late newcommers.
15:31:33 <phillw> balloons: by all means! It has not got as far as grammar checking yet :)
15:31:40 <balloons> haha
15:31:50 <balloons> ok, I will try and give 5 mins to it
15:31:57 <phillw> now I know where they came from :D
15:32:06 <balloons> anything else phillw?
15:32:13 <phillw> nope, thansk
15:32:27 <balloons> k, anyone else?
15:32:32 <phillw> *thanks
15:32:45 <balloons> if not, good luck and happy testing to everyone.. This is going to be quite a week..
15:32:55 <balloons> quickly, do we feel like we want to meet next weds?
15:33:18 <balloons> I'll post to the ml, but I'm thinking we'll likely want to skip, being so hammered by getting the release out
15:33:34 <phillw> I think it would be good, to cover any zero day bugs
15:33:59 <astraljava> Yeah, I think so too. Good to keep track of how testing goes with other flavors etc.
15:33:59 <balloons> yes, the downside of not meeting it potentially not being able to help each other
15:34:08 <roignac> balloons: yes, in case of any major bugs
15:34:12 <balloons> lol.. ok ;-) Idea squashed
15:34:29 <astraljava> Thanks. :)
15:34:53 <balloons> so that's it then.. I do apologize -- feel free to beat me up with a ping if you arrive @ the meeting on time and I'm seemingly absent
15:34:54 <balloons> I don't mind
15:35:01 <balloons> I need it beat into my head the new time
15:35:14 <balloons> when your working and get into the zone it's easy to miss..
15:35:14 <phillw> balloons: this time suits me better :D
15:35:34 <balloons> I'm around, there's no reason for me to miss and not start
15:35:38 <balloons> that's all folks!
15:35:40 <balloons> #endmeeting