20:21 <kyrofa> #startmeeting LoCo Council Meeting, 20180108
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20:21 <kyrofa> #chair kenvandine
20:21 <meetingology> Current chairs: kenvandine kyrofa
20:21 <kyrofa> #chair gsilvapt
20:21 <meetingology> Current chairs: gsilvapt kenvandine kyrofa
20:23 <kyrofa> In December's meeting, we had several re-verification applications to review. We requested more information from a few of them, and provided a two-month extension
20:24 <kyrofa> Today we have two of those locos to review: Myanmar and Tunisia
20:24 <kyrofa> Folks want to say hello for the minutes?
20:25 <elacheche> o/ from Tunisia
20:25 <nzoueidi> Hey from Tunisia too :)
20:25 <kenvandine> anyone from Myanmar?
20:26 <kyrofa> Well, why don't we get started with Tunisia, then
20:26 <gsilvapt> Hello everyone! And a happy to new year!
20:27 <kyrofa> #topic Ubuntu Tunisia Re-verification
20:27 <elacheche> Hello folks gsilvapt kyrofa kenvandine, Happy New year, Ubuntu Tunisia is here represented by  elacheche (LoCo Contact) & nzoueidi, firts of all, I'd like to apologize for missing last month's meeting, I was relaying on the Ubuntu Fridge calendar (http://ubuntu-news.org/calendars/) to remind me, it turned out that there was a bug in the date set on the calendar for the last month.
20:28 <kenvandine> elacheche, no worries, glad you made it this month
20:28 <elacheche> :)
20:28 <elacheche> Our ReVerificaton Wiki → https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/ReVerificationApplication2017
20:29 <elacheche> I'll be happy to openly answer your questions
20:29 <gsilvapt> elacheche, yes, we actually have to apologize for that. In the meantime, we fixed that to avoid any more confusion and misleading information
20:29 <elacheche> No worries :)
20:31 <nzoueidi> I appologize too to not make it the last time, I was stuck at work.
20:31 <gsilvapt> elacheche, the section Scheduled Activities are things you want to start doing ASAP or you guys have already something running?
20:32 <nzoueidi> gsilvapt: actually, I added that section. We are planning to do them asap, likewise, I started to prepare tasks related to that section
20:33 <elacheche> Those are things we want to start asap
20:33 <gsilvapt> Ok, thank you
20:33 <elacheche> We need to work on re-stuffing too, as all old active members are no longer here due of life related things (work/family)
20:33 <kenvandine> sorry, trying to familiarize myself with what we said last month :)
20:34 <kyrofa> kenvandine, haha, me too
20:34 <kenvandine> elacheche, when is your next loco meeting?
20:34 <kenvandine> it says 2011 :)
20:37 <elacheche> kenvandine: We didn't had a loco meeting for a while now, as I said, we were too many active members, and all of the active guys become busy at the same exact period, so for the last couple of years we were at least only 3 to manage the community, and no one answered meetings calls, so the 3 people around managed to keep the community running :)
20:37 <gsilvapt> elacheche, but do you have more people today?
20:37 <elacheche> Our goal for the next few months is to get some fresh blood dudes involved more..
20:38 <kenvandine> elacheche, do you have ideas for achieving that?
20:38 <kyrofa> (note that verified locos are verified to _be_ active)
20:39 <nzoueidi> Yeah, we are involved in the FOSS events that held in Tunisia, so we have a nice list to contact and getting them involved into the community
20:39 <elacheche> me & nzoueidi are planning ways to make people more engaged with the community.. I think that I managed once to keep nzoueidi engaged and some other folks when they where free :D And we will manage to help young new people to be more active
20:40 <kyrofa> nzoueidi, do you have a timeline for accomplishing this?
20:40 <elacheche> kyrofa: As you can see from the wiki page, we had multiple events during the last 2 years, it's real that the quantity is less than before, but still, we are also enhancing quality of the events
20:41 <nzoueidi> No, I don't but I hope it is asap. I have friends that wanna involve. Keeping them as elacheche said is the hardest thing. But we are trying our best to boost the community :)
20:42 <kenvandine> i understand it's not easy
20:44 <elacheche> Unfortuantely, people are used to the FB way of things, post something and wait for immidiate answer/result.. A community need engagment, and time to give you results/answers.. So most people don't want to be engaged, we tried to target FB folks once, and get the mto contribute, ZERO result..
20:44 <kenvandine> :/
20:44 <nzoueidi> Exactly, that's what I was going to say
20:45 <elacheche> Other people are willing to contribute and make an engagement (moral).. And they don't expect immidiate results
20:45 <elacheche> BTW, I may be talking about Ubuntu Tunisia, but, afaik, that applies to ALL other LoCos, based on my discussions with other folks during the last 2 years
20:46 <kenvandine> elacheche, yeah, it's not an easy task
20:47 <kenvandine> elacheche, interesting numbers from facebook
20:47 <gsilvapt> Yes, getting new contributors is never an easy task in open source projects.
20:47 <kenvandine> 11410 members of the facebook group
20:48 <elacheche> kenvandine: Yep, most of them are "Read only" users unfortunately
20:49 <elacheche> Most of them are very shy to ask quesztions in the group and they prefer to come to you in private and ask rather than posting in the ML or FB :(
20:49 <kyrofa> Our main criticism last month was that supporting documentation seemed  to be pretty out of date. The last post on the team portal page was about 14.04, the latest "past event" I see on the wiki page is from 2008. We wanted to give you a few months to get that stuff into shape. You put yourself back on the agenda this month, although I don't feel like much has changed, honestly
20:49 <kenvandine> elacheche, i see some good numbers for the events too, on facebook
20:49 <kyrofa> Facebook is one area I cannot check, so I'll listen to kenvandine :)
20:50 <elacheche> kyrofa: I can explain that too x)
20:50 <kenvandine> the meetup in feb 2017 had 49 that attended
20:50 <kenvandine> not bad
20:50 <kyrofa> Pretty darn good, really
20:50 <kenvandine> yeah
20:50 <elacheche> kenvandine: Those the recorded numbers, multiple persons don't record that
20:51 <elacheche> We had events/workshops with more than that number!
20:51 <kenvandine> right, those are the ones that marked it in FB
20:51 <nzoueidi> kenvandine: sometimes you see that you have 100 participants of such an event on FB, but in reality you will find half of them
20:51 <kenvandine> you only had two like that in 2017 though
20:51 <kenvandine> but... i like that activity
20:52 <elacheche> During SFD 2016 we had 5 workshops, each had at least 20 persons
20:52 <gsilvapt> I gotta say I want to approve you guys but the fact you're running this on your own is not comforting although you guys actually do stuff
20:52 <gsilvapt> "on your own"
20:53 <kyrofa> elacheche, you mentioned you could explain the out-of-date information?
20:53 <elacheche> gsilvapt: If we weren't engaged to keep this LoCo running even when we will long gone we will not be here today, after being doing this for our own for years..
20:53 <elacheche> We believe that the next critical step is to "hire" new recruits, people with time and love to the community
20:53 <elacheche> and teach & mentor them on how to contribute
20:55 <elacheche> kyrofa: Yeah sure.. The whole 1st LoCo leaders were "very" demanding that they created too much wiki pages, the next team plan was to understand those pages then refactor them, but then, when it's time to refactor, everyone had an other new life to focus on.. So refactoring still a task to do so new folks can have easier wiki to understand and use
20:56 <elacheche> About the events, I still track each event in a wiki page, but I always find myself not able to update the main events page because of time
20:57 <elacheche> For the records, actually we have at least 290 Wiki pages
20:57 <kenvandine> wow
20:57 <kenvandine> that's a huge task
20:58 <nzoueidi> yep :')
20:58 <kenvandine> ok
20:58 <kenvandine> shall we vote?
20:58 <elacheche> And that's MY task, I engaged myself to do it when I have other people to take care of other important things!
20:58 <gsilvapt> elacheche, one of your priorities should be to actually delete/organise that :D
20:58 <kenvandine> nothing wrong with deleting wiki pages :)
20:59 <elacheche> gsilvapt: I know, but I need to recruit people first, so they can take care of other things like preparing the events etc..
20:59 <kyrofa> I think we have enough information to vote
20:59 <elacheche> kenvandine: We like to keep the loco legacy, so new commers know how much other commited to the loco!
20:59 <kenvandine> elacheche, understood
21:00 <elacheche> Ubuntu Tunisia is not just a community, it's a community that have history, and will have a future, that's I'm sure of :)
21:00 <kyrofa> #vote Ubuntu Tunisia Re-verification
21:00 <meetingology> Please vote on: Ubuntu Tunisia Re-verification
21:00 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)
21:01 <kenvandine> vote +1
21:01 <kenvandine> whoops
21:01 <kenvandine> +1
21:01 <meetingology> +1 received from kenvandine
21:01 <kyrofa> Heh
21:01 <kyrofa> +1
21:01 <meetingology> +1 received from kyrofa
21:02 <gsilvapt> +1
21:02 <meetingology> +1 received from gsilvapt
21:02 <gsilvapt> apologies for the delay
21:02 <kyrofa> #endvote
21:02 <meetingology> Voting ended on: Ubuntu Tunisia Re-verification
21:02 <meetingology> Votes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:0
21:02 <meetingology> Motion carried
21:03 <nzoueidi> Thanks you guys :)
21:03 <kenvandine> great
21:04 <kyrofa> Congratulations elacheche nzoueidi! This wasn't the easiest call, but I know how difficult it is to carry a community. Try to execute your plan, get your membership up, share the load
21:04 <kenvandine> anyone join from Myanmar Loco?
21:04 <elacheche> :D THANK YOU FOLKS! You have no idea how much happiness I feel right now.. This is a new checkpoint in our LoCo history
21:04 <wxl> good job elacheche, nzoueidi, et al :)
21:04 <kyrofa> elacheche, please try to clean up the wiki
21:04 <kenvandine> elacheche, time to get to work! :-D
21:04 <kenvandine> elacheche, and congrats!
21:04 <nzoueidi> We will kenvandine :D
21:04 <nzoueidi> Thanks again for all.
21:04 <kenvandine> elacheche, nzoueidi and of course thanks so much for showing up today to discuss this
21:04 <elacheche> Thanks wxl :) sure folks! :)
21:05 <nzoueidi> o/ nighty
21:05 <kyrofa> Alright, on to Myanmar
21:05 <elacheche> Thanks again, good night folks :)
21:05 <kyrofa> #topic MyanmarTeam Re-verification
21:06 <kyrofa> Night elacheche :)
21:06 <gsilvapt> thanks, elacheche and good luck
21:06 <kyrofa> Alright, it seems no one is here from Myanmar, even though they put themselves on the agenda a month sooner than they needed to. Let's go off of their application alone
21:07 <kyrofa> I still see no events in 2017
21:08 <kyrofa> I don't really see any changes at all from our previous meeting
21:09 <kenvandine> me either
21:09 <kenvandine> and again nobody joined the meeting
21:09 <kenvandine> they technically have another month
21:09 <kyrofa> But they put themselves on the agenda anyway
21:09 <kenvandine> true
21:10 <kyrofa> If I was voting right now, I'd be -1. However, they have until next month. They could technically put themselves back on then
21:11 <kyrofa> So perhaps we should just pretend it's not on the agenda, and if they don't follow though, they expire by default?
21:11 <gsilvapt> Did they do any changes?
21:11 <kyrofa> Doesn't look like it
21:11 <kenvandine> no edits to the wiki page at all
21:11 <gsilvapt> Hum, right
21:11 <kenvandine> i think we just skip it
21:11 <kyrofa> Yup
21:11 <gsilvapt> Should we vote or skip it?
21:11 <kenvandine> no point in voting yet
21:12 <kenvandine> status hasn't changed since last month
21:12 <gsilvapt> Hum, right
21:13 <kyrofa> #agreed We'll skip Myanmar's re-verification since the application hasn't been updated and they have another month
21:13 <kenvandine> +1 :)
21:13 <kyrofa> What. Come on meetingology
21:13 <kenvandine> that is a command!
21:14 <kyrofa> It worked?
21:14 <kenvandine> no
21:14 <kenvandine> i think it would have told us
21:14 <kenvandine> but it should work
21:14 <kyrofa> Yeah, it usually spams me
21:14 <kenvandine> i think the log should be a valid record :)
21:14 <kyrofa> #agree We'll skip Myanmar's re-verification since the application hasn't been updated and they have another month
21:14 <kyrofa> Darn
21:14 <kyrofa> Okay, clear enough
21:15 <kyrofa> That's all the items on our agenda for today, unless anyone has something else?
21:17 <kyrofa> I'll assume no
21:17 <kenvandine> +1
21:17 <kyrofa> #endmeeting