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17:03 <popey> o/
17:03 <popey> I had a to-do to start a thread about wiki migration on the hub, but it's still on my to-do list, sorry.
17:03 <popey> Had a couple of mad weeks.
17:03 <elopio> Okay, hello! We didn't do a good use of the agenda in the hub this time, so let's start asking who has a topic to discuss
17:03 <elopio> I have two. Report of progress on my actions from last meeting, and ubuntu community appreciation day.
17:04 <elacheche> OK, let's discuss that
17:04 <elopio> Alright. Feel free to add topics as we go.
17:05 <elopio> So, thanks to wxl we started the LoCo council election. We have 7 votes already, probably missing Mark's who I'm not sure if it's going to vote or not.
17:05 <elopio> But, the deadline is tomorrow anyway. So we will end the voting and announce the new council tomorrow.
17:06 <elopio> I also had the action to convince everybody from the CC to be a mentor for code-in, but haven't done it yet.
17:06 <elopio> wxl already said he will be a mentor. What about you flexiondotorg and elacheche ?
17:07 <elacheche> I need to read more about code-in and the tasks that I should do, if my skills are good for that I will happy to be a mentor
17:07 <elacheche> The only recent informatio nI got about code-in is that Ubuntu is partof it, no further details, please share any link that can have details
17:08 * elacheche is very sorry, was very busy lately
17:08 <elopio> elacheche: I'm sure you will be a great mentor, and you can define the tasks you want to work on. Let's talk after the meeting, when you have some time :)
17:08 <elacheche> Sure elopio
17:09 <elopio> did we lose flexiondotorg ?
17:09 <flexiondotorg> I have some tasks for GCI related to MATE Desktop and Ubuntu MATE.
17:10 <flexiondotorg> So, what about ubuntu community appreciation day?
17:10 <elacheche> It'll be for next Sunday, right?
17:11 <elopio> flexiondotorg: awesome. I didn't see you replying on the post on the hub. Maybe I missed it. I will ping ahoneybun, jose and marcoceppi to see if they become mentors too.
17:11 <elopio> wait, wait. Still on the report of the actions.
17:11 <elopio> my other action was to ping jose and marcoceppi to see why they have been missing this meetings
17:11 <elacheche> We'll celebrate the Software Freedom Day on sunday too.. I'll be part of that me and my LoCo, and we'll celebrate the Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day too + a Release Party (hopefully)
17:11 <elopio> jose said he was busy with a new job, but that he would be here today :/
17:11 <ahoneybun> elopio: ?
17:12 <elopio> marcoceppi said he has been traveling the world for a few weeks, and has weird hours
17:12 <elopio> I want to encourage everybody to use the hub more to talk council stuff, so these meetings are not so necessary in the future. Just for important things to sync.
17:13 <elopio> another action was to find artists. I talked to eylul from ubuntu studio and she liked the idea very much.
17:13 <flexiondotorg> We should promote what Ubuntu appreciation day is on the social networks so people can think about who they want to thank.
17:13 <elopio> flexiondotorg: can I put some pressure on you to make that post so we can direct the artists there?
17:14 <flexiondotorg> elopio: You mean to here - https://community.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-community-appreciation-day-nov-20th/1762
17:14 <elacheche> elopio: We can share a public announcement to spread the word about searching for artists, the news ML should be great for that
17:14 <elopio> flexiondotorg: no, I'm talking about the guerrilla marketing campaing.
17:15 <flexiondotorg> Ah, right.
17:15 <elopio> you are getting ahead, uca day was the second topic on the agenda :D
17:15 <flexiondotorg> Yes. I have started drafting something.
17:15 <flexiondotorg> Need time to finish it.
17:15 <elopio> flexiondotorg: thanks :)
17:15 <elopio> That's all I had to report, so next topic, UCA Day
17:15 <elopio> I started the post that flexiondotorg linked. If you have ideas of what else to do, please share them
17:16 <elopio> we should sync the ubuntu social network accounts to send posts on that day, on all our different time zones.
17:16 <elacheche> As I said, in Tunisia We'll celebrate the Software Freedom Day on sunday too.. I'll be part of that me and my LoCo, and we'll celebrate the Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day too + a Release Party (hopefully)
17:16 <flexiondotorg> So I think we should share that post, before Monday, so people learn that UAD is coming and think about who they might want to thank.
17:16 <elopio> elacheche: it's monday, but your celebration on sunday will be great! :D
17:17 <elacheche> Oh! Yeah I'll be the 1st to celebrate :D
17:17 <elopio> flexiondotorg: so, start making noise today or tomorrow?
17:17 <elacheche> We should share the info before Monday then, we should pick a hashtag for that too
17:17 <elacheche> #UCADay will be good I guess
17:17 <elopio> elacheche: the hashtag used for previous years was #ucaday
17:17 <flexiondotorg> I will queue some social posts for tomorrow.
17:17 <elopio> thanks flexiondotorg!
17:18 <elacheche> OK, my fault, 1st year to hear about the ucaday :(
17:18 <elopio> I also got a MR for message of the day: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-motd/appreciation/+merge/333552
17:18 <elacheche> flexiondotorg: You'll use Ubuntu official accounts?
17:18 <elopio> now I need to find Dustin to merge it, hopefully to release it tomorrow.
17:19 <elopio> alright. Something else to discuss about ucaday?
17:20 <flexiondotorg> elopio: Great idea updating motd. Very creative!
17:20 <elopio> we'll see how it goes and if we can keep using that resource
17:21 <flexiondotorg> Yeah, we should use that for future promotions.
17:21 <elopio> so, bottom line, make sure to appreciate somebody before monday ends.
17:21 <elopio> let's see what else should we discuss...
17:22 <elacheche> I'll do fir sure x) Multiple persons, not only one! :)
17:22 <elopio> elacheche: on the previous meeting we talked about starting to discuss with the wiki people. popey will set the right tone for the discussion, but I was wondering if you could help finding the right people to engage.
17:22 <elopio> it will be a post on the hub, so we need to invite people there to discuss a plan.
17:23 <elacheche> By wiki people you mean Wiki admins or wiki users? x)
17:24 <elacheche> What's the plan? To get rid of the wiki and move to the Hub?
17:24 <elopio> elacheche: I don't know. I guess both, but that's the task, find the people most interested.
17:24 <popey> It isn't a plan
17:24 <popey> It's a discussion
17:24 <elopio> elacheche: no, and that's the wrong way to phrase it :)
17:24 <popey> We _plan_ to have a _discussion_ about what to do about the wiki, open conversation.
17:24 * elacheche likes the Wiki more than the hub :D
17:24 <popey> It's a tricky topic, because there are some people who use the wiki an awful lot.
17:25 <popey> It's possible to like both elacheche :)
17:25 <elopio> elacheche: that's why I thought you might be the right person to find the stakeholders for the discussion.
17:25 <elacheche> I agree with you popey.. I'll find some folks to add to the discussion ;)
17:25 <popey> Sweet!
17:26 <elopio> thanks elacheche! thanks popey!
17:26 <elacheche> All  LoCo "rules" are around logging things in the Wiki, by time it became a hard task, huge wiki, and fewer people to contribute..
17:26 <popey> <3
17:26 <elacheche> All MY*
17:26 <elacheche> I was talking about my LoCo not other ones x)
17:26 <elopio> okay, that's actually all I had for this meeting. On friday 24th, wxl and I will host another ubuntu hour
17:27 <elopio> you are all invited, it will be great to have you there.
17:27 <elopio> more details on the hub, probably tomorrow.
17:27 <elacheche> Thaks elopio !
17:27 <elopio> anybody else with topics to discuss? ahoneybun are you with us? I'm just seeing your ping now.
17:29 <elacheche> Not me
17:30 <elopio> we can give a few minutes to see if wxl has something to discuss
17:36 <elopio> He doesn't seem to be around. And anyway, we can discuss about everything in the async hub.
17:37 <wxl> back
17:37 <elacheche> Hey wxl :)
17:37 <elopio> hello wxl :) We were waiting to see if you had something to talk about today.
17:38 <wxl> elopio: i haven't read the backlog, but my biggest concern is the LoCo Council
17:39 <elopio> wxl: I started with that. We already have 7 votes, and the voting closes tomorrow.
17:39 <elopio> wxl: does that solve your concern, or is it about something else?
17:39 <flexiondotorg> 7 votes total?
17:39 <wxl> yeah, no, that's good
17:40 <wxl> i just want to make sure it gets DONE!
17:40 <elopio> flexiondotorg: yes. We were confused, and apparently only the community council votes in the loco election.
17:40 <flexiondotorg> So, that is all but Makr I imagine.
17:40 <flexiondotorg> *Mark
17:41 <elopio> wxl: I'll make sure to hit the end button tomorrow. Then, the announcement. Do you want to take care of announcing?
17:41 <elopio> flexiondotorg: that's my guess, but we don't have a way to see who voted.
17:41 <wxl> elopio: sure. as a current member of the council i can help with the transition, too
17:42 <elopio> wxl: great! So, at this time tomorrow is when we announced the deadline.
17:42 <wxl> ok
17:42 <wxl> elopio: so i'll come in tomorrow morning, close the poll, and make the announcement
17:42 <elopio> wxl: yes, thanks!
17:43 <wxl> elopio: i assume that announcement is only going to be on discourse?
17:43 <flexiondotorg> Great.
17:43 <elopio> wxl: in there first. But if you want to put it in the planet, in mailing lists, forums, that would be nice too
17:44 <elopio> tell flexiondotorg and popey to put it in the podcast too :D
17:44 <flexiondotorg> Noted :-)
17:44 <elopio> anything else to talk about, or should we end meeting?
17:44 <flexiondotorg> We've just recorded two episodes, so it won't go in for 2 weeks.
17:45 <wxl> elopio: um how do we put things on the planet?
17:45 <elopio> flexiondotorg: I think the term is for two years, so no hurries right? ;)
17:45 <elopio> wxl: you put it in a blog post, and syndicate the blog post in the planet.
17:45 <wxl> elopio: ah, i meant whether or nto we had a cc blog
17:46 <elopio> wxl: I don't think we have. And I don't think we should have, the category on the hub is a good amount of work already
17:46 <elacheche> Personnal blog post
17:46 <flexiondotorg> Perhaps we can investigate creating an RSS feed from the CC category on the Ubuntu Commumity Hub.
17:47 <flexiondotorg> And syndicating that to Planet.
17:47 <flexiondotorg> Then we have one place to post content.
17:47 <elopio> +1
17:47 <elacheche> +1
17:47 <flexiondotorg> OK, put that down as action for me than :-)
17:48 <flexiondotorg> *then
17:48 <wxl> i think that's a good idea
17:48 <elopio> it will be noted as such on the summary
17:48 <wxl> i don't want to litter my personal blog with cc administravata
17:48 <wxl> on the other hand, it would be nice if i actually published SOMETHING XD
17:49 <elopio> alright, if people need help with their action items, please say it and we'll share the load.
17:49 <flexiondotorg> I'll invetigate what is possible.
17:49 <flexiondotorg> We don't want to spam the planet.
17:49 <flexiondotorg> I have a question If there is nothing else.
17:50 <elopio> go for it
17:50 <flexiondotorg> I love the translation happening on the Ubuntu Community Hub.
17:50 <flexiondotorg> Why are we using shorthand country codes to designate the translation?
17:51 <flexiondotorg> Should we not use long hand language names so it is clear what they are?
17:51 <elopio> flexiondotorg: I thought they were short-hand codes for languages. Like pt-br
17:52 <flexiondotorg> Indeed. But Why not use "Portuguese (Brazilian)" instead of pt-br.
17:52 <elopio> but it's all an experiment. I searched a little on options to make discourse multi-language and they are all kind of bad. Would you prefer, for example español/ instead of es/ ?
17:52 <flexiondotorg> I dout everyone know what the short hand means.
17:52 <wxl> or would it be better to say spanish?
17:52 <flexiondotorg> "Would you prefer, for example español/ instead of es/?" <- Yes :-)
17:52 <wxl> ^^ not serious
17:52 <elopio> flexiondotorg: on a topic, the name of the language will take most of the space. That was my thinking, but I'm happy to try something different.
17:52 <flexiondotorg> I think localised version.
17:53 <elopio> flexiondotorg: ok, will change that in the places I can
17:53 <flexiondotorg> The language can be a sub-heading, so the length is not an issue.
17:54 <elopio> I will try that!
17:54 <elopio> flexiondotorg: one of the not so terrible ideas was to tag the posts with the name of the language. Can you grant me that? https://community.ubuntu.com/t/a-tag-for-spanish-posts/1630
17:55 <flexiondotorg> Yep, I'll do that after this meeting.
17:55 <elopio> thanks
17:56 <elopio> The translation category in the hub is open to discuss about this experiment.
17:56 <elopio> flexiondotorg: oh wait, how do I do a sub-heading?
17:56 <flexiondotorg> Using makrdown.
17:56 <flexiondotorg> # H1
17:56 <flexiondotorg> ## H2
17:56 <flexiondotorg> ### H3
17:56 <flexiondotorg> etc
17:57 <elopio> Ahh, ok. I thought there was something like a subtitle textfield for posts.
17:57 <wxl> or
17:57 <wxl> H!
17:57 <wxl> oops
17:57 <wxl> H1
17:57 <wxl> ==
17:57 <wxl> H1
17:57 <wxl> argh
17:57 <wxl> H2
17:57 <wxl> --
17:57 <elopio> I guess that's ok. It doesn't make a lot of sense to tag them in the title. You either understand the language or you don't :)
17:58 <elopio> I'll start a topic to get this proposal.
17:58 <elopio> ok, we are almost out of time. Say your last words.
17:58 <flexiondotorg> I'll add the tag you've requested as well.
17:59 <flexiondotorg> I've shared my best words with you already ;-)
17:59 <elopio> and it was such an honor!
17:59 <elopio> closing in 5...
17:59 <elopio> 4...
17:59 <elopio> 3...
17:59 <elopio> 2...
17:59 <elopio> 1...
17:59 <elopio> #endmeeting