14:00:18 <smartboyhw> #startmeeting
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14:00:33 <smartboyhw> Okay, welcome to the Ubuntu QA meeting
14:01:08 <smartboyhw> [TOPIC] Ubuntu updates
14:01:29 <smartboyhw> Thank you all for testing Ubuntu 12.10 Alpha 3....
14:02:08 <smartboyhw> We hope that the follwing few weeks we will have good testing from everybody
14:02:49 <smartboyhw> Clearly Balloons has started a Webapps testing for both 12.04 and 12.10
14:03:03 * balloons waves
14:03:10 <smartboyhw> Thank him for that, hope everyone will enjoy the testing...
14:03:35 <smartboyhw> We will have Ubuntu 12.04.1 on week 17 (August 23rd)
14:03:50 <smartboyhw> Did anyone test these builds, the Precise ones?
14:04:36 <smartboyhw> We'd better test those builds in the coming weeks ahead
14:05:22 <smartboyhw> So that's all from me, then...
14:05:34 <smartboyhw> Balloons please add more information, if you would like to
14:07:24 <smartboyhw> No info from Balloons, so let's move on
14:07:26 <balloons> Sure, next week we'll be testing the daily iso's as part of our testing cadence, but as smartboyhw mentioned, during this week you have the oppurtunity to help with webapps
14:07:38 <balloons> ..
14:07:44 <smartboyhw> Fine, thank you
14:07:56 <smartboyhw> Moving on to Ubuntu Flavors, shall we?
14:08:23 * phillw is here for lubuntu
14:08:29 <smartboyhw> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavors
14:08:41 <smartboyhw> Good, phillw, lubuntu updates please
14:09:19 <phillw> our a3 went well, just a couple of minor niggles that are being investigated.
14:09:26 <smartboyhw> Good, then
14:09:47 <smartboyhw> Any other flavors to discuss
14:09:48 <smartboyhw> ?
14:09:48 <phillw> our main apps are all now in, some artwork still to come in.
14:10:03 <smartboyhw> Wow, we are waiting for the beautiful artwork
14:10:49 <smartboyhw> Any other flavors, e.g. Xubuntu and Edubuntu?
14:10:51 <balloons> o/
14:11:16 <smartboyhw> Clearly there's not, right?
14:11:43 <smartboyhw> So should we move on to Other Topics?
14:12:15 <smartboyhw> Any Q&As?
14:12:39 <smartboyhw> Go ahead and say, balloons
14:13:01 <balloons> phillw, how's the ppc stuff?
14:13:13 <phillw> it now installs!!!
14:13:14 <balloons> the ff build is working now, is the installer ok?
14:13:18 <balloons> yay!
14:13:40 <phillw> we have a 3rd ppc tester :)
14:13:45 <smartboyhw> Whom?
14:13:57 <phillw> he he - I've forgotten his name!
14:14:28 <balloons> phillw, :-p
14:14:31 <phillw> https://launchpad.net/~rm2892
14:14:39 <phillw> him ^^ (Ron)
14:14:40 <smartboyhw> I agree, :-)
14:14:46 <balloons> that's good.. so no bugs atm that need attention?
14:15:04 <phillw> iso's are still over sized, Julien is looking into it.
14:15:18 <smartboyhw> Yeah, they are all out of 703MiB
14:15:32 <balloons> ..
14:15:36 <smartboyhw> Hopefully you can fix it before Beta 1.
14:15:46 <smartboyhw> So moving on now?
14:15:46 <phillw> that is the p
14:15:52 <phillw> plan
14:16:01 <smartboyhw> Good.
14:16:45 <phillw> ..
14:17:01 <smartboyhw> Moving on...
14:17:09 <smartboyhw> [TOPIC] Other topics
14:17:20 <smartboyhw> Anyone had other topics to discuss?
14:17:56 <balloons> o/
14:18:06 <smartboyhw> Please say, balloons...
14:18:44 <smartboyhw> Go ahead, balloons
14:19:03 <balloons> i wanted to mention august is going to have some interesting opportunities for us in testing. In the coming weeks we'll be testing unity, other applications
14:19:24 <balloons> and the work for the community hardware database should be unveiling
14:19:42 <smartboyhw> UserInterfaceFreeze of Ubuntu 12.10 is on August 30th
14:19:49 <smartboyhw> Also for Beta 1
14:20:09 <smartboyhw> FeatureFreeze coming on 23rd August
14:20:31 <balloons> also, i'd like to get a feel of how everyone perceives quality for this cycle -- look for an email soon
14:20:31 <balloons> ..
14:20:54 <smartboyhw> OK, so end the meeting now?
14:21:29 <balloons> if there's no other questions or things to discuss yes
14:21:32 <balloons> :-)
14:21:35 <smartboyhw> Next chair is phillw on August 8th
14:21:42 <smartboyhw> So end meeting
14:21:46 <smartboyhw> #endmeeting