00:00 <BobJonkman1> #startmeeting Ubuntu Canada IRC/Video Chat for 27 February 2014
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00:01 <BobJonkman1> #chair Cranky_
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00:01 <BobJonkman1> Hey Everybodeee!
00:01 <BobJonkman1> Roll call! Cranky  sainte Guest32399 azend_ FiReSTaRT zykotick9 DarwinSurvivor willwh_ bregma laurelrusswurm  zul IdleOne jaguar ryanakca Chex cyphermox  MylesBraithwaite  jlamothe johanbr sipherdee
00:02 <bregma> O/
00:03 <Cranky_> ok.. trying to invite more people now..
00:03 <BobJonkman1> Cranky_: Just got a note that in the hangout that "This Party Is Over"
00:03 <BobJonkman1> Technical difficulties?
00:03 <Cranky_> it says it's broadcasting live now
00:03 <BobJonkman1> I can see you!
00:03 <bregma> I see you
00:03 <BobJonkman1> #link View the YouTube stream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4cE294dDnk
00:04 <BobJonkman1> Welcome to the Ubuntu Canada IRC and Video Chat meeting
00:04 <BobJonkman1> #link Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2014/2014-02-27
00:04 <bregma> I'm getting no audio though
00:05 <BobJonkman1> I can't hear Cranky_ either, but he's a quiet type
00:05 <BobJonkman1> #link Participate in the Video Chat: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cmj49r3pl7fn0sbce1i5bv8513s
00:06 <BobJonkman1> #info: To speak and be seen in the Video send your Google+ ID to +Jeff_Smith  crankyoldbugger@gmail.com or https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/116845700584173888571/101763540123089959893/
00:06 <BobJonkman1> Please mute your microphone if you're not speaking. Headsets are recommended!
00:06 <BobJonkman1> Please keep the text in the IRC channel so that it gets logged in the meeting minutes: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ubuntu-ca
00:07 <BobJonkman1> I could almost make that out.
00:07 <BobJonkman1> Cranky_ sez we have two viewers, but they're not on the video
00:07 <BobJonkman1> I think you have to add them
00:07 <Cranky_> it says we have 4 viewers so far, but I'm only seeing myself on the screen.  no audio
00:07 <BobJonkman1> My Google+ ID is bobjonkman@gmail.com
00:08 <BobJonkman1> Anyway, we can start with Introductions in the IRC channel while Cranky_ adds people to the Video
00:08 <BobJonkman1> #topic Introductions
00:08 <BobJonkman1> Hi! I'm Bob Jonkman, from Elmira, Ontario. I'm one of the contacts for Ubuntu Canada, and a Free Software enthusiast
00:08 <Cranky2> try this link for fun:  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/hoaevent/AP36tYfZW-k14E6xxDhm5_PPDFOTe-uy-SEEt4Fn9MvpKy9uLSvpFQ
00:09 <Cranky_> I can see Bob...
00:10 <BobJonkman1> I'm getting a notice that my microphne is hardware muted.
00:10 <BobJonkman1> Not so.
00:10 <BobJonkman1> My lips are moving, but no sound is coming out
00:11 <BobJonkman1> That sounds a lot better. Say Hi, Cranky
00:12 <BobJonkman1> Who else do we have?
00:13 <BobJonkman1> Say Hi, tell us where you're from and what you dowith Ubuntu
00:13 * BobJonkman1 is looking for an external microphone
00:13 <bregma> Hi!  I'm Stephen M. Webb, an engineering manager at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, I live near Perth, Ontario
00:13 <BobJonkman1> ...and that's not Perth County :)
00:14 <bregma> nope, it's the other Perth
00:15 <BobJonkman1> Well, this meeting seems to be sparsely attended :(
00:16 <bregma> only the quality folks here today
00:16 <BobJonkman1> :)
00:16 <katherineb> Hi from Waterloo!
00:16 <BobJonkman1> I'm trying to find another microphone
00:17 <BobJonkman1> Lets move on the next agenda item
00:17 <BobJonkman1> #topic Events
00:18 <BobJonkman1> #subtopic Past Events
00:18 <BobJonkman1> I was at the Open Data Hackathon last weekend
00:18 <BobJonkman1> Great fun! I didnt do any coding, but took pictures and video.
00:18 <katherineb> Me too.  I really enjoyed it.
00:19 <BobJonkman1> You can see the page with links to the media at http://wiki.opendataday.org/Waterloo_Region
00:19 <BobJonkman1> Hi katherineb !
00:19 <BobJonkman1> Tell us what you worked on
00:20 <katherineb> Hi Bob!  I worked on an HTML page with javascript about police call data
00:20 <Cranky_> Anyone who is in the Google+ group who didn't get an invite, raise your hands, please
00:21 <BobJonkman1> Darcy (dscassel) was there too, working on the Food Premise Inspection Data, getting info on New Restaurants so it could generate notifications
00:22 <bregma> I released a new version of Unity 7, video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzFXRz-b3Ns&feature=youtu.be
00:22 * bregma is very proud of the video
00:23 <Cranky_> Unity 7 is coming with 14.04?
00:23 <BobJonkman1> bregma: I recently found your Ubuntu blog too!
00:23 <BobJonkman1> Gotta link for us?
00:23 <bregma> uh ih....
00:23 <bregma> http://bregmatter.wordpress.com/
00:24 <BobJonkman1> That's the one! Catchy name!
00:24 <bregma> although I think I'm the only one here who uses Unity
00:24 * BobJonkman1 is not a fan of Unity
00:25 <Cranky_> I love it..
00:25 <BobJonkman1> OK, moving on to more recent stuff
00:25 <BobJonkman1> #subtopic Ongoing events
00:25 <BobJonkman1> We had a pleasant Ubuntu Hour in Kitchener a couple of weeks ago
00:26 <BobJonkman1> And azend_ had one in Guelph last week.
00:26 <BobJonkman1> Aruna (who can't be with us tonight) is planning one for the near future in Toronto
00:27 <BobJonkman1> And I've already scheduled the next Ubuntu Hour KW for Monday, 17 March
00:27 <Cranky_> St. Patrick's Day?
00:28 <BobJonkman1> It's St. Patricks Day, so I joke we're going to Thanh O'Nguyen's Vietnamese restaurant
00:28 <Cranky_> well the Irish pubs will be a bit full
00:28 <Cranky_> as will the Irish
00:28 <BobJonkman1> "Tony" makes a mean Vietnamese Green Curry dish
00:29 <BobJonkman1> #subtopic Upcoming events!
00:29 <BobJonkman1> Lots of stuff on the horizon, what with an upcoming release and all
00:31 <BobJonkman1> Apparently we have sound
00:31 <Cranky_> I can hear Bob
00:32 <Cranky_> if anyone wants a direct invite, send me your email.
00:33 * BobJonkman1 has just recapped the events for the Video chat
00:35 <BobJonkman1> Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS is coming out on 17 April
00:36 <BobJonkman1> genii has a release party in Toronto on the 17th,
00:36 <BobJonkman1> with free cupcakes and coffee
00:36 <BobJonkman1> (but you have to decorate your own cupcake)
00:36 <katherineb> That could be fun!
00:37 <BobJonkman1> Next week is the Ubuntu Developer Week, followed by Ubuntu Developer Summit the week after.
00:37 <BobJonkman1> bregma: Can you shed any insight on those events?
00:38 <bregma> sorry, I've been too tied up in the last couple of weeks to pay attention to those events
00:39 <BobJonkman1> Google+ video page, for refence: https://plus.google.com/events/cmj49r3pl7fn0sbce1i5bv8513s
00:39 <bregma> I suspect it will involve a lot of discussions about phones and apps for phones
00:39 <BobJonkman1> What news on phone hardware?
00:41 <bregma> Mark Shuttleworth announces two OEMs (phone manufacturers)  will be selling Ubuntu phones, probably by the end of this year
00:42 <BobJonkman1> Ubuntu Global Jam is also coming up.
00:42 <BobJonkman1> Last year we had a great time at Computer Recycling.
00:42 <BobJonkman1> I hope to get Charles McColm chaslinux to host again this year
00:42 <BobJonkman1> Or maybe dscassel can get us Kwartzlab again
00:43 <BobJonkman1> There's an opportunity to fix bugs, install the new release, discover new bugs, write some documentation
00:43 <BobJonkman1> And it's another excuse for an Ubuntu Social Event
00:43 * BobJonkman1 and katherineb are such party animals
00:44 <BobJonkman1> After UGJ I hope to have a release party here in KW as well.
00:44 <BobJonkman1> dscassel promised!
00:45 <cagordon> missed it?
00:45 <Cranky_> I'm thinking of doing another wipe and load when 14.04 comes out, I might bring my laptop with me
00:45 <BobJonkman1> cagordon: Nope, we're still going.
00:45 <BobJonkman1> Join us in the Video Chat at https://plus.google.com/events/cmj49r3pl7fn0sbce1i5bv8513s if you've got the Googles
00:47 <BobJonkman1> I was thinking of holding the April IRC meeting on Release Day
00:47 <BobJonkman1> So we should be able to catch the Toronto gang as they gearing up for their release party
00:48 <BobJonkman1> Although last year it was a bit hectic having an IRC meeting in the middle of a party
00:50 <BobJonkman1> After the release there is something called Ubuntu Open Week
00:51 <BobJonkman1> a series of classroom events
00:51 <BobJonkman1> I think they're being held on Google Hangouts, but there may still be a backchannel on IRC.
00:52 <BobJonkman1> The IRC channel tends to suffer from lack of attention in Ubuntu Open Week.
00:52 <BobJonkman1> I can tell you, it's difficult to focus your attention in two places at once
00:52 <BobJonkman1> #link Ubuntu Open Week https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek
00:53 <BobJonkman1> But I don't think it's updated for the new release yet
00:53 <BobJonkman1> Jono Bacon had a blog post about it: http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/12/05/ubuntu-events-coming-up/
00:56 <BobJonkman1> Anybody on Facebook?
00:56 <BobJonkman1> I'd like to get a Facebook curator for an Ubuntu Canada page so that other people have a place to get information and join the Ubuntu Canada community
00:57 <BobJonkman1> It might nice to have an Ubuntu Canada Twitter feed too.
00:57 <BobJonkman1> I'll if anything like that exists already.
00:57 <BobJonkman1> Oh, I guess that should have gone into "Other Stuff"
00:57 <BobJonkman1> #topic Other Stuff
00:57 <BobJonkman1> Any other Other Stuff?
00:57 <katherineb> Does Ubuntu Canada have a facebook account?
00:58 <Cranky_> the colour coding on my new headphones is backwards...
00:58 <BobJonkman1> katherineb: I don't know...
00:58 <BobJonkman1> katherineb: Are you on Facebook?
00:58 <Cranky_> https://www.facebook.com/groups/482867065100815/?fref=ts
00:59 <katherineb> No and I don't want to sign up but might consider volunteering if I was just using an organizational account
00:59 <BobJonkman1> katherineb: I think Facebook wants people accounts, not organization accounts
01:00 <BobJonkman1> So once you're in as a person you can set up a page for an organization
01:00 <BobJonkman1> katherineb: If you want to create an account as firstname=Ubuntu lastname=Canada I have no objections
01:01 <Cranky_> I take that back.. this is the correct page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2212705657/?fref=ts
01:01 <katherineb> I guess not then.  I don't want to be on facebook myself
01:01 <Cranky_> the first one I listed is mis-using the ubuntu name for who knows what end
01:01 <BobJonkman1> The link to the Facebook page Cranky posted can only be seen if you're logged in. So that's not for me.
01:02 <BobJonkman1> Alrighty then, probably time to wrap it up
01:02 <BobJonkman1> Any last words from anyone?
01:03 <BobJonkman1> Next IRC/Video Chat will be on Thursday, 27 March at the usual time
01:03 <BobJonkman1> I think we'll have the kinks worked out of the video by then
01:04 <BobJonkman1> I've asked Jeff to start the video at 6:58pm EST so that we can adjust the rabbit ears before the meeting starts
01:04 <BobJonkman1> OK, goodnight everybodeee!
01:04 <katherineb> Good night !
01:04 <Cranky_> goodnight everybody
01:05 <BobJonkman1> #endmeeting