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Today we are opening up a new IRC channel, #ubuntu-discuss, a place to chat about Ubuntu. This builds on our existing set of Ubuntu related channels

#ubuntu Our primary support channel. Here anyone can come and ask a question about their Ubuntu system and help other people with problems or issues they have running Ubuntu.

#ubuntu-offtopic This is our informal community cafe, where Ubuntu community members can relax and chat about anything (within sensible boundaries) Ubuntu related or not, from Rhythmbox to kittens.

#ubuntu-discuss Our new channel in the lineup, this is for discussions that are not support related but are about Ubuntu. These might include speculation about future directions, interesting products with Ubuntu pre-installed, the latest posts on planet Ubuntu or anything else that is Ubuntu related. Kitten discussions probably don’t belong here, unless the kitten in question is surprisingly adept on the command line.

This may prompt a few questions and we have tried to anticipate some of the most important ones, feel free to ask more in the comments:

Does this mean we can’t talk about Ubuntu in #ubuntu-offtopic?

No it doesn’t, we want to retain the relaxed atmosphere and chatty discussions of Ubuntu and everything else in #ubuntu-offtopic.

Does the IRC Council just hate kittens?

No, kittens are lovely, here is a picture of one just to prove how much we like them.

At what point should users get directed to #ubuntu-discuss?

If users in #ubuntu (or other channels) want to talk about Ubuntu rather than get help on an immediate support issue then either #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss might be appropriate places to suggest for them. Use your judgement and personal preference on this. The “!discuss” factoid has been added to the bots.

When in #ubuntu-discuss, at what point do we direct people to #ubuntu-phone, #ubuntu-TV, etc?

If people have a query about a specific project or product then it would be great to inform them of the more focused channels that are available, however discussions of these products are totally within the scope of #ubuntu-discuss.

What if we can’t think of anything to say?

There will be links to articles on (and maybe some other interesting places) announced in the channel automatically to spark conversations.

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  1. IdleOne

    I was originally not to keen about the creation of this channel. After thinking about it for a few hours I think it is a good idea and I look forward to some interesting Ubuntu talk.

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