New IRC Operators

Following on from our previous call for operators, plus all the various applications to the channels that have been made over the past few years, we had a large number of operator applications. Quite a few were old applications or from people who are not currently active in the channels they applied for so there were a lot of “not this time” emails that got sent out. Sorry if you got one of those and really wanted to contribute as an operator, please feel free to apply again and if you are known as an active user and positive contributor to the channels you applied for then no doubt you will get accepted next time.

Congratulations to:

kkathman on becoming an op in #kubuntu-offtopic

bkerensa, cprofitt and djones on becoming ops in #ubuntu

chu on becoming an op in #ubuntu-offtopic

holstein, astraljava and scottl on becoming ops in #ubuntustudio

darkwing on becoming an op in #ubuntu-devel

and to all of our new operators on joining the ops team.

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