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contribute-#ubuntu-artwork <reply> For information regarding current Artwork team activity and about contributing to the Ubuntu Community artwork , Kindly read Wiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork Madpilot
Added on: 2009-11-26 10:16:03
Never edited
Requested 3 times
contribute participate volunteer <reply>To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.…teToUbuntu apokryphos
Added on: 2006-06-18 00:13:59
Last edited by IdleOne
Last modified: 2013-10-05 22:10:47
Requested 714 times
conky <reply> Conky is an application that can show system information (and more) on your desktop. See https://help.ubuntu.…ingUpConky for more details and a beginners guide. knome
Added on: 2016-07-06 12:11:13
Never edited
Requested 6 times
conga-rats-#ubuntustudio-devel bongo-mice-#ubuntustudio-devel <reply> ♫ samba rumba bueno la conga cha cha cha knome
Added on: 2012-01-26 23:34:37
Never edited
Requested 18 times
conga-rats <reply> ♫ samba rumba bueno la conga cha cha cha knome
Added on: 2012-01-26 23:34:15
Last edited by Unit193
Last modified: 2015-08-17 22:40:33
Requested 21 times
compositor-#xubuntu <reply> To disable Xfce's built-in compositor, go to Settings Manager → Window Manager Tweaks → Compositor. To fix tearing, you can try Compton instead, for which Xubuntu includes default settings. somerville32
Added on: 2007-01-20 23:57:13
Last edited by Unit193
Last modified: 2015-12-01 23:50:29
Requested 9 times
composite cube <reply> Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg $nick compiz » and « /msg $nick effects » LjL
Added on: 2007-11-21 16:47:18
Last edited by m4v
Last modified: 2013-02-28 16:59:28
Requested 211 times
compiz translucency transparency xglx effects compiz-fusion fusion cf <reply>Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.c…iteManager and more help #compiz Hobbsee
Added on: 2006-06-20 16:24:59
Last edited by Seeker`
Last modified: 2009-05-19 23:03:28
Requested 5601 times
compiling gcc b-e build build-essential make g++ build-essentials compiler <reply> Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.…ngSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first) LjL
Added on: 2006-07-18 22:50:25
Last edited by PriceChild
Last modified: 2007-11-25 22:23:24
Requested 5020 times
compile <reply> Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.…ngSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall Seveas
Added on: 2006-06-18 17:35:45
Last edited by IdleOne
Last modified: 2011-08-25 03:18:32
Requested 359 times
comment 42970 apparently this <deleted>a rude word in spanish, so I'm putting the ban back. yay funkyHat
Added on: 2011-08-29 01:05:35
Last edited by Myrtti
Last modified: 2011-09-06 11:43:34
Requested 2 times
com kind of went ka-boom, and <deleted>now under new management. No mysql dumps were taken though. Unit193
Added on: 2016-11-26 01:43:07
Last edited by Unit193
Last modified: 2016-11-26 01:43:40
Requested 0 times
com <deleted>responding very slow ikonia
Added on: 2011-08-09 11:05:41
Last edited by Myrtti
Last modified: 2011-09-06 11:45:11
Requested 1 times
colouragga <deleted><reply> So now I will kick you... LjL
Added on: 2009-03-18 16:15:49
Last edited by LjL
Last modified: 2009-03-18 16:16:10
Requested 1 times
coffee-#ubuntu-offtopic a caffeinated beverage made by filtering hot water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java Pici
Added on: 2010-02-03 15:42:24
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2010-02-03 15:42:35
Requested 77 times
coffee <deleted>a caffeinated beverage made by filtering hot water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java Tm_T
Added on: 2007-11-22 20:49:21
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2010-02-03 15:42:16
Requested 198 times
codenames name <reply> Ubuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.c…tCodeNames for more Seveas
Added on: 2006-06-17 23:18:38
Never edited
Requested 234 times
codecs mp3 divx xvid avi mpeg mpg mkv quicktime wma wmv aac restrictedformats restricted formats freeformats restricted realplayer multimedia flashplayer w32 codecs ogg flac video real mp4 m4a free formats ubuntu-restricted-extras asf codec 3gp kubuntu-restricted-extras bluray blueray <reply> For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.…tedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.…media.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.…reeFormats LjL
Added on: 2006-07-09 02:52:18
Last edited by IdleOne
Last modified: 2012-09-06 20:31:53
Requested 17887 times
code coding ide ides <reply> Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator apokryphos
Added on: 2006-06-18 17:51:35
Last edited by tsimpson
Last modified: 2010-02-13 11:06:59
Requested 788 times
cod <deleted>a type of fish rww
Added on: 2014-04-17 06:03:52
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2014-04-17 06:08:49
Requested 1 times
coc-jbj <reply> a/s/l? Seveas
Added on: 2007-03-27 17:37:09
Never edited
Requested 58 times
coc conduct codeofconduct code of conduct <reply> The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.co…tu/conduct | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.…eofConduct | Watch http://static.screen…ingCoC.ogv Seveas
Added on: 2006-06-17 23:25:29
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2014-03-19 19:54:59
Requested 4158 times
cn zh tw chinese china <reply> 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw ompaul
Added on: 2006-06-18 00:52:45
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2011-07-26 04:17:37
Requested 5147 times
cloud-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply> There is no cloud. It's just somebody else's computer. dax
Added on: 2016-04-02 05:40:39
Never edited
Requested 0 times
cloud <reply> Ubuntu Cloud Infrastructure is a ready to deploy Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) based on OpenStack. See https://help.ubuntu.…astructure for further details. elky
Added on: 2011-01-03 04:00:07
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2014-01-26 20:22:26
Requested 86 times
clone cloning <reply> To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate LjL
Added on: 2007-01-22 21:25:00
Last edited by LjL
Last modified: 2013-11-07 22:13:08
Requested 2780 times
cloak hostmask nicksetup vhost <reply> To get an Ubuntu member cloak or any other one, first register your nick as detailed at https://freenode.net…gistration - For Ubuntu member cloaks, then ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your Launchpad page. For unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode. See also !membership apokryphos
Added on: 2006-07-01 02:14:53
Last edited by krytarik
Last modified: 2016-11-24 06:37:57
Requested 232 times
clink-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply> Past the lips, and over the gums... Look out stomach! Here it comes... genii
Added on: 2017-02-24 20:46:37
Never edited
Requested 4 times
cli <deleted><reply>The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.…heTerminal or type in it: man intro Seveas
Added on: 2006-06-18 16:19:48
Last edited by ikonia
Last modified: 2014-07-19 14:37:06
Requested 433 times
classroom <reply> The Ubuntu Classroom is a project which aims to tutor users about Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu through biweekly sessions in #ubuntu-classroom - For more information visit https://wiki.ubuntu.…/Classroom Seveas
Added on: 2006-07-14 18:53:27
Never edited
Requested 59 times
classic <reply> The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity IdleOne
Added on: 2011-04-30 23:48:42
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2011-10-20 00:18:27
Requested 697 times
citrix <reply> For help configuring the Citrix ICA Client, see: https://help.ubuntu.…lientHowTo ompaul
Added on: 2006-07-05 13:23:41
Never edited
Requested 32 times
cinelerra <deleted><reply> Cinelerra is a video editor and compositor that cannot be included in Ubuntu for legal reasons. Install instructions can be found on http://cvs.cinelerra…php#ubuntu Seveas
Added on: 2006-06-19 08:27:22
Last edited by dax
Last modified: 2016-03-31 15:35:12
Requested 148 times
chroot debchroot <reply> A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.…asicChroot ompaul
Added on: 2006-08-11 17:28:50
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2010-06-15 17:12:19
Requested 1070 times
chromium <reply>You can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.ne…rchive/ppa Amaranth
Added on: 2009-09-22 18:00:34
Never edited
Requested 143 times
chrome-repo google-repo <reply> Google recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run: sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome k1l
Added on: 2016-03-10 16:24:36
Last edited by ezri
Last modified: 2016-03-11 22:56:57
Requested 36 times
chomp-#kubuntu-offtopic <deleted><alias>chomp-#ubuntu-offtopic jussi01
Added on: 2008-07-11 09:33:16
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2010-08-12 12:35:47
Requested 0 times
choices-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply> Choices are a curse of capitalism, trapping you in a paroxysm of indecision. Best to have One Way to Do Things. See also !unity, !gnome, and !python rww
Added on: 2014-01-05 00:38:59
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2014-03-30 21:46:05
Requested 9 times
checkinstall a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.…eckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running! ompaul
Added on: 2006-07-16 19:52:09
Last edited by jrib
Last modified: 2007-07-19 12:07:20
Requested 1006 times
chat-#xubuntu <reply> #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, for all Xubuntu-related support questions. Please use #xubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks! knome
Added on: 2013-10-21 20:40:20
Never edited
Requested 2 times
chat-#ubuntu-classroom <reply> Please use #ubuntu-classroom-chat for random chatter and asking questions. Questions should start with "QUESTION:" so we can spot them. Amaranth
Added on: 2008-04-28 17:00:50
Never edited
Requested 2 times
chanserv.py a ChanServ helper script for !XChat | https://github.com/s…hanserv.py Mez
Added on: 2007-01-17 06:53:54
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2011-01-31 06:42:28
Requested 89 times
channels <reply> A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.…tRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/…hannellist and !alis - See also !Guidelines bimberi
Added on: 2006-06-23 03:49:19
Last edited by LjL
Last modified: 2012-02-06 14:48:54
Requested 123 times
changethemes changetheme <reply> To change GNOME themes: https://help.ubuntu.…uEyeCandy. Kubuntu (KDE) themes: https://help.ubuntu.…zeKubuntu. Xubuntu (Xfce): !xfce-themes Seveas
Added on: 2006-06-18 16:25:41
Last edited by knome
Last modified: 2011-10-23 00:26:39
Requested 626 times
changelogs <reply> changelogs for Ubuntu packages can be found on http://changelogs.ubuntu.com Seveas
Added on: 2006-06-19 14:50:56
Never edited
Requested 36 times
ch <reply> The Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it Mamarok
Added on: 2009-05-22 10:16:25
Last edited by LjL
Last modified: 2012-02-01 15:59:21
Requested 195 times
certificates certificate <reply> For more information about Ubuntu Membership Certificates and how to obtain please read http://fridge.ubuntu…u-members/ IdleOne
Added on: 2014-08-12 16:14:42
Never edited
Requested 8 times
cedega a project based on WINE, aimed at running Windows games on Linux. For more info, see http://help.ubuntu.c…ity/Cedega Seveas
Added on: 2006-06-18 18:38:34
Never edited
Requested 545 times
cds <reply>You can buy an Ubuntu CD from http://www.ubuntu.co…cd-and-dvd Please consider using Torrents http://www.ubuntu.co…-downloads Pici
Added on: 2010-05-27 02:20:05
Last edited by IdleOne
Last modified: 2012-10-14 19:45:19
Requested 3 times
ccsm <reply> To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz Pici
Added on: 2007-10-17 19:28:01
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2011-10-28 13:52:07
Requested 1918 times

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