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support-#ubuntu-classroom support-#ubuntu-classroom-chat <reply> For general questions or support, please use our support channel, #ubuntu nhandler
Added on: 2010-03-06 13:35:19
Never edited
Requested 0 times
schedule-#ubuntu-classroom schedule-#ubuntu-classroom-chat <reply> To view the upcoming Ubuntu Classroom schedule, visit the Learning Events Calendar at http://fridge.ubuntu…classroom/ nhandler
Added on: 2010-03-05 05:10:38
Last edited by IdleOne
Last modified: 2012-12-23 02:53:43
Requested 7 times
hellow <deleted><reply> a control freak genii
Added on: 2010-02-20 00:23:27
Last edited by genii
Last modified: 2010-02-20 00:24:29
Requested 0 times
here <reply>Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com ikonia
Added on: 2010-02-19 13:17:27
Last edited by elky
Last modified: 2010-02-20 10:24:54
Requested 197 times
ops ban list <deleted>full ikonia
Added on: 2010-02-14 16:31:13
Last edited by ikonia
Last modified: 2010-02-14 16:35:42
Requested 1 times
coffee-#ubuntu-offtopic coffee-#kubuntu-offtopic a caffeinated beverage made by filtering hot water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java Pici
Added on: 2010-02-03 15:42:24
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2010-02-03 15:42:35
Requested 82 times
floodbots floodbot <reply> FloodBot1,2,3, and 4 are all bots, please direct your questions to the channel. Pici
Added on: 2010-02-02 18:51:05
Never edited
Requested 86 times
delete sourcemaker_: this channel isn't #ubuntu support, it's where users get dumped to when the name they are using <deleted>not registered genii
Added on: 2010-01-28 21:12:15
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2010-08-12 12:54:38
Requested 2 times
sourcemaker_: this channel isn't #ubuntu support, it's where users get dumped to when the name they are using <deleted>not registered genii
Added on: 2010-01-28 20:30:47
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2010-08-12 12:54:59
Requested 2 times
testdrive <reply> Testdrive makes it simple to run any Ubuntu release in a virtual machine, safely, and without affecting your current Ubuntu installation. See: https://launchpad.ne…/testdrive jpds
Added on: 2010-01-07 17:01:23
Never edited
Requested 10 times
pdpc <deleted><reply> <reply> The Peer-Directed Projects Center was the not-for-profit organization that ran !freenode (The IRC network that hosts this channel). See also http://blog.freenode…-bye-pdpc/ Pici
Added on: 2009-12-29 15:56:53
Last edited by ezri
Last modified: 2016-03-09 21:24:31
Requested 4 times
politics-#ubuntu-uk <reply>Please take political discussion to ##politics-uk. Thank you! jpds
Added on: 2009-12-28 22:01:07
Last edited by jpds
Last modified: 2009-12-28 22:03:13
Requested 34 times
ra <reply> Relationship advice is not available in $chan. If you want to chat about other offtopic matters try #ubuntu-offtopic. If you need to talk something through with a professional counsellor there is a global directory of support services at http://befrienders.org jpds
Added on: 2009-12-23 21:52:40
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2011-03-17 05:33:19
Requested 49 times
bite <reply> Please don't bite our new friend. Everyone is new to Ubuntu and IRC once and everyone makes mistakes. If they don't learn from their mistakes you can have a little nibble on them later. jpds
Added on: 2009-12-23 21:52:21
Never edited
Requested 20 times
lovetoo-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply> Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig, then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun. Pici
Added on: 2009-12-11 17:47:58
Never edited
Requested 107 times
love-#ubuntu-offtopic is love-#ubuntu-offtopi <reply> Love is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come. Pici
Added on: 2009-12-11 17:47:38
Last edited by rww
Last modified: 2014-01-06 20:41:00
Requested 297 times
one letting me eat my lunch in peace here today Pici
Added on: 2009-12-10 18:52:00
Last edited by genii
Last modified: 2016-05-31 16:26:08
Requested 1 times
lubuntu <reply> lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.…om/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support. tonyyarusso
Added on: 2009-12-05 20:23:20
Last edited by pangolin
Last modified: 2012-01-27 19:54:47
Requested 837 times
llubuntu <deleted>a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.…om/Lubuntu tonyyarusso
Added on: 2009-12-05 20:23:04
Last edited by tonyyarusso
Last modified: 2009-12-05 20:23:43
Requested 1 times
currentissues <deleted><reply>The titlebar buttons have switched to the left during the development phase of Lucid. No need for alarm! The developers are testing this and listening to user feedback. The final decision about the position will be made after beta. Kindly be patient. For more insight, read : http://www.ivankamaj…com/?p=281 tsimpson
Added on: 2009-12-01 08:01:51
Last edited by dax
Last modified: 2016-03-31 15:52:28
Requested 28 times
sorry, you're right. but this <deleted>my first time here Flannel
Added on: 2009-11-27 09:00:49
Last edited by Flannel
Last modified: 2009-11-27 09:01:25
Requested 0 times
deadbadger-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply>The real story of Linux and badgers: http://www.strangeho…dger.shtml Madpilot
Added on: 2009-11-26 12:09:28
Last edited by Flannel
Last modified: 2011-11-16 08:35:45
Requested 5 times
hi-#ubuntu-artwork <reply> Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-artwork! Channel for the community artwork team. Feel free to ask questions . Enjoy your stay Madpilot
Added on: 2009-11-26 10:20:11
Never edited
Requested 3 times
contribute-#ubuntu-artwork <reply> For information regarding current Artwork team activity and about contributing to the Ubuntu Community artwork , Kindly read Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.…om/Artwork Madpilot
Added on: 2009-11-26 10:16:03
Last edited by dax
Last modified: 2017-10-30 06:45:48
Requested 3 times
s regex <deleted>*horridly* broken mneptok
Added on: 2009-11-24 04:58:23
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2009-12-11 20:18:22
Requested 0 times
ubuntuone ubuntu-one <reply> The Ubuntu One file and music service is being discontinued. The service will be unavailable starting 1 June 2014, and content available until 31 July, 2014. For more, see #ubuntuone tsimpson
Added on: 2009-11-18 09:21:56
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2014-04-02 13:17:46
Requested 275 times
webkitkde <reply> To enable the WebKit KPart for Konqueror you must install the « webkitkde » package. To make WebKit the default for displaying web pages in Konqueror go to Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> File Associations -> text -> html -> Embedding (tab), and move the WebKit to the top of the list. tsimpson
Added on: 2009-11-16 11:32:05
Never edited
Requested 1 times
voip <reply> VoIP is Voice over IP. The default VoIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VoIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX. genii
Added on: 2009-11-12 21:12:45
Last edited by genii
Last modified: 2009-11-12 21:45:39
Requested 55 times
moonlight silverlight <reply> For Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal. Pici
Added on: 2009-11-10 20:44:21
Never edited
Requested 88 times
also does a few other tasks, if she notices a bug number in the form "bug 2" then she will tell the channel what the bug <deleted>and give a URL for it. She also will tell information about packages in the following way: jussio1
Added on: 2009-11-05 17:14:50
Last edited by jussi
Last modified: 2010-06-18 21:24:14
Requested 5 times
keyserver <reply> The ubuntu key server is to be found at http://keyserver.ubu…com:11371. If this one is unresponsive you can use most other gpg key servers as well - for instance http://pgp.mit.edu/ jrib
Added on: 2009-10-31 21:18:56
Last edited by Flannel
Last modified: 2009-11-01 08:14:25
Requested 36 times
areyousure-#ubuntu-release-party <reply>Yes, I'm sure. Amaranth
Added on: 2009-10-29 00:57:47
Never edited
Requested 4 times
links <reply> DON'T POST LINKS! $curDevel isn't out until it's announced, and indicating anything otherwise causes the server to get more load, thus making the release LATER. Is that what you want? tonyyarusso
Added on: 2009-10-28 23:56:25
Last edited by tsimpson
Last modified: 2010-04-26 23:24:14
Requested 43 times
isitout-#ubuntu-release-party <deleted><reply> YES! ITS OUT: https://lists.ubuntu…00195.html tonyyarusso
Added on: 2009-10-28 21:21:14
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2015-04-23 18:59:49
Requested 1070 times
awesomeness <deleted><reply> Awesomeness is Ubuntu! genii
Added on: 2009-10-27 18:43:16
Last edited by tsimpson
Last modified: 2011-03-03 21:46:21
Requested 4 times
si <reply>Kanal za podporo slovenskim uporabnikom Ubuntuja je #ubuntu-si. Če potrebujete pomoč v Slovenskem jeziku, prosimo da se nam pridružite in probali vam bomo pomagati. Slovenian language support channel is #ubuntu-si mneptok
Added on: 2009-10-23 20:01:07
Never edited
Requested 37 times
pocketpc windows mobile <reply> For information on transferring files and synchronizing to PocketPC and Windows Mobile devices, see https://help.ubuntu.…dowsMobile Pici
Added on: 2009-10-15 18:04:01
Never edited
Requested 5 times
syncrequest <reply> Helpful information for filing a sync request can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.…estProcess Pici
Added on: 2009-10-15 13:19:44
Never edited
Requested 52 times
mirrorstatus <reply> A list of official repository mirrors and their statuses can be found at https://launchpad.ne…ivemirrors Pici
Added on: 2009-10-07 23:59:20
Never edited
Requested 46 times
autofs automount <reply>Automount is the modern way to mount directories over a network. It is much easier to manage and more economic in bandwidth than static mounts via fstab. For more info - https://help.ubuntu.…ity/Autofs Pici
Added on: 2009-09-23 23:29:54
Never edited
Requested 79 times
chromium <reply>You can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.ne…rchive/ppa Amaranth
Added on: 2009-09-22 18:00:34
Never edited
Requested 145 times
lucid lynx the codename for Ubuntu 10.04. It is an LTS release and EOLs in April 2013 for Desktop and April 2015 for Server. More details available at https://wiki.ubuntu.…seManifest Pici
Added on: 2009-09-21 11:45:55
Last edited by elky
Last modified: 2011-08-08 05:57:56
Requested 2 times
lucid 10.04 <reply> Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See https://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details. Amaranth
Added on: 2009-09-20 08:35:19
Last edited by dax
Last modified: 2017-10-30 07:01:58
Requested 2338 times
raptors <deleted><reply>Not as big as you thought they were. But just as dangerous. "... clever girl..." Madpilot
Added on: 2009-09-19 07:04:37
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2011-04-11 20:14:13
Requested 10 times
beer-#ubuntu-offtopic <reply>beer is always appreciated. Myrtti
Added on: 2009-09-15 06:00:25
Never edited
Requested 45 times
greet <deleted><alias>hi jussi01
Added on: 2009-09-14 08:44:58
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2011-01-23 23:13:52
Requested 0 times
empathy yahoo the default instant messaging and video client for GNOME. Since Karmic, it has been the default client in Ubuntu, replacing !pidgin elky
Added on: 2009-09-12 08:23:43
Last edited by tsimpson
Last modified: 2011-03-03 21:45:54
Requested 135 times
nbr unbr une <reply> Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs. Mez
Added on: 2009-08-25 22:19:54
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2011-04-28 20:07:11
Requested 301 times
ubottu: !list-it <deleted>questo è un canale di aiuto solo, non è un canale o rete di distributione di fila. Per sappere chi sono, entra '/msg ubottu !bot' Mamarok
Added on: 2009-08-11 16:31:19
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2009-12-11 20:18:41
Requested 0 times
ubottu: no !list-it <deleted>questo è un canale di aiuto solo, non è un canale o rete di distributione di fila. Per sappere chi sono, entra "/msg ubottu !bot" Mamarok
Added on: 2009-08-11 16:29:49
Last edited by Pici
Last modified: 2010-08-12 12:58:30
Requested 1 times

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